Best of Buddies

Shortly after Dustin passes on, Guardian of the Galaxy, it is revealed that he and Ashton, Dustin’s faithful dog and best friend, are reunited in the afterlife, as Ashton prepares to run into his master’s arms again.

Pat writes:
“Ashton was Dustin’s dog from the time we picked him up at a shelter many years back. He was a shepherd/husky mix…about 96 lbs. They were best friends. They slept together and Dustin walked him everyday. They were the best of buddies.”

“The past year or so, Ashton had been going down hill. He was 13 years-old and had hip dysplasia. He was on special food and three different types of pain meds. He was losing his muscle tone in his hind legs and having a hard time walking. Still he hung on like a trooper.”

“For the past year, I would meet my neighbor, Lori, outside and over the fence, we would give Ashton his meds hidden in dog food to eat. This was always at 2:30 pm.”

“When Dustin died on a Tuesday, Ashton went down hill fast. It is like he knew. We needed a harness just to get him up the outside stairs. His hips were failing. He would lay on his special orthopedic bed Dustin had bought for him and stare at the front door…waiting for Dustin to come home.”

“He didn’t.”

“One day later, on Wednesday night , a week after Dustin died, Lori had a dream. She was walking in a field with a younger Ashton. She saw Dustin at the other end of the field with his arms outstretched waiting for Ashton. Then she woke up.”

“On Thursday, I told her I made an appointment to take him to the vet on Friday, to put him to sleep. He was suffering.”

“That Friday morning, for some reason, he got up fine and was walking perfectly. I swear that he had a bounce in his step. He climbed the outside stairs up and down with no problem. I had second thoughts about euthanizing him. Or maybe he knew he was going to be with Dustin again?”

“When it came time for the ride to the vet, Ashton could not walk at all. This was two hours later. He dragged himself down the driveway with his two front legs. His hind legs were useless. I knew I was doing the right thing.”

“While at the vet, I was told it would take about a week to get Ashton’s remains back. The vet knew about Dustin. His memorial was on that following Tuesday, but Ashton would not be back until Friday.”

“Dustin’s memorial was set for July 14th at 4pm. It was a Tuesday. It was raining. I asked Dustin to get rid of the rain. People were coming from a hour away. At 2:30 that day (med time for Ashton normally)…the sun came out. The phone rang. The vet said Ashton’s ashes were in. I had 45 minutes to get his remains and be at the funeral home. I was bound and determined that Ashton would be there next to my son who was also cremated. I also had to find a picture of Ashton and a frame… and still get dressed. Yikes!”

“As luck would have it, we made it. The urn that Ashton was in was engraved and beautiful …all wood. It matched Dustin’s urn. I had not expected this, nor did I order such an urn. I know the vet pushed this order through for Dustin.”

“Ashton and Dustin were together in life and now together at his memorial…side by side. I think this is what Dustin had wanted. I hope they are both together in the afterlife.”

“I miss them both so much.”

Commentary- Have you ever heard that when someone passes away, they are often followed by the passing of a close companion? Although this does happen sometimes when one is broken-hearted, has lost the will to live and especially, if one is sick in some way that compromises one’s life… it doesn’t happen every time. When that dreadful time comes for us that our beloved one has passed, many of us wish we could be taken too. In fact, we may fully believe that it is in our own best interest, rather than being left to experience the excruciating pain of carrying on without them.

But here we stay. And while we stay… here we experience this.

Oh boy, this one’s gonna hurt!

potter's kilnFor those who are left to stay behind, consider that this is your path now; to be tried in the intensity of that fiery furnace of transformation. Consider that you have been chosen to be consumed; hand selected by the heavens and your soul to fulfill a greater purpose now. 


Yeah, I know. You would trade anything and everything to have them back again. And It could be too early for this kind of inspiration, for the grief is so fresh and raw, but this is the possibility that awaits you somewhere is the distance of passing time. A place where the dark clouds have cleared a little more, as rays of sunlight shine through to show that a way has been prepared and provided for you. Be grateful in your difficult sorrow, for although you suffer now, you are on a powerful path!

Notice the cross neatly placed closeby

Notice the cross neatly placed closeby

In this life, Dustin and Ashton did have such a companionship as mentioned above. Although Ashton stared at the front door waiting for Dustin to come home, he probably already knew but hoped his excellent senses were wrong. Even pets go through a grief process; shock and denial are included in that. But, when Dustin called for Ashton to come home to him, Ashton obeyed with Pat’s help.

In Lori’s dream state, she somehow managed to find herself in a different dimension with a still living, but younger Ashton by her side. There, she saw Dustin at the other end of the field with arms outstretched; welcoming his faithful dog and companion to their new life. It seems that in this before-death and after-death communication combo, that Lori’s purpose was to escort Ashton, as well as to be a witness of Dustin and Ashton’s pending reunion. Lori went as far as she could go in that dimension before waking up to share of her experience with Dustin’s mom, Pat. First of all, it was to show that Pat was doing the right thing in euthanizing Ashton… and secondly, to put Dustin’s loved ones at ease that he is not alone, but with his best friend again. And surely, Ashton and Dustin have already embraced by now.

We see that 2:30 was an important time surrounding Ashton. A time for Pat and Lori to meet to take care of Ashton. Even though it seemed impossible for the Vet to get Ashton’s ashes so quickly, when Pat asked Dustin for help, it happened. So it’s no wonder that 2:30 would continue to be an important time and sign, when the Vet called to say they had Ashton’s ashes; just in time for Dustin’s funeral!

It may be hard for us to see, but for these miracles to happen; Lori’s dream, the rain ceasing, the rush on Ashton’s ashes, the coincidentally matching urns, the Vet’s call at exactly 2:30, there is a lot involved and at some level, everyone has to be on board for it all to happen. It was a concerted effort between Pat, Pat’s family, Dustin, Lori, the Vet and staff, those who did the cremation, Ashton, the Heavens and whomever else was involved in making Pat’s request possible. I think Dustin had a lot to do with the matching urns for him and Ashton. Again, nice touch, Dustin!

And so, as it happened…

Dustin and Ashton were side by side in life,

side by side in death,

and now as best buddies…

they are side by side in the afterlife…

guarding the galaxy together. Ruff Ruff! 

Pat share’s of something that happened when I asked her for a picture of Dustin’s dog, Ashton:

“He was Dustin’s dog all the way.”

“The funny thing is…once again…the picture of Ashton was on Dustin’s face book page and would not let me copy it. I tried to copy it…no go. I tried to copy the top link to it…did not go through. I went to a computer friend in Mich. I know, who said he could not get anything up, but couldn’t.”

“I asked Dustin for help and tried it again. And… then it worked. Unbelievable! Dustin knows his computers.”

“So here is Ashton. He was a lovable mush. He loved everyone. Just like my Dustin.”

Ashton- Faithful and loyal companion to Dustin

Faithful and loyal companion to Dustin


Best of Buddies


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  1. Thanks, Jade. I know Dustin wanted to get his dog posted too. It was like a double whammy when we lost Dustin first and then Ashton. I really do think Dustin wanted him with him. He knew Ashton was suffering. I pray they are together now enjoying the good after life.

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