Spirit Hugs

Have you ever felt an actual spirit hug before? Ann sure did in this beautiful after-death communication from Rebecca, Ann’s beloved sister, from beyond.

Ann writes:
“My sister, Rebecca, died a horrific, heart-wrenching death at age 49. I’m an ICU nurse and understand death very well. However, it was how she died that was just killing me. I think part of my desire to continue to hear from Rebecca is that her death was the result of an unsuccessful suicide attempt in which her mouth and teeth were blown off. The failed attempt left Rebecca and her family to live with the aftermath of her choice for the next 6 months until Rebecca’s eventual passing.”

“What happened was so terrible and left Rebecca quite disfigured. After seeing her photo, I’m sure you will get it. She was beautiful. I still cannot think about Rebecca without thinking about how horrid and unsettling her death was.”

“The last time I ever saw Rebecca was when she was in an in-patient center. I’d gone to visit her there. Before I left, I crawled into bed with her. Lying on my left, I cradled her, or spooned her and told her I loved her. That was my last touch with her. There were some phone calls after that for a short while; however no more physical contact, and then she died.”

“A few months after she died, I was in that state just between waking and sleeping. I was lying on my left side like Rebecca was when I held her last when I felt an immense hug. It was paralyzing in a good way. My mom had died shortly after Rebecca died. So in my mind I asked, “Is this Rebecca or mom?” I clearly heard, “Rebecca.”

Beloved Rebecca

Beloved Rebecca

“The hug was all-encompassing, warm love. She seemed to be showing me the same care-taking love I showed her during our last visit: the same position, same genuine expression of comfort. I’ll never forget it. It was so real! She was comforting me, showing me she was okay and that I was adored by her. It was magnificent. I’ll carry it with me forever. And you’re right: if I say her name out loud a few times, I can feel like she comes by and listens.”

“One more thing. I noticed, as did my dad, that after she died, we were so clumsy! We’d drop everything and spill stuff. For no reason, a huge pot of marinara just tipped over onto an upholstered chair. But surprisingly, it wiped up off the chair completely. Very weird, like she was causing mischief, but nothing too damaging for us.”

I’d never been to a Medium before, ever. But, I went to talk to one to see if she felt Rebecca around. Without any prompting, the first thing the Medium said to me was, “There was some red sauce spilled.”

“Rebecca did that! She’s very loud right now and all over the place! Rebecca was so skinny because she never stopped. She enjoys causing mischief and making you drop and spill things. She laughs at it. My dad and I were dropping/spilling things that would never have been dropped. My dad was even considering seeing a Neurologist to see if he had some disease. We know it was Rebecca. The Medium said it would continue… and it has. For no reason whatsoever, dry oatmeal popped out of my measuring cup last night. I’ve even had to tell her to knock it off a few times.”

“Another thing the Medium said was that Rebecca is with horses. I never told the Medium anything up front. I’m a skeptic (and a Christian), so this was a huge step out in faith for me. I gave the Medium NOTHING to use as a clue about Rebecca, just her sunglasses case to hold.  But all through high school Rebecca had quarter horses. Her favorite horse had an accident and died terribly. She always struggled with losing her horse. I know this Medium could not have gotten any information from Rebecca’s obituary either, as it said nothing about horses. So I know that this Medium actually connected to Rebecca!

Commentary- I want to thank Ann for sharing her heart-wrenching story. I know I cried a little bit. Being an ICU nurse, you bet she has seen everything, but having to deal with this with her own sister must have been a living nightmare, to say the least.

The death of a loved one is a hard enough thing to deal with. But a suicide attempt resulting in a horrifying disfigurement, followed by intense grueling medical care and procedures, then, finally ending in the death of that loved one just 6 months later must have been extremely traumatizing for Rebecca and those who love her. My deepest condolences to all.

What Ann experienced is called a spiritual or energetic hug. The quality of a spirit hug can feel like the pressure of a physical hug minus the other physical person to hug. It is also the experience of being embraced by energy which can really be astonishing! It can feel warm with living love, tingly and has an all-encompassing feeling that seems to penetrate your soul. When this happens, you know it. Even though you may be alone when it happens, you feel it so completely and it tends to leave a lasting impression on the receiver

Rebecca and Ann

Rebecca and Ann

With that simple but precious and memorable hug, Rebecca was saying to her dear sister, Ann, “thank you!” “Thank you for loving and caring about me. Thank you for having the strength and courage go through this with me. I know it wasn’t easy. Thank you for staying by my side and for loving me when I was at my very worst. Thank you for sharing our special bond and for being the best sister anyone could ever have! I’ll love you forever!”

What took place here between Rebecca and Ann was the experience of unconditional love. This is a heavenly love that transcends the judgment and pettiness that is often a part of the nature of a human being.

Unconditional love. What a beautiful gift each sister gave to the other!

Ann mentions that Rebecca has made herself known a lot lately, spilling things and causing general but harmless calamity with Ann and her Father. And with these episodes, Ann is reminded that Rebecca is still around and shaking it up as usual.

