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After-Death Communication (ADC) is a communication between the living and the deceased. Also, as indicated in the name, it implies that the deceased are not really dead, as we know it, but living somewhere in another realm without their physical body.

An ADC is a lifeline that can give so much comfort and peace to a grieving heart and mind. May this knowledge calm our hearts and minds. May it uplift our spirits that we find peace. And… may we trust and believe what our human senses can’t begin to understand or comprehend.

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This page is dedicated to information about ADC’s, including real life stories.
After-death Communication and Signs
“I’m Just A Room Away”
Kevin’s Journey Into the Light
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.. The Mysterious Case of Mr. Schwarz
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Christian’s Visit
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Simple Pleasures
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Still Connected
“Everything’s Okay”
Be Happy Again
My Heart’s With You
The Pact
Vicky’s Glimpse
The Gift
Mimi’s Heaven
Love Never Dies
Just Beyond this Realm
Guardian of the Galaxy
Best of Buddies
The Particular Butterfly 
“Don’t Worry Mama”
My Friend, the Honeyeater
I’m Closer Than Ever, Mom
Just Passing By...
Head’s Up! I’m Here!
The Terrifying Last 18 Days
“Durell’s Here!”
Hold Me Again
This is NOT a Dream
May I Have This Dance?
Mommy’s Little Angel
You’ll Never Walk Alone
With the Wind at his Face
The Doings of Darla
Staring Her in the Face
However Near or Far…
“Hello Mom!”
“Stop Crying. SEE? I’m Still with YOU!”
“Life’s Going to be Alright!”
Flying Formation
“Don’t Worry. Everything is Okay.”
Experiencing Is Believing
Messages From the Moth

“It Will Be Okay.”
That’s What LOVE Does
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Spirit Sensitivity: Gift or Curse?
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Is Suicide the Answer?
The Gifts They Leave Behind
The Gifts They Give Through Others
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Bridgette’s OrbsLife’s Unusual Circumstances

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39 thoughts on “After Death Communication

  1. My mother passed away. My whole life she promised she would always be with me. She visits me in my dreams, she shows me where to find gifts, she’s left me letters, jewelry, books. I smell her, I hear her. I see flashes of light after she told me to look for her in the stars. I saw falling stars she showed me from heaven. I am blessed- truly I am. She’s never left me.⭐️❤️⭐️
    I felt her leave this planet. I physically felt her pass and she was with me always, and is still. I get numbers, touch, smell, shadows, music, my cats react, electrical stuff, lights, and things fall off the walls.

  2. Are Imaginary Friends Actually Visits From Deceased Loved Ones?

    ‘Thirty something’ years ago, when my kids made comments about their ‘imaginary friends’ – making visits, having conversations, joining us on outings – we accepted them as exactly that; imaginary friends dreamed up in their vivid, child-like imaginations. But our knowledge and experience about so many things has changed since then. Children are now raised with differing and different messages about health and wellness, sexuality, bullying, safety, technology, and . . . thanks to many movies and TV shows, psychic-mediumship; the presence of loved ones in spirit, and the ability to communicate with them.

    While logic and reason say otherwise, I now have to believe that those imaginary friends were actually visits from my deceased loved ones – now known as after-death communication, or ADC. An ADC occurs as a visit between a family member or friend who is dead and someone who is alive, without the help or involvement of a psychic-medium or ritual. Far from imaginary, this is a genuine encounter.

    I have met with psychic-mediums and I have received astonishing messages from my deceased family members – information that was private, detailed and accurate. Those life-changing visits validated what I had often wondered about – the on-going presence of my family on the ‘other side’.

    But none of the visits to the medium can compare to the experiences I am currently having with my almost three-year-old grandson.

    Any drop of skepticism has now diminished. G.O.N.E.

    “The lady told me to be careful not fall out of my bed,” my young grandson, Ben, told my daughter, Rebecca, the morning after she took the rails off his bed.

    “What lady?”

    “The lady who was in my room.”

    My daughter called me later that day to tell me what had happened, but knowing that Ben commonly remembers his dreams, we assumed it was just a dream.

