“Hi” From Heaven

In this after-death communication, Liz’s father says “hi” from the heavens, as her name is literally written in the sky.

Liz writes:
“On a weekend last November, my partner and I were walking up the road. It was 11 am on a beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky. I looked up and saw just one tiny white cloud. Across the sky to my right there was another one – it had formed the name Liz, which is my name. I looked to see what was coming next as I immediately thought it was an airplane sign-writing in the making. (We have a few of these here with people proposing marriage in grand ways).  Continue reading

The Gifts They Give Through Others

Two women learn that acting on the spiritual promptings of a deceased loved one makes a world of difference, for the ones who would receive them.

During the holidays, instead of getting the usual customary cakes and hampers as a Christmas gift and greeting, Elisa received a beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers. On the surface, this may not seem to be out of the ordinary, but to Elisa, who was missing Eric during the holiday season… this gift of flowers was quite special and significant. In fact, although it was sent by an unwitting person, this particular gift of flowers had Eric’s metaphorical fingerprints… All over it! 
(In Roses, My Love? you see that while Eric was living, all Elisa wanted was for him to send her flowers!) Continue reading

An Unexpected Visit

In an after-death communication, Amber, a self-proclaimed atheist, receives a message of love and comfort from her mother on the “other side.”

Amber writes:
“My Mother died in 2015. As my last living family member and with the Mother- Daughter connection that we shared, the first year has been the saddest in my 55 years of life. However, I take sweet comfort in her love for me, and in a moment after her death that I hold close to my heart.”

“It was one month after her passing. I had another day of steady tears and inconsolable sadness. The huge thing was simple: she was gone and I was alone without her. I came home exhausted from the day, sat on the couch and continued my sobbing. Then, I heard her! She said, in a voice I remember as that of how she sounded when she was in her 30s, not the weakened tone of her 78 year-old dying of cancer self. (And this is something in and of itself; that she spoke with a healthy young voice. If I was to create a message in my head from her, I would never have thought to change her voice to her younger days.) And what she said was exactly enough – not one extra word needed to be spoken. “Amber, I love you. I am here with you.”
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What’s New for Spring 2016? (Announcement)

We all know that Spring is a time for many new beginnings, so I’m taking this opportunity to announce that, by popular request, I will be launching some brand new services soon. Aside from the many posts written throughout the years; designed to assist, comfort and support those who grieve, the tools provided on the site, and the commentaries to the many after-death communication, as well as other stories, I will now be offering:

Online Classes such as, the “Being Your Own Medium” series, “Navigating the Emotional Waters of Grief” series, “The Phoenix: Finding Your Life’s Purpose in the Ashes” series, “Finding Strength Beneath the Surface”, “Healing Your Past”, “Have I Lived Before? Past Life Regression” series, as well as… many more online classes to come. To keep updated on the classes being offered, please refer to “Classes” on the homepage navigation bar for further information. Continue reading

Awakenings Through Loss

When our loved ones pass away, they leave gifts in their place. It’s for us to discover and use these treasures toward transforming ourselves and our lives.

In the post, The Terrifying Last 18 Days, Keisha describes the grueling final days of her mother’s life and her emotional reactions to it. Sometimes, the course of a person’s health, with its ups and downs, can be quite the emotional roller-coaster ride. Just when Keisha thought her mom was going to live through her medical procedures, her situation took a turn for the worst, leaving Keisha and other loved ones to cope with her eventual passing. 

It is not uncommon for the loss of a loved one to create a space for an awakening to happen. When I read something that Keisha had written in reference to one of my other posts, See How You Are?, I could clearly see that Keisha had been privy to such an awakening.  Continue reading

Happy New Year 2016

Dear Loved One,
May you always know that whether in times of happiness or whether in times of sorrow, you are never alone in your struggles here upon this Earth… Angels attend. A beautiful and inspiring song to nudge your memory that heavenly beings abide.

May 2016 bring you much comfort, peace, healing and the constant internal knowledge… that you are loved, watched over and never left alone in your journey on this big beautiful blue planet.
With love,

What is it Like to Lose a Child?

In this heart-wrenching post, Rebecca answers this unthinkable question, What is it like to lose a child? After having him for 23 years, Rebecca lost Kenny on July 6, 2012. She has been working through her grief ever since. One day last summer, she found the website, Quora, and saw, of all questions in front of her… this one. There it was… Rebecca’s invitation to share her most private and deepest thoughts and feelings with all the world. 

Quora asks: What is it like to lose a child?