The message that Rebecca is conveying is one of light-heartedness. You see, at one point in her life, Rebecca took this life way too seriously, then… she did what she did. Her message from beyond is to take life with a grain of salt. Or a pot of marinara. Or a cup of oatmeal. Or… Well, you get the point. And, when Ann sometimes tells Rebecca to “knock it off!”, I think that is what Rebecca is literally doing.

Now, from her infinite perspective, Rebecca is saying, “It’s all good. Everything will turn out alright in the end. Remember to laugh and enjoy the ride that is this life.” As Rebecca has lightened up, she is suggesting that we do the same and not take the things in this life with so much weight and gravity. When we breathe deeply and take the long-view, the temporary short-view of our physical existence becomes much lighter to bear and so much easier to navigate. 

Soul Mates

Lee loses her closest friend and soul mate, Mike, through suicide. However, despite her great loss, Lee is comforted to know that they are still connected.

Lee writes:
“I had only one friend I was very close to growing up. The way we met made me know right from the start that he was going to be important to me.”

“The night before I met Mike, I felt done, and just couldn’t go on anymore. I talked myself down and told myself to go one more day, that maybe it would get better. The next day was the school dance. I walked into the cafeteria to get a drink and everything in the room stopped. At the time it really freaked me out. I couldn’t hear anything… everything had just stopped! I looked across the room and there he was waving to me. We didn’t say a word to each other; no names, nothing until the next day. We both talked about how everything had stopped and talked about how weird it all was. We were inseparable from that point on. We were very close without trying.” Continue reading

The Wonder of It All

In this after-death communication, as Reyna wonders… baby Connor lets his mother know that he is still around.

On June 1, 2015, Reyna lost her son, Connor. That was two years ago to the day. He was only 9 months old when SIDS tragically claimed his life. Reyna was 7 months pregnant with his baby sister at the time.

Image: Pixabay

lost pacifier (Image: Pixabay)

About 8 months after Connor’s passing, his “it’s a boy” pacifier that Reyna previously got at a baby shower for his, then, upcoming birth, disappeared and went missing for 4 months.

Finally, on the morning of June 1, 2016, while Reyna was sitting on the bed, Connor’s blue pacifier all of the sudden resurfaced right in front of her. This was an important day, as it was the one year anniversary of Connor’s passing!

“It was weird though,” Reyna explains, “because I had lost this plastic blue pacifier from Connor’s baby shower and I was wondering where it was.”
Continue reading

They Really Do Hear Us!

A few days after posting Karen’s latest after-death communication from Marcus, Messages Through Meditation, she phoned me to report an interesting development.

Before leaving for work that morning, Karen and Marcus’s Aunt were texting back and forth about the story, Messages Through Meditation, I recently posted on this site. This was only a precursor for what was to soon come.



May is Marcus’s birthday month. It will be the second year since his untimely passing that Karen will not be able to celebrate his birthday with him. Back in October of 2015, sadly, Marcus ended up taking his life when he lost his battle with bipolar depression. Although Karen has forgiven him, of course, her loss is still difficult.

On her way to work this particular morning, Karen was talking to Marcus in the car. More specifically, Karen was stating her displeasure of having to live her life without him in it. Well, she told me, she might have actually been yelling a little bit too, as she asked “Why?” You see… Marcus was the love of Karen’s life. Continue reading

Still Here… 40 Years Later!

In this after-death communication, Kathi receives an auditory visit from her beloved brother, Kenny, who passed away 40 years prior. 

Kathi writes:
“My brother passed away in 1977 of a very rare disease. We were very close. After his death, I had many dreams of swimming in the ocean together, birds sitting and watching me, and twice of being escorted into a room somewhere in the heavens, where he was sitting in a chair waiting. I saw only from the waist up. We talked about family, life etc.” Continue reading

Messages Through Meditation

While meditating, Karen receives the image of a tannish-brown Canadian leaf and wonders how this sign will stand out among the other leaves of the fall season.

Karen writes:
“The other day I was meditating and trying to connect with my departed loved one, Marcus. Sometimes I will do this, and ask for a sign, and sometimes an image will appear in my mind. This particular morning, the sign that appeared was a leaf, like the shape of the Canadian Leaf. It was not red, but more of a tannish brown. I thought it was unusual and took it for what it was. I also thought it was funny because it was getting towards the end of summer and early fall, so leaves were pretty abundant. I was even joking with myself, “Yeah, that’s a good one; think of a leaf as a sign you’re going to see leaves everywhere. Pretty funny eh?” Continue reading

Clarity of the Infinite Soul

A heavenly visitor appears in the middle of the night to ask me some vital questions about what I believe and who I really am.

It was seven years ago today that Christian suddenly and unexpectedly passed, right before my eyes. Helpless to do anything about what was destined to be, I watched the horrifying scene with wet and disbelieving eyes, while I did my best to make him comfortable in his last moments of life.