    And then ‘the lady’ came up again as he was sitting and eating breakfast with Rebecca a few days later.

    With his spoon in the air, he asked “What did the lady just say?”

    He then looked around, seemingly puzzled. “Where did she go?”

    “What lady?” my daughter asked.

    “The lady who comes to my room. She was just here.”

    My daughter and I discussed this later on the phone. Who is this lady he keeps referring to?

    Ben was at my house on Friday night, and we were reading a book in the family room. About halfway through the book, he casually got up and walked over to the wall of old photos.

    “That’s the lady who comes to see me in my room,” he said, pointing to a photo of my late mother (1930-1970). “She comes to my room in her rocket ship!”

    Incredible and credible.

    I was absolutely speechless.

    It is truly impossible to describe the emotions I felt when he made that statement – a totally genuine, innocent comment that reassured me that this ‘lady’ was not just in Ben’s imagination. He knew exactly who she was – my mom, who I lost in a plane crash in 1970, when I was 13 years old.

    I went on to ask him if he knew anyone else in the pictures. “Nope,” he said, and then casually walked back to the couch and picked up the book so we could continue reading.

    The on-going exposure to psychic-mediums in the media has successfully increased awareness and acceptance of the ability to connect with the deceased. Many people are finally starting to believe in the ability to communicate with spirits.

    For me, it is incredibly comforting and validating, knowing that our loved ones never really leave us.

  3. I have some psychic and medium ability and have been really grateful for the dreams I’ve had connected to deceased family members. You definitely live on after “death”.
    One of my favorites was that my brother came back in a dream, we were sitting together in a big garden. He told me he was happy and was getting married. Now in life, he died at age 19 without ever having a serious relationship. He’d been lonely. I woke up from this dream knowing he HAD found love in the spirit world, and that he really is happy now. It was very poignant. I;m sure their marriages are somewhat different in the spirit world but I have no doubt they happen.

  4. Thanks for sharing Lorri. It’s nice to know that our deceased loved ones, not only live on, but are happy in another place; a place where we will be united together in. I’m sure that was an amazing experience for you to talk to your brother again.

  5. My sister passed away 2 yrs ago in the house I live in from cancer. I too have those music, whispering in my hear, I feel cold and it feels like someone is lying next to me holding me and my hands for comfort. I have seen her with Jesus smiling. I have had conversations with her, as well. When things go wrong it seems like she’s there to pull me through, i don’t know, but thought I was going crazy. Glad I have found this site. It has helped me to see what it means n going on thank u. Makes me feel better, but still miss her lots.

    • Hi Deanna, Thanks for writing. 🙂 My condolences to you. Hugs. That’s awesome about your ADC’s. And… I’m glad you have found out that you are not crazy. 😉 If so, there are sure a lot of us out there. 🙂 Best wishes to you in your healing journey.

  6. Hi my dad died in may 2015 of a burst blood clot. He phoned me and i dashed there, he had just passed. My mum died 5 years ago. They were married 42 years. I found a pic of them one night. I saw it light up. My mum was calling me and my dad was patting his chest smiling like he was ok. Then, he walked around in the photo, healthy. The tree was blowing in the photo. Then he walked over to my mum and they hugged, then the photo went back to being a still photo of them hugging. If u could tell me anything about this I would be very grateful.

    • Hi Tracey! Thanks for writing in and sharing your amazing ADC! Your ADC is like that of a seer stone, mirror or window, serving as a view into the other side, often called a portal. That is very cool. You actually got to see them, just like being on skype! 🙂 I’m so happy for you. Thanks for sharing. This adc is not a common one, but it does happen.

