The Consolation From Loss

On the day of Michel’s memorial of spreading his ashes in the forest in France, Joanna wonders how her beloved husband would give her a sign.

Joanna writes:
“We had just finished spreading Michel’s ashes in the woods at the same tree in France where Michel’s brothers ashes are. I had been asking for a sign from Michel that day but had no idea what he could scare up in the middle of the forest. But he delivered!”



“Michel loved dogs. He owned many throughout his life, including his favorite breeds of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Michel even had a picture of his favorite German Shepherd, Princess, in his wallet while he was alive.”

“As I started to spread Michel’s ashes, a pack of 20 or so dogs came down the trail. There were several Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds in the group. One of the German Shepherds came up to me to sniff and touch my hand. Next, the same dog went to our daughter, Angelique, for acknowledgement. That was right before going to sniff the tree where Michel’s ashes were freshly spread. As this dog lifted his leg to urinate on the ashes, the dog was shoed away by someone in our group. But before running off, I got one last chance to pet this dog. As he ran off, we all sat there stunned. Michel is amazingly resourceful and creative, wouldn’t you say? It was a tough morning, but that made it all worth it!”

“Also, on the way to the Memorial and the spreading of the ashes, Eye of The Tiger came on the radio. This song is significant because Michel used to love Rocky and once took his 6 year-old son, Pascal, to see it with him so many years ago. When this song came on, Michel’s son, Pascal, was in the car at the time.”

Commentary- When asking for a sign, it is always important that we do so with an open mind… because we never know how one might show up. In Joanna’s case, she did not know how it would happen, but still she asked with an open mind. Imagine her difficult day made much lighter when Michel came through! Not only once, but twice!

When Michel manifested the familiar and significant song, Eye of the Tiger, he was giving the sign that he was already with them. I’m sure this particular song was mostly directed at acknowledging his son, Pascal, first. 

Then, shortly after, Michel showed up in the middle of the forest as one of his favorite type dogs that ran down the trail to directly acknowledge Joanna, and then, their daughter, Angelique. Everybody in the group knew this was Michel making a dramatic appearance.

And just to be funny, and to make light of such a solemn event, like Michel would do, this dog actually had the audacity to raise his leg to pee on Michel’s freshly spread ashes. Joanna says this was just his humor. Apparently, Michel was trying to tell his family not to take this whole “death” thing too seriously.

But Michel’s humor is not lost on me. I have seen this nonchalant way of coming through to the bereaved in after-death communications, more than I can say. While we are bawling our eyes out in our grief, sometimes our departed show up to us with humor like Michel did. Sometimes it’s with complete peacefulness, but rarely they are emoting like we are. Although they may experience this originally, when they become aware that they are no longer here, their acclimation from shock and grief to peacefulness, happens relatively quickly. As they gain a greater perspective, illumination sets in and often, when they appear, it’s like they wonder why we are so sad and we wonder why they aren’t. In their new environment of illumination, the weight of the worries of this world are lifted, they are free in a completely peaceful place, while we remain stuck and mired in the thick messiness of human emotions.


photo credit- cocoparisienne/pixabay

But whatever way they show up, it seems to be in an enlightened way. They seem to be much more grounded, much more peaceful and much more wise. I always chalk this up to their new heavenly perspective as opposed to the sometimes, very painful worldly perspective we have, when we think all has been lost in our separation from them.

To our departed loved ones with a greater perspective now, they know full well that they are never without us. But to us… and with our limited view, although we try, although we want to, we don’t always believe that. Far too often, we only believe what we experience with our own 5 physical senses and rule out anything beyond. But, being able to be aware of signs and after-death communications require a certain kind of faith and practice beyond those physical senses. And even a risk, too. As with Joanna’s request of Michel to give her a sign on that special day, it takes an open mind to notice. It also takes an open mind to ask, even risking that nothing happens.

Hopefully, knowing that our loved ones responses to their separation from us is not as devastating as our grief about it, should tell us something important. Remember. They have been enlightened, at least this is what Michel has told me while writing this. Because this is them telling us that whatever we are telling ourselves about our separation and loss… it’s just not true. They are not lost. And we are not really separated. Our departed ones exist just outside our vibrational field now, but they are still around.

I know this idea may seem to be a small consolation compared to the reality of having them physically here with us in the physical realm right now. I know it’s hard and hurts like hell. Though we resist, protest and despise what is so truly devastating to us now, this is our new reality. Eventually we will get there (acclimate) without thinking we are giving up any part of our love for them.

