After-Death Communication and Signs

After-Death Communication (ADC) is, as the name implies, a communication between the living and the deceased. Also, as indicated in the name, it implies that the deceased are not really dead, as we know it, but living somewhere in another realm without their physical body. And, truth be told, the deceased would probably say they were experiencing even more aliveness than when they were living in the physical world! At least, that’s what I’ve been told!

After-Death Communications may seem a little creepy to those who have watched too many bad movies on the subject. And since there is so much we can’t understand, many misconceptions are possible.

But to those who have had this amazing form of communication, the experience can be extremely inspiring, healing and life transforming. An ADC is a lifeline that can give so much comfort and peace to a grieving heart and mind.

From the beginning of time, people have experienced ADC’s, and thank goodness for them!! Broken hearts and traumatized minds have been completely healed with one powerful after-death communication that says everything the griever would need to find peace. Usually they receive messages such as, “I’m happy now”, “I love you”, “I’m pain-free”, “Please forgive me”, “I’m always with you”, “We will be together again”, “You will be fine”, “It’s only goodbye for now” and “It’s time to move on, everything will be alright.”

It seems obvious from the deceased loved one’s greater perspective, that there really is no separation between them and us, but from our limited perspective, the separation is ALL we experience and the emotions felt can be brutally painful.

People may ask, “Why doesn’t my loved one come to me with an ADC?”
It is most likely that they have… and still do!
Many times, because of our sorrow, there is no room for them to get through to us. The sounds of grieving are so loud inside our heads, that we can’t hear anything that’s not that. When there is a momentary pause and they do break through, we may mistake their presence as a past memory of them. By being reminded of how much we miss them, painful wounds that are trying to heal begin to open again.

Believe me, our loved ones don’t want to cause any more pain than is already there, so they look for other ways to connect to us instead. It could be in the words of a song, or in the lines of a movie you somehow feel were written for you!  They could visit you in a dream. Twilight hours, before you wake up In the morning is a common time for them to appear, for it is more likely that you will bring the contents of that world into this one. This is one reason it is important to have paper and pen by your bedside. The ethereal material these dreams are made from tend to fade away quickly in this realm without documentation.

An ADC may come to you through another person. Although, on some level,  it may be frustrating that they didn’t come to you, try not to discount the message or the attempt. We cannot see the big picture with such a limited perspective. Just trust that they are doing their very best.

An example of third-party communication can be found in my post, Kevin’s Journey Into the Light. I often wondered why I was the one who had this opportunity with Kevin. After all, I hadn’t seen him in years, and there were those at the time, who were much more involved in his life. But, that being said, that was the point! I was a clearer channel for this S.O.S. that was being broadcast.  In this spiritual emergency, Kevin was in a pickle. Unknown to him, he was dead (at least by our standards) and stuck between two worlds! He needed someone to persuade him of his situation fast!

Don’t get me wrong. I was more than grateful to be of service. I wouldn’t be telling his story if I hadn’t, and I’m glad to report that Kevin’s journey to the light was a successful one!

There is so much on this subject that I will eventually write, but I would love to include here, the categories of ADC’s as distinguished by the pioneers and researchers, Bill and Judy Guggenheim. Their book, Hello From Heaven was a Godsend to me! I am grateful for the copious amounts of information they have uncovered, and the light this knowledge has brought into a sometimes very dark world!!
Based on their research, these are the twelve most frequent types of ADC’s people report having with their deceased loved ones:
Sensing a Presence: This is so subtle that people dismiss it as their imagination and mistake it as a wish, when really…. your loved one is right there beside you. With this sensing comes a distinct feeling that your loved one is close, even though you can’t hear or see them.

Hearing a Voice: While some people can actually hear an external physical-like voice, others hear a telepathic one. It is even possible to carry on a whole conversation in this way.

Feeling a Touch: Your loved one may touch, hold or kiss you. These are ways your loved one can comfort you and show their love.

Smelling a Fragrance: You may smell a scent that is associated with your loved one. It could be perfume, cologne, grandma’s rose-scented face crème or uncle Jack’s pipe.

Visual Experiences: You may see your loved one from the range of a mist to a solid form! They may come as a partial body to a full body image. Many occur next to or at the foot of the bed, but it can happen anywhere. Loved ones appear to look slightly different, as in younger, or can look the same as when they died. Typically they will appear expressing love in their countenance. They appear healed and whole, even though they may have died a disfiguring death. Anything from telepathic to verbal communication may take place, but not always.

Visions: It is possible to see an image of your loved one in a window, a mirror, or a picture. They could appear in meditation, or some other altered state. It’s not uncommon for them to appear suspended in the air in front of you. They may appear for minutes or seconds, and can be seen with eyes open or closed.

Twilight Experiences: These states occur in the alpha state when you are falling asleep, waking up, praying or meditating. It seems to be easiest for them to connect to us at these times.
ADC Experiences While Asleep: These dream-like states are different from regular dreams. These sleep states seem more real than other dreams, and sometimes, even more real than life! These ADC’s are more colorful and intense. It is not uncommon to have a two-way conversation with your loved one there. The experiences are fluid and make sense, as opposed to the usual abstract hodge-podge of fragmented dreams.

Out of Body ADC’s: Believe it or not, it is actually possible to leave your body to visit your loved one. You may be meeting by the ocean or in a field of beautiful flowers. The scenery appears more intense, vivid and real than this life. Usually, this place is filled with beauty and love and things seem to glow with light. An OBE can be triggered by a meditative or altered state. People who practice astral projections are said to have visited many of these places.

Telephone Calls: Hard to believe, but these ADC’s can happen when you are awake or asleep. The phone rings and you answer. Your loved one is on the other end talking to you. They may ask you how you are doing, just like they used to. They may just be calling to give you a message. The voice may sound near or far away. Sometimes a two-way conversation is possible. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of telling them it’s a bad connection and you will call them back!!! Would you know their number? This happens much more often than you can imagine! When the call is over, you may hear nothing or a dial tone.

Physical Phenomena: When these occur, lights flicker; electrical stuff can turn on and off. Pictures can turn over or fall off the wall or for some reason the clock that hasn’t worked for years – mysteriously starts chiming again. You can take these as signs that your loved one is stopping in to say, “I’m here!”

Symbolic ADC’s: These are experienced as signs. Rainbows, butterflies, humming birds, other birds, certain animals and flowers that in some way represent the deceased person or a reminder of a happy memory associated with them. These usually appear to give us hope, as if some unseen someone is saying, “I’m still here!”

I’m so thankful that our deceased loved ones have opportunities to comfort us with their periodic reassurances of hope and love. Although they can’t continually make themselves know to us, we can be peaceful in knowing that they still exist, along with their love for us.

May this knowledge calm our hearts and minds. May it uplift our spirits that we find peace. And… may we trust and believe what our human senses can’t even begin to understand or comprehend.

*To read the after-death communications that have been collected on this site, please also see after-death communications.

*Interested in connecting with your departed? The upcoming, “Being Your Own Medium” Series online Tele-class that starts up again October 6th and 7th, 2016. For more information, click here. It’s a great class! Don’t miss it.

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606 thoughts on “After-Death Communication and Signs

  1. I have been feeling very wishy-washy in my connection to the other side for the last few months. This helped a lot. Thanks, Jade 🙂 . Love you.

    • Hi, this’s is really hard for me to talk about this type of things .My dad passed away last year and the first months without him I would see a hummingbird just sitting there , not super close but enough for me to see him clearly . And I remember that the last weekend I had with dad we saw a humming bird … Well he saw it not me cause it was too late when I glanced but the bird just there through my window was kinda odd becaus it wasn’t scared at all and I was wondering the meaning of this , thank you

      • It is a symbol of a winged one taking flight to the heavens and a symbol your father knew you would recognise him to be, letting you know that he is with you, even now. 🙂

        • Hi jade. I lost my grandma about two years ago coming up next week. But I was home alone and I hear a thud in the bedroom. I go back and her funeral flowers were knocked on the floor and scattered everywhere. Well this morning I was heading to work and walking out of the laundry room a vase with her flowers that use to be in her house, was threw on the floor . I don’t know if this is a sign of my grandma or an evil spirit. I would love to believe its her but I get very uneasy feelings being watched.

          • I’m sure this is your Grandmother. She probably just wants you to know she is with you but doesn’t know her own strength. 🙂

        • Maybe just to get your attention that something unusual is happening. For example, that you loved one is trying to tell you that they are there.

    • My mom passed on Tuesday 1/26/16 I’m having a hard time with it I put a picture under my pillow to communicate with her does this work and how will I know

      • I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs.
        In regards to your question, I think it would be just as good to have her picture by your bedside. Part of the reason this is thought to be successful is because our attention is on our loved one right before bed. But if you are like everyone else who has lost a loved one, your focus is always on your loved one anyway. Just talk to your mom like you normally would, for she can perceive your thoughts and feelings and she will connect with you when she can reach you. My advise is to trust her and be patient. She will find a way and you will know it when she does. 🙂

        • My mom passed away on 1/16/2016. I can feel chills in my body, a car stating mummy caught my attention, the TV turned on stand by while I was discussing about my moms presence with my husband, I also feel scared at times feeling she’s around. Are these signs that she’s communicating with me and what does she want to say? There r lot of things that remained unheard and unsaid as she left. M in extreme grief. Pls help..I miss her terribly.

          • Yes, these thing can be signs.:) Trust me, your mom just wants to let you know she still lives and is alright. No need to be scared. You can talk to her with your thoughts. She can perceive them. Then, be quiet and listen. Sorry you are going through this pain. Hugs. 🙂

        • Hi, i had a family member recently passed away due to a motorcycle accident, he called me one morning at a specific time and that time I know was when he died, he used my dads phone to call me but when I answered it no one was talking and I hung up and to call my dads phone again but my dad said he didn’t call me or use his phone because he was still sleeping. So I knew it was my deaceased family member that try contacting me, I believe. Would he ever call me again like that?

      • Hi jade, my boyfriend of 8 years passed away August 26, 2015 It’s been a year already. I have been through two sections of grieving support group within the first year of his death, and still his death is so fresh and real. I love and miss him so much my heart hurts with empty and at times feel so alone. It’s been a year si nce his passing my love for him is stronger day by day. I need his signs I;m sure I got some but my grieving seem to get in the way . Please help me to slow down to feel him. I love him with all my heart and soul.

        • Hi Jade, my boyfriend of 8 years passed away August 26,2015. of a heart attack. It’s been a year already and I have been through two sections of Grieving Support Group within the first year of his death and still his death is so fresh and painful. I love and miss him so much my heartache I feel so alone. I know he lets me know he is right here with me, but my grieving seems to get in the way. Please help me to slow down my mind and body so I can feel my love Frank’s present.

        • So sorry for your loss. A year is fairly fresh though. It takes a lot for the brain to heal after so much trauma. Keep going. You are in the right place. It will hurt until it heals, but I can tell you that at some point it will get better. Hugs. Grieving does not always get in the way of signs, but some other stuff does. I teach this in my upcoming online teleclass that you might be very interested in taking. It covers all of what you are talking about and it’s very healing. Go to the home page on on the navigation bar you will see “classes.” Click on upcoming classes and you will see it. It starts in October. There is an early bird special. Register for that to save some money. It’s a great class. People love it. You can read the testimonials too. I know you want to reach him and have peace. This will help so much. Hope you join us. Thanks for sharing.

    • My best friend cliff passed away in September we used to date but became good friends and he passed away in September I am taking it very hard but he been giving me signs every day now I think he kissing my check it feels cold I was wondering if that’s what happening I went to a medium it virifys that’s it’s him with everything else he been around he’s bleeped my phone though tv lights

      • I’m sorry for your loss, Valerie. I’m glad he is visiting you. It makes healing from such a loss, a little better. Thanks for commenting.

    • When my girl friend died I was very distraught and suicidal
      Not long after she died I heard a loud bang on the bedroom window as if hit with a pebble
      The second time was in our bedroom and there was a loud bang on the wardrobe where I was standing
      Thirdly I was sitting in the living room when I could hear the rummaging through the drawers in the bedroom
      And lastly I was sitting at one end of the settee when I heard a loud slap on the settee at the other end
      What puzzles me is that they where all loud but did not make me jump or scare me
      Could this have been my girl friend

    • Hi. My daughter was killed in a car accident on her birthday November 21, 2015 at the age of 25. She left her son he was 2 years old. She loved her son so much. She started going out with a guy that we did not approve of. So my daughter started to be disrespectful and before her death we did not speak. I have one other daughter and they were extremely close. My household has been a complete mess since my daughters death. I ry everyday because I was not able to tell her I loved her. My two girls were spoiled Bd God knows my heart is so broken. I need her to come to me and let me know that she is fine. She was the life of our household sometimes I feel like I cant go on. Can u please tell me is my daughter just wondering. I need peace and I need to no that she is ok. All I have is one living child now and her son. He ask for her all the time and I speak about her always to him. My daughter was a hPpy person until the last 3 weeks. She was not driving she was the passenger and the only one that died on her 25th Birthday. Please help me understand

      • Hi Sandra. I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter. I’m sure there is so much emotion to untangle and work through since her passing. Hugs. I feel for you and your family. Your daughter is safe now and in loving hands. She is close and wishes for you to have peace. Although it may take time to heal from such a jarring mishap, please know that she is aware and by your side. You will see her again later.😃
        P.S. She knows you love her and she loves you back. 💜

    • hi jade I was just curious I have dreams about loved ones who have passed but I don’t usually converse with them I get songs in my head only ones my grandmother sung when we were kids and I have cardinals and butterflies come and go sometimes I talk to my mom it’s like she is right there do you think I have the vision to communicate ? Lisa

    • Question ,hi my dad died 2years 5 month ago and we used to say hi every morning and during the days , we used to laugh and i could hear his amuzing comment through telepathi ,then two weeks ago it just stoped.Feel giltie that a couple of times before it stoped i dident communicate every day with dad ,we made a promise that id think of him often .Can i reconecked back with him please ?

      • This is a good reminder that we often take such precious things for granted. Keep doing what you did before trusting he will be there for you. Faith not fear. We are always connected with our loved ones. Often, we just don’t always recognize the ways that we are. You’ve been very fortunate to have had these conscious experiences. I see no reason that this has to end. Take care.

    • My mom died on September 26,2016. We are all still in shock. She did tragically she fell down basement cement steps. Complete brain damage. Horror show. We are still so sad. She was truly the glue to our family. I wanted to ask you…I have a cat. She is a special needs cat. I swear to you my mom is shown her face twice now in two pictures of my cat that I took. No one believed me until they saw. My sister dad and husband were speechless. Have you heard of this? Loved ones on the other side coming thru in photos from my cell phone on my cat’s face. Clear as day. Thank you for reading and helping. Peace

      • I cam and will email you the pictures if you would like to see. One vision is on my cats ear. That was a month ago. Then today on the right side of my cats face…mom’s side profile. Clear as day. ❤️

  2. hey i visited the site…it is a nice site. thanks for providing information here…i like your blog post too thanks a lot.

  3. That was interesting to read about your friend Kevin, who communicated with you and you were wondering why as you hadn’t seen him for ages and there were others he was closer to. I’d wondered why my recently deceased friend was sending me signs when we hadn’t spoken in a while. But the message he was sending me was that he’d forgiven me for not being in touch in ages and not to worry about what our last words had been (since that had been eating away at me in the days after he died). And who knows, he could have sent messages to anyone and I wouldn’t necessarily know.

  4. My 92 yr old father just passed yesterday morning at home. (he was on hospice)
    He passed with my sister and I there. I have been taking care of him for the last 5 yrs. I have an apartment in the basement.
    Anyway, today I was going from crying to being ok. When I was upstairs I said out loud “Pop, please give me a sign…Your scientific, you figure it out and give me something good. Well, about an hour later, I went upstairs to get salt (of all things).
    While upstairs, something compelled me to go clean up our back bathroom, as I have family coming in tomorrow. So I start cleaning the counter and I’m in good place, I was singing and then, out loud I said, “Oh Pop, remember that song we all sang together? and I starting singing “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah, someone’s in the kithcen I know ohh” ….sang all verses loud and with glee. There is candle on the counter and I picked up to clean, like I’ve been doing for years, put it back down, and the candle or glass lit up blue…I thought gee that’s odd, maybe it has a light inside…it then lit up again this time green…..from within…I said, “OH MY GOD POP, IS THAT YOU?”….picked up the candle and now it lit up yellow!!! Then stopped…..mind you this is a normal wax filled candle with NO mechanisms to turn on a light- it’s a plain fressia scented wax candle in a frosted white glass container . I am certain it was a sign from my Pop!!! because what else would make an unlit candle light up from within ??? Has anyone ever heard of a sign like this???

    • Awesome experience! This sign fits into the “physical phenomenon” category. Never heard of this exact sign, but it is amazing what they can do at times! Thanks for sharing your experience! And… sorry for your loss, Camille.

    • My mom passed away since almost 9 years ago. For some purpose I feel angery from her. Sometimes I can hear her talking to me asking for forgiveness. Is this really could be? Or what.

  5. My son died in an accident in France. We weren’t allowed to see him or bring him home pending an autopsy. On the morning of our visit to the insurer and police and funeral home, at breakfast in the hotel a song we shared together that I have recorded came on but not loud enough to be sure it was that song which made me get up to go closer to the cd player. When I got to the cd player words came on the display….welcome …dock…boost sound….very slowly with long dark spaces inbetween these words repeated . I was so taken aback that I went and got my phone camera to photograph them. His favourite song was Dock of The Bay. he had died on the dock of the bay and probably thinking about that song for many reasons, and our last facebook conversation was him telling me to play his new favourite song as loud as I could…to boost the sound. When my daughter came down I showed her the player and it was completely different with all sorts of words and moving very fast. That sequence didnt come on again …but I had the pictures! That same day I counted over 20 other instances that I can only call bizarre or impossible, lots involving extreme coincidences and smell. They have carried on since but are not as frequent or as strong until one of us needs him badly and then he has now managed to do things for my husband too. He was totally disbelieving but the last two instances have even convinced him something strange and unexplained is at work.

