Transforming Tragedy

Good and bad things happen in this dualistic world. Having an enlightened perspective can make all the difference in healing the wounds from these nightmares.

Bridgette writes:
“Both of my children were bi-racial. But this had nothing to do with their murders, it just made it difficult in their lives, as well as mine. I met their dad in High School when I was 15. At 16, I became pregnant with Tim and my parents sent me to a Catholic maternity home in New Orleans, when I was 4 months pregnant. They literally dropped me off. I was there through all the holidays and had no communication with them whatsoever. It was already decided for me, that I would give my baby up for adoption.”

“I can’t remember when my due date was, but the doctor said the baby was so big that he needed to induce labor and perform a c-section. At that time, I decided to call my parents to tell them that I would be keeping my baby. I was told I couldn’t come home if I kept that ‘nigger’ baby.” Continue reading

Spiritual Guidance

In this after-death communication, Bonnie receives validation that her departed father watches over his family… even still.

Bonnie writes:
“I believe in life after death 100%. My dad once gave me a message in my dream to bail my son, Robert, out of jail who was in lockup for driving without a license. And sure enough… when I woke up, there was a message saying to come & bail my son out from Fairfax County lockup. This message was left two o’clock in the morning when I was asleep. My dad was very close to my son and me. Our parents watch over us.”

Commentary- Our departed loved ones watch over us from beyond, even when we think they might be doing something else. Their love, care and concern for us does not diminish, even if we think they are far removed from us. This is clear from Bonnie’s example. Continue reading