Given time, healing and perspective, the knowledge from this conceptual consolation grows like a seed into experiential knowing. Then, there is an inner-knowing, that despite our limited view that rarely goes beyond the 5 physical senses, somehow we know that our beloveds are with us… always and forever.


photo credit- cocparisienne/pixabay

When we finally know this… the darkness is gone as the light begins to permeate our existence, then… we smile… because, for every moment we know this, we are now enlightened, too.

Dustin’s Batting a Thousand

Dustin’s ‘batting a thousand’ in the after-death communication and sign department, as he makes those he regularly visits smile. 

Pat writes:
“Dustin showed up the other day. I have been taking my neighbor, Lori, to see her hubby everyday at a rehab place. I have made friends with some of the residents there. I was looking for a hat to give Stevie, a 33-year-old man in a wheel chair who can’t talk or write. For some reason we have become friends and he follows me around like at puppy dog.”

“Anyways, I went through all of Dustin’s hat’s looking for a red baseball hat…the Red Sox. I Did not find one, so was looking for a green Celtic hat that I knew he had. It just was not around. So, I put a navy Red Sox hat on a shelf to take the next day. When I got up the next morning, there was the green Celtic hat on the shelf and the Red Sox was on the floor. It was NOT there the night before! So I asked Dustin…do you want me to give Stevie the green one? Is that what you are telling me? I took both hats to the nursing home. And yep…Stevie picked the green one.”

Dustin's Celtic baseball cap

Stevie wearing Dustin’s Celtic baseball cap

“I looked through every hat the night before …one by one..and it was not there. The next morn it was…right on the shelf where I had placed Dustin’s Red Sox hat. I know I did not imagine this one. Signs like this make me smile for days. I know Dustin is always with me. I imagine him laughing from beyond. He is such a character. I hope he never stops.”

“I was thinking about Dustin. He was a very giving soul. Even now he is directing me from beyond who to give away his precious hats to. I have given out 4 of his hats to residents there who wanted them. Cute to see them all wheeling around wearing his hats.”

Then… another experience with Dustin, while Pat was with Stevie at a hospital visit… 
Pat writes: 

“I was visiting Stevie in the hospital the other day. When I came in, he pointed to his tv. It had a relaxing video of waves breaking against rocks in the ocean. No sound… just the picture.”

“A while later, I mentioned how hot his room was and asked about air conditioning. I went on talking to him when he pointed to the tv again. Now on the screen was a video of a ceiling fan going round and round. I said …Stevie, a fan on the tv is not going to cool this room off.”

“Then it dawned on me. This happened right after I said the room was hot. And has anyone ever seen a ceiling fan video going round and round used as a relaxing video? Sure…the ocean, waterfalls, rain falling gently on a pond or forest… but a video of a ceiling fan?”

“The fan video was in black and white. It looked like a security camera video . And security and Dustin went together. The ocean video was in color and produced for tv/mediation. Either way, he made me smile again.”

“So…no question about it. That was Dustin. He somehow managed to get a security film of a ceiling fan on the hospital tv. I guess Dustin heard me and decided to pull a prank… something to let me know he was there with us.”

“Way to go Dustin!”



Commentary- Since his passing, Dustin has always been very active with many after-death communications and signs he has successfully pulled off. In his variety of them, he shows his continual ingenuity and cute sense of humor. The previous examples continue to bear this out. 

In life, Dustin worked in the security department at Six Flags Amusement park and he took his job seriously. Another thing Dustin took seriously was his sports. His favorite team was the Red Sox. In fact, on one such occasion, Lori, a neighbor of Pat’s, said she was drifting off to sleep one night when, in a vision, she saw Dustin standing in a police uniform looking so happy. He was standing in front of a stadium and all his friends came out cheering behind him. She said she closed her eyes and opened them again and he was still there with his friends. Then, she drifted off to sleep. That was the day she read that Dustin’s beloved Red Sox won.

Stevie with Dustin's Celtic ball cap

Stevie with Dustin’s Celtic ball cap

Dustin collected a lot of sports memorabilia. Since Dustin’s passing, knowing what to do with Dustin’s favorite hats, or shirts, or whatever, has always been an issue for Pat. So, Pat has made some of his shirts into pillow covers to give to friends and family, as she looks for those who would love and appreciate these things from Dustin. The hat for Stevie was no exception. As you see, Dustin knew which hat Stevie would like better than his mom, who actually knew Stevie in life, as he so lovingly put the correct one (Stevie’s true preference) on the shelf for her to take. You know, the shelf where the hat was not, just the night before! It makes me wonder… does Dustin actually move these things through space, as is seen on tv, or does he use the technique of instant disappear and reappear? I’d love to be a fly on that wall!

