Another Dustin Moment

In an email about her latest visitation from her nephew, Dustin, Kathy writes this after-death communication to her sister, Pat, who is Dustin’s mother.

Kathy writes:

Dustin, Ashton and Blaze

Dustin, Ashton and Blaze

“Morning Pat. Something happened at my house that makes me think Dustin was here again. Our cats love laying on a bed in our spare room by the window. There are 2 or 3 blankets usually all messed up and a bunch of little stuffed toys buried here and there. This morning as I went about my normal routine of turning on the computer in that room on the way to the kitchen, I looked toward the window. It was unbelievable how the toys were arranged. I said, “Owen, come here” as I pointed to the little cat toys. He said  “Oh, my God. Who did that?”  I said, “Certainly not the cats!” The blankets were straightened and the little stuffed animals were all arranged neatly, looking out the window!”

“Is this something Dustin would have done? I took some pictures to send to you.”

“There are two of Dustin’s pillows on that bed. When I went to bed, the area was a tangled mess of 3 cat blankets and no little animals showing; the usual cat bed. This morning the off-white blanket was straightened with all the animals neatly arranged. Right now… (we have been gone), the stuffed animals are all scattered again. Probably, our cat, Hunky, scattered them, as he is a “carrier” who picks things up and moves them around. Once when we were getting ready to go up north, I cleaned the litter box and put the plastic bag of poop/pee by the front door to go out.  Next thing I knew, he was carrying the plastic bag back to the litter box!”

“Owen and I believe Dustin was here.  And that is that! Another Dustin moment! You had/have a special child who still touches us.”

“Love and hugs,

Pat writes to me about Kathy’s visitation:

stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals looking out the window

“My sister, Kathy, just sent these pics over to me about Dustin straightening up the cat area. The first photo is what she woke up to. Notice how straightened the blanket is and how the toys are all lined up looking out the window. No way would any cat do this.”




Dustin t-shirt pillows

Dustin t-shirt pillows

“The second photo is of two of Dustin’s shirts I had made into pillows for her. They were on the bed with the cat stuff.”

The saying on the shirt-pillow is:
“This is a shirt I loved to wear,
Whenever you hold it, know I am there.
Love, Dustin”

“The last two photos are what the bed looks like normally. Always messed up. That’s the way her cats like it; the one with Hunky asleep on the messy bed.”

Hunky napping in the mess

Hunky napping in the mess

Messy cat bed

Messy cat bed







“Well…Dustin was a big animal lover…cats and dogs. We have had cats and dogs our whole life. Since there is no one there at my sister’s besides herself and hubby, it had to be Dustin. His t-shirt pillows were right there!”

Commentary- Oh that Dustin and his adorable sense of humor! Can you imagine coming into the room that morning to see something as funny at this? All the stuffed animals lined up and looking out the window! So interesting!

Now, if anything… most cats are known for messing up the blankets to nap in comfort, not straightening them up! And what about those stuffed animals all lined up and looking out the window. So this is what was so attention-getting when Kathy and Owen saw this sight.

Since Dustin’s passing, Pat has had to go through the difficult task of deciding what to do with her son’s effects. This is among the most difficult things one has to deal with, after the passing of a loved one. Besides the fact that our loved one is no longer in the physical to enjoy their possessions, there are still many emotional attachments for those who are left behind. Careful consideration has lead Pat to give away Dustin’s prized possessions to those who would greatly appreciate them. Pat also had the idea of making Dustin’s sports shirts into pillows, to be given to people close to him, as a way to honor and preserve him for others.

What a great idea! As it has happened, those who have received those precious t-shirt pillows have also received at least one visitation from Dustin. I guess, having something of Dustin’s is a good way to have his essence with them. For example, Dustin’s friends, Sarah and Eric, who have Dustin t-shirt pillows, have both received after-death communications, and now… or should I say… AGAIN, his Aunt Kathy. Aunt Kathy was one of the first ones Dustin made his presence known to, in the after-death communication post, Guardian of the Galaxy. Notice that there was an interesting and unusual bunny involved with that post who was trying to get Aunt Kathy’s attention. Further evidence of Dustin’s affinity for animals and use of them in his after-death communications.

Although Pat thinks that many other people have received after-death communications from Dustin, and not her, she has had plenty for herself that are just as valid as anyone else’s. For instance, Pat experiences Dustin in the form of numbers and animals, but especially the Jaguar; the mascot of one of Dustin’s favorite sports team. Since his passing, these have been among the most repetitive signs from Dustin to his mother.

As an example, Pat writes to tell me, “The other day while driving I saw 5 cars plates that had 44 on them. This was Dustin’s favorite number. I also saw three with 88 on them…the year he was born. All within about 5 minutes. I had not seen any signs since Thanksgiving and I was thinking about him at the time. But this new sign with the pillows and cat toys blows me away. It is really amazing!”

Thinking that other people are getting visitations more than you, is not a good way to think of things… although it is common to do so. For one, adding other people’s experiences to your own, means that this is one more piece of evidence that your loved one still lives and that your own experiences with the “other side” are not solely your own imagination. Secondly, some people are easier to reach than other with particular signs. Pat in particular, does really well with numbers, while her sister, Kathy, or Dustin’s friends do well with the signs consistent with what they get. It’s all good though. Where there is an abundance of signs from Dustin to whomever… there is an abundance of Dustin giving those signs. And, in the case of after-death communications, we prefer abundance rather than scarcity. Right?

