Business As Usual

The following after-death-communication was sent in by a reader named Nancy.



My husband died on November 14, 1999. On January 10, 2000, I received a phone call from my husband in a dream. It was a lucid dream in which I tried desperately to ask my husband what day it was; I wanted to show proof that he had called. I said “Jack, today is January 10; you died on November 14.” I pled with him to tell me where he was – again, my aim being to prove I spoke with him. His only responses were those of normal conversations we had during his life. He would not respond to my questions; just continued to talk about work, daily tasks of the day, etc. I know in my soul that it was Jack – telling me “business as usual.” This is the most profound occurrence in my life. It is true.

Commentary- Lucid dreaming is a powerful way for deceased loved ones to communicate with us. The lucidity makes it easier for us to remember the messages given to us, when we awaken. Sometimes our loved ones come to give messages that are obvious and outright, while other times their messages are cryptic, symbolic, figurative and/or metaphorical, as in Nancy’s dream. Jack’s message was to assure his wife that the “other side” is not so different from this world, implying to her that he is fine and there is nothing for her to worry about. To her, Jack’s visit made all the difference in the world… this world!

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