Some people might imagine Dustin’s habit of moving around stuffed animals and hats to be unnerving, but for those who know Dustin, it serves as a testimony of a life beyond this one. It also lets us know that being “dead” can be fun. At least Dustin makes it fun… and obviously… as you can see, he’s very much alive.

Another time when Pat visited Stevie at the nursing home, she was blown away. There was a band playing. The first song they played was “Sweet Caroline.” This is the Red Sox theme song!

Dustin has exhibited a variety of after-death communications, from manifesting his favorite number, 44, like everywhere. The jaguar (Dustin’s mascot) comes up frequently on a website Pat looks at daily, that lets Pat know he is around. It’s obvious that Dustin gets a kick out of the many signs and after-death communications he is able to deliver, as it so greatly comforts those he loves, but could not take with him. 

Pat says that the black and white hospital footage of the fan on the tv, was actually security footage that Dustin must have piped in, after Pat commented on the heat. Dustin must have chuckled to be able to do that for her and at least give her the illusion that he was trying to cool his mother down in that moment. The fan sign really had Pat laughing. She knew it was Dustin and it made her want to walk the floors of the hospital again until she could find the original fan and maybe take a picture of it this time. About the security footage? Pat says, “Security” was Dustin’s middle name! This was a definite connection.

Dustin knew something about discomfort during his life. Having a bad back, he once had a 10-hour operation on it. Even now, Pat will occasionally receive a recorded phone call that says someone at the number had called about a back brace. Since no one at their home ever wanted a back brace, other than, maybe, Dustin… Pat believes that Dustin is communicating that way, too.

A profile picture of Dustin's

A profile picture of Dustin’s

When Pat gets super depressed or has major fires in life to put out, as she often does, Dustin is her hero that bats a thousand, as he comes through to cheer up his mom. It always makes her smile because she knows that her beloved son is with her, supporting her from beyond and making her laugh and smile.

Heavenly Signs

When Liz gets an after-death communication from her father to reveal his presence, she usually sees it in the sky.

Cross in the sky

Cross in the sky

Liz writes:
“My partner and I were on holiday. On our last afternoon we were having a few drinks in a pub and when I looked into the sky, I saw a cloud formation in the shape of a cross. To be perfectly honest, I was thinking nothing profound. Although I do spend a lot of time thinking about my Dad, and talking to God, at this moment we were just sitting there.”

“But this time, I was quick enough to take a picture, unlike the last time. My partner saw it too, unlike the last time. I believe it was something, but why, who, what?”


Cross Close-up

Cross Close-up

“The picture certainly doesn’t look like a coincidental formation. I did a bit of Googling and have seen a few cross pictures, but most have been people trying to make explanations for them. This again, was too clearly something.”

“It’s been over a year, on July 15, since he passed and I’d hoped I’d get something on that day, but I didn’t. I can only feel it (the cross in the sky) was him. It’s pretty clear if you make the picture bigger. Also, it didn’t disappear as fast as the last time, either.”

Commentary- In preparing to write this commentary, I asked Liz if her father was a religious man, to which she said, “Yes.” I thought, “Yep, makes perfect sense to me.”

Many of our departed loved ones give us symbolic signs. Many of them love to use the heavens as a canvas to show the sign to us. Some of these signs include popular examples such as rainbows that appear at the most perfect time, and/or faces, words or symbols that appear in clouds.

In this symbolic after-death communication, Liz’s dad is literally giving her an important sign. He is revealing himself to be in heaven, with God, and wanting Liz to know this. Also, he’s showing that he is looking after her from beyond, even in the most mundane moments of life. He sends his heavenly sign for her to notice, because he loves and cares for his daughter who still remains in this Earthly realm.

So, to me, this well-defined cross in the sky, that Liz just happened to notice, easily answers the questions she asks of who, what and why. 

To read about Liz’s other heavenly sign, “Hi” From Heaven.


Angels of Heaven and Earth

When Amy looks at her childhood Bible, after 40 years, she realizes that one of her deceased ‘Air Force Dads’ has watched over her for years.

Amy writes:



“Last Memorial Day weekend, I had been thinking about all of my Air Force Dads, including my own Dad. In military life, you make fast friends and everyone is close. Several of the men that my dad flew with are like second fathers to me.”

“Captain Carl Hunt was on my mind that weekend. I had been thinking of him as the day approached. Carl died before I ever met him. He died in a training accident in 1959 when a Canadian F-102 collided with the B47 he was in.”