  7. My grandpa died when I was around about 3. I have felt cold air when he was around. I “talked” to him on my toy phone. And today it said his name and it was ringing on my grandmas phone. It said his name and my grandma changed the caller id. I will sometimes see shadows and her voices

  8. Hi my husband passed away august 20 and I have been trying everything to make contact with him I’m having such a hard time he died very suddenly and was only 31 years old sometimes I feel like he is right here but I’m not sure if it’s just in my head is there anything I can do to make contact with him I also have been looking for a medium any reccomendations please I really need this closer just to talk to him one more time thank u

    • Hi Christina. So sorry that happened. Hugs. You said that you feel like he is “right here.” Trust that. This is not your imagination, even though you might think this is wishful thinking. This is the first step in having more communication with him. Another step- Take some quiet time to yourself. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Talk to him from your heart. Literally, from your heart. Then pause and listen into the silence for him with your heart. It’s a little different than with your head. You may get words. You may get images. You may get an intuition of something. You may get your heads thoughts. You may get silence. And, you may get emotions. This is all good. Practice this and you are on your way to, not only connecting, but to knowing that you are never far apart. For this is what’s painful. I am a medium, but I encourage people to learn to connect to their loved ones through themselves, if possible, so they know for a certainty that their loved one still lives and that they can always be connected. It’s just on the horizon, Christina. 🙂 Here is another post that might help you. It can be used for those still living in this realm, or those who have left it for another. 🙂

  9. Hi! My aunt who was very closed to me passed away seven years ago. She visits my dreams occasionally. Last night she clearly indicated of her arrival on 24th without mentioning name of the month. I am wondering about the significance of the dream. Please help.


    • Hi Navneet! If I understand your question correctly, it seems that she is giving you a head’s up, that she will be in for a visit. I would suspect October 24th. I’m not sure if that means anything to you or her. I think she is just coming for a visit to see you. 🙂 So be ready.

  10. My Mum passed in June I have been waiting for a sign . One of my sisters has had a couple of dreams but so far I have had nothing and I have been looking and waiting. I am worried I have upset Mum because when she was first diagnosed 3 years earlier I arrived very early at hospital Mum was just waking and she was upset by a dream she had just had. Which was not like Mum. Mum said she saw all of us kids standing in backyard with her sister (she lives far away) and she was waving at us and we all ignored her. Mum started to cry. Was an overwhelming time and it upset me but I sort of forgot about Mums dream ( thankfully I had mentioned it to 2 of my sisters) Three years on Mum’s funeral back at Dads and highly unlikely that we would be downstairs for a start but we were all in backyard with Auntie and I did not wave at back patio. It was my first waking thought the next morning.
    I am so upset with myself I just did not remember. It makes me so sad remembering how upset Mum was telling me about the dream. Why did remember the next morning not a day earlier.? that’s why I desperately want a sign . thanks for listening

    • Hi Tess. I’m sorry for the loss of your Mum. Hugs.
      If I am understanding you correctly, it seems that this dream was one of two things, or both. In your Mum’s dream she was waving and you all didn’t respond. It could be your Mum’s own insecurities about if she made a positive difference in your lives; if she would be loved or missed. Or this could have been a premonition that she would be separated from you all, and that hurt. In other words, that she would pass into the next world as a spirit, and because of this, you simply didn’t see her which made her feel sad to not be seen. I would not take it hard. You Mum is fine. She loves you as always. You will receive a sign from her if you allow your guilt and regret to go. These kinds of emotions tend to squelch the possibility for having an after-death communication. Allow yourself to see her wave to you now. 🙂

      • Thanks so much Jade for your comforting words . I have been a wreck thinking about Mums premonition type dream and me not remembering at the right time . it was a very traumatic three years but Mum got her wish to leave from home. One thing that did happen was because there is 5 of us, we always taped every drs visit so that everyone was on the same page. About one month after Mum left, we all got recordings sent from back in March. It was very upsetting and I tried to listen to see if there was a hidden msg, but it was all about palliative care and Mum was her usual sweet quiet self and accepting. It came from my baby sister’s email and she was so distraught because she definitely did not send it, but it happened @ 2.30 am the first time and 2.45am the next night . could that be something? I will let you know if I get any signs. Thank you :))

  11. Hi there
    Anyone who has experience with your loved one who passed away sending you emails? I got these emails and tried to find out who is the owner but no luck. The message seems to come from my loved one. I enjoy it and thinking he is trying to let me know that he loves me. but I am skeptical if a spirit can do that. Please share your experience or what you think. Thanks,