  6. The spirit of my dog returns to me frequently since she passed. I didn’t used to believe in Life after Death. But after she passed I got a sudden communication from her which took me by surprise. This was empathetic. I sensed her and felt her emotion -which was the strongest affection, good energy, and love. No trace of weakness or unhappiness.
    I then had an out of body experience . I didn’t get far out of my body, only into my room. But I actually touched her. Again her energy was healthy and full of love. Amazingly she felt very warm to my touch. I could feel all the details of her head and neck, the way my hands made her ears bend back, her wet nose! Everything! It showed me we do live after “death”, and also that dogs do, as individual Souls in their own right.
    These experiences completely changed my life, and helped me in my grieving. She is now helping me become a much stronger and more positive person. She still visits me 14 months later.

    • Thanks for that message. I am still grieving the death of my 16.5 year old Yorkie Cocoa who drowned in my pool and the guilt I am feeling is tremendous. I adopted a scotty Yorkie mix puppy from animal control but he has problems and I pray he can over come his trust issues with humans he is very frightened when anyone tries to pet him or makes sudden movements. I am still waiting for Cocoa to say goodbye to me I miss her more than any other family member.

  7. 2 or 3 nights after my boyfriend passed suddenly, I had fallen asleep, real sleep, for the first time since his passing. I woke up a few hours later to what felt like him laying behind me with his arms around me, as I began to wake up more, he hugged me tighter. I thought OMG Steve is here with me and hugging me! I felt such peace for that moment, I tried to hug him back, this is when the feeling went away. Two weeks later was Valentines day, about 2am, when I wake up for no apparent reason to the smell of flowers. Very sweet smelling flowers, it was amazing. I know they came from him, I don’t know how I know that, I just do. It’s only been 5 weeks since he passed. I still cry most of the time, and I talk to him often. I can only hope that he can let me know that he hears me, and knows that I love him and miss him. If he can I pray that I allow myself to hear and heal.

  8. I lost my younger sister this Oct’13.yet…I am not fully back to my normal state.Still i used to weep sometimes.But comparatively i don’t cry now as i am in a strong believe that she is not dead but with me.I had a dream in which she came when i had my interviews for job.she came in the early mrng time and was standing smiling with a lamp in her hand..tat signed me a positive way and i got selected in both the concerns in tat day of she coming in my dreams..I was shocked to believe tat instance…

  9. My boyfriend died about two weeks ago….I think he is trying to communicate with me because I have seen and heard signs but I am not sure….

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Isobel. Trust the signs. I’m sure he would want to communicate with you from beyond.

  10. hi, a few months ago i smelled a fragrance whilst i was pregnant that a recently deceased loved one used to wear, i had no idea at the time it was what she used to wear until i asked a relative and she confirmed this to be the same fragrance i smelled. my unborn child at the time was sick (unknown to us at the time) and i was experiencing a lot of you think this was her saying she was there and knew this or just perhaps showing us she was with us.

    • Absolutely! When a deceased loved one visits, often they will leave their sort of “calling card” to let you know they were with you. In this case, it was her scent. It appears she was there to show support and give comfort. 🙂

  11. My husband passed away nearly three months ago. I have had numerous signs he is still with me. Fragrance, an old wheat penny in a very odd place, his picture on the floor, a light I unscrewed screwed back in twice, issues with my laptop keyboard when I’m typing and I’m a typist! The list goes on. Tonight, after a VA memorial ceremony at the cemetery for the placement of his plaque and a family picnic, I laid down to take a short nap. I was in twilight sleep when I clearly felt his full hand on my shoulder. It was so comforting. I’ve talked to him just as if he’s still here most days and most times I hear his responses telepathically. My neighbors bought my moms home next door and a friend stopped last week and told her them was an older woman sitting in the living room. We’ve all discussed the fact that my mom was the only other resident in that home and they’ve known she hasn’t left it yet. But were amazed when this friend picked up on it with no prior knowledge. I guess my husband and her are just content for now.

    • Seems as though. I’m sorry for your loss, Cindy. It’s such an amazing blessing to have so many signs from beyond. It’s easy to think our loved ones have gone somewhere where we can’t reach them, but in my experience, they are always closer than we think. If only, just a thought away. 🙂 Blessings!

    • Is it just quick responses or full conversation responses? Is it in his voice or just something that pops into your mind? I have had a lot of similar things happen but I’m not sure if it’s him or if I am making it up in my head

      • Hi Candice. I don’t know which comment you are referring to. I can’t find it in all the comments made on the subject. But it can happen either way; a full on conversation or just a voice that pops into you head. People experience both and anywhere in between. When it’s subtle, most people think they are making it up, and end up doubting the after-death communication received. That’s too bad when our loved ones are trying so hard to reach us.

        • It was a comment from Cindy on July 26, 2014. Was just interested in what she experienced as I have had similar experiences from what I am assuming is from my husband

  12. My cousin passed away unexpectedly on July 6 and he was like a brother to me at his funeral during the service l felt his soul go through my body and after the service l was looking at his body saying how much l miss him and love him at that time I heard his voice whisper ” Beautiful girl” which is what he use to call me and last night I had a dream of him in his last moments on earth and I woke up just bawling

  13. My fiancée was kidnapped and apparently murdered by the Gulf Cartel on October 15. She was a doctor and an activist for human rights and reforms here in Mexico. We found out what had happened when they posted to her twitter feed “I am Dr.____________ and today my life comes to an end”, with a gruesome ‘before and after’ picture, of her apparently shot dead.

    Three nights into this ordeal, having fled to an adjacent town, I was at the end of my rope and despondent enough to think about ‘joining her’. I got an inbox from a friend, which stated:

    First of all she was beautiful.. So beautiful
    She grabbed me by both shoulders and told me how important it was that I talk to you. She said to tell you that her suffering is over, there is no pain. There is peace… Tho her heart aches for you because she knows you are devastated.

    She said that when you think you feel her touch, she is there comforting you. If you smell her perfume or her hair, she is there. She wanted you to know that she wants you to watch over her daughter… That you two will comfort each other.

    I woke up crying and I am crying now.. She has an amazing presence

    When she talked about you, she had a sad smile. She knows how badly you’re hurting.

    • Thank you for sharing this. I’m sure this has been extremely painful for you and her daughter. I’m so sorry for your loss. Lots of love, peace and healing your way.

  14. Hello just need some awnsers …my step dad was murder and my dad had a heart attack & died instantly 3 months apart. I was there when my step dad was murder portecting me. So the other night I was sleeping in my bed woke up feeling werd . As I look up my dad is standing next to me not saying a word so I freak out next thing u no as I turn to the left my step dad is standing up on my bed. Not saying a word it scared me and I got out of my room but it seem like forever

    • Thanks for sharing yourself. 🙂
      For some, even seeing the spirit of a loved one in this realm, even under the best circumstances can be alarming. Especially, if they don’t give you any clues as to why they are there. So I can understand why you were scared. It could just be that they are watching over you and you just happened to see them. It could be that they want you to know that they still exist. I doubt they meant any harm to you, even though it was scary.
      I’m sorry for you loss. Hugs.

  15. Hi…. I would like to share something. My dad passed away in 1997. It was sudden & shocking. After a few years I was going through a lot of emotional upheavals. On such a night, I had an extremely vivid dream where I saw my dad in a leafy shaded area. I was sitting on a bench & crying & he came & put his arms around me. His face was full of concern & worry. I felt a peace but then in my dream I suddenly remembered that my dad was no more. At once, I actually saw my dad’s arm jerked off of my shoulders & I woke up. I don’t remember any other dream in such detail.
    My uncle passed away 3 days back. He was a second father to me & again his sudden, shocking demise has left me devastated. I am in a different country so I couldn’t see him one last time. The pain is almost unbearable at times. I am longing for a sign for him after reading about ADC. I didn’t realize at the time but yesterday while turning on the TV for my baby daughter, the screen flickered couple of times before it became still. This happened almost 3 times, every time I switched channels.
    I am trying to keep an open mind & yearning to believe that he is near me. Pls tell me that he will reach out to me. There are so many things that I have never told him. Sorry for this long post.

    • Hi Joyee. I’m sorry for your recent loss. Truly this is devastating. Hugs! Since you were able to have a visitation with your dad before, it should be easier for you to have other visitations. You know what it’s like and have accessed it before. I was wondering how your Uncle passed. Sometimes, if it is sudden and unexpected, not even the one passing knows they passed, that is… until they do. An example of this is found in two of the posts on this site that come to mind, Kevin’s Journey to the Light and The End Is Only The Beginning. When your uncle becomes aware of his situation, he probably is now; hence the television experience, he will reach out knowing how urgent it is for you. That’s what he would do in life, right? Your job is to receive his message and believe it when it comes. 🙂 Although it seems like he is gone, he has not left you. He is aware of your thoughts. You can tell him all those things you never did and he will hear you. Please let me know how it goes for you. xo

  16. Thank you Jade… My uncle’s death was caused by a massive stroke which was most sudden & unexpected. From what I heard… My aunt found him senseless where he had fallen. He had not felt or complained of symptoms before.
    I am listening with my heart for him… Will keep in touch with u.

  17. Hi. My mother passed away a few years ago. She told me she will show me where she is and always be with me. I felt her leave this planet. It took my breath away. She told me to look for her in the stars. Hours later I was drawn to my window. Falling stars were everywhere. I have every sign you posted – all of them and many more.

  18. I have very recently lost my Dad. He passed away 2 weeks ago tomorrow.
    My parents live in another state to me and when I recieved the news I flew home to attend my Dads funeral and help my Mum organise things for her life going forward. It was a very emotional and difficult time but I’m so glad I went home and spent time with my Dad and said goodbye.
    I tried my very best during this week with my Mum to remain brave and stoic and try to help ease her pain even tho I was grieving terribly.
    I flew back to my own home yesterday and tried to keep myself busy even tho I was feeling emotionally drained.
    Eventually I went to my bedroom for some quiet time and just laid on my bed looking out my window. My husband came in to see if I was okay and laid on the bed next to me and held my hand. All of my emotions came out and I was talking to my husband about my Dad and he interrupted and said ” look there’s a rainbow” I looked at outside was a full rainbow in the most vivid of colours.
    I completey lost it. My husband was unaware at this point that at my Dads funeral I kissed him and held his hand and sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow to him.
    I know the rainbow was a sign from my Dad.
    As much as the loss hurts I now feel comforted in knowing he is at peace and he is still close to me.
    All I have to do is look in the mirror and see him….I look just like him!
    Rest in Peace my darling Dad xxx

  19. The majority of my life I have had dreams that come true, seen things that others have not, and talked with deadlocked ones through dreams. A few years ago my grandmother was dying of copd. I visited with her very often in these final days. a couple of nights before she passed away we were talking about this. She said she knew this about me. I confided in her that if after she passes and I am to speak out loud to her that I am looking for a sign of her being there, that she will do whatever is in her power to respond in some way. She did pass within that week. nearly a year later as we were approaching our first Christmas without grandma, I became very angry with my mother about something, I was home alone and spoke out loud to my grandmother…you see grandma,…if you are there this is it. I need a sign you are still there that you know what is going on now. I will be looking for even the slightest of signs that you are able to show me you are there and hear me. Well the next day I cam home from work and went into the basement to do wash. at the bottom of the stairs there was a card face down on the floor. I picked it up and it was a Christmas card. I always hang my Christmas cards up, so I opened it to see who it was from, and inside it said Love Grandma! I had saved my last Christmas card from her, I knew it would be her last Christmas as she had fallen I’ll the year before, a couple weeks before Christmas. I immediately took it upstairs to compare with the one I had saved. it was the same handwriting! then I knew it was the sign of a promise made on a death bed. that indeed she heard me, and I received her calling loud and clear!

  20. this extremely tight hug in bed’ happened to me also.light on ‘voice’dreams’questions where are you; answer: I am in my own villa fur too fur! ,noices,things falling down.& it is scary,the unknown.

  21. It’s been a year & 7 months since my best friend died. Before his death, We were thinking to meet up & spend some time together out of our busy lives… Only to receive a call from his good fren that he met with an accident, was in coma for a week and passed away. I was deeply shocked, disbelief, grieved & wasn’t able to attend his funeral. Deep inside I feel pain and thought, This is it… He’s gone and I’ve lost him. I cried a lot & blamed myself for being busy and for not meeting him earlier. A fren of mine told me to forget him completely saying that he’s gone to be with God so I shouldn’t cry anymore. After I begin to accept his death & move on…. After a year, he started to appear in my dreams. There was a time I was deeply hurt, lonely and sad. I cried to God to comfort me and slept off….I see my best fren in my dreams. He is fine and healthy. No bruises… He didn’t talk anything. He just looked at me and wrap his arms around me tightly. I was sleeping but actually I can feel it in real. It felt so good. When I was about to wake up, we walked and I held his hand and told him that I miss him and not to go but he kept looking at me and I saw him fading slowly n I woke up. Whenever I was down during that period of time from nov2014 to march2015, he comes in my dream to comfort me and make me happy. He doesn’t talk to me in my dreams. I communicate by talking to him and reading his mind. During that period of time, he also came to show me on what was to come and how I need to react on that situation so that I wouldn’t fall into the trap. He last came in my dream in April 2015. He just walk pass me and dissapeared. After that, I don’t know where he went. Its been a month plus he did not come into my dream. I really miss him so much till when I think of him tears would fall. I really miss those dreams when he came to be by my side. It felt real only to wake up and realize that its just a dream.

    • Dear San,
      I can feel your pain through your words. I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs. You are so fortunate to have had those ADC’s with your friend. They are to comfort you and release you from the guilt and regret you have been feeling. Although they seem like just dreams, they are actually visitations, occurring within a dream. Trust that. Your friend wanted, and found a way to comfort you. That’s awesome. 🙂

  22. I walked into my room and sat on my bed. I had a reason for going upstairs, but I couldn’t think of it, so I just sat and thought for a bit. Random stuff. Suddenly, one of my snow globes goes off that I haven’t touched in YEARS. Honestly forgot they were there. I wasn’t shocked or anything, just calmly walked over and held it. When I touched it I knew that it was a gift from her, and I knew it was her contacting me. I let it wind through and wound it up again. I talked to my mom about it, still calm. My mom and I shared a moment.
    I know why my grandma shared this phenomenon with me rather than anyone else. She knew I would remember forever. It’s been a few years, but I still tell that story whenever it’s relevant. I was still young when she passed, but I know she’s here and I know we would have been close. She supports me now and I love her for that. I’m glad to see a legitimate category for being contacted that way, it never fully made it through my head.

    • Thanks for your comment, Lucas. That is so cool your grandma is still with you. She is probably your guardian angel, as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  23. I saw my deceased mom standing on my bed corner and asking me why you have removed the chairs from your bedroom. I ask her to sit on my bed but she said, i am not allowed to sit on bed. Than i asked her to sit on some couch, but she replied that it is difficult for her to sit. Then suddenly, i wake up and found myself in real, in adjacent room, sitting on bed and mom is sitting on the chair. Can somebody explain what is it all about. She died one year back.

  24. Thanks for writing in. That’s cool.
    Well, for one thing, this is definitely an ADC from your mom, and maybe even two of them; one in your sleep and one when you woke. You saw her when you were awake also, just in a different room? Right? I would need a little more information to interpret them for you correctly. Tell me a little more about when you woke up and what you saw; your mom? how long? what happened after that? Was it odd for you to be in the adjacent room? Were you scared? Did it feel natural or weird? What was it about the chairs that she was talking about? Any symbolism? and so on…

  25. Hi, l just wanted to share that last night l was thinking of a friend who had been admitted to hospital last week. I wasn’t overly concerned as she has had been suffering with a knee problem and l thought it was connected to that. However last night l couldn’t get her out of my head and messaged her daughter to ask if she was back home yet. This morning her daughter told me her mum had suffered severe bleeding on the brain and her life support was switched off last night. I was in the garden today crying and thinking of her when a Robin flew right up to me and sat within arms reach of me, looking at me and softly singing. I am sure it was a message from my lovely friend letting me know she is still with us.

    • That’s so beautiful, Lynne. I’m sure it is your friend. So sorry for your loss. It seems like, on some level, you knew something was happening with your friend. It’s sweet she would come in her way, to comfort you. And it’s great that you recognized this miracle in this little bird singing to you. 🙂 Hugs!

  26. My boyfriend passed….He had several medical problems and it has been three months. People speak of love of their lives…but he was my soulmate. There is a difference. We didnt choose each other. We craved each other in every way possible. I beg him for signs, but i dont know for sure. There was the one about the stupid coke with the name on them. I couldnt find his name, and i said all i want is just one with your name. My sister showed up later with it and had no idea i wanted it Theres the red bird that stays in my yard, i feel a light touch sometimes, etc, buti wonder if it is in my mind. Ive had no dreams, no voices, no visions, i just desperatly want it. How can i relax for it to happen

    • Dear confused,
      I’m so sorry for your painful loss. It is so common to doubt the signs we get, and pass them off as a coincidence. But please hear what you wrote to me about your coke can request, “…and I said, all I want is just one with your name. My sister showed up later with it and had no idea I wanted it.” Coke can with his name, delivered! Check. That’s a sign. 🙂 Birds, dragonfly’s, hummingbirds are also very common and powerful signs from beyond. 🙂 Feeling a light touch is also a sign. 🙂 It sounds like you are getting signs. No more need for confusion. Trust the signs you get, this is how you are able to perceive more. 🙂 Thanks for sharing yourself. Hugs!