Amy's Parents with Carl's children

Amy’s Parents with Carl’s children

“After his death, my parents took good care of his wife and two children. We are all still good friends today. I’ve taken over looking after Carl’s widow, JoAnne. That was something my parents did and especially my dad until he crossed over. Last summer I went to California to visit Carl’s family. The last day I was there – long story short, JoAnne went into a diabetic coma very early in the morning. Although I was three floors down from her, and was the only one in the house who heard her and woke up, I got the others up so they could call the paramedics, saving her life.”

“Carl is buried in Oklahoma, which is about a 4-hour trip from my house and I was thinking that weekend, that I really needed to go see his burial site as I had never seen it, except in pictures. Carl’s family lives out of state and I felt that someone should go and let him know that we appreciate his military service and he is loved. I remember telling him out loud, “Carl, I’ll get up there to see you and give you the flags and flowers you deserve.”

“Anyway, while having all of this on my mind, I was going through some stuff in my closet and ran across the Bible one of my parents gave me in February 1970.  It had stayed over at my Dad’s house all these years—I brought it home with me when I cleared out his house after his passing.”

Amy's Bible

Amy’s Bible

“You can see in my Bible where I wrote down deaths of loved ones. Though I never met Carl in person— I knew his family, and I knew he was my Dad’s best friend. I had heard all the stories. When I looked in my Bible, I noticed that Carl’s passing had found its way in my Bible, listed along with other loved ones. You can see Dad’s handwriting where he helped me with the date.”

“Meditating over this, I was thinking about going to see Carl’s gravesite. Then, paging though the Bible, I found a 4-leaf clover that I must have put in there as a kid. Meditating more – I opened another page and there was another 4-leaf clover. Then, almost seconds later, I opened up to another one. I have no recollection of putting these clovers in the bible, but I’m sure I put them there between 1970 and 1976, given, that is when we lived in States, where clover is plentiful.”

Amy's 4-leaf clover

Amy’s 4-leaf clover

Amy's clover

Amy’s clover








“I had to get ready to go to a family wedding. I stopped at a store and on the way in, I found a  penny in the parking lot. I get those frequently from Dad. So, this penny assured me that I was having an ADC from Carl, and maybe Dad as well.”

“I went to the family wedding and later that evening I returned to looking at the Bible. Then, I found two (2) more 4-leaf clovers. That is when I KNEW – that Carl helped me collect those 4-leaf clovers over the years. That is when I started snapping the pictures that I include in this post. As you can imagine, the clovers are very dry and fragile so I didn’t want to remove them from their place.  So I took the pictures to document 5 separate clovers in various pages of the Bible.”

“This ADC tells me that Carl was sending me messages when I was a young child. I believe he helped me find those 4-leaf clovers, unbeknownst to me, all those years ago and it was him who helped me find them, pick them and save them to find later on. Maybe Carl liked that I had a small memorial for him in my Bible. Maybe he was just hanging around taking care of his best friend and his family — who knows? But, it is evident to me that he was with me. I didn’t realize this until this past Memorial Day weekend, almost 40 years later! I think Carl waited for the right time to show those clovers to me again. I think he was saying, “Thanks for remembering me.” “Thanks for taking care of my family.” “Thanks for saving Joanne’s life.” And… ” Yes, I’d love for you to come see my gravesite someday.”

Commentary- Christian folk tale tells the story that when Eve was made to leave the Garden of Eden, she took a 4-leaf clover with her to remember her beautiful garden home. It is said that anyone who is lucky enough to possess a 4-leaf clover has a piece of this blessed Paradise. According to some, even finding a 4-leaf clover is so rare that the chance of finding one is estimated at 1 in every 5,000 to 10,000. And, Amy has five? Certainly, with these odds, little Amy had some help.

Carl's Grave

Carl’s Grave

Last Memorial day, the memory of an Air Force father of Amy’s, was specifically in her thoughts. She had never made Carl’s acquaintance because he died before she was born, but there he was, ever-present and on her mind. Being her father’s best friend and having heard all the stories of their youth and time in the service together, Amy felt like she knew Carl, just the same.

Then, with a meditative mind, she started looking through her childhood Bible to find a short obituary honoring this man she never met, along with the lucky 4-leaf clovers. She wondered if her Air Force dad, Carl, was reaching out through time (a space of 40 years), to convey a message to her.

But on her way to a family wedding, when she found the quintessential coin on her path. Her wondering became more of a suspicion, as pennies on Amy’s path have come to represent to her a sign that her loved ones are around, watching over her with love.

