Between Two Worlds

In an emergency to save her life, Rebecca has a close call as she hovers between two worlds with her departed son and mother. 

Last October, Rebecca began to have some pain in her body. After visiting her doctor in January, both figured it was not too serious and just chalked it up to some premenopausal issues.

Recently, Rebecca woke up in severe pain which was so bad that she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. As it turned out, the unknown 8cm mass on Rebecca’s ovary ruptured and infection spread throughout her body. Needing to have two different surgeries to repair the damage, Rebecca was constantly being injected with opiates much stronger than Morphine. Even though she was not a big fan of opioids, they proved to be necessary for her to deal with her extreme pain level. Continue reading

An Unexpected Visit

In an after-death communication, Amber, a self-proclaimed atheist, receives a message of love and comfort from her mother on the “other side.”

Amber writes:
“My Mother died in 2015. As my last living family member and with the Mother- Daughter connection that we shared, the first year has been the saddest in my 55 years of life. However, I take sweet comfort in her love for me, and in a moment after her death that I hold close to my heart.”

“It was one month after her passing. I had another day of steady tears and inconsolable sadness. The huge thing was simple: she was gone and I was alone without her. I came home exhausted from the day, sat on the couch and continued my sobbing. Then, I heard her! She said, in a voice I remember as that of how she sounded when she was in her 30s, not the weakened tone of her 78 year-old dying of cancer self. (And this is something in and of itself; that she spoke with a healthy young voice. If I was to create a message in my head from her, I would never have thought to change her voice to her younger days.) And what she said was exactly enough – not one extra word needed to be spoken. “Amber, I love you. I am here with you.”
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At the Brink…

Just when Lara was at the brink of her capacity, she experienced this amazing near-death experience!

Lara writes:
“I was severely depressed at the time before my NDE. I had gotten into a car accident a year ago and suffered short term memory loss. My neck and back were also in a lot of pain and my left eye would twitch at times.”

“Family life was unbearable, dealing with school, mom’s chronic illness, dad’s neglect and gambling addiction, and brother’s focus on himself. My sanity and patience started to dwindle.”

“Weeks before my NDE, I wasn’t able to study for a college exam and was under extreme stress. My moods were up and down. The only way I knew how to cope with all the stresses in my life was through an eating disorder. I began to eat less and less and lost a lot of weight. My stomach was always in pain and I had no energy to do anything. I was very fatigued and hanging on by a thread.” Continue reading

Elements of Shared Death Experience

Shared-death experience is an interesting category since it can include, out-of-body experience, near-death experience and after-death communication, all in one. The implications of a shared-death experience speak volumes! Here’s why.

It used to be that naysayers could never admit to an afterlife. This was because near-death experiencers, specifically, those who were once considered clinically dead but then came back to life, were thought to be just experiencing unusual brain chemistry. It was thought that these amazing images reported, were nothing more than just the hallucinations of a dying brain. Well, how does anyone explain shared-death experience then? Continue reading

Shared-Death Experience

IMG_1640When I attended Dr. Moody’s presentation for his new book, Glimpses Of Eternity, back in 2010, I had read every book I could get my hands on from him about the afterlife, since he had collected so much evidence with these stories.

Desperately trying to comfort myself from my recent loss, I turned my attention to studying metaphysics, mainly understanding the spiritual aspects of life in the deepest way possible. I knew that without this comprehensive knowledge, I would be swayed to and fro with every opinion that came my way, for there were many. So I studied. Then, I ran what I learned through my own filters. With each premise I thought, “Is this true? Is this something I have experienced myself and can easily testify to?” I had already experienced a large variety of spiritual experiences and metaphysical anomalies throughout my life, so I had a pretty good base. Continue reading

“See How You Are?”

Many years ago, my dear friend Kevin used to say to me… in a non-judgmental way, of course, “See how you are?” I think Kevin was trying to point out how I was being at the time, as well as trying to get me to be present long enough to see from a new perspective. Of course, it could have been something he said to everyone. Though it was probably that I was being annoying in some way at the time and he wanted me to notice so I could do something different. But, it did cause me to pause long enough to see how I was being in the moment; thus, creating some new awareness.