  27. May 4th I was relaxing in my yard when I suddenly saw a Hummingbird. In the 23 years I’ve lived in this house I have never once seen a Hummingbird! I was awestruck by it’s beauty and it’s quickness. It did appear to be on a mission, It hovered briefly, but once it was sure it got my attention it quickly took off skyward. Ten seconds later the phone rang, It was the family of my close friend of over 50 years telling me that he had passed away suddenly the night before. I’ll forever be grateful for the message of excitement & joy the Hummingbird sent through the spirit of my friend, it was that he was indeed on an important mission and in quite a hurry to fly off to a heavenly place, where there was a joyful reunion awaiting. A place where we would all meet once again. It was a supernatural experience and it will always symbolize my friend Frank & his heaven bound soul.

  28. Hi I would like to share a beautiful story. I have been suffering with so many issues from waiting for my husbands open work permit from Immigration Canada, 4 doctors have advised me that im infertile- i am NOT able to have children. Financially we are not doing well. I was praying to God and holy Jesus. As I was focused on praying I felt the presence of my grandmother that passed away 8 yrs ago. Her Perfume scent appeared for a few seconds than again for another few seconds. I PRAYED harder for my decises grandmother and i thanked for helping me during these rough times. I felt reassured that my grandma is helping me up in heaven .

    • Thanks for sharing this, Annabell. Our loved ones are a lot closer than we sometimes think. Really, they’re just a thought away. 🙂 So happy you have that reassurance that your grandma is helping you. 🙂

  29. Thank you for your encouragement. Since posting, ive had a few more encounters that are slowly allowing me to believe. I woke up to someone rocking me twice, brushed it off as me doin it in my sleep, then wide awake felt someone close to me with the weight of possible an arm wrapped around me. I didnt move, not wanting it to stop. Ive also had a song playing and heard a clear “hello” three times, his voice. I felt like i was clinging to his memory, all in my head, but I am opening up to the possibility. Maybe theres hope afterall.

    • That’s awesome! So glad you believe you are getting signs. 🙂 Faith, believing without seeing or evidence, is the path one can take to develop themselves into a more spiritual being. And with that, comes a sure knowledge in your own spiritual experiences. 🙂

  30. Hello,
    My name is Mitch and I will tell you my experience because I have been experience few times while my Mom was alive until recently My mom passed away and we have lot of relatives came over staying for days. When all my relatives left and one night I came home late evening and it was so cold because it was in January, and I have NEVER or EVER sleep under the bed sheet until that evening, it was so FREEZING and I finally accept to sleep under the bed sheet and I was watching T.V around 1am…and I began to fall asleep and I decide to leave my T.V on and turn side way facing the wall, then decide to turn face the pillow and I was about to passed out. Few minutes later, all suddenly something touch my leg….more like (Massage my leg) because I always gave my Mom’s back massage and she believe I gave her the best massage. So at that moment, when that happen, I was about to SCREAM, but since I have experience many times with My Aunt’s home, and I finally accept to let it whatever happen and it’s been massage my leg for almost 5 minutes and I went to bed. I have been thinking over and over and never let it go. Until that time when I went to Grieiving Meeting and I finally speak it up even I didn’t tell my family members because I wasn’t sure if it is right time. So I told my story, my experience and they were dumbfound and the guy who charge told me that he believe that My mom was at the presence to let me know that EVERYTHING IS OK. and when I heard that I cried deeply and cheerful. I decided to do 2 Scrapbook, one is to update my mom’s scrapbook and Second is to honor My Mom’s Memory. Still in processing doing that. After my Grieving meeting end, I finally decide to speak up to my family relatives and they were in shock and seems to be happy to hear what I have to said. So everyday, I’m getting better, my heart starting to heal, but still hurt inside me. Anyone who ever read this, I hope this help you and heal your heart. That’s all it matter. Thank you and Always share with your story about your loved one and I believe that’s how you heal your heart. ((HUG))

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Mitch. I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs. And I know it can be hard to tell people about the after-death communications that come, for fear they won’t believe, and then some go as far as creating doubt in such amazing and precious experiences. The good news is that most people believe. 🙂 There are so many people who have had experiences and then brush it off as something else. Thanks for stepping up and telling us about it. These stories help to provide comfort for people in pain. My greatest inspiration is that with these stories, the veil between heaven and Earth will become so thin that we need not miss our loved ones who has crossed over. Because we will still be in communication. 🙂

  31. My boyfriend, soulmate, love of my life suddenly passed of a heart attack a few nights ago. He was always very romantic and would say he could move his energy to me however far apart we were. I am taking his death incredibly hard and cried and begged for him to come to me the other night. I want to see him but I don’t know how I can make that happen. I am concerned that he is not at peace due to some things that were happening in his life and I worry that will deter him from crossing over. I had a dream of him where we didn’t communicate. Mostly he was in the periphery. His best friend was trying to find a proper table for us to sit at in a restaurant. His friend was talking not him. He was there but wasn’t participating. Then I was wandering a store that had all of this random, disjointed rooms. I saw his daughter but she didn’t see me. Then I saw him staring at a shelf. He looked lost and confused. I felt his presence when I awoke moments later. There was a fuzzy aura but it wasn’t discernible. I felt him say that he wasn’t at peace but I also felt his love. I’m not sure what to make of all this.

    • First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure this is incredibly hard, of course. Many times, when people suddenly pass, it takes them a minute to realize what happened, especially if it took them off guard. Even though he wasn’t able to communicate with you in the dream, He was able to communicate with you, letting you know that he loves you and seems to be adjusting. He probably is confused and lost. Just like any other change, death is a different state than life and can take some getting used to. I am sure that he will resolve his confusion soon and he will begin to seem more at peace. Always talk to him. If he can’t hear you very well right now, he will become more aware with your words of love. Sometimes you just need to wait. He probably has crossed over, it’s just that he is acclimating. Of course, his Earthly concerns could keep him attached in ways. I wish you peace and comfort. Hugs.

  32. Hi Jade ,
    I lost my mom 3 years ago, well I didn’t lose her I know where she is , but what I experienced with her is I was with her when she passed she suffered somewhat but my words to her was that I would take care of my sister whom took care of her for years , at that moment she passed away I felt her literally go through me , what I thought was crazy is I have had conversations with her typically when I am driving by myself , so of course I thought I was going crazy but it did give me a lot of peace , j have another scenario I recently lost my stepson , well he was my son , in a car accident , I watch my wife and my self hurt along with other family and friends , what I have witnessed is truly amazing , the day he passed there was a double rainbow over our small town , a week later I get my wife away to the beach , we are standing there looking at the ocean and the sky , the sky was dark and gloomy , we turned away for 5 minutes and turned back around and the dark cloud was gone and ther was a rainbow over the ocean I know it was a sign from Tyler , the hurt continues , I rarely leave my wife’s side but I few times that I have I try to communicate to Tyler to give his mom a sign that he is ok and happy , sorry tearing up , my wife woke me yesterday morning about 1:30 in tears about a dream she had , she was at a water park with Tyler , just them two , she was standing at the end of the slide and Tyler was coming down the slide laughing and smiling , he gets to the bottom and gets up and hugs and kisses her , he walks around the slide she waits a minute then walks around too , he was gone , but she got some peace he was happy , the hurt will always be there but knowing where he is helps , I believe he heard me when I said to give her a sign , we love you Tyler , and we will see you again ….

    • Such great signs, Steve. 🙂 Rainbows are very common signs to let us know that our loved ones are still with us. They are beautiful, as well, and make us smile when we see them. The dream your wife had is priceless, for truly, Tyler heard you and is trying to comfort and show he has not gone anywhere. Hugs to you, your wife and all who grieve the loss of your son, Tyler. Of course, he is still with you, just in a different form. Talk to him like you do your mother. They are very aware. Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us.

  33. Hi Jade,
    My boyfriend passed away unexpectedly on July 12. I am not proud to say I am an insecure and jealous girlfriend and because he had quite an eye for ladies and loved female attention, I have done things I am not proud of to deter him from getting close or involved with other women. In spite of all that he was, I loved him truly and deeply and miss him so much! Will he, now a spirit, be able to forgive me? And how will I know if he has?

    • Dear Ekay,
      So sorry for your most recent loss. Hugs.
      Yes, he will be able to forgive you. Having a whole new perspective, the agenda from a human being to a spirit being changes. More is understood and he will see the love behind what you did and did not do. The important question though… will you be able to forgive yourself? When you do this, you will know that you have been forgiven. Remember to be kind to yourself. It’s all good. We all play our parts in life perfectly. Take care and heal well. Sending love your way.

  34. My beloved husband who was my everything passed away 9 months ago after a short battle with cancer and I miss him so much it hurts physically. I have experienced several “strange” things in the past nine months, like light bulbs going out constantly (when before we had to change one maybe once or twice a year), almost all electrical equipment failing one after the other, a framed photo of him falling over, or waking up in the middle of the night several times only to hear a bird singing outside. Since I’m not a particularly spiritual person I never attached much special meaning to these occurences, but rather put them down to coincidence, even though I did find them a bit unusal. Maybe I should think again?

  35. Hi there, yes. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me about 3 months ago when I was ill with fever. A frosted candle in my bathroom began to glow around the base and change colour, though it was never lit and hadn’t been in weeks. There was no reason for this to happen, other than, I’m hoping, my late mother’s presence. She passed away almost 2 years ago. She always looked after me when I was ill and she still does… Anyway, as I gradually started to recover the light kept fading and fading, until when I was fully recovered, it was completely gone. So comforting…

  36. July 12 my step father passed away which has took a huge part of me with him for a couple days ago I had a dream that was so real we were talking and laughing then out of no we’re I remember saying aww dad and actually laughed I woke up a split moment from laughing to actually waking fully up with tears .I do hope to hear see or whatever it might be to having time with my dad that I so miss so much but what really gets me is he past away the day before my biological dad past.:(

    • Hi Tracy. So great you got to see your step father again. I love dreams for the possibility of having an after death communication in one of them. Sorry you lost both your dad’s. Hugs. Thanks for sharing your adc with us. 🙂

  37. Hi Jade ,
    I came online looking for answers and I have found them here.,thanks to you .Since I was young I had vivid dreams even of great grand parents and relatives I never knew ,my mother tells me I was just a toddler yet I recognised my great grandmother in a photo without ever having seen her before. Calling her the nana who plays with me. My mother says I used to smile ,laugh and talk to her sitting on the floor near an armchair. After my beloved grandmother died I felt her presence often ,her face cream and there have been times I felt my hair caressed and my forehead kissed and I know it is her. She was with me everytime I gave birth and in my darkest times ,I talk to her. I am sensitive even if I go to certain houses I can feel uneasy or feel a presence but know its not evil so I feel ok. Lately I have been having dreams of people I knew only by sight from my childhood and they come visit me ,sometimes in my dreams I cannot remember them then when I am awake I remember my dream and remember who they were.The most strange dream was a few days ago I dreamed of a neighbor who I knew just by face never talked to him and he was pestering me and following me around in my dream wanting a lamp I was holding. I felt afraid of him and ran indoors closing the door and going to bed. In my dream I awoke and found him looking down at me in my bedroom and he was prodding my shoulder asking me for the lamp .I was calling out in fear for my husband to send him away and I woke up startled feeling it was more than a dream I could feel a clear presence .Telling my mum about this she told me to pray for his soul ..asking for light he needs prayers . Poor man had mental problems and maybe he is not aware he is dead cause he did die suddenly. I have had many experiences through the years ,by the way I am 51 years old. Sometimes I feel blessed I can feel my dear departed loved ones and know and recognise signs that they are with me at certain moments but I dread when I feel other presences ,I feel uneasy and afraid. Although I have learnt to tell them off in my mind ,telling them not to bother me and they are not welcome. I felt I had to share my experiences with you and maybe you can enlighten me more . Best regards,Lorraine

    • Hi Lorianne. Thanks for writing. My senses tell me this man was looking for the light. You must have a lot of light yourself, being so connected to the “other side” the he might have thought you were the light. Is all you have to do is direct him to the “other” light. He will eventually find the portal through which to pass. Yes, prayers help. 🙂 The lamp is symbolic.

  38. Me and my boyfriend,his 2 nieces went swimming and we all went under and i could only save one of his nieces ,, i want to know if he forgives me

    • Many people feel guilty for what they did or failed to do. You did what you could do. I’m sure he does not hold any hard feelings toward you. You saved the one you could save. That’s awesome. Be compassionate with yourself. You did what was humanly possible. Some things are just part of a greater plan that we can’t always see or know. You did and didn’t do exactly what you were supposed to do. It’s all good. So sorry for your loss. Hugs. 🙂

  39. My uncle passed away last March, today,16mths later, my aunt and I call my uncle cell phone to check any messages when his voicemail message is now him saying,.It’s Scotty can’t get to the phone,Back from the dead,leave a message. Both my aunt and I were and still confused about this, it is 10 or more hours since we heard his message and not only is it still hearable, I’m seeing images, and the lights dimming, I’m honestly am concerned about this since my aunt maybe doing somethings I know he wouldn’t like. Where could this go?

    • Oh boy. I guess you will find out. Keep me posted. It sounds like he is in a dimension close to that of Earth’s, except non-physical. Astral probably. This usually happens when one is still attached to something or someone in this realm. I can’t imagine that this is like going to more heavenly realms. When he is done, I guess he will move on. Thanks for sharing this. Let us know what happens. 🙂 But I don’t think this is harmful.

  40. Just read your article about ADC and loved it. I lost my husband 4 months back and we have been together since we were 15 and 18 .30 years of togetherness and then this. As you can well imagine I was devastated , I still am but I have two beautiful children and for their sake I act my way through life because they can’t suffer , it’s not fair and I can’t cause them anymore pain than they have already gone through.
    Me and my husband have always been spiritual and my husband believed in the Indian theory of 7 births for a husband and wife , also we believe that Ravens and crows bring messages from our ancestors or ancestors come in their form to show us that they are here and strangely since my husbands passing there has been a family of Ravens coming to my balcony for every meal . Previously all these years I have been feeding crows but this family of Ravens are new and they come everyday for three meals without fail , so much so that when I am alone crying the big one just comes and sits in front of me. It gives me a feeling that my husband is trying to tell me that he is here around me and will wait for me till my time comes and we shall be together again. Please enlighten me with your thoughts. Thank you

    • That is beautiful, Hetal. Of course your husband and father of your children would never leave you. Love is the bond that holds us together. And I know this experience is difficult. I’m so sorry for your loss, Hetal. This life is really very short. This time is hard now, but someday down the road you will find yourselves all together again. Would love have it any other way? 🙂 My love to you and your children. Remember, like the ravens are telling you, you are never alone. He is always with you. 🙂 Hugs.

  41. Last night I had a dream about my father that (to the best of my knowledge) died in 1997. He left our family in 1987 when I was just 2 years old, so I had never had any type of relationship with him, even though I would have happily welcomed one, but overy the years emotionally struggled with the thought of him not wanting anything to do with me. In the dream we were talking back and forth, sharing stories of out pasts and him explaining that he did want a relationship with me but certain things prevented it. At one point in the dream he gave me a hug – and I felt it! I felt the squeeze of his arms and I could feel the fibers in his scratchy sweater (nothing in my bed at all resembles sweater material). I woke up extremely peaceful, feeling that this was really his way of communicating with me. 6 months after my grandmother passed away I had a dream that she kissed my cheeck and I felt that as well.. I was extremely close to her in life and emotionally wrecked when she passed away. I also awoke very peaceful from that dream as well. Those are the only 2 times I have ever physically felt something in a dream. Do you think this was just wishful dreaming or could it have been ADC?

    • Hi Ashley. Thanks for writing. Be sure that these were adc’s! Your father needed to complete something. Something that was very important and needed for you to move forward with your life. Make sure you take it now that you know that, at the time, he couldn’t, but now he can. 🙂 Better late than never! He is with you now. That’s all that matters now. Grandma too! 🙂

  42. All my life the sprit world has complicated with me and the sprits let me see them. My boyfriend lost his dad 9 years ago but his sprit remains in this home. He was a tall guy like my boy friend and has let me know he’s still here. This morning I was fixing my boy friend ds lunch and I noticed him walking pass me to go out side. I waited for him to come back t into the house but he did not. I looked outside but didn’t see him. I walked towards the bed room and notice the the bathroom light was on. Then he walked out of the bath room and set down to put on his shoes and I ask him if he had walked pass me and out the door and he replied No! This is the number 3 times I seen things here or while being here or with his mom at her home. At her home the sprit put haft of his body throw the door and smiled at me for about 4 mim but his mom never seen the man. I also was in my boy friends truck one night a had a vision of him in a coffee but later his uncle died and was buried in the black coffin that I seen in the vision. I have here my boy friends dad ask me who I was when I first move in with my boy friend. The sprits are wrong and let me know that they are there. I has been contacted ma y times in my lift by the after life. Marilyn

    • It’s true. Some spirits stay Earth-bound, or at lease the memory of them in the energy field can. They may be happy here. Or they may not realize that there is any other place to be. Thanks for sharing, Marilyn. Being so tapped into both worlds can be really interesting, can’t it? 🙂 It’s awesome that you were able to have that premonition of your Uncle.

