Choosing Love

choosing loveChoosing love doesn’t mean we won’t ever be hurt, disappointed or angry with someone. To ignore our feelings in the face of an upset would be inauthentic, since feelings are a natural part of being human. Choosing love only means that after we have fully acknowledged and experienced our feelings, that we allow the painful emotional energy to move quickly through us. This completion process is what makes healing possible, so we can get back to the business of experiencing our feelings of love again.

Choosing love doesn’t mean we have to share the same beliefs and values as another. It doesn’t mean we have to agree or have the same opinion either. In a world with so much diversity as ours, how could we all see things from exactly the same point of view?
Choosing love only means that we allow another to have his or her perspective, as well.

Choosing love doesn’t mean we have to like the choices people make or actions that they take. Many times we won’t. But, who are we to think someone should live his or her life according to all our expectations anyway? Choosing love only means that we still love them, even if we don’t approve.

Choosing love doesn’t mean you have to forget that someone hurt or violated you or someone you love, although you probably wish you could. Choosing love just means that to heal, forgiveness may be in order… not just for them, but especially for yourself; so you can find peace.

Choosing love doesn’t mean we have to hang out and be best buddies with those we don’t resonate with. Choosing love only means that when you see them, you are in a good place. If you find yourself activated with negative emotional charge in their presence, there is an issue that has not been healed to completion.

Choosing love doesn’t mean we like only those people who have a “vanilla”, “chocolate” or “strawberry” type personality; not when there is “coconut”, “black licorice”, “pistachio nut” and so many other flavors of expression to choose from. If there was no expression of individuality, can you imagine how little flavor and fun life would have? Choosing love is about accepting and appreciating the amazing variety of flavors life gives us.

Choosing love is the heart’s choice to fully give and receive love, despite the differences between us. The head’s choice could be to choose love too.

Choosing love is about being accepting, compassionate and patient with all.

Choosing love is about focusing on the best qualities you find in another, instead of dwelling on the worse.

Choosing love is about choosing “what’s so” and moving on.

Choosing love is not the opposite of choosing hate but rather… indifference.

Choosing love for another is really about choosing peace for yourself.

Choosing love is your contribution to making this world a better place to live.

Choosing love is a tool of peace that turns the darkness into light.

Choosing love is the choice that honors love over fear. Let love win!

In the end… I guess it really just boils down to a question of whom you are choosing to be in each moment. Won’t you choose LOVE?


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