Since Kevin’s sudden passing, close to 30 years ago, Kevin’s Journey to the Light, I have always remembered that saying. He was the only person I ever heard say it. I liked it so much I started saying it as well, causing others to pause while looking at themselves too. Of course, it is always possible that they didn’t… but instead… just wondered about me or the question itself. That’s good too, even that may have created a new perspective and more awareness in the world.
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Together Again!

Rebecca shares her mother’s after-death-visit with her grandson, Kenny, just before he escorts her into the next world with him.

Rebecca writes:

Kenny and Grandma

Kenny and Grandma

Another instance that happened to me after Kenny’s passing:  My mom gave up her fight for life after Kenny passed. He was the first grandson born in our family and my mom and he were very, very close.  My mom had a liver transplant in 1995 and received a ‘new lease on life’ and was able to enjoy her grandchildren.  When Kenny passed, she gave up the fight to live. She could not understand how this beautiful boy, at 23, passed away and she was still on this Earth.  My mom was hospitalized for about 5 weeks prior to her passing. Two days before she passed, she started talking about Kenny visiting her in the hospital.  My mother was still lucid as she was reciting events that happened when my siblings and I were children – it wasn’t the medicine that had her seeing Kenny is my point.  The last day she spoke was the full day before her passing. When I got to the hospital, I went to her side and held her hand. She opened her eyes and looked right at me, “Rebecca, Kenny’s here, he’s over there standing by the wall, just smiling at me….I think he’s waiting for me.”  She passed away 12 hours later.

After my mom passed, I went to see a Medium. I was told that my mom’s spirit came through and wanted to ‘thank me for singing to her and telling her it was okay to go’ – both of which I did. The Medium explained to me where I was in the hospital room, what side I was standing on and repeated what I had told my mom.  I asked her if anyone was there to greet my mother when she crossed over. The Medium said, “Yes, there were two male spirits – her father and her grandson.” (The grandson would be Kenny)
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The End Is Only The Beginning

My incredible out-of-body experience while attending a past-life regression seminar in 2010, in Denver, Colorado, as published in Dr. Brian Weiss’s new book, Miracles Happen.

I attended one of Dr. Weiss’s past-life regression seminars in 2010 in Denver, Colorado. Only seven months prior to this event, I lost my dear Christian to a sudden and unexpected death. It was the worst thing I had ever experienced and it left me a basket case, with so many painful thoughts and questions. At the same time, I had also spontaneously remembered a tragic past life with Christian, that had ended in a similar fashion, which left me feeling even worse.

Because I was so distraught about these losses, Christian’s aunt told me about Dr. Weiss and recommended that I go to an event, saying that maybe I would find some answers or at least feel better. I looked him up and read his books, and they gave me some peace of mind. But when I found out that he was going to be as close as Colorado, I took the opportunity to travel and attend his event. My experience there has helped me so much by changing my perspective.

My Actual Experience-
It was the first regression of the day after Dr. Weiss had introduced himself and prepared us for what might be expected and experienced within the context of our time with him. When he put us into a deep state of hypnotic regression, of course I expected to go into a past life, just as I had done times before while listening to his regression CD.

I remember that he had just come to the part where he gives the suggestion to go back to the earliest childhood memory, which I did. Like a child, I found myself in wonder and anticipation of the adventure I would soon discover when he took me back to a previous life. What past-life clues and remnants would I uncover? What would they teach me about my life and myself?
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The Exit Interview

Normally, when you hear the words, “exit Interview” you think of the final survey conducted when one is leaving a job or organization… but this “exit interview” is something quite different.

“The Exit Interview” is a excellent personal inventory tool that assists two main groups of people; those nearing the end of life’s journey who are preparing themselves for the afterlife, AND… those intending to leave their past behind who are preparing themselves for starting of a brand new life – while still in this life! Although the destinations may be a little different, the process of leaving the past behind through completion is exactly the same.