  43. ADC absolutely real. I have experienced it with every death of a loved one. My father, my mother, my brother, my nephew, my husband and most recently my beloved soulmate of 11 years. I have experienced every form except phone calls but i’m not ruling them out. 🙂 All have been joyous experiences. My loved one was laughing or smiling and letting me know he/she is not suffering and is with me; closer than ever. I am not crazy. I am just tuned in. I am very thankful for the experiences and ALWAYS surprised and amazed and NEVER expecting them.

    • Awesome Indee! How exciting that you have a sure knowledge of this! It is my hope and passion that everyone gets to know that their loved ones are still with them. What we think of death would certainly be much less painful, wouldn’t it. Thanks for chiming in. What you said is right, they especially happen when we are not expecting them. 🙂 Best wishes.

  44. 2 of my friends who were brothers passed away 3weeks ago. Its been really hard for me to move on. I cry every time I think of them. At nights I cant sleep & cry myself to sleep. For some reason I feel so attached to them more than ever. I go visit them atleast once a week. I do not know what to do in order to communicate with them. I just have so many things to tell them that I never did & want them to forgive me for not being there to save their lifes.

    • Hi Jennifer. So sorry about your friends. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of tears. Death is a hard one to move on from until it’s grieved fully. The reason you feel attached to them more than ever is because they are closer to you more than ever before now. Physicality does not stand in the way of their being with you. I’m thinking that you are feeling their presence, but aren’t aware that they are with you in your sorrow. Because they no longer operate in a physical state, they can hear you better than before, as they no longer use physical ears to hear. They hear you with their spiritual consciousness. You may say all the things you need to tell them and be assured that, although you may think you are speaking into nothingness, you are communicating with them, indeed. Now, instead of thinking they have gone and can’t hear you, listen for them to let you know that they are with you and forgive you. 🙂 Thank you for commenting and best wishes to you. Hugs.

  45. My beautiiful husband passed away on 23rd June this year – We both loved each other so much and told each other everyday. I have not experience him trying to get in touch and keep asking him to do so – do you think he will?

    • Dear Lorraine, he will. Trust him on that. Sometimes it takes time. Let us know when it happens, if you’d like. 🙂 Hugs to you. So sorry.

  46. Thank God it’s not just me! I think Doug (my deceased Miniature Poodle) & I are able to see each other but only in some kind of parallel universe. I say this because the only time I can see and feel him is in a state of me waking from sleep..

    Doug came to see me last night… several times. At one point, I didn’t want to see him again because I wanted to sleep, so I was afraid to fall asleep (although maybe I WAS asleep). It’s really hard to tell where “I’m at” when I can’t get words out of my mouth (as I was yelling for Doug) and I can’t get myself to sit up (as I was looking for Doug).

    One time I grabbed him and was able to see him and was pleased to see that he was “well kept.” (I saw him in the dark but with a light shining on his face.) He was groomed nicely with long, fluffy ears and little “puffs” of fur around his wrists. (I always wanted his ears cut that way but never would have had his wrists cut like that.) He would disappear as I tried to sit up even though I had grabbed him. As I tried to talk to him, I talked slowly because I wanted him to read my lips because grunts would come out of my mouth. Now I can also surmise that my dreams included my concerns about my mom because she was talking like that while in the hospital just recently. Am I concerned I will one day be in her position and wonder what it’s like?

    But in any case, I have had no other dreams like this where I can feel something scratching on my comforter or walking around my comforter and then just stopping (meaning he’s staring at me). He also kept trying to jump over me because he was on the left side of the bed and I was on the right, facing away from the bed. (He would do this a lot when he was alive because he wanted to cuddle with Mom.)

    It’s just a bizarre feeling (though mostly comforting but sometimes creepy) that I can feel him moving and then I can see him and then I can grab him and feel his furry, little body. I can’t clearly see his face but I can “clearly” feel him just as he was. It is so weird, so that’s why I feel like he is still alive in some form.

  47. I loved reading everyone’s stories. I hope everyone heals and finds light, love and peaceful happiness. I will share my story later. I have never told anyone due to fear of not being believed. Thank you all for having the strength to share. Never feel alone as we are all connected. (Hugs)

      • This post is from Mary O. I am reposting it to Sherry’s post for Mary.

        Hi, Sherry. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. I have only told two people about Doug (my dog) coming to me… only because they both loved their animals like children. (None of us has ever had our own children.)

        The only reason I shared my story publicly is because of a former post by Sylvia in July, 2013 about her dog. I was so comforted in knowing I am not the only one… I’m not crazy or just dreaming.

        One time could have been a fluke but this has gone on for 17 months, though not often and quite randomly. I still find it hard to believe, and a lot of it is because I am in a dream state when this happens; however, I have NEVER woken from a dream feeling like I just spent real time with someone. I have never woken to or remembered touching someone who’s walking on my bed, touching a body or touching anything! All of my dreams are like me being a cameraman in a movie. I have never touched and felt anything but Doug.

        Doug is the only thing or being in my life that I have ever truly loved who died while I still loved him. I have never been married and have no kids. Yes, he is a dog, but we lived together for over 11 years and he followed me EVERYWHERE. He ALWAYS wanted my attention. He hated when I talked to others (humans or animals); he would bark or paw at me to give my attention to him, instead. Given all of this, visiting me really should be no surprise to me.

        Bottom line, don’t put off telling your story because it feels weird. You are in good company… we all have been there. Peace.

  48. My LOVE my other half the guy I was suposed to MARRY passed away 7/2/15 in a motorcycle accident 27yrs old…..I LOVE & MISS him sooooo much..I am having a HARD time dealing with it I cry all throughout my days..I dont eat much..I cant sleep..I have received some signs like butterflys heart shape cloud….I visit him every day at cemetery I always have a dragonfly come by me…One day I wasnt doing so great and my order number for my food was his football number 46 :)….I really would like him to come to me in my sleep let me know hes ok ..I ask him all the time plzzzz come but nothing yet …:(…Will he come eventually maybe?

    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m so sorry for you loss. I know, it is a tremendously painful thing to experience. Sending you love now. 🙂
      You are already receiving signs now. Know that this is him telling you that he is ok. He is. Sometimes in a sudden accident in which they didn’t see coming, that it takes their consciousness some time to come to the realization of what happened and where they are now finding themselves. It sounds like he is aware now and trying to let you know that he is aware of you too. 🙂 Sleep visitations are no more powerful than the ones you are having, although given time, you will see him in your dreams as well. Sometimes it’s a little tricky. Timing and state of minds have to be lined up for this to happen. Many times they are in our dreams, but we are not aware of them. Please know that even death does not end a relationship of love. He loves you just like he did before. He will watch over you. Trust that. 🙂 Again, I’m so sorry, Michelle. 🙂

      • Thank You Jade you helped me out some.This is the worst PAIN ever.We were high school sweethearts :)…My HEART is just broken into a million pieces even though I pick one up there still is a lot more….I just want him to come to me.. hear his voice..Should I try sleeping in my bed where we slept? Right now I sleep on couch but I wake up multiple times through the night. I am new to the spiritual world I really didnt even know about signs of loved ones until a post was sent to me on fb. I saw in some post up above some have received a phone call could I get one to?…Thanx I APPRECIATE your help!!! 🙂

        • Welcome to the spiritual world, Michelle. Its a interesting place to be. A phone call is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. 🙂 But, you get what you get. 😉 Yes. I would sleep in the same bed you both slept in. Sometimes you can feel them next to you. 🙂 I have said this a lot to people, but this kind of experience that turns your world upside down and inside out is one that produces a lot of growth and amazing miracles. An experience like this can show you who you are at your core. This type of experience will refine you as person, fill you with compassion and grace. You are on a sacred path. It hurts like hell, but it is not for nothing. Your sweetheart is with you, supporting you from beyond.:)

  49. If the deceased don’t have a body then how can they possibly touch or kiss someone?!

    The mind is powerful tool…

    I don’t even know why your website showed up on my search.

    • Hi JN, Thanks for your question. The deceased do have a body, but it is a much higher frequency than ours. You might say that it’s relative to where we find ourselves in the frequency spectrum. Having said that, energy is energy. That is what we feel when anyone from any dimension touches us in some way… emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. It’s just that not everyone is sensitive enough to detected higher frequencies when our deceased loved ones come to hug us or give us a kiss. 🙂 Thanks for reading. 🙂

      • My wife passed over in 2010 but I got my first visit in twilight,she grabbed me by the boys as if to relay your still mine, just the other night,I felt her breathing on my neck maybe a kiss idk but I got so hot I threw off the covers! When I feel her I know who it is instantly but I try to get a peek and usually break the connection! I have to learn to stay in the twilight and feel with my heart.

        • Hi Colin, thanks for sharing. Yes, sometimes when we start to question how real our adc is and/or want more, what we are getting can quickly fade because our state of mind changes on us. I’m glad she let you know she’s with you and that you are still hers. I never heard of that one before but it doesn’t surprise me at all. 😊 Hope you have many more!

  50. Hi, Sherry. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. I have only told two people about Doug (my dog) coming to me… only because they both loved their animals like children. (None of us has ever had our own children.)

    The only reason I shared my story publicly is because of a former post by Sylvia in July, 2013 about her dog. I was so comforted in knowing I am not the only one… I’m not crazy or just dreaming.

    One time could have been a fluke but this has gone on for 17 months, though not often and quite randomly. I still find it hard to believe, and a lot of it is because I am in a dream state when this happens; however, I have NEVER woken from a dream feeling like I just spent real time with someone. I have never woken to or remembered touching someone who’s walking on my bed, touching a body or touching anything! All of my dreams are like me being a cameraman in a movie. I have never touched and felt anything but Doug.

    Doug is the only thing or being in my life that I have ever truly loved who died while I still loved him. I have never been married and have no kids. Yes, he is a dog, but we lived together for over 11 years and he followed me EVERYWHERE. He ALWAYS wanted my attention. He hated when I talked to others (humans or animals); he would bark or paw at me to give my attention to him, instead. Given all of this, visiting me really should be no surprise to me.

    Bottom line, don’t put off telling your story because it feels weird. You are in good company… we all have been there. Peace.

  51. So glad I found this site through searching randomly. Reading this has really instilled that it’s not all in my head or wishful thinking. I lost my husband recently and it’s so hard to trust myself on these kinds of things, but I know the signs I’ve gotten are definitely him. I stopped writing it off as a coincidence or seeking validation to confirm anything. It makes my day whenever I receive anything. Thank you for sharing this! It’s helped me to go back and re-read this whenever I start feeling down.

      • I am so grateful to have found this awesome site.
        My father passed away on August 29, 2015 and before his passing I dreamed he passed away. Our family thought he was coming home, because he seemed to be fine. A week before my dad was admitted I dreamed I was sitting with him in his hospital room asking him to please don’t go . In this dream he told me that he had to leave and he is okay.
        When I awakened from the dream, and went to work. A beautiful white dove suddenly flew and sat on a ledge in front of me. I began to cry and asked God to allow me and my dad to see each other before He took him home with Him. As I drove from North Carolina to Maryland my daughter called to tell me that my dad kept asking if I was near. When I arrived to his hospital room I wanted to burst in tears, because I knew my dad was leaving, because he didn’t look the same. But when he saw me he had a surge of energy and complimented me. His room was the identical room from the dream even the same picture on the wall. As my father was leaving this life, I was able to pray our favorite pray; The Lords Prayer, to help usher him through. I have prayed and asked God to allow me to see my dad in dreams, but it has only been twice, but I have felt him near me so strong. Sometimes out of no where I burst in tears then I am okay.
        Is this because he is with me. My cell phone alarm went on a weird ring and a few times I have had calls from an unknown caller and silence was on the other end. I miss my hero so much.

        • Hi Rita, thanks for sharing your beautiful experience. Like you, some people are able to have premonitions beforehand that their loved one is about to pass. I’m glad you got to see him and he see you, before he passed. So beautiful how he left with your favorite prayer. 🙂 The phone calls probably were your dad too… just checking in to reach you. 🙂 I know you miss him. But he is not far away. The veil is very thin between us and them.

  52. As my dog Lolo was put to sleep Aug. 28,2015 because he was losing to cancer. I KNEW HE WAS IN PAIN…my son buried him in our backyard….and we ended up doing our daily routine. As I went to bed @nd fell asleep. I HEARD HIM CRYING TO COME IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE HE WAS ALONE…so I got up and looked …no dog in sight and I thought Lolo come in the house your not alone…and it last at least two seconds….Next day I started clean and decided to go and visited him in the backyard where we buried him and I couldnt go out . So I cried and cried.missing him so…I decided to sit in my front yard where he loved the shade and as I sat a hint of his odor brushed against my fave .Then I knew he was sitting by me and letting me know he is atill here…I want him to know that he can move on with his first owner who had past away 2 yrs ago….and I will see him in our next life…how do I do that???

    • Hi Natalie, just tell him with you mind while showing him images with your thoughts of what you want him to do. He is just trying to be a good dog and stay with his master. He may not even realize he is not still living in this realm. Send him love and light. Sorry for the loss of Lolo. Xo

  53. I had a dream my deceased mother was in the house with me and the children she and someone was in a room and myself and children in living room and my backdoor to a room door was pushed up but no one was back there and then I ran to my mother saying come quick come see but when we went in room nothing was there

  54. Late one evening I went to bed and after reading for a while flipped to my side to sleep. When I closed my eyes I clearly saw a young fetus, still curled and without the umbilical or placenta; it floated through my mind and was gone. I immediately thought of my daughter who was about 10 weeks pregnant, and figured my sleepiness and her condition, had caused the vision. About 4 or 5 days later my daughter went in for a routine sonogram and they were unable to find the baby, everything remained but no baby to be seen. They believe she’d had what they call a ‘missed miscarriage’, the baby dies for whatever reason and the mother does not know until a follow up appointment. Because she has a small fibroid that had hidden the baby on an earlier sonogram, they took blood work and asked her to come back the next day. Today’s appointment again shows no baby, no heartbeat. I am strangely peaceful and not grieving this loss, I believe because of my vision and a sense that everything is ok. Last night I had a visit from my grandmother; gramma has been gone for many years and has never visited me (to my knowledge!) she gave me the biggest, longest hug, it was almost as if my arms were able to reach all the way around her – we hugged so tight and so close that we seemed to be ‘one person’ in that hug. I believe she came to me because of the loss of this grandbaby.

    • Hi Eileen. Thanks for writing. 🙂 What you saw was a vision that your grandchild, or the soul of your grandchild is still very much alive, so there is no actual loss in the grand scheme of things. I have seen that exact same vision that you described in a vision before, but as a being a light and intelligence. I would expect this child will try to make a re-entry if possible and all are willing. 🙂 So glad your mother came to you. She is definitely privy to knowing her great grandchild and the plans that involve him or her. Best wishes to you and yours. Thanks again. 🙂

  55. Hi,

    My dad passed unexpectedly at the age of 68 on 10th Aug.15. I thought we’d still had 10-20 years together. There’s so many things I would have loved to say to him. The pain is unbareble and I can break down crying anytime day or night.

    I read a lot on ADC, near-death-experiences, reaching out to deceased ones and am looking for a thrustworthy, experienced medium. Anything to have a conversation and feel/see him one more time. But there’s nothing but an endless and extreme brutal void.

    I envy all of you. Why is it not hapening to me ?

    • Hi Marc. Sorry for the delay in answering, I’ve been away for 11 days with no service. I am so sorry for your loss. I know it hurts. Hugs. I want you to know that you can still say all those things to your dad. He knows your thoughts. 🙂 Trust that your communication will find him smiling lovingly. 🙂
      I know it is hard to read adc’s when there seems to be none in sight, but it will happen to you. Patience is a virtue, but can really be difficult to be waiting though. We miss our loved ones deeply, it’s true, but they are with us whether we have evidence or not. 🙂 He will make himself known, Marc. Trust him to ease your mind with this.

  56. My boyfriend of eight years passed away on June 24th, 2010. I did not know of his death till the following morning, but on the day of his death approximately an hour later, I was reading a friend’s message on Facebook and I don’t know why my thoughts went to my boyfriend and I started crying why he wasn’t marrying, I have never cried that much in my entire life, my tears were unstoppable and my heart was acheing. I have never felt that sort of outburst of emotion.
    It was later I realized that he was probably there and my emotions was a deep sense of loss.
    I had twice dreams of him being alive and I was telling him that everyone thought he had died but I knew he didn’t. I was so so happy and at peace, I wanted to scream and let everyone know he is alive. The peace I felt during those dreams were extraordinary, I didn’t want it to end.
    A few years later, his best friend and I were talking about him , I wanted to show him my boyfriend’s picture on my boyfriend’s laptop, as soon I started it, my boyfriends favorite song came on without even me trying to play any music, I was astounded. We both tried to put it off but couldn’t until the song finished. I guess he was there trying to let us know that was with us.
    I got married last year but I cannot ever forget him and my heart aches whenever I think of him.
    I know he is near by.

  57. Hi,

    My dad passed away unexpectedly on 10th. August. I am having a hard time accepting it and have been reading on ADC and contacting psychics since then. I so wish I could talk to him or give him a well meant hug so he would know I love him. Unfortunately, how much I would love to, it doen’t seem to happen.
    Why ?

    A deep beriefed son,

    • Hi Marc. Unfortunately, this will take some time to heal. The grief process that our brains go through is absolutely brilliant as a way to carry us from the ruin of our pain to eventual healing and acceptance.
      I know you love your dad. He loves you, as well. Please know that he is aware of your thoughts and feelings. So all of the words you didn’t say, all of the actions you didn’t take to let him know of your love and appreciation… he knows. He will find a way to contact you to let you know that he is aware. Keep in contact. There are many of us who understand and know the pain you feel. You are not alone, my friend. We are here. 🙂 Hugs.