It wasn’t until Amy got home and took up her Bible again and she found more 4-leaf clovers that she absolutely knew it was Carl sending her a message. When this type of after-death communication happens, you just know it in your bones. It is a strong feeling or realization that you have been singled out. This “being hit with a ton of bricks” type realization, is so clear that you can’t mistake it. It says, “Pay attention! I’m talking to YOU!”

B47 Carl and Gordon flew

B47 Carl and Gordon flew

After Carl’s B47 plane accident, Amy’s family took Carl’s family under their wings, to support, encourage, protect them in their time of need. Although Amy’s folks have crossed over already, Amy continues this act of love, even today. Throughout the years, I’m sure Carl, along with his family consider the constant love and caring for them a Godsend; as truly Amy’s family have been Earth Angels, doing what Earth Angels do.

I wonder. What if… besides watching over his own family from beyond, Carl was a guardian angel for his best friend, Gordon Addy’s, family too. Because… that’s what Guardian Angels do. What if Carl is a Godsend who watches over the families he loves? Supporting, Encouraging and Protecting them, the way the Addy’s did for his family. This seems to be the case.

Carl's Family

Carl’s Family

For sure Carl has always been grateful for the great love and care given to his family after his passing, especially that Amy saved his wife, Joanne’s, life. I’m sure, while saying thanks to Amy, and indicating he was around recently, as well as so many years ago, helping Amy find those 4-leaf clovers which are a symbol of the paradise that Heaven is, this Air Force Dad also inadvertently revealed his cover as her Guardian Angel, too.

An interesting side note- Five months after Amy submitted her experience to me, and me being very busy with many other posts at the time, just recently I was prompted by a strong feeling to immediately start working on this post for Amy. I sent her a text notifying her of such and asked her a few questions for clarification. This is what Amy wrote back. 

Honorable Mention of Carl

Honorable Mention of Carl

“It’s interesting you texted me. I visited a memorial at Little Rock AFB this past weekend. Here is Carl’s name. The Air Force got his name incorrect on this. Should be Carlton. Everyone called him Carl.”

“I felt Carl’s presence earlier today. No lie. I talked to him out loud and said, “Carl, I never met you but I know you love me.” I sent these pictures to his daughter yesterday and she was thrilled, said she had never seen her dad’s name listed on any memorial. So in some way, Carl is making sure we know he is around.”


B47 Amy's father flew

B47 Amy’s father flew

“This is the plane he had the accident in. B47. My dad also flew this plane. The plane is the actual plane my dad flew. The tail number ties back to flight logs. It’s huge and hard to get in one photo.”

“….Then, you text asking these questions – the exact weekend I was visiting his memorial site at Little Rock Air Force Base?  Not a coincidence. He was with you as you were writing about him and was with me as I was getting pictures of his memorial for his family.


Carl's Family

Carl’s Family

Carl's Family

Carl’s Family

Carl's Family

Carl’s Family

High Flight Honor for those who died in B-47 accidents

High Flight Honor for those who died in B-47 accidents

Memorial for Gordon Addy- Amy's Dad

Memorial for Gordon Addy- Amy’s Dad

Eclipsing Life

As the moon passed over the sun in August’s eclipse, my cousin, Craig, peacefully eclipsed this life.

Throughout his adult life, my cousin, Craig, had his share of health issues, stemming from Cancer, to Lyme’s disease, to Multiple Sclerosis. Being a Scientist, whether it was a macrobiotic diet or something else he tried, he always found ways to either heal, or at least keep these diseases at bay. But, later on in his life, Craig came to experience complications from some of these debilitating diseases that left him struggling and unable to overcome.

It was February of 2017 when things took a turn for the worse. Craig came down with an infection that he couldn’t shake. The writing was on the wall. His loved ones knew his inevitable passing was closing in on both, him and them.

Recently, in August, as Craig was fading in and out of consciousness, he was talking out-loud to unseen people. Shannon, his wife and a nurse as well, must have wondered who he was talking to, and what it all meant. Then suddenly, Craig piped up with some coherence and excitement to say, “Hi Margaret!” This was Craig’s Aunt Margaret, who, while alive, was always a nice motherly figure to her brother’s children. Margaret passed away over a decade ago.

So when Shannon heard Craig’s coherent response to an unseen being, who was obviously Aunt Margaret, she suddenly had the clarity of mind to say to Craig, “Follow Margaret!” And… he immediately did.

Sadly, for us, Craig left this realm on August 21, 2017.