Naturally, to anyone experiencing such a loss, every day and every night has the potential to become a living nightmare, as death, especially sudden and unexpected, can be quite traumatizing. Continue reading

Dustin’s Popping Pills

In this after-communication, Dustin learns a new trick of popping pills to get his mother’s attention and show her that he is still with her.

Pat writes:
“Friday, as I was sitting at the kitchen table, a roll of paper towels fell off a shelf in the breeze way. I had not been back there all morning. I thought it just was not stacked right.”

“Then, as I was cleaning off the table, I tossed my husband’s vitamin pill bottle into his bin. 3 white pills fell out. I picked up the bottle and checked. The lid was screwed on tight and there were no holes in the bottle. I opened the bottle to see if the pills matched. Yep…they were all white.”

“I went out to run an errand. When I came back…there were 2 brown pills in the same spot where the white ones had been on the floor. I opened the bottle and yep…now there were brown pills in there also. Go figure.” Continue reading

Amy’s Coin Collection

The well-known after-death communication of “coins left on our life’s path” can be a ‘valuable’ way for our departed loved ones to remind us they are always with us.

Amy's coin collection

Amy’s coin collection

Amy writes:
“Hi Jade. These are all the coins I’ve been sent the past two years. 23 pennies, 6 dimes and 1 nickel. I know they (the departed) like to leave coins.”

“This is so much like my Dad. He would save his pocket change in a coffee can and give it to his grand daughters when it was full.”

“The coins were all found in times of joy, sorrow and worry. But always in a unique place where I would find them… and just when I needed them.”

“This has been a hard month for me. My father crossed over on March 20, the first day of Spring. It’s been two years since his passing. The first day into a new refreshed body and spirit is how I like to look at it.” Continue reading

Knock It Off!

Cassie’s Grandfather shows up in many small ways to say he is with her and supports her from beyond, but says, “Knock it off with the family fighting!”

Cassie's Grandfather

Cassie’s Grandfather

Cassie writes:
“I recently lost my Grandfather in October of 2016. But, the last time I spoke to my Grandfather was June 19th, 2016, which was the day after my wedding. He stood up for my father, who abused all of his children. I tried to reach out to him during the summer and he refused to talk to me.” Continue reading


My latest after-death communication from Christian occurs in the form of a “sighting.” Lynda and Shubhika share their sightings too.


sightings Pixabay Image

It was around Christmas that I had an unexpected surprise while riding in the passenger seat of a car headed to the store. As we drove en route to one store, passing by another one, it happened. It was dark outside but I just happened to casually glance out the car window into the well-lit store and saw Christian at the register! It really was Christian!

Clearly, I saw him. He was at the front of the store, talking and smiling. Christian was so friendly, he spoke and smiled at everyone. Continue reading

Between Two Worlds

In an emergency to save her life, Rebecca has a close call as she hovers between two worlds with her departed son and mother. 

Last October, Rebecca began to have some pain in her body. After visiting her doctor in January, both figured it was not too serious and just chalked it up to some premenopausal issues.

Recently, Rebecca woke up in severe pain which was so bad that she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. As it turned out, the unknown 8cm mass on Rebecca’s ovary ruptured and infection spread throughout her body. Needing to have two different surgeries to repair the damage, Rebecca was constantly being injected with opiates much stronger than Morphine. Even though she was not a big fan of opioids, they proved to be necessary for her to deal with her extreme pain level. Continue reading

Mary Ann’s Flying Orb

This image was recently sent to me by my friend, Mary Ann, who had an after-Christmas tea with some friends.

The orb that was captured flying through space, appears over the right shoulder of Mary Ann. At first, she didn’t even notice it. A friend had to point it out. This is the case with most anomalies that appear in images. People miss them because their brain automatically filters them out, and/or discounts these anomalies as just something to do with the camera and lighting.

No doubt this is Carl, Mary Ann’s devoted husband, visiting from the “other side” to photo bomb their picture. You go boy!
For more about Mary Ann and Carl, see, May I Have This Dance?

Mary Ann's Orb

Mary Ann’s Orb

“Hi” From Heaven

In this after-death communication, Liz’s father says “hi” from the heavens, as her name is literally written in the sky.

Liz writes:
“On a weekend last November, my partner and I were walking up the road. It was 11 am on a beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky. I looked up and saw just one tiny white cloud. Across the sky to my right there was another one – it had formed the name Liz, which is my name. I looked to see what was coming next as I immediately thought it was an airplane sign-writing in the making. (We have a few of these here with people proposing marriage in grand ways).  Continue reading

The Gifts They Give Through Others

Two women learn that acting on the spiritual promptings of a deceased loved one makes a world of difference, for the ones who would receive them.

During the holidays, instead of getting the usual customary cakes and hampers as a Christmas gift and greeting, Elisa received a beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers. On the surface, this may not seem to be out of the ordinary, but to Elisa, who was missing Eric during the holiday season… this gift of flowers was quite special and significant. In fact, although it was sent by an unwitting person, this particular gift of flowers had Eric’s metaphorical fingerprints… All over it! 
(In Roses, My Love? you see that while Eric was living, all Elisa wanted was for him to send her flowers!) Continue reading