Being Your Own Medium (Upcoming/On-going Tele-class Series)

pillars of light

pillars of light

“I’m confused” a frustrated woman explained to me, “One medium told me one thing about my deceased loved one, and another medium said something else! What is the truth? Who should I believe?”

This is just one of the issues with expecting another person to get the answers from your deceased loved one, that you could be getting for yourself. Continue reading

Mommy’s Little Angel

After the sudden and unexpected passing of her infant child, through a series of after-death communications, Reyna is assured her baby is happy, peaceful and in good hands.

Reyna writes:
“My infant son passed June 2015 unexpectedly. I was 7 months pregnant with his baby sister at the time. For two months, he sent me after-death communication almost every day. I think he was sending me ADC’s so often to help get me through my pregnancy.”

“About 3-4 days after his passing, he left a message for me through my Mother in her dream. He told her, “Tell my Mama to take care of my Daddy.” At the time, my child’s Father and I had been fighting. I told his Father I was going to leave him. When my Mother received the message from my son, she did not know his Father and I were fighting. I think my Son was telling me not to blame his Father for his passing, plus his Dad is a type 1 diabetic, so he wants me to stay with him and take care of him as he doesn’t take care of himself.” Continue reading

There’s Nothing to Fear

Wes writes the following after-death communication which occurred with his close friend, Miake.

“A few nights after I had moved back home to Forest Ranch, Ca from Eureka Ca, I woke up at 4 am in a frenzy about my very close lady friend, Miake M., whose house I had stayed at for the last three nights of my living in Eureka. I had the strongest intuitive feeling that something was very wrong with her. Where I was staying at my parents house- where I grew up, we had no telephone and cell phones didn’t work that far in the mountains either, so I got in the car and frantically drove three miles down the highway to ‘the phone call spot’ where the cell phone worked at the top of Platte Mountain. I was talking to myself on the way there saying ‘oh God, please don’t let it be so’ and such. When I got to the spot and called, a voice I didn’t recognize picked up. I was practically crying and in a frenzy said, ‘where’s Miake? What’s wrong?’ Only to find out that she was in the hospital in ICU and had swallowed a bottle of Norco in a moment of apparently, overwhelming despair and she was basically brain dead. Anyhow, a few weeks (?) later, I had a dream where I had a ‘phone call from heaven’ and it was her. I remember thinking I had so many questions to ask, but I think I didn’t know where to start.  Before I knew it, she had appeared before me. It was her, but a more perfected version of her, at peace and serene; like all the impurities and layers of negative experience and character traits she’d acquired in life were now gone. Of all the things that could be said, and I was expecting grand insights and tales of what it’s like after life, but all she said to me is this, “There’s nothing to fear. There’s nothing to fear”. I took it as religion is wrong, and the most hell experienced would be in a place where one is ‘burned’ of their impurities… and where they pay the price of any negative they’ve caused in life, and then return to the source as does everyone. Regardless, of my mere mortal perception, it was the best and only thing I suppose I could want to hear, if I could only hear one thing about death and where we go afterwards.”
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Christian’s Premonition

Ten years before his death, Christian drew this picture. In it, he was trying to capture a disturbing and unknown, yet painless sensation he had experienced in his head a few times before. So puzzled as to what this was, he likened it to a volcano going off in his head.

When we met, some 6 years after he had drawn this picture, still perplexed by this old recurring experience, he mentioned it to me and showed me this picture. Having discussed it several times together, we never did come to an understand of its meaning, until the day he died.

Having died from the eruption of an Arterial Vascular Mass in his head, Christian must have immediately recognized the sensation he was experiencing as the previous previews from years passed, but this time with pain.

Sometimes in our lives we are given these previews to change the events of our future. Other times we are given these previews to show and prepare us for our future.

In the days immediately following his passing, I knew this picture was a premonition of his eventual looming death.