Spirit Sensitivity: Gift or Curse?

In this after-death communication, Celynda is warmly greeted at the cemetery by her Grandmother, only after to be coldly greeted by something else. This post explores how to handle unwanted entities.


Celynda’s Grandma

Celynda writes:
“I had an experience while visiting my Grandmother’s grave at the cemetery. First, I stopped to see my Grandfather who passed October 1, 2006. Afterward, I visited my Grandmother who passed more recently, September 19, 2012. As I was standing over my Grandmother’s grave, I felt a strong presence holding me. It was the most beautiful, warm and amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life! It felt like she was trying to tell me something or that she knew just how much I needed her…  as lately I’ve been under a lot of stress. She always made me feel so important and would brag to all her friends about how successful I am and how I’m going to be a Doctor.” Continue reading

Grieving a Sudden/Unexpected Death

This is my experience about how I eventually transformed the terrible darkness of despair and healed, as I chose to enter into the light. How did I do it? I rose to my highest and strongest self and chose LOVE and LIGHT, rather then sinking to my lowest and weakest self, and allowing FEAR and BITTERNESS to overcome me. 

Here is my story on… How to grieve the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one…

When you hear the news, you simply refuse to believe what their mouth is saying and what your ears are hearing. Perhaps all sounds will cease and you will be left with only the motion of their mouth moving as shock and denial set in.

Emotions swell quickly. You know…. the ones you would rather not feel. The ones you’ve worked so hard all your life to avoid. No one likes these ones, but nevertheless, it doesn’t stop them from coming forth with unabashed fury and intensity. Oh, this is intense! Breathe.
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