  58. Hi everyone can anyone tell me why I keep smelling the cent of my mother in law . my wife has been diagnosed with cancer. I smelled it the first week she was diagnosed before she came to bed this lasted about a week. Yesterday while I was treating my wife with a Reiki session as I do every day in the hope she will get over this terrible disease the cent returned and it was so overpowering I couldn’t hardly breath, and nearly had to stop. my wife who has lost her sense of smell even said she could smell it. Has her mum come to help her to be healed . regards Mick

    • Hi Mick. Thanks for writing in. I think it’s just that your mother-in-law is with you and your wife, supporting you from beyond. It is very possible that she is there to help with the healing. Blessing of love and healing to your sweet wife. Reiki is powerful medicine!

  59. Hi I posted on the 5th. Meanwhile i visited a medium. I felt good afterwards. She knew my dad wishes his granddaughter a Happy Birthday. This was the best news he could give me. I’ll let my daugther know gently.

    Thanks dad !!

    • Hi Marc. I’m glad you found a good medium. That is so important to find a trusted source. I’m glad you found some relief. 🙂

  60. After my boyfriend committed suicide, a week after his death I was doing my hair and took a selfie of me. And from behind I can see a human form that was so identical to my boyfriend, but the weirdest thing is that only his head could be seen and by the look of it he was wearing his sunglasses. The reason I know is because I compared it to the last picture he took two days after his passing. Still wondering if this could mean something because I was not able to be at his funeral, because his family made the cruelest thing by excluding me from his last days I could be with him.

    • Hi Brenda,
      I’m so sorry for your loss and that you were excluded from seeing him on his last few days. As if the suicide wasn’t painful enough. That is so cruel and must be very painful to you. It sounds like he made an appearance though. If you saw him there, then he was there. Death does not extinguish love, not ever. I’m sure that he is with you and still caring for you from beyond. Hugs and love on your path to healing. 🙂 Please read articles about “grief” from my site. It’s on the navigation bar. I want to make sure you get through this completely. It would be a horrible thing to get stuck in with no way to heal. My best wishes are with you.

  61. Hi, my mother passed away a number of years ago ( 26 ) and I always prayed that I could receive a sign from her or even dream about her in a good way because in the couple of dreams I did have about her where we were together she would always turn away from me. I found that very hard . One night I had a dream where I was in a large dark room with a huge window where I could see the most beautiful sunset. There was also a desk with a phone and I thought I’m going to try to call mom . I just wanted to hear her voice one more time but when someone picked up the phone on the other end it was a man ,whom I didn’t know, and when I asked for my mother ( by name ) he replied that my mother had ‘moved on’ and that he would be ‘guiding’ me from now on.
    He sounded kind but emotionless. I woke up sobbing ‘mom, mom !’. I realized after a while that this was my spirit guide ( although he has never made himself known to me since and it’s been about 14 years ) but now I feel that that was his way of telling me not to expect to ever have my mom try to contact me. Am I correct that this sometimes happens ?
    Thank you for reading this lengthy letter !

    • Hi Kim. Thanks for writing in. 🙂 I wouldn’t rule out a visit from your mother. It could still happen. Some people don’t receive an adc until many years after the fact and are surprised when they realize it has finally happened. It’s almost like a miracle! 🙂 Although it’s true that you have a guide/guides/angels or whomever, I believe that your mom, wherever she is, whatever she is doing, at some level, is still very aware of you. 🙂 Don’t give up just yet. 😉

  62. Hi Jade , Thank you so much for both reading and replying to my email. I have one question but I don’t know if you’re able to help me with this one . Why ,whenever I’ve dreamed of my mother ,does she always turn away from me ,by that I mean she never faces me in my dreams? They’re not really bad dreams because in all of the dreams I’m telling my mom that everything will be alright that I’m going to take care of her, but still she won’t even look at me , I never get to see her face . Any thoughts on this ?

    • Hi Kim. 🙂 Many times adc’s are symbolic, rather than literal. It seems to me that she does not face you because she is in a different place than you, and this represents that. I don’t know your history, but it could also mean that she can’t face you for some reason. Maybe there was something left incomplete and this reflects that, but I don’t know. Just look to see which one of those, if any, feels true for you. In my most recent post, I’m Closer Than Ever, Mom Bridgette experiences something similar with her son. She wondered why he didn’t smile at her when they were together in an adc. I mean, he didn’t frown, he just didn’t smile. I wouldn’t take it personally though, sometimes, although adc’s are vivid, they can also be vague. The fact that she doesn’t face you and/or turns away from you seems to have a vague quality to it, but you got to remember, they are connecting to us from another place within our dream state. Our connection relies on their ability to reach us and our perception of it. So this could also have something to do with the way your brain is perceiving your experience. I hope that helps. I don’t think it’s anything negative. 🙂

  63. Dear Jade ,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain things to me ! I very
    much appreciate it .
    As well a huge bouquet 🌸🌺🌻 for
    having this website and for helping so many people .

    • You are so welcome, Kim. 🙂 Thank you for reading. And… thanks for the flowers! They are lovely. 🙂 So happy to have helped. Please keep me posted if/when she comes for a visit. I’d love to hear about it.

  64. Hi,

    This website is great! I was just searching the web for: ‘I felt my unborn baby’s spirit leave my body’, and your site came up. I really wanted to see if anyone out there ever had this experience. It was a warm and sunny day. I picked up my son from school and was heading home. My son and I were chatting about our day. He said something that made me laugh. I remember this moment so clearly! Like it happened just yesterday. I looked at him for a moment, laughed at his little joke, looked straight ahead at the road…then felt something shoot right through me out of my head. I knew immediately what had happened. My unborn child’s spirit had left my body and I felt it!! I became very anxious! When I arrived home…I called my mom and told her what happened…she was caring, but really thought it was in my head. I told her that my baby was dead! She tried to calm me down and told me to call the doctor…so I did. I told them what had happened and they didn’t believe me either. They told me not to worry and that I had an appointment in 2 weeks. That was the worst and longest 2 weeks of my life! I was 14 weeks along and was feeling twitches and movement in my belly…til that day. I was really struggling through this time. I knew the baby had died and that was messing with my emotions every day. I couldn’t function so I called a psychic! I couldn’t believe what this psychic said to me! I didn’t say anything about being pregnant at all! I made sure of that! Then…she said’ “Renee, I want to picture your unborn baby in Jesus’s arms.” OMG!!! I freaked out! I then went to church that Sunday (I know…ironic) and had some of the people there lay hands on my belly and pray over my baby. So…suffice it to say…I went to my doctor’s appt. and she couldn’t find the heartbeat. Sometimes….people just know!

    • Thanks for sharing, Renee. I’m sorry for your loss. I sure believe you. 🙂 Some people are very sensitive to feeling the spirit of an unborn child leaving their body, as yourself. I have also heard about people being able to feel when a new spirit enters into their body to become a child. Hugs.:)

  65. I stumbled upon this site through Google trying to figure out what has just happened with a dream I woke up from not 10 minutes ago; my friend committed suicide four days ago, I was just at her ‘viewing’ today which was surreal. I went to bed about 2 hours ago and had a bizarre dream, as soon as I woke up I wrote it down in letter format to her, if you could please help me make sense of it that would be so greatly appreciated. This is what I had written down..
    “You came to me in my dream just now. It was so vivid that I thought it was real. One of those dreams that is just SO real.
    I was in my room, or a variation of my room. It was dark and I was in bed trying to sleep. I turned my clock radio on (which I never do). Music was playing – ‘I can feel it in the air tonight by Phil Collins’. I guess dreams and subconscious ness has a funny sense of humour. The music cut out and I heard your voice. It was clear and I knew it was you. There’s no mistaking that voice. I asked if you were ok. And you say ‘yeah I’m ok, but my mom.’ And you cut out to radio static. You kept talking and cutting in and out and you kept saying I’m okay. At this point I realized I was dreaming and I tried to wake up. I fell out of my bed with my blankets wrapped around me. I was freaked out and decided to watch some tv. I went to the living room and I couldn’t turn on the light. I felt despair and sadness envelop my body. Again, I realized I was dreaming. In an attempted to wake myself up I squeezed my eyes tightly and screamed.
    I’m awake now and not sure if I actually screamed.”
    Strange, no? Unlike other visitation stories I’ve read on here this one seemed jumbled. But felt so real. Please help me make sense of this. Was it a real visitation dream or my imagination?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Melissa. Your dream was real. Your friend was trying to connect with you and was fairly successful. The only thing more would have been to hear the entire message. It sounds like your friend is okay, so no worries there. Just something about the mom. Is there anything you can do about that? Talk to the mom or something? I would expect another visitation from your friend fairly soon. Stay aware. Listen intently to everything. Thanks for sharing.

  66. My mum passed away Sat 26/9. I missed her passing which devastated me. I am struggling to cope. She was sick and I am relieved she has passed but feel so guilty as I promised I wouldnt leave her.. I cannot stop crying. I slept the night before at home and when we arrived at the hospital the next day she passed just minutes before we arrived. I was devastated.. In the room, about 5 or so minutes later I noticed the lights were flickering… it was quite obvious to me but no one noticed it.. and all said it was probably faulty lights or normal flickering.. they didnt flicker again. I am hoping so much this was her…

  67. I forgot to say… I also had a dream the next morning of her passing.. was dreaming of something then all of a sudden I saw my mum walking around (she had a funny walk) with a cup of tea, she said she had no idea she had passed over. She wasnt distressed… Then I woke up..

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Corinne. Hugs! 🙂
      Yeah, that happens. Many times people pass and have no idea. It depends on how they passed and/or if it was unexpectedly. Sooner or later they become conscious of what has happened and adjust to a new way of thinking from a different perspective. It sounds like your mother has adjusted. 🙂 I know this is fresh and you have just begun your healing journey, but I wish you peace and comfort.

  68. Thanks Jade… it wasnt unexpected, she had confusion from a bleed on the brain.. and mild dementia.. she was quite sad before she died.. 🙁 … what do you think of the lights blinking as mentioned above.. cheers

    • Yes, absolutely. I pretty much looked at it as a given. Electrical disturbances are a classic form of after-death communications. More than likely, it was your mum. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience, Corinne.

      • Hi Jade… I had a reading from a medium.. I was quite shocked as she said that the lights were not my mum communicating with me.. she said she was arguing with my father who passed years ago.. they were estranged … I find it hard to believe this… Im a little sad as now I am thinking there is no life after death at all… I havnt felt my mum at all since that initial first few days after her death.. feeling a tad sad at the moment….

        • Hi Corinne, thanks for Writing. 🙂
          Of course there is a life after death! 🙂 We are made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed. It only changes form.
          I had the same painful experience. I wrote about it in, The Wall of Mystery, and also, Mantras for Empowerment. Just search on my site for it. I think these posts can help you.
          Listen please. 🙂 This is what I had to learn and I really believe that this is what it’s coming down to for all of us, if we are to move further towards the light. We must trust our own experiences. This is spirituality. You saw the lights blinking and knew this was your mum. Your daughter had her own experience with the cup shaking and falling over and you both knew this was your mum. Right? Stick with that story! And with all those who support it. Forget the rest who don’t. Who needs that? Look. I am a medium, too. Except I do something a little differently than a lot of mediums. I encourage people to become their own medium. To trust what they get and grow in their faith and ability. I know this is possible for EVERY ONE! This is not to say that some mediums are not really tapped in. This is only to say that YOU don’t have to rely on someone else to connect to with your loved ones. YOU have it within YOU. YOU are very powerful. You just don’t know this yet. If the advise you get goes against what you know deep within, you can let it go. What I’m saying is to trust your own experiences. They are valid.:)
          Because I have gotten many requests lately from people going through the same thing, I am in the process of creating an online class on how to become your own medium. My passion is to empower whoever wants, to be the source of their own communication with their deceased loved one. 🙂 This might be of interest to you.
          Although what happened with this medium and your thoughts about it, is painful right now, it is also a very valuable experience, and an awesome invitation for you to believe in yourself. Choose you. You rock!:)

  69. Hi, my father passed away sept 23, and i dreamed of him 2x, the first 1 is, i saw him, he just visited me, I saw him a few seconds then all went blank and i woke up, around 1:55 am, and today september 30, I saw him again, we were, eating dinners with my children and my dad, i told him, dad, you cant eat the soup cause its oily, and i saw him laughing, he said, why i cant eat, you think i am ill? And i still said, dad, would you like me to cook fish for you? He said, no thanks, this soup is fine, and I said dad, I love you, and he look at me, . It seems that everything was real, and i also forget that he already passed away, then i asked him again, are you going to stay? Then it all went blank again, and i woke up, around 1:55 am, and now I know, that he visited me again,

  70. My mother passed away this past Thursday September 24th at exactly noon on the dot. I’ve had ADC once before with a friend who committed suicide 7 years ago. my sister shared this story with my mother when she was alive, I never really told anyone about it. But my mother knew I could hear. I’m not a medium by any means, but for those I care for, I for some reason can hear. Anyhow, I knew my mother knew I could hear the dead. I knew that she would come to me in around three days time after her passing. So the early morning hours of the Monday following her passing around Midnight, I heard a faint whisper in my ear. I was sleeping, but I knew it was coming, It begin with a chill… I get chills as the dead are approaching. She whispered to me.. faintly and very distant. It is hard for me to hear. I’m not a practiced medium and I have no idea how to exercise this ability … but I could hear her say my name. I kept my eyes closed and I conversed with her. I asked her If she was scared and she answered “No I’m happy”. I asked her if her journey was done she answered “No” . I asked her if she had anything she wanted me to tell the others and she spoke but she was too far and I couldn’t hear her. I just told her I couldn’t hear her she was too far , but that I loved her. it was short. but it was amazing but not like the first time I went through it. I expected this. It was peaceful. I knew she was happy. What gets me is why I struggle to hear her clearly. She was sooo far away. Its like a very faint whisper. When I opened my eyes she was gone. I didn’t see her… I could only hear her.

    I wish I knew how to do this better, but I obviously do not want to open the door to others that I do not know. I’m hoping she comes again. Id like to communicate with her for my family members struggling to come to peace. I’d like to convey her message and I so wish I could hear what she wanted me to tell them.

    God willing she will come again.

    • Hi Sandra! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad you were able to connect with your mom. 🙂
      It sounds like you have an access to things in the spiritual world. I would not worry about others coming through, you may become someone who can get messages from the deceased to the living. 🙂 That would be a awesome gift and purpose to have. I get a lot of auditory, as well. Sometimes even having full-on conversations. This is why I want people to know that their loved ones are not far away. Because they are not. Many times they just leave us to our lives, as not to interfere with the growth we must face without them. Most growth is born from struggle.
      It sounds like you have a formula in communicating that works for you. Keep doing that and I’m sure you will visit with your mom again soon. Best wishes.

  71. Hello Jade… update… my daughter 9 years old.. came running out of the bathroom.. toothbrush in mouth looking frightened… she then explained that the cup holding the brushed started shaking and moving finishing with it falling over…. I find this powerful as there is nothing that could have done that but an earthquake..

  72. I am going through a very stressful time and it seems I will be made redundant, however today I felt uplifted for no reason and the fear has subsided which is a very welcome moment, then the clock at work behind my desk just fell on the floor at 12:29. Is this my brother who passed away earlier this year I wonder

    • Yes, Pete. When they are present, it seems they bring with them a much welcome relief from our struggles. The exact time is an indicator that your brother is letting you know he is with you, aware of you and doing what he can to support you from beyond. I’m sorry for your loss.

  73. Hello my husband has been gone for almost three yrs and I had ever dreamed with him since he’s gone but for the last couple months I have been dreaming with him I really don’t know if it’s a dream or a visitation but we talk and he asks what’s been happening since his absence and I tell him is this normal would like to know if I’m just dreaming of him cause I miss him or is he really checking up on us or me . thank you

  74. My mum passed away yesterday at 2am I went to bed last night & fell asleep. My landline went off not its ringtone but like it was paging my other phone downstairs, my mums mobile was on it at 23.10pm was this her? 🙁

    • It sure sounds like it! 🙂 Our loved ones do their best to get to us if they can. It sounds like she was trying to alert you and say goodbye. Of course, your mum is still with you, just not as a physical being. Pay attention. She will probably contact you again. 🙂 My thoughts of love and healing are with you. 🙂 Hugs.
      Thanks for writing.

  75. My name is Yvonne Lawrence and for the last two or three weeks I have experienced the song “In the arms of an ANGEL ” which is downloaded on my phone plays in the middle of the night without touching my phone and constantly during the day I don’t feel afraid I can feel the sense OF serenity in my body and it feels so warm and I know there are ANGELS watching over me is there anything that can be explained from this?

    • Hi Yvonne. Thanks for sharing. I think you are right. Your angels want you to know that they are watching over you. I mean they always are, but for some reason, they want you to know how supported you are in their arms. 🙂 This is a message from them to you in form of a song. This happens a lot, it’s just that people think it’s just a coincidence. If you get that “singled out” feeling when you hear a song, meaning… you think it is talking to just you… IT IS.

  76. After reading so many beautiful testimonies to love’s continuance after death, I feel compelled to post my stories. I too believe we must be aware and open after we lose someone because they are very probably trying to connect with us.

