The Present

When a powerpoint, “The Present” arrives in an email for Christmas, Margaret’s mother is forced to believe that this was sent from her deceased husband, Arthur.

Margaret writes:

Margaret's Mom & Dad

Margaret’s Mom & Dad

“My Dad passed away on September 21, 2015. Although he was 85 years old, it was sudden and unexpected. We were extremely close and I was/am devastated.”

“My Mom was a rock after my Dad died. She seemed to be busy tending to things like canceling Dr.’s appointments, writing letters, sorting through things, etc. I wondered what would happen when there was nothing further to do. She is a very strong woman and far less emotional than I am.”

“Christmas was difficult and when I called her, she seemed sad on that day, although she was doing her best to put on a good front, trying to comfort me. There was just something different that day and although she would never admit it, I could sense it. I miss my Dad every day, but Christmas seemed even harder. He was everything to me.” Continue reading


Desiderata was written by a relatively unknown American author, Max Ehrmann, in 1927. Later, in 1959, Reverend Frederick Kates of Saint Paul’s Church, Baltimore, included Desiderata in a sermon for his congregation, which eventually spread and became a big hit.
Desiderata contains many pearls of wisdom for living a peaceful and joyous existence upon this planet.  In it, the unknown author details a perspective for “keeping peace with your soul” while navigating your way through a challenging world. All useful information.

The popular 1970’s song, written by Wes Crane, is included in the link below. I realize, being from the 70’s, that this music is dated and a little bit cheesy, but I couldn’t resist. It still has a good and powerful vibe, and besides, it’s only a matter of time before it’s back in style again! Here’s to being a happy and fulfilled child of the Universe!
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“The Dance” by Garth Brooks

As referred to in my last blog entitled Kevin’s journey into the light, this song is dedicated to Kevin, and ALL our loved ones who have gone ahead of us into the light. Thank you for your influence and love! We are forever grateful to have shared a dance with you in this life!

The Dance