Rebecca’s reply:
“This is a tough question to answer as it brings all the pain I try to push back (he’s just on a long vacation; he’s busy with work, etc., AKA denial) with as much force as I can muster, until I’m lying in bed alone with my thoughts, trying to hold on to every detail I can about him. The fear of forgetting his voice one day drives me insane.” 

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Grief: Holidays Without Them

Oh no. Here it comes! A holiday without them. How do I deal with that? 

Holidays are supposed to be joyful; a time to gather together with loved ones to share thanks and exchange gifts of love. But what happens when the upcoming holiday only serves to remind us that someone we love is sadly missing? It’s difficult to cope. If it’s the first year we might wonder, “How different is this year going to be. How much pain am I going to feel?”

Although it might seem strange, including your loved one in your holidays can be a great way to deal head-on with the fact that things have changed. Perhaps a new tradition or ritual can be introduced, making the upcoming holiday special. For example, you might create a special program that includes all of your loved ones, including the one who is not physically present. It is a great way to deal and heal the pain of the change of losing them. This can also include a family pet. Continue reading

Never Alone (Revisited)

Right now, I am in the process of making my yearly pilgrimage to Burning Man for the thirteenth year. It’s a place of sheer fun, that’s true. But it is much more. It is a place that teaches me so much… and a place I love because of it.

Lately, I have felt called to pull this 2012 post out of this site’s archives for some reason, to re-post. When I wrote it after Burning Man in 2012, I was still grieving deeply at the time.

So… for whatever reason, I leave this with you. I hope this is meaningful to you in some way, as well.  

With a full heart and exhausted body, I recently returned home from my ten-year anniversary trip to the Black Rock desert, where over 60,000 plus people from all over the world made their pilgrimage this year to be “welcomed home” to Black Rock City. Grateful was I because of the love, beauty and transformation I experienced there. Exhausted, because I didn’t want to close my eyes for one second, for fear I might have missed something completely amazing.
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My Friend, the Honeyeater

In this after-death communication, Anne comes face to face with a beautiful black bird. But when it looked into her eyes, that’s when she knew it was her recently deceased friend.
Anne writes:
HoneyeaterHi. After reading your after-death experiences, I just had to tell you about my experience only yesterday.”

“My friend died only a few days ago, and yesterday I was sitting, watching TV when a beautiful black bird, which I think is a Black Honeyeater, appeared on the back of my patio chair with a worm in its mouth.”
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“Don’t Worry Mama”

In this before-death and after-death communication, we see that our loved ones can visit us before, AS WELL AS after their passing. 
Valley writes-
Brian“Jade, I’m not sure if my communication is ADC but rather BDC. I lost my 34 year-old son Last November. He died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. We are still reeling with shock. He was your typical young healthy active man in his prime. Two months before he died, I had the most vivid dream. I felt like he was right there talking to me. I can still remember every detail. The colors were the brightest I’d ever seen. All he said was, “Don’t worry mama, everything will be alright.”

“Do you think that was a communication?”
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Just Beyond this Realm

Paula shares some after-death communications from her recently departed son, James. As it turns out, James has not gone, he is with his family; helping them, comforting them and teaching them that he still lives, just beyond this realm.

“My dear son, James, passed away seven weeks ago tomorrow and since his passing our family have had several experiences that we believe are ADC’s.”

“A few days after my son passed, his younger brother (my younger son), had a vivid dream; in the dream, James told his brother he could keep his musical equipment and to look after his health.”

“James was an excellent musician and a couple of years ago he filmed some blues guitar tutorials which he initially put out on YouTube.  He then took them down so that they could only be viewed by him on his private YouTube account.  His lovely wife and myself were desperate to find these videos of him singing, talking and playing his guitar, but alas, we did not know his password and had all but given up.  My daughter was using my laptop a couple of weeks ago and needed to go online; like me, she always uses google chrome, however, on this occasion, without even thinking she clicked on internet explorer and began to access google mail.  In doing so James’ google email account appeared and when she clicked on it, she immediately got access to his gmail account (James was never in the habit of saving his passwords).  As we looked through his emails, there were only two senders; a free online learning site which he subscribed to and emails from YouTube.  When we opened one of the emails from YouTube, it said something about his account and there was a link.  I clicked on the link and a message came up saying this was a private account and could only be accessed by the account holder.  Nevertheless, I clicked on the black YouTube box (after all, what had I got to lose) and to my amazement, I found a total of 21 videos that my son had recorded.  I felt that I had discovered a treasure chest and felt strongly that James had given us a gift.”
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Changing Your Story…

“Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts.” – Salman Rushdie

If you are tired of telling the same old disempowering story about your life and want to tell a different tale, you have to be willing to change your interpretation of it. It’s as simple as changing your mind… and the results can be just as amazing. Are you game?