In the end, whether the sign or after-death communication is delivered to us or someone else for us all to enjoy, it is clear that our loved one lives on and IS TRYING TO COMMUNICATE!

Throughout the rest of her days, Pat will receive many more signs and after-death communications from her beloved son, Dustin, I have no doubt. And at the end of it all, there will be no more need for signs to let her, or anyone else know, that he is still with them, and Dustin won’t need to appear in numbers or sports team mascots or even arrange stuffed animals on a messy bed in Wisconsin anymore, just to say, “Hi! I’m here with my cute sense of humor.” This is because Dustin will be having fun doing this with his loved ones on the “other side” forever, when that time comes! Because Dustin knows something now. He knows that this life isn’t everything. It’s just a speck in forever that we take WAY too seriously because we don’t remember enough to see the BIG PICTURE yet.

Look! Even after Dustin’s crossing over from this world to the next, he is fine. He still enjoys animals. He still visits his friends and family through signs and visitations. And… having a broader view now, he is not as “significant” as we sometimes think one should be about death.

WHAT? Why do you say this?

Because from Dustin’s perspective, he knows that he has never left anyone’s side. He knows that he could never be apart from those he loves. He knows that everything will turn out well because he knows the ending of the story!

And… how do we know Dustin thinks death is no big deal?

Simply because Dustin’s humor continues on… and he wants you to know that yours can too.

You see… death is not as big of a deal as we like to think. Really, it’s not. It’s just what we’re focused on now. And, someday, just like Dustin… we will know the truth of this. And, with the knowledge of this truth… we will have a sense of humor about it all, too. 

This, just in from Kathy and Owen…
“Hi Jade. I forgot to tell you that every morning when I turn on
the computer, the picture of the toys all lined up comes up in the
upper right hand corner of the screen. We are very computer
illiterate, roadkill on the electronic highway. So no idea how it
gets there. I do nothing with pictures on our computer.  Dustin’s
cousin, my son, Russ, got all the pictures to Pat.  Anyhow, I like to
think when I see those lined up toys every AM, it is Dustin saying
“Hi, Aunt Kathy”.

11 thoughts on “Another Dustin Moment

  1. Thanks, Jade. This cat thing was really amazing. I hope Dustin never stops sending signs. I saw a license plate the other day with 44, his favorite number, on it. The plate holder said “Galaxy Toyota”. I knew it was Dustin saying “Hi mom”. It is his way of talking to me since he can’t be here physically anymore. It is the next best thing.

    I am glad you got this post up. His birthday is the 9th. I remember last year you said he was bugging you to post “Guardian of the Galaxy” pronto. I think he will love to see this thread here in honor of his birthday coming up.

    Thanks again,

    • Dustin will always send his signs, Pat. 🙂 Yeah, last year around this time, even though it was not his turn in the after-death communication queue, Dustin was bugging me to get his post, Guardian of the Galaxy, up in time for his birthday, but I was a few days late. And I didn’t know it was his birthday until you told me. 🙂 Looks like this year, with this new post, I am a few days early to make up for last year! Happy Birthday Dustin! Thanks for coming to this Earth to love and be loved by so many people. Please be a continued presence in all those lives you have touched so deeply. It really makes a difference. 🙂 xo

      • I think Dustin is happy you posted this before his birthday. After I read the thread, I went out to do some errands. All of a sudden every other car had a 44 in their license plate. I gave up counting how many I saw. Had to be more than 10 in just a few minutes. I guess Dustin likes what you wrote!

  2. That’s Cute. Dustin straightening up the cat’s bed and arranging the stuffed animals. The stuffed animals are watching out the window waiting for him to return.
    Thanks for sharing this sweet story.

    • Dustin likes to play a lot of mind games with my sister. He turns fans back on after she turns them off, knocks pictures off tables at night…way across the floor, takes magnets off the frig and puts them outside ect. He is quite a character and we both love the signs. I hope he never stops.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Love the sense of humor in lining up the animals and it certainly got noticed. I think all the ways Dustin is communicating with you is amazing. And very cool idea about the t-shirts…love that. And thank you Jade for your comments. <3

    • Dustin always had a great sense of humor. Even when I was sending out items to his friends. I would always ask him…now what do you want me to send Dee? Erin? Eric? ect. He would tell me. There was one man I had the urge to send out a “Yankee Sucks” t shirt to along with a police statue. Don’t know why. I found out later he and Dustin would argue all the time which team was better. Red Sox or Yankees. I guess Dustin got the last say on that one!

  4. Pat: I know Dustin helped me get out of Downtown Ft. Worth the day after the police shooting / tragedy in Dallas. Shortly after that maybe a week later – I had a thought just come in my head. I believe that Dustin’s higher purpose is to protect Police Officers and all Law Enforcement personnel. I’m certain he is fulfilling that duty.

    • My next door neighbor Lori had a dream Friday night. She was just falling asleep when she saw Dustin standing in full police uniform. She said he looked so happy. Behind him friend’s were coming out of a baseball stadium cheering. Lori said she closed her eyes …then opened them. Dustin and friends were still there. The next morn she found out his beloved Red Sox won the game.
      I think you are right on him protecting police officers. Here on earth all he ever wanted was to be one. Now he is and helping those left behind.

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