    After my dad’s passing at the ripe age of 97, I verbally asked him to let me know he is okay. I had talked about this with both my parents years prior. “Don’t scare me!” I cautioned. I just wanted to know that all was well. I didn’t immediately get much until a few weeks after Dad passed. In one dream, in which he seemed happy but a little frantic, he was holding a telephone. Later, maybe it’s because I had settled down, and he had become more comfortable, he gave me an amazing dream. He came out of a dark corner into a brightly lit classroom. I clearly remember a teacher’s desk with a globe on it. There he was hanging upside down, a very bright presence. Could this mean he had a totally new perspective? Dad was holding out a CD (he adored classical music) with a white background and several gold fleur de lis shining out of this white space. I grasped him and asked if he was okay–I didn’t get a response, but instead was directed to the CD and what I have come to recognize as a symbol. Who knew the fleur de lis extends back to Sumeria and ancient India as a symbol of immortality and rebirth? I certainly didn’t until I researched it after my dream. I have come across it periodically since, the first time it was emblazoned on my daughter’s birthday gift shirt not long after Dad passed. Second, I had shared my story with my husband and receptive friends while having a drink at the Stanley Hotel of all places. My daughter and I took the fun ghost tour while my husband et al went to have some fun in town. The first store they walked into featured a necklace with a fleur de lis hanging from it–the very first item they saw. Needless to say, my husband bought it for me.

    I received another symbol from Dad in our trip to Playa del Carmen a few months after his passing. I was reading a book on ADC when I came across a discussion of the butterfly as a symbol of continuing life. I finished the page and looked up. Something was glinting off the shirt of man walking by–it was a shiny butterfly. The staff had scattered the tiny butterflies and other party items across the dining room table in preparation for dinner. The butterflies had an adhesive back and the man had stuck one on his shirt. These “coincidences” astound me.

    My mom waited much longer to connect. She had dementia when she died, and maybe that just adds to the disorientation and confusion. Finally, for two mornings in a row, I received a light kiss on the lips just as I was waking–my mom and the kiss seemed like one thing. There was no doubt in my mind she let me know all is well.

    I hope this helps someone who is searching and in pain. Sometimes I still get profoundly depressed. I think of our vast universe–incomprehensible–and think maybe we are all lost and nothing has meaning. The contact I have had with my mother and father brings back hope. Keep reaching out, speaking aloud to those you have lost. If you do so with as pure a heart as possible and with love, I believe they will find you. My very best to everyone.

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean. Your after-death communications are beautiful. 🙂 Yes, your Dad hanging upside down definitely means he has a different perspective of everything. He is clearly demonstrating this to you. And also… that he can. “Look, no hands!” 😀

  77. I’ve glad I found your site as I have been researching stories of ADC since my father passed away on 10/4/15. Myself and the family have had many things happen since then that are difficult to just explain away. Please keep in mind I’ve never had things like this happen before and have always been kind of a skeptic of such.
    The day after my dad died I spent the night with my mom to comfort her and we had a nice time. We talked about dad, ordered pizza and watched tv until late that night. I got up once to get something out of the kitchen and was thinking how nice of a time we were having. All of sudden I had a flash in my mind of my father smiling at me. It was very colorful, detailed and he looked healthy and happy. I didn’t really think much about it at the time but it was a bit unusual because I’ve never had such a detailed image flash in my head before. After my mom went to sleep I went into the guest bedroom to go to sleep as well. I cried for quite a while just missing my father so much and finally went to sleep. The next day I told mom of the image that popped in my head and she said she was glad I said something because the day before she had something happen but was afraid to say anything. She was brushing her hair in the bathroom and is sure she saw a figure in the bathroom mirror walk through the room behind her. I asked her if it scared her she said it startled her a bit but not too much because she’s sure it is dad. We then talked about maybe dad is just letting us know he’s with us. Throughout the past year of his illness, I would visit the hospitals and he would always say “don’t worry about me just make sure you are taking care of mom.” I feel like maybe that is what the vision was meant for me.
    A couple of days later, around 11:00 PM, I was sitting outside on my patio talking to my brother on the phone about these things. We just talked about that maybe it was dad trying to communicate with us etc.. All of a sudden about 20 feet away from where I was sitting my security lights came on. This is strange because it hasn’t worked right for probably 5 years and we just leave it off. To get it to come on you have to switch it on in the garage and stand in front of the sensor, jump and waive your arms for about 10 seconds before it comes on. I hadn’t turned it on, it was perfectly still that night and there was nothing in sight that could have set it off. I waited a few minutes and went inside and asked my wife if she had turned it on and she hadn’t. I checked in the garage and sure enough the switch had been turned on. Maybe she forgot doing so but regardless it’s just amazing to me that the light came on at the exact time my brother and I were talking about dad showing himself.
    A couple of days later around 5:00 AM I woke up and had been lying in bed for a while and decided to get up to use the restroom. It was completely dark and I walked back in the bedroom and looked towards the bed and saw a small white glowing light come from my pillow area, curve down towards the ground, start to curve up and disappear. It was so vivid that in my mind I said “now what the heck was that?!” The whole scene seemed to last a few seconds. My first thought was my son was in bed with us and had grabbed my cell phone from the end table and pulled it down to the ground. Sure enough my son was in the middle of the bed but was sound asleep. I checked my phone on the end table and it was face down and the screen was completely dark. I looked through the blinds to see if it was maybe a car but there wasn’t anything outside. People might say this was just my eyes playing tricks on me, maybe my eye movement caught the alarm clock on the other side of the bed. However what I saw appeared to have genuine movement, not just a blur or flash of light. I’ve tried to recreate this scenario but the light movement isn’t close to being the same color, motion or placement of where I saw it.
    This past Monday was my mom’s birthday. My family went to her home, celebrated and had a nice time. We talked some about my dad some but wanted to keep the mood light so mom and the grandkids would have a nice time. When I was ready to leave my brother was sitting in a chair by dad’s side of the bed. Shortly after I was driving home my phone rang. it was my brother. He was very anxious and said you won’t believe what just happened. He said he was just sitting talking to mom and out of the corner of his eye he saw his cola can slide a few inches on dad’s end table. My mom didn’t see it but said she heard the sound of a can being moved along a surface. He said he picked it up and examined to make sure there wasn’t condensation or something that could have made it move but there wasn’t. I asked if possibly he hit the end table with the chair but he said he was sitting still just talking to mom when it happened. There was also still some liquid in the can which makes it especially interesting how it moved by itself. He even called me back later saying he’s never experienced anything like that before.
    I truly believe these occurrences are my dad communicating with us and letting us know he’s ok and still with us in some way. None of it has been frightening it’s just been unusual and I feel blessed that so much has happened and in such a short time. This has also greatly helped with the healing process. We’ve always been an incredibly close family with a ton of love for each other. My father’s death has brought us even closer which is the way dad would want it. I just thought I would share this with you and thanks again for the blog for people to share their stories.

  78. My husband past away six months ago. They say it gets easier as time goes by, I have yet to see that happen. I do get frustrated when I hear of loved ones having dreams of him. I’ve only had two and both times he doesn’t talk to me and when I try to get closer to him, he walks away…. Can anyone please help me figure it out? The last two weeks of his life he couldn’t communicate, people say that it must have impacted me more than what I think. Thank you in advance and helping me understand…. One of our songs I’ve hear more than usual on the radio.. Bitter/sweet.. It’s from queen… “Your my best friend”
    When I have to fix something around the house, I talk out loud and ask him what to do.

    • Hi Helen. So sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. Hugs. I know, it can sure be frustrating when other people are having the after-death communication dreams that you think you should be having, being his wife and all. Just a thought, but can you say a little more about him walking away? It could be purely symbolic of something. Does it seem that he is aware that he is doing this? If so, what is his attitude? What are his gestures saying to you? On the other one you mentioned about the song, I think this is a very clear adc, as it is quite common for them to talk to us in songs that seem for us, and play so often that it seems that this is a message to us.

      • Thank you responding Jade…
        The first dream I had was at a hotel lobby with friends of his. I was talking with two of them and my husband was across the table with my other friend that past away two years ago. They were both whispering to each other and didn’t come near or talk to other people around. I went to walk closer to them and they both walked away. They were looking at me. I called out to him and asked him why he didn’t respond but they kept walking away. Around the corner was an elevator and they got in but I didn’t get a chance to see what floor they ended up on. They were both calm…yet rushed when I got closer.
        The second dream was at a house with family and watching people dance. Seemed like he was talking to other people in this one but I could never get close to him. He was also calm in that one.
        Thanks for your time and hope I can get a better understanding of his actions in my dreams so far. Still feel that from his last weeks not being able to talk impacted me enough that it bothers me in my dreams. I miss talking to him, I just wish he would. Starting to make me feel like he’s upset with me for something. We had a awesome marriage and always did a lot together, he past away a month and 1/2 half shy of our 15th anniversary. I keep going through my mind as for what it could mean. Is it bitterness? Resentment? Loneliness?

        • No Helen, he’s not upset at you. 🙂 Now this makes sense to me. This is a symbolic dream. He and his friend who had also passed, and you with your friends who have not. This shows a clear division in location. Sometimes, there are places you cannot go in a dream or out of body experience, which this probably was, and still remain of Earth to live your life. Sometimes, a person could represent that place too. Perhaps you getting closer to him represents this, like, if you touched him, you might be where he was. It happens that some are not to be touched and some can be. Who knows why? Both dreams, he is looking in on you, and both dreams you try to follow him, but can’t. It’s not your time to go there. What this tells me is, your husband is looking over you and wants you to know he is still with you, but he has to leave you to live your life, albeit… difficult now. Grieving does get easier, it really does just take time and sometimes, a lot of it. If you take these dreams in a way that makes you feel pain, he may hide when visiting. I’m not sure about the not being able to talk, but you would know more than me. If he talks to you in a future dream, you may be surprised to find that many times, instead of using their mouths to talk, they do so telepathically. The important part for you to focus on is, your his BEST FRIEND! (Like the song says:) I’m sure whatever this condition is that he doesn’t actually talk to you will clear up. Trust in him, yourself and your relationship. Your bond is still intact. 🙂

          • Thank you for clearing that up for me Jade!
            I know he’s not suffering anymore and I tell myself that he’s on vacation and I will see him again. My first marriage was abusive were I lost a child due to it. Then I found mister right… Now he’s gone!
            Our youngest son told me that he was suffering more than I was… I got upset and asked him how can he say that to me, knowing how much I love his father and he said, “you can always fall in love again mom, but I will never have another father.”
            Made me cry even more… My husband was always healthy, exercised, happy, never smoked, barely drank, loved life and made the best out of everything. Loved to make people smile or laugh.
            He always said that his time will come when he’s 54. I never believed him since he took care of himself. When we went for our walks he complained about being out of breathe and saying that old age sucked. If we would have remembered his family history of cancer, can’t help but wonder ..would he still be here?

            • Dear Helen. Yes, a vacation that you will, at some point, join him on. 🙂 That’s a great way to look at it. Although your son has an excellent point, the person who is grieving the most is the one that’s in their own skin. Although relationship are different, grief is still grief and it hurts! I guess he knew the time of his passing and wanted to prepare you in some way. Can we ever be prepared enough though?

              I don’t think anything would be different if you had remembered his family’s history of cancer. I just think that was his time to go. He had told you this already, and probably when he was healthy at the time. If you haven’t already, you can read some of the post I have on grieving on my site. They are under “GRIEF” under the navigation bar on the home page. 🙂 Hope this helps. Hugs to you.

  79. My Dad passed away at his home in August – he had Alzheimer’s. Very recently my Mum went to the glovebox of her car and there were two of her brooches in there. She knew she had not put them in there as she kept all her items of jewelry in a bag in the house. She and I think it must be a sign from my Dad although there’s nothing remarkable about these two items and she wore them years ago and would have no reason to put them in her car – she wasn’t even sure if she’s seen them in years. I’m wondering if there’s some sort of significance in the items or the number (two of them). I know that on the day my Dad passed (two months ago by the way) there was a tremendous downpour and few cracks of thunder around the time the funeral director came to collect him. I also felt I needed to go outside after and find a rainbow and to my surprise there were two of them in the sky after the downpour had cleared. I took a photo on my phone to keep.

    Or could it be two meaning my sister and I? Or the two dogs my mum now has (she has bought another just a few weeks ago) I don’t know and could spend a lifetime trying to figure if there is significance.

    This is not the only ADC experience in my family home. My Grandad died in the late nineties and a few years later we were talking about him while watching TV. All of a sudden the TV went to standby. I put it back on and I said I thought it was Grandad. I then asked my Grandad aloud to do it again and it went into standy again.

    I’m a rational person and these events happened and I really want to know why and how these things happen I mean, how do two physical objects go from a house to the glovebox of a car. It’s pretty amazing I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Thanks.

    • Hi CJ, thanks for writing! Our loved ones like to get our attention so we know there is something going on out of the ordinary. Not just one unlikely brooch, but two of them! And two that materialized! Yes, this is an amazing thing that our deceased loved ones can sometimes pull off. 🙂
      You mention weather when you father passed. Yes, this is possible too. 🙂 And… of course the rainbows mean that all will be well. Not to worry. 🙂
      We don’t understand why these things happen because they are happening beyond what our brain thinks is possible and/or rational. Once these things begin to happen, we see how limited perception really is, and although it can be unexplainable at the time, we know that it happened. People try to understand spiritual things with a physical brain. It’s pretty amazing that these things happen and it let’s us know that there is a whole world that we are just tapping into. 🙂

      • Thank you Jade for your response. Your comments affirm my own belief in all of this. I’m absolutely fascinated by this kind of phenomena and I’m also feeling good to know my Dad probably did make those items appear. Are you aware of any other examples like this where objects have materialised in odd places? I’ve heard that coins are another example. It had to be an odd place for my Mum to find them and for for us to make this connection. I’m a true believer in the possibilty of an afterlife and I know a lot of people would probably find such a story absurd but there has to be more to life and hereafter than what we experience physically. I think our minds were once more capable of the spiritual side of things than we are nowadays where we’re so distracted by busy lives and technology. If anything else happens I’ll be in touch to let you know. Thanks again 🙂

        • Yes, CJ. There are many examples of this in my after-death communication stories. It boggles the mind. 😉 And coins are common, for sure. 🙂 It’s true that busy lives and technology keep us very occupied. In your first comment, you asked about why two brooches. It is to get someone’s attention, but it probably represents you and your sister or your mum and your dad- or both, as a brooch is commonly worn close to the heart. 🙂 Yes, let me know if it happens again. 🙂 Take care.

  80. I lost my 19 year old son last year just before Christmas and since then I have received wonderful adc’s throughout the year, pictures have moved, a necklace that he bought me many years ago appeared alongside some of my perfumes that I use everyday out of the blue. I haven’t seen it for years. TV turned on during the night when we were all asleep it was my birthday. Feathers a penny the list goes on. The last one was pretty amazing when I was on my tablet and a message appeared on my screen that I had with my son 3 years ago part of it said he missed me. The night before I went to sleep I asked him to send me a message and he did for which I was so grateful. Everything has now gone quiet and I am so worried that he has moved on. Do you think this could be the case?

    • Hi Tracy, Thanks for sharing. I so understand your concern. He has not gone. He has just left you to your life right now. He is aware of you and loves you still. You will see him again. You may even have another ADC from him sooner or later. Although it is hard for us with them gone from this realm, we must learn and grow without them. This is why we are here in the first place. 🙂 I believe that one day, with more and more people having these experiences, our two worlds will merge and all will finally know that there is no death, just different ways to live. He is closer than you know. 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply Jade I have always believed that we go on after this life and after losing my son getting these adc’s is confirmation of this. When he first passed I started to experience a very high pitched drone in my ears whenever I thought about him or when I visited his headstone. I still get it now when I visit his headstone although it is not all the time now. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

        • Hi Tracy. Not a high pitch drone specifically, but it doesn’t surprise me. Sound is just another way for them to communicate. Like some people smell scents or see things pertaining to their loved one, some hear things too. It’s definitely an undeniable sound. Good for you! 🙂

  81. So like 3 weeks ago, someone I used to talk to back in high school (we weren’t that close but we used to be classmates) passed away and last night was the second Time I have a dream with him in the dream. we were just hanging out and conversating having a good time what does that mean?

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for writing in. I don’t think there is any hidden message here. Only to say that he still lives and likes to hang out and talk with you. 🙂 It also points to that you are easily able to receive messages from him. That’s cool. 🙂
      So one other thought. Next time you talk to him, ask him if he is in the light? This same thing happened to me, and in our conversation, I found out that my friend, Kevin, did not know he had died in a plane crash, just days earlier. That could be another reason that could be very important to him.

  82. Question: dad passed away January 16, 2015 since then we have had 46 lightbulbs go out, some of them multiple times. Could this be dads way of communicating?

  83. Very interesting and informative information. I have a friend whose son just passed a week ago and they keep seeing a fox. Different members of the family have spotted it and the Fox appears to know them and stares at them. It has only been one week and he passed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 30. He was full of life and I don’t think he was ready to go. Five different groups of people have spotted the fox. is this common?

