Spiritual Guidance

In this after-death communication, Bonnie receives validation that her departed father watches over his family… even still.

Bonnie writes:
“I believe in life after death 100%. My dad once gave me a message in my dream to bail my son, Robert, out of jail who was in lockup for driving without a license. And sure enough… when I woke up, there was a message saying to come & bail my son out from Fairfax County lockup. This message was left two o’clock in the morning when I was asleep. My dad was very close to my son and me. Our parents watch over us.”

Commentary- Our departed loved ones watch over us from beyond, even when we think they might be doing something else. Their love, care and concern for us does not diminish, even if we think they are far removed from us. This is clear from Bonnie’s example.

There are times when our departed loved ones intervene in our lives to give us guidance. Sometimes it’s obvious guidance, as in Bonnie’s dream, and sometimes their guidance occurs as subtle- like a fleeting thought or feeling of what to say or do. There are even times when their guidance to us seems to be a little more on the non-existent side. But that’s when they are especially stealthy in our lives!

More often than not though, unless there is a really good reason for it, our departed loved ones sit silently as they witness our lives. The reason being… our lives are ours to live, not anyone else’s.

Even though we are loved and watched over from beyond, and our guides and angels may desperately want to help us out, from their vantage point, there are choices that are ours alone to make, as well as, consequences that are ours alone to realize. If we would ever have the opportunity to learn and grow into the best and wisest possibility of ourselves in this Earthly school, it is imperative that we realize that there is an actual connection between our actions and the consequences that follow. 

Bonnie received some amazing benefits from this dream experience. Bonnie received personal and direct validation of an afterlife and that her beloved father was still aware and present in the lives of those he loves. Bonnie’s father demonstrated that-

  1. He did absolutely know about his Grandson’s arrest in real time, and did visit her in her dream to inform her of her son’s misfortune, And…
  2. This experience was all verified by the 2 o’clock am voice mail message about her son’s actual incarceration. So, in other words… Bonnie didn’t just imagine this in her dream.

Bonnie’s experience also tells me that this dream/voice message combination was actually a message for Bonnie to know that she has not been left alone in the world without spiritual guidance, as there are always those who quietly watch over us from a higher place. It also tells me that bailing her son out of jail happened for a very good reason. So what was the reason?

Bonnie was told by her father that Robert was in trouble and she was directed to do something about it. Not that she wouldn’t have done this on her own, I know she would have because she told me she would have done exactly that. This made me think, If we look in another place we can begin to see the clear purpose of his visit to her.

Although we might think otherwise, sometimes the spiritual guidance we receive that we think is for us… is not exclusively for us. Sometimes this guidance is for others, as well. In this case, Robert. And perhaps… even to some reading this now.

Five years have passed since this distressing night for this family. It is only with the perspective of time that the big picture appears, along with an understanding of the urgency and wisdom of that night. You see, Bonnie and her son, Robert, were very close to Grandpa while he was still living. After his passing, Robert started to make some poor choices. And those choices threatened the trajectory  of Robert’s path in life. When Grandpa saw that Robert was behaving beneath himself, he knew he had to intervene for Robert’s sake.

Although Grandpa’s visit did benefit Bonnie so very much, Grandpa’s focus was mostly on Robert. The magic for him was knowing that Bonnie would relate the whole experience to Robert and in turn… Robert would be affected in a good way. 

Although Grandpa could no longer be seen in this realm, Grandpa’s bond of love with his daughter and grandson remained unbroken as the love between the living and the dead (who are also living), never ceases. Grandpa was expressing that love to both Bonnie and Robert as he successfully straightened out something that was going awry. Since that time, Robert has indeed straightened out and is on his proper path in life. Grandpa’s guidance intervention was successful!

We all do the best we can in life, and of course, it is nice to get spiritual guidance wherever we can… from our departed loved ones, a Divine messenger, a hunch, a dream or intuition. But when we have received a spiritual guidance intervention that we are especially aware of… it is a special gift that validates to us that we are not walking this world alone. Our departed loved ones, who love us dearly… really are still with us, loving us… and guiding us from beyond.

The Heavens (image courtesy of pixabay)

The Heavens (image courtesy of pixabay)

Flies Are People Too!

On the anniversary of her birthday, a departed Grandma visits her surprised but delighted family in this after-death communication, in a very unusual way.