    • Personally, I would go with the optimistic part of your thinking, rather than the skeptical part. You might get more after-death communications in being open to it. And it’s a whole lot sexier! 🙂
      Yes, a spirit can do that because a spirit is energy and uses energy to make those amazing things happen. Stranger things have happened before. Just because the brain doesn’t understand it, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Keep enjoying and know your loved one is connecting to you with the message that he loves you.:)

  12. Question
    I lost my husband January 2,2015 due to a traffic accident, a semi trailer not him and he was killed instantly. He was on us way home to take me and two of our boys to breakfast and was killed on the highway about a mile away from home but he was picking a family member up from dialysis first. He called me and was aggravated from how long the person was taking and all the stuff he had to do after and while on the phone became angry and had got a little hateful about breakfast not being served so I got a little hateful back on the phone. I think my husband is with me and in my house but I think most of the time he is angry and making bad things happen but on other hand a few times on my darkest days I can lay on my bed turn off the light, close my eyes as I drift closer to sleep I can feel someone sit on the bed and I feel the most wonderful calm peaceful feeling and feel the heaviness of arms around my shoulders and arms and I quickly drift off to sleep but most of the time I feel anger unstable thoughts and just feel the most saddness and dreary, unable to function feelings I ever have felt before . Can a spirit be angry with you and cause you to make horrible decisions. And cause deeply sad feeling and very bad things to happen to you in your life? Like can they cause bad things to happen to you and tear you family apart? Where everyone is angry and hurt each other?

    • Yes, I believe some can. But I would not think this was your husband and father of your sons. Sometimes fear and anger can attract unwanted entities. I believe the one who comforts and loves you is him. People get snippy to each other from time to time. The accident just happened at the time. So sorry that happened. I’m sure you are experiencing a range of emotions and thoughts at this time. From my experience, if something undesirable happens or you feel bugged by something, just love it away to the light. Thanks for sharing Staci. Hugs.

  13. My hubby died this week November 24th 2015 at 9:40 pm from stage 4 lung cancer we have 5 children how do I know if he’s near? I miss and love him so much

    • So sorry that happened. Hugs to you and yours. The short answer is to not doubt your perception. Most people think signs are just their imagination, especially at first when things are very fresh. They always wonder when something strange happens, if it is just “wishful thinking.” When stuff happens, write it down so you remember, then you will always have it to decide whether it was an authentic sign later on. Assume everything is a sign. Dreams are probably one of the clearest ways they come to us, but they come to us in many ways. So often they are with us after their passing, but we miss that and think we are just thinking of the past when they were alive and it makes us feel even worse, so they try to find ways that won’t add to our pain. Trust me, he’s with you. 🙂 Let me know how it goes.

  14. so i came across this and thought maybe it was worth speaking on. Last year the day after christmas my best friend who was 19 years old was murdered by a 14 year old. i find myself still trying to cope and come to reality that its real, that hes really gone, we was so close. i seen him a few days before it happend. we got into a disagreement about dating again. i find myself always wanting to call him. i see him everywhere i look, at work, here at home, out and about. i ask people did you see someone there? they look at me like im crazy. i wish there was some way to reach out to him and communicate. my heart breaks daily. i only wish i knew why i see him when not even his family does.

    • Sorry for you loss, Shay. I’m sure it is very traumatic. You can communicate with him just by talking to him, whether it is out loud or in you mind. He can perceive your thoughts and feelings. It sounds like you are really seeing him. There are many people who do after their loved one has crossed over. If you ask people about it, who do not see him, of course, they are going to think you are just imagining it because of your grief. So don’t ask them, it may cause you to doubt. Just smile knowing that you can see him. 🙂 Perhaps you are more sensitive to such things than his family. Hugs.