    • I’m not sure appearing as a fox is common, but so what? Maybe he likes them. 🙂 They appear in other animals, so why not? I mean it is sort of unusual that this fox would be noticed by 5 different groups of people. And especially people who, not only have known the deceased, but stares at them also like he knows them. 🙂

  84. Hi,
    My mom passed away 2 months ago today. We had the terrible decision to take her off life support. Totally unexpected. Since then we had things happen like lights going on or off when they shouldn’t. I smelled the smell of her house while driving in my car one day…I live in a different state than the home I grew up in. My brother had an encounter with a hummingbird longer than usual and that was her favorite bird. I had a couple large swallow tail butterflies hanging around my home one day. My son starts talking about my mom out of the blue and he really didn’t know here very well but really loved her the most out of the grandmas- he rarely talks about the other grandparents. But what I want to talk about is this. I had a dream. I was with my son, (6yrs old) and I turned around and there was my mom. I hugged her, she didn’t hug me back. I said to her, you died at the hospital , I saw! she said, No they fixed me up, I’m fine now. Where’s your brother? And in the dream she seemed to be looking over my shoulder and wasn’t really interested in seeing me. This bothers me tremendously. We were very close. Why wouldn’t she hug me back? or my son? I am hoping this was just my dream and not her coming to me. but I can’t say for sure.

    Sorry this is so long, I just needed to get this out.


    • Hi Erica, thanks for writing. So sorry for your loss.
      It sounds like, on some level, that your mom is in denial. At least partly. While she may be visiting you, your son and brother with signs, it occurs as though she is not completely conscious of her situation. This happens when people do not know they passed or haven’t accepted it yet. It’s not a problem that she didn’t hug you. You see, if she had or acknowledged that she died at the hospital, she would have had to face that she was gone. And there are some people that are just stubborn and don’t want to be wrong. 😉 There are some that had no warning.

      I believe she did visit you on some level, but also that this to be meant for an insight for you to know. Eventually, she will come to a full acceptance. When this happens, she will hug you in dreams and act like it matters more. She is not in any danger, like all of us, whether in this life, or in the afterlife, she is just trying to figure it out. 🙂 Let me know how it turns out. 🙂

  85. Hi Jade, Thanks for writing back. I should have mentioned that this dream was right after she died. Since then and actually the night after I wrote this post I had another dream and we were talking on the phone and laughing like we always did and then I saw her, she was in her regular outfit and looked happy. She did seem like she was glowing. But whats very interesting is this morning my oldest daughter told me that before she woke up Grandma had come to her in her dream and told her this, “tell your mom you need to go to church more”. And my daughter said she was sort of in a light and someone was with her. She didn’t know if it was Jesus or what…but my uncle Tommy, my moms brother died two years ago and he had long wavy hair and a long beard, it could have been him. I haven’t been to church in years. And she didn’t go either in her older years. She did go to catholic school as a child but went to a public high school. As time has gone on my mother and myself have sort of lost the faith, so to speak. So this is the latest.

    Thank you for your insight, I really enjoy reading what you have to say and the other posts.

    • That’s awesome, Erica! I’m glad you saw her again in a positive light! Pun intended. 😉 It sounds like she has adjusted and is fully aware now. That’s great. Perhaps your mother is telling you that she wants you to increase in spirituality; as that is sort of the bottom line of going to church. Having faith is a great power unto itself. 🙂 Thanks for keeping me posted. I appreciate it. And you’re welcome! 🙂

  86. Regarding: ADC

    Since my mother passed nearly 18 years ago (12/12/97) when my oldest son was around 9 1/2 months, I have had fleeting smells that remind me of the person who has passed. My mother was a smoker and a coffee drinker, neither of which I am, so when I smell that I know it is her. After my father passed five years later (10/28/02), I could smell his cologne. My brother-in-law passed away three years ago (10/02/12) and a could a strong aroma of onions and his apartment. Every once in awhile, I smell strong, overwhelming aromas that I assume may be others coming through that I may or may not know.

    Last night around 5 pm, my mother’s smell came to me. It is drowning me because as I sit here and write this at almost 1 pm the next day, it is still engulfing me. It has not dissipated. My question: is why hasn’t it gone? Is it a harbinger of something bad? In the past smells are fleeting so I am nervous. I had trouble sleeping. Any ideas?

    • Hi Chrissy! 🙂 If you think this is a problem, you can always “white light” yourself and the surrounding area. You do this by asking for and visualizing the light around you and your home as a protection bubble of white light. You can say a prayer of protection. Some people “sage” their homes to rid unwanted energy. This is done by burning part of some sage. Many health food stores have them or know where to direct you to find them. I’ve found that the best way to attract undesirable spirits is to be afraid of it happening. Fear is like energetic food to some of the darker ones and sometimes we make the energy field prime for this to happen. The best way to keep them out is to become intense with love. Release them from your space with authority, love and compassion. 🙂 Or… it could be that your mom is just hanging around a lot longer this time. In any case, do what you feel is right for you. Let me know how it goes. 🙂 Thanks for writing. 😀

  87. Something creepy happened to me today. My grandma passed away 11 months ago. 2 days ago i went with my dad to her house to pick a vintage clock she had in her room. When i got home i replaced the battery but the clock still didn’t work. I decided that until i get to fix it, i’ll set it up for 9:00 just so it would look nice. I put the clock on the wall.
    That was 2 days ago.
    This evening i noticed the clock started working! 2 days after i changed the battery. And the most creepy thing was to find out the time it shows is correct and exact time!!! It started working out of the blue, on 9pm! The time i set the clock 2 days before!
    I’m freaking out. Does this mean anything?

  88. I had a strange occurrence a week after my partner passed away almost three months ago now. I was in the living room and had the fan on, i noticed it was speeding up and slowing down like a revving engine (I had it on the lowest setting). I didn’t think much of it even when it happened several times over the next few days. About a week later another occurrence happened this time the nightlight for my daughter that we had in the bathroom stopped working. i thought it was the light bulb but then notice it was the circuit breaker. I reset it and plugged the night light back in and was fine for about 1 min but then tripped again and stopped working. I reset the outlet again and plugged in the hair drier and tried it again. The hair drier ran without issue. I then tried the night light and it tripped again. At this point I figured the light was screwed up so left it and went to do something else. I came back and thought Emma (my partner) are you playing with me. I tried it again and it worked without issue. A few light bulbs blew as well over the next following days so I started to think power surges due to summer time. Funny thing is both my neighbours said they were fine.
    So today almost three months after Emma passed I decided to move our bedroom furniture around for a different look (yep still say our), it was something we had talked about doing. Well the oddest thing was while I was doing it all these things that happened popped into my head and I thought oh crap it was Emma. Not sure if anyone has experienced this electrical oddities.

    • Yes, Jl Electrical disturbances are a common after-death communication signs. 🙂 Glad you are connecting with Emma. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  89. Òn Fathers Day 2015 My lovely younger Brother ♡ Died in my arms 😢 I miss him and his voice so much X I know his10yr old Cat Chelsea misses him …but I feel guilty when I have to tell her off…she’s obviously clingy at moment! But I have asthma and her fur starts my chest off! So can’t have her on my lap all time! She doesn’t understand.
    Do you think my brother heard and saw me?? As he lay passing in my arms?? As his pulse was weak and he was on high oxygen!! He had an aggressive Cancer! Was on Morphine. …😭
    I have been waiting for a sign! But I don’t know what I’m looking for!! My heart aches for something! I read your piece about light flickering as a way of connecting!! I never give it a thought! Until I read…..but my landing light bulb has been flickering for about a month now! I changed bulb….still doing it….Could this be my sign? ? But what would it mean?? I would rather see or smell him. He was a very intelligent man….Please can you help me understand.
    I feel bad I couldn’t always be there for him! Like I used to be many years ago…. why didn’t I know? As I love him so much 💔 I wanted to do things so differently! !
    I wanted to hold him more! But couldn’t because of home life! From the past…
    I don’t know how to end this ! So I’ll stop here! Xx and hope to hear from you. Best Regards KAF!! AS MY BROTHER CALLED ME. 😊 xx

    • Hi KAF, my heart goes out to you. So sorry for your loss. From what we know about Near-death experiences, it is a pretty classic experience for the one passing on to view what is going on as they depart. For example, in my NDE, I was watching those in the hospital room panic as my heart stopped momentarily. I have heard of this happening a lot. I’m sure your brother knows of your love and care of him though. A sign could be anything. But mostly it is something that strikes you that is a bit unusual. This is how they try to get our attention. Yes, it could be a flickering light bulb that is telling you he is there. But many times, an after-death communication has a feeling to it that there is a communication directed at you that is trying to get your attention. A lot of times it happens when you are not expecting it. When it first happens, people usually think it’s a coincidence and doubt. I say, just be open to it and see what happens. Also, although it is natural for the bereaved to feel guilt and have regrets, it makes no difference in what happened and significantly adds to your grief process. You did what you did. You didn’t do what you didn’t do. And either way is okay. But, no matter what you did/didn’t do, you loved your brother. And that’s really what matters in the end. Go easy on yourself. Your brother does not hold anything against you. He loves you too. 🙂 Thanks for writing. Take care, KAF. Hugs. 🙂

  90. My great grandma just passed away. Before I woke up this morning I had a dream I found pictures of her and I in photo booth strips. That was the dream just me looking at the photos. What does this mean???? Please and thank you!

    • Hi Maxine! My first thought is that she wants you to remember her, and yours and her relationship together. It means that she still lives and your relationship remains intact. 🙂

  91. May 23, 2009 I lost my husband, he was 42. Self inflicted gun shot wound right in front of me. My most recent experience was a phone call from my mom. At first she came in clear then all the sudden all these weird sounds came over the phone. This is not the first time either. Our son was here with me. He is now 30. But I put it on speaker so he could listen to what I was hearing. It was as though we heard a voice like they were trying to say something. but we couldn’t make it out.

    • I seem to be having difficulty telling this on here as I have on other sites too. it’s almost like he doesn’t want me to talk about it. But, I didn’t get to finish in my first paragraph in the first post of what I wanted to say. When I looked at my son, he had a weird look on his face. He started talking to his father and telling him it was ok and that we loved and miss him. I said do you think it could be? Then my son said, “look mom, you sitting in the spot.” By that he meant the spot where he shot himself at in my home.

      • I’m having difficulty again. Like I can’t finish my story. I have trouble navigating the bar. It jumps around. But what I said was that we love him, i forgive him, and that he just needs to cross over. I told him that i was ok… it was kinda freaky and it wouldn’t stop. So I hung up. I called my mom back and she asked, what was all that? I said, “you heard it too?” she said yes. “That was weird.” and I said, “I know.” But since his passing there have been a lot of strange things happen and I see him, talk to him in my sleep. I can touch him and see him plain as day. I know he’s ok. I had a lady tell me when he died that he wasn’t going to go to heaven. But what does she know? and who is she to judge. She’s supposed to be a christian. right? She’s not God and she doesn’t know. Besides if he was to be someplace else, I don’t believe that I could feel his presence . i hope this helps anyone who wonders too, because in my heart i feel him with me where ever I go. In a song, seeing white feathers, a butterfly because he called them fudderblies. So when I see one, I say, “There’s a fudderbly and i smile while while thinking of him. He was my soulmate. I loved him all my life. Ever since I was 16. And I’m now 48. I miss him everyday ssooo much. His name was Ken.

        • Hi Rhonda. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. 🙂 So sorry for all you’ve been through. I’m glad that you are able to communicate with Ken. That’s awesome. Honestly, I wouldn’t listen to anyone with that “Hell” talk. Like you said, who are we to judge? 🙂 No person completely knows the heart of another. And people do people things. I’m sure he’s fine. Take care and thanks again. 🙂

  92. This past August I lost a 4 year old niece in a tragic car accident. We all truly miss her and don’t understand. Well my six year old daughter and her were really close. And I know my daughter misses her dearly. Just yesterday I found a little notepad that my daughter had wrote in. It was a couple of pictures and it said “heaven is happy” “I miss Shi” “I love Shi”. I cried. Well today I decided to clean her room. All over her stuff she has wrote her cousins name. And I asked her why she was doing this and she said that she does miss Shi but that she doesn’t know why she is writing her name on everything imagineable. She did mention that Shi doesn’t want anyone to forget her. Anyone experience this?

    • Hi Shana, so sorry for your tragic loss. I haven’t heard of this exactly, but it sounds like your daughter is having some form of communication with her. It is quite possible that she can see or hear her, even if it’s in her own thoughts. Or how would she know that Shi doesn’t want anyone to forget her?

  93. When a close friend was murdered in 1995, I had a dream where he came to me to tell me he was ok. I cried and said I wished it was someone else, he smiled and said “what if it was your family, I’m ok please don’t be upset” this was my first experience with ADC. When my best friend was dying of cancer, she made a promise to me to confirm the afterlife. The night of her passing I crashed hard as I’d been by her side for 48 hours. The next morning there were 2 text messages on my phone from her home phone number. The first one read ” Deere”, the second read ” Freere”, 3 months later she came to me with a list that she kept pointing to, she was telling me to find her daughter. 3 weeks later I had learned that her daughter had been removed from her father’s care and placed in the ministry. I only learned this as her daughter came into the store my mom worked at with her foster mom. I can clearly connect with the other side, I’m not closed off to it.
    My loving husband of 22 years passed away from burn complications on October 23, 2015. Since then I have had 2 dreams, in both dreams he is with other women and tells me how much he hates me. We have had a very loving relationship, and never lost our passion over 22 years. I did my best to save my husband that day, I kicked in the door to the room he was stuck in, I got him out, called 911 and sprayed him with a hose until paramedics came, I was by his side for 6 weeks in ICU, but after many complications and the failing of his liver was given the news that he would not survive. I had to make the choice to keep him on life support or take him off. We had discussed what we would want in that situation, and I did what he would have wanted.
    Why does he hate me…what do these dreams mean? Is this him making an ADC…why would he be so mean. I’m so scared I made the wrong choice.
    I’m desperate for answers.
    What are your thoughts?

    • Dear Broken, So sorry for your recent loss. I’m sure this experience must have been unsettling, if not horrifying.
      Two things come to mind. Either this is the part of you (that we all have) that makes ourselves “wrong” and this experience is that you couldn’t do enough or a “you weren’t enough” conversation from the past that needs to heal. Or you are being messed with by something other than your husband. Personally, with these experiences, I don’t believe anything that is NOT love. I don’t recognize it as light. I only recognize it as something hidden by darkness and something I can’t trust. You know your husband. You know the love you had between you, right? You know you did all that you could to save him. You followed the instructions you both decided on while he was living. Please don’t doubt what’s good. Please don’t doubt love. You have have these great ADC’s before this last horrible one. It has made you feel insecure and desperate. Who is the author of this? The darkness or the light? Fear or Love? Trust the love between you and your husband. This was not him. There is no resemblance, right? See Overcoming Fear, Facing Inner Demons on this site. This might help explain things if it applies to you in some way. Blessings of love and light. Thanks for writing. 🙂

  94. I am so thankful for this sight. Yesterday I told a friend that I have not felt my dad’s presence lately. I am doing much better since his passing in August. I have moments of breaking down then I am okay. There are times that I would suddenly say something he would say, that makes me laugh. I have a stop watch that I use for work and lately I haven’t used it, but early this morning it went off and when I look at my clock it was 2:31 am. This was the exact time my father passed away. I sat up and began smiling remembering my conversation to a friend and the only thing I could do is think that my dad was letting me know that he is with. That brought joy to my spirit.
    Plus I dreamed of my mother whom I haven’t dreamed of for years. It seems as if my mom comes to me dreams when my back is against the wall. I believe my mom is an angel to assure me all is well. I miss them so much.

      • Greetings Jade, I haven”t felt the pressence of my dad lately. Is there a period that they don”t come to us or is it , because I am healing from his loss since last August. I sleep with his picture and I notice there are times that I catch myself saying many things that he use to say just out of no where. His brother past 3 months after he did and I was wondering if maybe they are together. But I find my self at times while driving home from work in the morning talking as if he was with me. This gives me comfort that we are connected. Do you think I will ever feel a strong pressence like I use to? Or is because I am not recognizing his pressence, because the very first known experience I had is a month after his passing I felt a pressencea saw a glance of a figure and a few minutes later my unplugged tv fell over. That scared me and it never happened again. I miss him so much.

        • Dear Rita. It sounds like you are still experiencing him. You are probably more used to it and it is subtle now, like he is with you all of the time. 🙂 Yes, he and his brother have reunited. 🙂 Don’t worry about not getting the dramatic presentations that he is with you. They may come too, at any time, the subtle ones are just as good, and probably easier for them to pull off. 🙂 He is with you. No worries. 🙂

  95. Thank you for posting this info. My dog passed after 18 yrs in June, I was with him at the time. Since then I have seen him in the house here and there and also hear his bell ringing around the house. I was worried somehow he didn’t cross over. After reading your article, I know he is comforting me.

