Bridgette’s Orbs

From her video camera, Bridgette catches this amazing show of orbs in her home. Look at the many sizes and watch how they move in unpredictable directions. 

Commentary- Bridgette has a knack for capturing orbs on video. Many times, it is her dogs that alert her that something other-worldly is present, then she runs the video cam. Sometimes she just runs the video cam, like in this example, to see what she can see. This time, she hit the jackpot. There are many different sized orbs, in varying colors, and moving at will in the direction of their choosing. Very interesting.

These orbs are not dust particles caught by the by the flash of the camera. They are not dew particles in the air catching the reflection of the morning light. They do not follow the laws of gravity, but rather, defy it. They vary in size, shape and color and appear to have intelligence. Heck, even the dog notices them! Especially the dog notices them!

Many of Bridgette’s immediate family members (those closest to her) have crossed over, so it makes sense that her home is sometimes the Grand Central Station of orbs and that she is visited often. It also doesn’t hurt that she is open and welcoming to this phenomenon. 

Orbs are light forms of intelligence that are the basis of every infinite being. Although they can be seen with the naked eye, many times they are only seen after the fact, on a still image or video cam footage. Orbs are harmless to us. They are usually deceased loved ones or heavenly beings such as angels and guides- which could be one and the same.

Next time your pet reacts to something that you can’t see… or if you just want to have some fun, set up your video camera like Bridgette does to see if you are being visited too.


Orbs- image courtesy of pixabay

9 thoughts on “Bridgette’s Orbs

  1. Not the first time I’ve seen Bridgett’s Orbs — they have been hanging around for at least two years now. Bridgett – I’m glad they are keeping you company during the Holidays

    • I just barely finished the commentary while you were writing your comment. You might want to back up and read it as it gives some context. Yeah, Bridgette has quite the patience and magical touch to capture these. Thanks for your comment, Amy. xo

  2. I have seen orbs in photos but this is the first time I am seeing them on video. And a number of them too! It is so comforting to know they – be they our deceased loved ones or heavenly beings – are with us.

  3. You are quite talented in catching these, Bridget. Awesome to see some video too. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for posting Jade.

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