When seriously reflected on and completed in it’s entirety, “The Exit Interview” is a powerful process that allows one to consciously face their past by way of observation, assessment and realization. This new awareness leads to the discovery of what, if anything, needs to be handled, settled and/or restored, before one is completely satisfied in moving forward.

Full completion of “The Exit Interview” acts like a reset button in ways, by allowing one to free themselves up by taking the appropriate actions to tie up the loose ends that have been left undone, making those areas of your life complete. Carrying out the last words and actions directed at restoring what has been found missing and/or straightening what has been messed up, goes a long way in cleaning and clearing up the past.
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The Wall of Mystery

“There is an ancient story in the East that tells that there was a wall of mystery. Whenever anyone tried to climb up the wall to look at the other side, he smiled and jumped over, and never came back again. So the people of that country became very curious to know what mystery was behind the wall. Once when someone was climbing up the wall to see what was on the other side, they put chains on his feet, and held him so that he would not go over. When he looked at the other side, he too was delighted with what he saw and smiled; and those standing at the foot of the wall; curious to know what he had to say, pulled him back. But to their great disappointment he had lost his speech.”  (Excerpt taken from The Music of Life by Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Since the beginning of time, mystics have sought the answers to the many mysteries of life. Much of that time has been spent in endless speculation. But perhaps the greatest of all life’s mysteries is that of death.
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Stairway to Heaven

With her impending near-death experience quickly approaching, Melania, age 78, was rushed to the hospital by her son at the first indication that something was wrong. There, at the hospital, it was determined that Melania was having a heart attack, a heart attack that caused her to flat-line. As the minutes passed, concern grew that if she could not be revived soon, she would suffer brain damage.
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Be Here Now!

With the two year anniversary of Christian’s passing quickly approaching tomorrow, March 31st, I’ve had a lot of heaven on my mind.

I’ve been thinking about my loved ones that have gone before me, and how much I’ve missed them from my life.

I’ve been remembering the short visits to heaven I’ve had during dreams, near-death, and out of body experiences, where I felt God’s full presence and the pure love that exists there. And, although I am extremely grateful for the knowledge these experiences have brought me, the downside is that many times, I experience an intense longing to be there, rather than here.
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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.. “Ask and you will be given.”

I’ve selected this story from Dr. Kübler-Ross because it is such an inspiring classic of a near-death experience. It illustrates an example of a man that had given up all hope. After losing his entire family all at once, this man was naturally devastated. The experience he was about to have would completely change his life forever.

If you are grieving and barely hanging on, read this story carefully. Sometimes, like the man in the story, we are called on to face great trials in our lives. But hang on, there’s often more to the picture than we can understand from our limited perpective.
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Near Death Experience

A near-death experience is a spiritual phenomenon that happens when the spirit leaves the physical body. A NDE falls under the umbrella of out-of-body experiences (OBE’s).

Upon separation from the body, a lighter version of us is whisked from the density of this world into the lightness of another… or at least it seems this way.

Usually, this is a good experience, where peace, acceptance and unconditional love rule supreme. It is common to experience the presence of a loving light. Some people see Jesus, or other powerful spiritual figures. Some people see angels. Some people have guides. For many, deceased relatives and friends are there to welcome them home. Experiences vary greatly, so not every NDE is exactly the same.
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Mantras …Tools for Empowerment

Throughout history, mantras have played an important role in bringing about states of

peace, bliss and connection to the Divine. It is believed that mantras have power to elevate and transcend one from the lower frequencies of the human realm into the higher frequencies of a Godly realm. So, it’s no wonder that mantras of sound, prayer, meditation and song have become so popular. Time and experience has demonstrated this practice to be transformational.

Today, it is increasingly common for people to use mantras for the purpose of creating intentions and declaring affirmations into existence. Songs and sayings that empower and motivate have even been adopted as personal mantras. These are all great tools for raising one’s energetic frequency.
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