It is commonly known that a deceased loved one comes to receive us from this world and escort us to the next. But not everyone has this comforting first-hand witness, as did Shannon. If this was not amazing enough, it was WHEN it happened, that made Craig’s sojourn from this world into the next, extraordinary.

Since Craig was a Scientist, no doubt he found the coming eclipse fascinating. In fact, some of his friends, who live across the United States in Utah, knew he would appreciate it when they wrote to tell him about their plans of traveling to Idaho to get the full effect of this solar eclipse.


solar-eclipse-2017 Pixabay

Well… it just so happened that while his friends were gazing into the heavens and getting a good look at the eclipse, along with everyone else who could view it, Craig crossed over during this amazing time of awe and wonder!

It was just a few months earlier that my Aunt Catherine was resting in her bed with open eyes, when she saw her son, Craig, walk by her! What did it mean, she thought? Was he coming for a visit? Had he already crossed over? Am I imagining this?

While all of these were valid questions to wonder about at the time, now we can see that it was most likely that Craig was loosened out of his body, and traveling across the States to his familiar childhood home to see his mom. In this case, it was probably a sign to his mother that Craig’s time on Earth was wrapping up and he was getting ready to fly away from this physical existence and the 28-year battle with disease in his body that weighed him down.

But… for those who knew and loved Craig, and, who also thought the eclipse was incredible, it was even more incredible that Craig chose this particular time to make his journey from this stage of life.

Watching the eclipse, myself, then, hearing about Craig’s passing after the fact, his timing made perfect sense to me. As the Scientist he always was, and with his crossing over at that particular time, I thought… in an amazing and profound way, as the moon eclipsed the sun, Craig eclipsed this life when he crossed over to the next realm.

Although Craig will be missed, he is pain-free now. Fly Craig, fly! Our thoughts of love are with you, always. Until we meet again…

photo credit: Geralt/Pixabay

photo credit: Geralt/Pixabay

Death… Our Greatest Adventure Yet!

Although 80 miles away, Jo experiences the final moments of her father’s transition from life to death in an extraordinary send off.

Jo writes: “On the night of 29 September 2013, I was asleep in my bed in north London (England), and my father was over 80 miles distant, in a dementia nursing home on the south coast.  I was jolted awake at around 1:30am, and sat up in the darkness.  A tremendous, intense, unworldly, rushing energy had filled the room.  I couldn’t see it, but I could sense it, and it was ‘sparkling’.  “Dad!” I exclaimed.  I knew it was him.  And I knew that he was dying, and that had come to me to help him push over.  And somehow I knew what he needed, and what I had to do.  I concentrated all my energy, and wished him all the peace and love and energy that I had in me – and forgiveness – and it felt both personal and universal.  I do not know how long this went on for as time stood still.  And then I lay back down and I looked through the portal in the back of my eyes* and I saw a vision of the light – that clichéd image – a giant door-shaped hole in the darkness, and silhouetted against it were countless figures, outlined by the light, all slowly streaming toward it.  And I felt very great peace, and I drifted from this vision back into sleep.”

“The following morning I awoke early and immediately phoned the nursing home.  I apologised for the hour (it was just past 6am) and asked for a report on my father.  After a pause the nurse came to the phone and informed me that Dad had died.  I asked when he had died, and she replied that they had checked on him at 1:00am and he was alive, but that when they checked on him at 2:00am he had passed over.”

“I firmly believe that I was sharing my father’s death experience.  And several things have happened since involving him, that have made me appreciate what he taught me about Jung’s idea of an Unus Mundus.  I am not religious, but what I experienced that night has profoundly affected my thinking.

“*When I was about four or five, I discovered that I could ‘travel’ in my mind – a trick I have retained to this day.  I find it very soothing as I drift off to sleep.  I refocus my eyes while my eyes are shut, until I get a steady stream of concentric purple ‘smoke rings’ that consistently form and fade into the distance – then I concentrate on the space within the rings and this becomes a portal through which I can see visions.  Sometimes it’s as if I am flying over strange, unknown landscapes at great speed, at other times I see people – faces – of whom I know not.  I also had some incredibly vivid dream premonitions at this time, which I remember just as vividly, and which have made more and more sense to me over the years.”

Commentary- Jo has quite the gift. She has had it since she was a child and as she grew, just thought that everyone had it too. She is easily able to have out-of-body experiences as well as view incredible spiritual visions. As she knows, this type of thing comes in handy when you are fortunate to witness the death and rebirth of a loved one’s passing into a new realm.

What Jo was able to participate in is called a shared-death experience. In this experience, she witnessed the details of her father’s journey from this life to the next and just how amazing of a adventure it really was. I’m sure this left Jo feeling quite peaceful, knowing that her beloved father was free to fly from the physical chains that held him Earthbound in his later days.