  15. I have lost many people in the last 5 years; all close relatives and two best friends. It is very often that I experience their presence, whether it be through smell, songs on the radio, or simply feeling them. None of them are scary; they all feel very peaceful. However, while laying in the living room with my daughter late one night, my eyes were closed and I was talking her to sleep. Then I heard light footsteps. I assumed it was my husband so I didn’t open my eyes. The next thing I felt was a hand over my mouth. Not an aggressive tough, just a soft touch. I opened my eyes and no one was there. I checked on my husband and he was sound asleep. In the morning I asked my daughter if she had seen or heard anyone in the living room, and she said no. This is very confusing to me and I’m not sure what to think of it. Any answers or suggestions are more than appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Catherine.
      It was definitely someone who wanted you to know they were there, as you not only heard them, but felt them. Perhaps one of your loved ones trying to get your attention to say “Hi” or to let you know that they are with you. 🙂 My guess is that it is someone who would do something like this in life. Any ideas from all of the people you’ve lost?
      If it wasn’t scary or aggressive, there is no reason to think that this had anything to do with negative energy.
      Thanks for writing and reading. 🙂

  16. My dad died 3 weeks ago. I keep seeing him in my mirror he died in my arms I kept telling him to go to sleep.. when am woke up in in night it’s me layed there but my dad’s face asleep.. I was scared last night as I no it wasn’t a dream

    • So sorry about the loss of you Father. Hugs.
      Mirrors are powerful portals, so it’s no surprise that you would see him there. Also, as far as your last experience, when someone we love dies, a part of us feels like it does too. Just remember though, in the big picture, death is only an illusion. Your father is very much alive and loving you from beyond. Take care, Mandy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. My sister was murdered by her husband in April, he beat her, strangled her then threw her into a 20 foot well, my grief is immeasurable, she left behind an 11 year old son who has now lost both parents. I had a few experiences while I was planning the funeral, only one that was so in my face I couldn’t ignore it, a song that played at the exact right time that answered my questions I had been screaming while driving down the road..Songs title…’I will trust in you’…not the answer I was looking for but it was what I needed and just vague enough that I knew it was her. I’ve had a few dreams of her fishing and ice skating on a well..I think maybe it was her telling me to stop dwelling on the well part, that it didn’t bother her. It bothers me though, I’ve since developed claustrophobia and have been on 3 anxiety medications. The other day while ugly crying in my living room the chandelier next to me (has a dimmer) started going from bright to dim over and over until I flipped on the big light and ran for it. These don’t compare to what my step sister is going through, she dreams that she’s taking me to my sister often and in the past few days has experienced some very alarming things…electronics that aren’t easily reachable have been unplugged, irons and lamps moved, things flipped over. It seems like frustration and it breaks my heart to think that my sister might have something important to say but can’t. Am I so distracted by my own grief that she feels she can’t reach out to me? I’m overwhelmed and not sure how to fix it.

    • Hi Beth. So sorry to hear about your sister and that these horrible things even happen. I can understand why you are so anxious. This type of thing is not supposed to happen and when it does, it shakes one to the core.
      If your sister is trying to tell you something, she will keep trying, but my feeling is that she is just trying to tell you all that she still exists and is with you.
      I don’t think there is anything to fix. You are in grief and that’s completely where you need to be, overwhelmed and all. It sounds like your sister is already reaching out to you in quieter ways. Blessings for some peace and healing. Again, so sorry for your loss. Hugs. Thanks for sharing.

  18. My sister passed away in 2013 ,I was in my kitchen getting ready to bake a Christmas cake and she appeared to me .She looked the same as I remember her but younger .She was wearing a dress something I had never seen her ware in life .She didn’t speak she was crying i could see the tears running down her cheeks ,I said her name and she just disappeared.Was she trying to tell me something?

    • I’m not sure. I don’t have enough information to interpret your experience. What does it feel like to you? How did she pass? Did she have unfinished business?

  19. My wife passed away 2 years ago. Shortly after I started experiencing unexplainable signs. While participating in a bereavement group I discovered that many others had the same experience. But I also learned that many relatives and friends were skeptics, often causing them to shut down on talking about their experiences. Recently, I have been in a life assessment class that includes doing a volunteer community service project. I set up a very short online web survey to collect data on the frequency of these unexpected experiences. The only goal is to inform survivors that they are not alone and many others have similar experiences frequently. The current results can be seen instantly in real time. I am posting the link here to get more unsolicited data to inform survivors. Here is the link: Thank you

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