Benny’s Spirit

Bridgette is able to coax Benny into appearing on his birthday and in the meantime, she catches his spirit (orb) flying by on video from the “other side.”

Bridgette writes:
“LOOK AT THIS Jade! OMG, AMAZING! Today is Benny’s birthday, who recently passed away. He is the father of my sons, Tim & Durell’s, who have also crossed over. What makes this so amazing is that I was asking him to show me his spirit, like Durell did and I caught this on video.

These are different screenshots of the video I sent you. The smaller one is after the bright light flew by, then bounced back as a smaller greenish light.

I’ve really been sensing a presence here lately. And also, have been seeing movement sometimes day and night. They were images of a man; but only out the corner of my eye and never straight on. (Benny’s spirit shows up around 30 seconds into the video)

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The first image is a still shot of the bright flash. The second image shows the bright flash has changed into a small greenish orb on the middle right side of image.

Still Shot of Orb 2

Still Shot of Orb 2

Still shot of Orb 1

Still shot of Orb 1

5 thoughts on “Benny’s Spirit

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing. We all need to keep seeing these things for hope and renewed belief.
    When I tried taking a video of our lights flashing, they stopped – twice. But I know what I saw!

  2. Oh Bridgette…how wonderful Benny showed up for you on his birthday.Just goes to show we are never alone. Our loved ones are always with us. We always have to be on the look out for their signs. The signs are all around us.

  3. Bridgette: I love that you are STILL getting visits via the Orbs. You are a blessed woman and it appears you have several people looking after you. God Bless you – hugs to you as well.

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