In her experience, Jo mentions the term, Unus Mundus, which was coined by Carl Yung, a prominent Swiss psychiatrist who lived between 1875 until 1961. Unus Mundus is Latin for “one world.” More about Unus Mundus in Jung’s own words.

“Psyche and matter exist in one and the same world, and each partakes of the other, otherwise any reciprocal action would be impossible. If research could only advance far enough, therefore, we would arrive at an ultimate agreement between physical and psychological concepts.”

“Since psyche and matter are contained in one and the same world, and moreover are in continuous contact with one another and ultimately rest on irrepresentable, transcendental factors, it is not only possible but fairly probable, even, that psyche and matter are two different aspects of one and the same thing.”

If you had a hard time following that, he is a psychoanalyst after all, basically, he is saying that the inner world of our psyche and the external world of our experiences are connected in a meaningful way. This is also known as synchronicity, which he defined as “meaningful coincidence.”

Jo’s shared-death experience is an excellent example of this. She had this inner psychic experience, knowing that her father was crossing over and needed her help, only to find out the next morning that, 80 miles away from her, his physical death did indeed play out at the exact same time. Coincidence? No, it’s all in the synchronicity that our inner and outer worlds are undoubtedly connected as “Unus Mundus.”

What an amazing parting gift he gave his daughter, Jo, upon his crossing over from one world to the next. In writing this, I had a thought, which caused me to pause, about Unus Mundus. Although the world Jo’s father left and the one he went to seem to be separate and different to many of us, perhaps they are both a part of “One World”, still, and from this Earthly view, we just don’t have the perception to see it this way.

Jo caught a good glimpse of the death her father’s spirit and what world he was transitioning to. For her, it was enough to make her view death in a completely different way. Jo continues to say, “The experience affected me profoundly, and has completely changed my attitude towards death. That what comes next is not just a mystery, but a huge adventure.” 

Jo's Dad and Jo

Jo’s Dad and Jo

Shedding a Tear

As Shenique and her son say goodbye to their beloved husband and father at his viewing, he says goodbye back to them in the most unexpected way.

Shenique writes:
“Have you ever heard of a dead man crying for real? Well, it has been 8 years since my husband was killed. At his viewing, when my son and I said our last goodbyes, a tear came from my husband’s left eye. It was clear as day! Would you happen to know the meaning or what he was telling us?”

Commentary- Although it would seem unusual for a tear to fall from a departed loved one’s eye, stranger things have happened. The tear drop is a symbol of emotional expression. In this case, some messages of expression could be, “I’m sad my life ended so soon.” “This wasn’t supposed to happen this way.”  “I’m sorry you will have to go through the pain of this.” “I’m Sorry to Leave You.” “I’ll miss you and the life we had together, dearly.” and ” Goodbye for now.” Continue reading

Music As a Medium

Music is a common message medium from beyond. As Kathy looks for a sign, she receives these after-death transmissions from her beloved husband, Rich.

Kathy writes:
“In October of 2016 I was taking a class offered by Jade on “Becoming Your Own Medium”. The course was on a Friday night via conference call. I was sitting in bed with candles, phone, and ready for the class call. I remember one of the class participants saying that once in awhile she would ask for a sign from her loved one. So I thought, why not, and asked Rich, my deceased husband, to join us, as I had not received a sign in awhile. I fell asleep during the end of the class hypnosis.” Continue reading

Feathers From Our Angels

Three different women each receive the sign of a feather from the angel they love, who loves them too, and is watching over them from beyond. 

Sanjita writes:

Sanjita's Feather

Sanjita’s Feather

“Early on one Sunday morning, I found a little feather where I take shower everyday. It looks so awkward for the feather to be there because I live alone in my house. Secondly, the bathroom doesn’t have a window. Thirdly, the bathroom door is always closed after I use it and this is my first time seeing a little feather sticking on the bathroom wall.”

“The day before this happened, I was thinking about and talking to my departed best friend, Sadgunnan, because for so long there was no contact. I got busy with life and also, was traveling. As I spoke, I told him that I’m not sure where he is. Deep in my heart I was thinking if there is another moment, I wish I can see him or be with him just for a little while. I knew I was missing him and I told him to show me some signs that if he’s still around me. Usually he will come in my dreams, but to my surprise I saw a tiny feather at the bathroom the next morning. It’s impossible for any birds to fly in because there is no window in the bathroom.”