Donna writes:
“Recently, my son took his little sister and girlfriend to my mom’s grave – it was her birthday. I had to take my other son to the doctor, which took longer than expected, so I couldn’t get to the cemetery. As they were ready to leave the cemetery, my daughter started to cry for her grandma. Then, all of the sudden, a big fly landed on Grandma’s headstone and just sat there! My son started talking to it as it was my mom! They were able to touch it and it didn’t fly away.” Continue reading

Knock It Off!

Cassie’s Grandfather shows up in many small ways to say he is with her and supports her from beyond, but says, “Knock it off with the family fighting!”

Cassie's Grandfather

Cassie’s Grandfather

Cassie writes:
“I recently lost my Grandfather in October of 2016. But, the last time I spoke to my Grandfather was June 19th, 2016, which was the day after my wedding. He stood up for my father, who abused all of his children. I tried to reach out to him during the summer and he refused to talk to me.” Continue reading

Taking Control of the Holidays

I know experiencing the holiday season without our loved ones can bring up a lot of emotional stuff. That’s bound to happen. But just a few quick ideas about how to navigate the holiday season to make sure that YOU are powerfully in charge.



Customarily, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and to show our gratitude. I recommend taking some quiet time during the day to write a letter to your loved one. In it, you could express your gratitude for them and what they contributed to your life. You might even place a token or offering (something meaningful) for them with your letter as you put it in a special place; a self-made altar, a drawer or decorative box that holds the things of theirs that you treasure. Oh sure, you may have a good cry, but let it all out. Crying is the body’s natural way to release pain and the process of letting the tears out creates brain chemicals that will help us to feel better each and every time we cry. Crying won’t hurt you, it will heal you. So don’t be afraid of those tears, or even those emotions that are causing those tears. Feel what there is to feel. It’s okay. Continue reading

Grief Compounded

Shortly after Margaret lost her Father, Arthur, who I wrote about in the last post, “The Present”, there was another sad loss of life that further compounded her grief.



Margaret writes:
“We had another very sad loss over the weekend which was compounded by many factors. My husband, Joe, let ICE, our beautiful 3-year-old pit bull out at 5 am. She went after a lizard and fell into the deep end of our pool. She went straight down. It all happened right in front of him. Somehow Joe was able to get her out and tried to do CPR but couldn’t save her. So there is shock and guilt and a lot of grief. There is no answer or explanation to find comfort.”


Angela and ICE

Angela and ICE

“I have not had a dream about my Dad since he died 3 months ago, until this happened. I went back to sleep at 10 am after this horrible incident and had this dream. My daughter, Angela, was talking to my Dad on the phone. I told her to ask him if he had our dog, ICE. (In my dream, I think both my Dad and ICE were alive).She asked him and turned to me to say, “Pop pop has her!” Without really thinking about it, I said, “OK, let’s go get her!” In my dream, we were on our way to meet my Dad to pick ICE up, but I woke up before we got there. Strange, yet not.” Continue reading

Connect With Your Departed? Tele-class



The “Being Your Own Medium” Tele-class Series

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Being Your Own Medium (Upcoming/On-going Tele-class Series)

pillars of light

pillars of light

“I’m confused” a frustrated woman explained to me, “One medium told me one thing about my deceased loved one, and another medium said something else! What is the truth? Who should I believe?”

This is just one of the issues with expecting another person to get the answers from your deceased loved one, that you could be getting for yourself. Continue reading

Spirit Sensitivity: Gift or Curse?

In this after-death communication, Celynda is warmly greeted at the cemetery by her Grandmother, only after to be coldly greeted by something else. This post explores how to handle unwanted entities.


Celynda’s Grandma

Celynda writes:
“I had an experience while visiting my Grandmother’s grave at the cemetery. First, I stopped to see my Grandfather who passed October 1, 2006. Afterward, I visited my Grandmother who passed more recently, September 19, 2012. As I was standing over my Grandmother’s grave, I felt a strong presence holding me. It was the most beautiful, warm and amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life! It felt like she was trying to tell me something or that she knew just how much I needed her…  as lately I’ve been under a lot of stress. She always made me feel so important and would brag to all her friends about how successful I am and how I’m going to be a Doctor.” Continue reading