Be Happy Again

In this after-death communication, Ardit appears in dreams to encourage Albana to move on and be happy again. His blessing paves the way for a new future.

Of her first dream, Albana writes:
“Ardit visited me one more time on December 28, which was 5 months after his death. We were at the cemetery. He was lying down and we all were crying over his death. Suddenly he woke up, grabbed my hand and said to me, ”Albana you should move on. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you are living – and you shouldn’t feel guilty to be happy without me.” Then I asked him, “Why don’t you come back?” His response was, ”Why should I come back in that world full of evil, intrigues and bad things? I am at peace here.”
Then he kissed me and left.”

Later on, in an email to me, an excited Albana shares how her life has changed since that sorrowful dream at Ardit’s grave site. There, she begged Ardit to help her go on with her life or to take her away with him.

“Dear Jade!
My life has changed completely!!
Five months ago I met a wonderful boy. He is like an angel that Ardit sent to me. He has completely changed my life and this new love is healing my wounds.
Six months ago, I went to the cemetery and in sorrow, I begged Ardit, “Please help me to go on or take me away with you!” One month later I met this new guy. He gave me all the love that I needed.”

In this last dream, Ardit approves of Albana’s new budding relationship with Andi.

“The last dream that I saw Ardit in was strange. In this dream, my new boyfriend, Andi, was wearing Ardit’s favorite sweatshirt. I told him to remove it because Ardit would come and disapprove. But he wouldn’t remove it.”

“Then Ardit came. Worried he would be mad and shout at him, I apologized to Ardit saying, “Sorry, but Andi would not remove it.” Ardit laughed. He touched my Andi’s shoulder and said, “There is no problem.”

Commentary- This after-death-communication is all about Ardit wanting Albana to go on with her life. Ardit is blessing the new relationship. In his present state, he knows that he can’t possible be at Albana’s side in a physical sense and wants her to be happy. This is true love. This is common of those who pass on. All former possessiveness to the living loved one seems to dissolve into unconditional love. Most likely because the vantage point of the deceased is now different. Perhaps he comprehends the oneness of us all, and that in the end, we are all intricately interconnected. 

Although it is normal to feel some amount of guilt during the grief process, feeling it unnecessarily or feeling it for too long a time is unproductive, when it comes to proper healing. When a beloved passes, it’s hard to imagine that we can ever be happy again. And, to avenge the life that was taken from us, sometimes we even think we shouldn’t! Ardit had to be clear that he did not want Albana to feel guilty or be unhappy without him. In Ardit’s world, he is at peace. He doesn’t see a reason why Albana should not feel peace as well.

If you’ve read the original post about Albana’s story, Love Continues on, some information in her after-death communication dreams back then, could possibly tie into her future. In one after-death communication, she was given some important information:

Albana writes:
“Tonight I saw Ardit again in my dream. He kissed me. I told him, “Please, beg God to come and visit me more frequently.” His response was, “I can’t come so frequently because I have other jobs where I am now.” Then, he disappeared and a lady then appeared. She said to me, “Ardit will return, Albana. Maybe not as the person he was, but he will return.”

In another after-communication shortly after the previous one, she has an interesting experience with Ardit as a baby:

…“I saw a dream last night. I was in my grandparents’ room with my mum. In the bed, there was a little baby of 3 months. The baby was talking to us, and said our name.” Surprised by this, I suddenly asked, “Who are you?” The baby answered, saying, “I am Ardit!” (Ardit was her boyfriend who died 3 weeks earlier!)

Commentary- It is said that soul families travel in groups. It is possible that Ardit will play a new part in Albana’s life now. In a former dream Ardit showed up as Albana’s baby. Is it possible that Ardit could return as Albana’s baby in the future? Or perhaps…Albana and Andi’s baby in the future. Some say it’s quite possible. By Ardit’s response in the dream with Andi, it is easy to see that Ardit knows that love, no matter what happens, will always be a power that forever bonds us together.

Reincarnation is the possibility of experiencing many perspectives in the human experience, resulting in an increase of the soul’s depth for compassion and unconditional love. How else would we continue to grow and develop ourselves in an infinite existence without much experience and perspective?

Eternity is a long time! What else would we be doing?

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