Spirit Hugs

Have you ever felt an actual spirit hug before? Ann sure did in this beautiful after-death communication from Rebecca, Ann’s beloved sister, from beyond.

Ann writes:
“My sister, Rebecca, died a horrific, heart-wrenching death at age 49. I’m an ICU nurse and understand death very well. However, it was how she died that was just killing me. I think part of my desire to continue to hear from Rebecca is that her death was the result of an unsuccessful suicide attempt in which her mouth and teeth were blown off. The failed attempt left Rebecca and her family to live with the aftermath of her choice for the next 6 months until Rebecca’s eventual passing.”

“What happened was so terrible and left Rebecca quite disfigured. After seeing her photo, I’m sure you will get it. She was beautiful. I still cannot think about Rebecca without thinking about how horrid and unsettling her death was.” Continue reading

Soul Mates

Lee loses her closest friend and soul mate, Mike, through suicide. However, despite her great loss, Lee is comforted to know that they are still connected.

Lee writes:
“I had only one friend I was very close to growing up. The way we met made me know right from the start that he was going to be important to me.”

“The night before I met Mike, I felt done, and just couldn’t go on anymore. I talked myself down and told myself to go one more day, that maybe it would get better. The next day was the school dance. I walked into the cafeteria to get a drink and everything in the room stopped. At the time it really freaked me out. I couldn’t hear anything… everything had just stopped! I looked across the room and there he was waving to me. We didn’t say a word to each other; no names, nothing until the next day. We both talked about how everything had stopped and talked about how weird it all was. We were inseparable from that point on. We were very close without trying.” Continue reading

The Wonder of It All

In this after-death communication, as Reyna wonders… baby Connor lets his mother know that he is still around.

On June 1, 2015, Reyna lost her son, Connor. That was two years ago to the day. He was only 9 months old when SIDS tragically claimed his life. Reyna was 7 months pregnant with his baby sister at the time.

Image: Pixabay

lost pacifier (Image: Pixabay)

About 8 months after Connor’s passing, his “it’s a boy” pacifier that Reyna previously got at a baby shower for his, then, upcoming birth, disappeared and went missing for 4 months.

Finally, on the morning of June 1, 2016, while Reyna was sitting on the bed, Connor’s blue pacifier all of the sudden resurfaced right in front of her. This was an important day, as it was the one year anniversary of Connor’s passing!

“It was weird though,” Reyna explains, “because I had lost this plastic blue pacifier from Connor’s baby shower and I was wondering where it was.”
Continue reading

They Really Do Hear Us!

A few days after posting Karen’s latest after-death communication from Marcus, Messages Through Meditation, she phoned me to report an interesting development.

Before leaving for work that morning, Karen and Marcus’s Aunt were texting back and forth about the story, Messages Through Meditation, I recently posted on this site. This was only a precursor for what was to soon come.



May is Marcus’s birthday month. It will be the second year since his untimely passing that Karen will not be able to celebrate his birthday with him. Back in October of 2015, sadly, Marcus ended up taking his life when he lost his battle with bipolar depression. Although Karen has forgiven him, of course, her loss is still difficult.

On her way to work this particular morning, Karen was talking to Marcus in the car. More specifically, Karen was stating her displeasure of having to live her life without him in it. Well, she told me, she might have actually been yelling a little bit too, as she asked “Why?” You see… Marcus was the love of Karen’s life. Continue reading

Still Here… 40 Years Later!

In this after-death communication, Kathi receives an auditory visit from her beloved brother, Kenny, who passed away 40 years prior. 

Kathi writes:
“My brother passed away in 1977 of a very rare disease. We were very close. After his death, I had many dreams of swimming in the ocean together, birds sitting and watching me, and twice of being escorted into a room somewhere in the heavens, where he was sitting in a chair waiting. I saw only from the waist up. We talked about family, life etc.” Continue reading

Messages Through Meditation

While meditating, Karen receives the image of a tannish-brown Canadian leaf and wonders how this sign will stand out among the other leaves of the fall season.

Karen writes:
“The other day I was meditating and trying to connect with my departed loved one, Marcus. Sometimes I will do this, and ask for a sign, and sometimes an image will appear in my mind. This particular morning, the sign that appeared was a leaf, like the shape of the Canadian Leaf. It was not red, but more of a tannish brown. I thought it was unusual and took it for what it was. I also thought it was funny because it was getting towards the end of summer and early fall, so leaves were pretty abundant. I was even joking with myself, “Yeah, that’s a good one; think of a leaf as a sign you’re going to see leaves everywhere. Pretty funny eh?” Continue reading