  96. Last night my grandpa passed around 9:47pm. Me, my brother, sister, cousin, uncle, auntie, mom, dad, grandma, and 2 family friends along with hospice were all there as we watched him passed, all except my other uncle, who was the oldest son. He came in around 11:30pm from work and his phone wasn’t working so we had no way to communicate earlier. As soon as my other uncle walked into my grandpa’s room this little trinket holding Holy water near the front door flew off the wall and landed on the floor. I think it was a sign that my grandpa was like finally my whole family is here. My mom picked up the tricket and Holy water and gave it my uncle, who was the oldest son, and he blessed my grandpa with the Holy water. After the people from the funeral home came they prepared his body and he was put on a stretcher with the flag covering his body, we said our final goodbyes, and as we were watching them carry my grandpa out of the house, one of our family friends received a text from this lady who didn’t know what happened but it was a slideshow video with music in the background saying stuff like goodnight im sending you hugs and kisses, I love you all so much, goodbye I’ll see you again and like be happy for I am 100% better. I think that was a sign too that his presence was leaving and that he wanted us to stop worrying and get some sleep for it was about 1:30-2:00am already. I’m sad that my grandpa passed but I’m happy because I know he’s in a better place with his mom, dad, brothers and sisters and that he’s no longer suffering and I know that’s he looking down and that one day, me and my whole family will be reunited with him 👼🏽❤️

  97. Hi. I am hoping that you can help me. My mom died July 29th, 2015. She was diagnosed with cancer for a short time when she died suddenly of an infection causing septic shock. She thought she was going home that day from the hospital but she died instead. I left my home state a few years ago and didn’t go see her while she was still alive. One of my biggest regrets. She was very spiritual and always told me she would let me know she’s around if she died first. She raised me and my sister alone, I ADORED her. I talked to her everyday up until the day I got the phone call. My mom and I had some problems, but that was years back. I first had a dream that we were talking on the phone, but I could see her. I said “but, mama, you’re dead!” and she said “I ain’t dead. I’m just dealing with all this bull crap”. That’s exactly how my mom talked. But, ever since, the dreams are horrible. They are always her belittling me, taunting me, telling me mean things. I don’t understand, because me and my mom went through some things and made up a couple years before her death—forgiveness and pure love. I did “inherit” her beloved dogs, but couldn’t keep them. Is she mad because I promised I would? I feel like I’m being tortured. It consumes me every second. I am suddenly out of energy, short of breath and severely depressed and anxious all the time. Its like I have a dark cloud hanging over me. Nobody else in my family feels it and they only notice that I’m tired, no other changes in me. I guess I hide it well. I can’t sleep because of these nightmares. I’ve had at least 15 since she died like this. Is this my mama doing this to me? Is she mad at me because I wasn’t there or because I don’t have her dogs? My last question is can she find me? I live over a thousand miles away from where she lived/died and she’s never been to my new home. Please help me.

    • Hi Tonya. 🙂 No, that’s not your mom. If it is dark and horrifying, it’s not of the light. Your mom loved you, still loves you and would not do that, right? Sometimes other entities take advantage of grieving people to cause fear. Fear is a dark energy or at least a low level vibration, as opposite to trust, faith and love- all from the light with a high vibe. They are not necessarily evil, just not to be believed if doesn’t feel right. Yes, your mom knows exactly where you are. She is always connected to you. Love is the bond that holds us together. 🙂 Invite the confusion to leave you and when the time is right, she will come through shining. 😀

      • if it causes you fear it means that they want to revive.
        as in your fear brings them to life. they can touch and do stuff .

        if you believe in god then pray or in whatever you believe in pray.

  98. on nov. 30, 2015 I saw my cousin walking towards me and when I saw her I saw her mother instead of her. I imagined her mom was her. her mom walking towards me and with sunlight coming from in back of her.
    My aunt passed away and my cousin looked like her mom all I wanted to do is run towards her nd hug her but I knew it wasn’t her.

    hope you guys get ( understood )what I wrote.
    please tell me what this means
    thank you

    • If I’m understanding what you wrote correctly, people often look more youthful after they have passed. It could be that she just looked like her daughter.

  99. My partner passed away 3 weeks ago from a reasonably short battle with cancer. Last night/early hours of this morning I had a dream of him and at the end of my dream I saw him beside my bed. I then had the urge to open my eyes to see a man further down at the end corner of my bed. I’m not sure if it was my partner or another male figure but I remember seeing a beard and perhaps a beanie on his head. I got a fright and my heart started beating fast but I closed my eyes as I was incredibly tired and couldn’t keep them open. I had recently been sorting through his belongings and had an emotional few days. What do you think this means?

    • Thanks for writing, Charlotte. I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs.
      It’s pretty clear to me that your partner was with you at your side. The man at the foot of the bed could have still been him. Sometimes they look a little different. For instance, every time I saw Christian, he looked a little heavier. He was always pretty thin and was trying to gain some mass when he was living in this realm. Another thing comes to mind too. It could be a guide or guardian angel or someone your partner brought with him that you were not supposed to see for whatever reason. Perhaps you were not expected to open your eyes. Notice how difficult it was for you to keep your eyes open. I think it means that your partner is with you, watching over you, caring and loving you from beyond. 🙂

  100. My beautiful, vibrant Mom passed very suddenly on November 6, 2015 while alone in her home. She was very healthy and lived every day caring for others and loving the Lord. Her wishes we’re to not be viewed or have a funeral, and I’ve been absolutely devastated by all of this. Her husband hasn’t allowed me or my children into the home that they shared, and now he has had her cremated and wishes to spread her ashes on what would’ve been her birthday, December 22nd. My lack of closure, severe grief and anger, has caused me to lash out badly, and I’m struggling with the decision to go or not. She’s visited me twice, once an odd conversation in a dream, I couldn’t see her, but could hear her talking about my sisters fighting (which simply never happens) and the next dream she was there, smiling gorgeously at me, but not speaking. I touched her face with my hands and asked her why she left. She held me while I cried. This was a few weeks ago now. I had surgery yesterday and have asked her many times to make her presence known and received nothing, even under anesthesia. A friend of mine, however, dreamed she was with my Mom as a young woman on a gorgeous beach, and my Mom was asking her to notify everyone she is in heaven and very happy. For some reason this has only made me furious, that she’s gone and left me, an outcast by my entire family, even my precious children just tossed aside. I’m so sad for her husband, who found her in their beautiful home, after having been out of town on business. I cry more for him than anyone else, but I’m so hurt and angry that he’s excluded me from EVERYTHING in the event of my own mother’s death and refuses to even talk to my beloved children who have been raised in his home. Why is she doing nothing??? How could she just leave me when I need her so badly? What do I tell my children? Should we even bother going to this awful event to spread the dust of what was once only a vessel that carried her? The most difficult part is not knowing why or how she died. It’s all just absolutely horrifying. Having lost my Dad almost seven years ago to cancer, this is nothing like that…. She was my best friend, every single person in our family knows how close we were, yet they all turn their backs on me (except my older sister, who sadly is the only person whom Mom didn’t visit before “passing on”. And this, also, makes me furious, because I know it is torturing her knowing we’ve all had communication with her, except her oldest daughter.) What a shame! How do I get past this anger? Should I force myself to go to this event that I feel is just too little too late? I beg for her to give me answers and she visits my friends instead of me. I find it infuriating! We were so close!!! Why did God do this to our family? I’m glad she’s happy, but she’s left us all so confused, torn, distraught, enraged, and just stricken with pain. I need help, advice, anything. Your page has offered much comfort to me, but how do I figure this out? What is right for us, knowing we are not even welcomed by her husband and his family? I feel like I deserve to be there, but not welcome…. Why won’t she help me? Why has she left me? Why can’t I let go of this anger? Please help. Thank you so much

    • Dear CeeCee, So sorry for the loss of your mother. I can’t blame you for feeling confused, angry, torn and deeply saddened. It sounds like the people surrounding this loss are just focused on their own needs and not the needs of the whole. My heart goes out to you and your children. Sometimes people behave in ways that seem cruel when they can hardly deal with the loss for themselves. I know it is so hard to deal with, and then hope to get any sort of closure without the answers.
      I sure would do what honors the relationship you have had with your mother… whatever that is. If it means going to the spreading of the ashes ceremony, then so be it. It might help to bring some closure for, not only you, but to others there, that you are in attendance with them. Only you can answer these delicate questions, knowing the situation. But don’t not go because you feel chased out by her husband and some others. It would be too bad if you missed it for that reason, then felt bad later for not attending.
      I don’t know why your mom left. Sometimes it makes no sense. And yeah, it’s great that those who leave us are happy in the next world, but what about us who remain? Been there, done that. Just know that you are not alone. All of these emotions you are having are valid. You are just trying to deal with what happened in the only way you can. Hugs. 🙂
      Your mom might be doing something to reach you, however, we are not always in the frequency to receive a message, so sometimes the messages go to other people who can at least, relay the message to us. Seems kind of impersonal, but better that than not at all, I suppose.
      I doubt this is something that God did, it’s just something that happened. Death happens in life, to everyone. Your mom will help you. That’s what love does. She has not left. Why would she? She is aware of your thoughts and feelings. Keep talking to her. It’s okay to feel angry. It’s part of the grief process. It’s natural for a time until it is resolved. A suggestion for the anger. Write it out on paper until you have completely articulated your emotional upset to each particular person you have issue with. Read it several times. Even read it to someone else that will listen. Read it several times, if they let you. 😉 Please don’t read or send them the letter though. This is for you, not for them. Then keep going back and rewriting it. Eventually, you will capture your whole upset. You will begin to read between the lines, and your anger should dissipate at some point. When you are finished and you feel this is complete, have a ceremony where you burn the letter in the spirit of forgiveness and in the action of moving on. After this, I believe your mom can come through a whole lot easier. Please let us know how it goes. Hope this helps. 🙂

  101. Question

    Hello my name is Cathy . My mother passed in September. She was 84 , she was a blessed lady never had surgery or no illnesses. It was just her time. While she was in the hospital I felt I was the one who took the reigns and i am the baby of the family and felt i had to be strong and keep my emotions on a level headed basis. I feel ive been handling my loss of my mother.

  102. Question

    My mother passed away in September. I had a little anxiety the last couple weeks about Ill never hear her voice again and felt that I couldn’t remember what she sounded like. Well I woke up at 5 am and fell back to sleep. In my dream i was talking to my sister when the phone bleeped in with another call. I answered the phone and had to say hello a couple times and then I heard Hi its your mother. I really dont remember my reaction it wasn’t scary or upsetting, it happened so fast all i thought at first was normal and then realized wait she oassed away. Then she asked Where are you guys” thats what has me thinking what did she mean by that. Is she still crossing over and needs guidance. But i did say thank you as i got to hear her voice again.

    • Hi Cathy. Thanks for writing. So sorry for your loss.
      It does happen that some people take longer to cross over, but I wouldn’t expect this in your mother’s case unless she doesn’t realize she passed away yet. Did she pass unexpectedly, suddenly or in her sleep? She might not be aware if she did. This could explain the, “Where are you guys?” question. It could also be that you were worried about not being able to hear her voice ever again and your subconscious or your mother provided a way for that. I guess the biggest things to consider are, 1) Did you feel this was her connecting to you or a was it a dream fulfilling your desire? 2) Do you get the feeling that something is wrong? Or are you just feeling anxious because of her passing? 3) Could it be that it’s her voice you need to focus on and not necessarily what she said. After all, you did get to hear her voice again like you wanted. Consciousness is a strange thing. Sometimes, even after one has crossed over, they still have to adjust to a new reality. Just think about living in this plane. Sometimes it takes a very long time for our consciousness to catch up with our reality. I’m not saying this is her situation. I am only throwing out some ideas for you to consider. Even if she hadn’t completely crossed over, she is in no danger. Like physical people, spirit beings do what they do, too. My feeling is that she is just fine. And that she just wanted to interrupt your normal life (by intercepting a call you were already on),connect to say that she still exists, misses you and she also allowed for you to hear her voice once again. 🙂 Does this make sense to you. In other words, it is symbolic that she is on the “other side” and connecting to you. Please let me know if there is anything else.

      • Thank you. No she didnt pass suddenly. She was in the hospital for a week. Prior to that she told us on many occasion she was ready to go…i do gave another question. I have asked her to visit me again. Last night while I was sleeping i felt such a wariness on my cheek. I told my self i think she gave me a kiss. Could she have considering i was beside myself they day after my first dream.

  103. Hi Jade.. I just want to share with you my adc since after reading your article I put the pieces of the puzzle together. My cousin died tragically in Australia over a month ago and his mass service was held two nights ago. Myself and the family gathered at a local hotel after the service in memory of him. As the night went on I was chatting away with my cousin (my late cousins sister) and she was explaining to me a dream she had the night before. She told me that he contacted her while he was getting on a train and she was running after him. He told her that he is with her and he loves her but he needed to go. She said that was very upsetting to her but made her comfortable knowing he was at peace. Now on to the crazy part… Last Wednesday I left college and was approached by three strange men in a car while I was waiting on the bus and one of them went to get out of the car after me and I ran for my life just knowing it wasn’t right. I have been living down the country for the past year away from my family. So, this morning, while I was back in my hometown, I myself had a dream..and my late cousin appeared to me in the dream. He seemed all relaxed and just like the way he used to be. We chatted as normal and he told me “I’m here sarah”. Then I was awoken by my partner and the dream was interrupted. So after I did some research on this phenomena, I found your website and it just dawned on me. I left home today on the train and I just had an epiphany of some sort that maybe he is with me. And passed that message onto my cousin in order to tell me that he was there and he will be with me when I return home? In the dream he held a phone that looked very similar to mine that had earphones. It then dawned on me to be careful when I have my earphones in when I am traveling home from college. I know this is related to college because there were people in the dream that i go to college with. I’d love to hear your opinion on this as I feel there definitely was some sort of message there. Thanks. Sarah, Ireland.

    • Hi Sarah from Ireland. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 It sounds like you are definitely on to something. When something hits you so strong as an epiphany, that is usually a message from the “other side” penetrating our world. I don’t know how your cousin passed, but he is probably very sensitive about these things, which makes sense that he was trying to protect you. 🙂 I’m glad you ran like hell. It’s a good heads up that although there is good in this world, there is are those who would make our lives difficult. Very insightful that you tied the dream to college and the train, being that the students on the bus represent that. The ear buds represent some sort of blind spot or something hidden from you. Take caution please.
      It sounds like you may be intuitive, as well. Trust what you get. 🙂
      Glad you are safe and so sorry for your loss. Thanks for reading. Best wishes to you and yours.

  104. I lost my 20 year old son in a car accident on Nov 12th 2015. I got several of his pictures put in frames. And it seem each time yhey are put on the wall they fall and the glass brakes. I would like to think it’s a sign from him it doesnt feel fair he was taken from me like this. I miss him so much I hope he knows how much I love him how proud I was of him .

    • Hi Leah. So sorry about your son. It really doesn’t seem fair at all.
      The picture frames coming off the wall is definitely your son trying to let you know that he is still with you. He knows that you love him and are proud of him. Our deceased ones can perceive our thoughts and feelings, so you can always talk to him silently or out loud. Hugs. Sending love…

      • Thank you I thought it was him too. Last night I dreamed he was just lost. And I was looking for him in an old orchard behind the library. I was screaming his name over and over again and it was so real that he was just missing and at some point I relized it was a dream my husband had to wake me I was crying uncontrollable even in my sleep. As if I’d lost him for the first time all over again. I don’t even knw why im typing all this it was just so real. thanks again

        • Hugging you, Leah. Your brain is just trying to heal from the trauma of it. It’s going to take awhile, but it will happen. You will heal. 🙂 Just know… your boy is with you even if you don’t physically experience himself being there. He is. 🙂 Take care.

  105. Hi there, my mum passed away on 25th October 2015 from a long illness. She lived in a nursing home 5 minutes walk from my fathers home and where she lived most of her life. since then on 3 occasions in the last week, one of my fathers black cats keeps returning home with a long stem white rose in her mouth, the first one was so perfect and not damaged, we have no idea where she had got it from. this has happened on 2 more occasions. My mum loved roses, we had white and red roses at her funeral and whilst she was still with us I even had a rose tattooed on my foot/ankle to remind me of her, the cat is coming into the house and meowing whilst holding the rose perfectly central in her mouth, could this be a sign from my mum????

    • Yeah, for sure, Sarah! That’s a very clear one since cats like… NEVER do that. 😉 So awesome. Not to mention the connection with your mum and roses. Thanks for sharing that.

  106. I would like to tell you of several experiences that I have had and believe. I am a true believer that our loved ones can and will communicate if we open ourselves to believe. The first time for me was when my dad died I asked for a sign and one of the lights on the Christmas tree started to flash llike crazy. I knew it was him letting me know he was alright. My mother passed away 4 years later and the same thing happened when I asked for a sign the same chandelier and the light started to flash like crazy again and also I was telling my husband how close I felt to my mom when we watched this particular movie together we laughed and cried ,it was a tender moment and when she died I turned on the TV and that movie was on…I had not seen that movie in years.
    After that years later my finance passed away and I was very sad so I asked for a sign and I laid on the couch so sad and all of a sudden a song came on and I knew it was a sign from him as he use to tell me that he loved this particular song and it made him so happy when it played. Also, I was driving towards the graveyard and my lights in the car started flashing I am talking my four way flashers my signal lights everything……..I knew it was him. I said, you know I am coming and as soon as I reached his grave site the lights stopped and it never happened again. I have been so blessed to receive these signs and I had another the other night where I was sleeping and half awake where I felt a kiss on my forehead and I heard a male voice say ” I will always love you” .could this be him ? Thank you for letting me share.

  107. A couple of months ago I saw a very old photo of a man in his 20s. I don’t know why for some strange reason I kept looking at the photo. He was good looking, but I’ve seen many photos of good looking young men. After thinking a lot about him, I went to the garden and sat on a chair, but my mind was still on that old photo. When I sat down I had a feeling of someone kissing me lightly on the cheek and the thought “at last” or “finally” – After feeling the kiss, I sort of ‘came back’ and became somewhat afraid that someone could kiss me without being there so I dismissed everything as some imagined event. It was very strange because I sort of felt that he was happy to meet me… There is no chance that I have met him before because the photo was from the early 1910s

  108. Thanks so much for this site! I first wrote in back in October 2015 when my dad passed away. At that time the family had many different things happen that seemed like dad was trying to make contact. Since then not much has happened. Last night my friend texted me around 3:30AM letting me know that musician David Bowie had passed away. I stayed up a bit longer and started thinking about my dad and all he went through. I talked to dad and said I wish he would show me another sign so I know he is here. I fell back to sleep around 5:00AM. I had a dream about my dad. In the dream I just remember he looked really good and I was helping him move some stuff. He said “Son, thanks so much, I don’t know what I would do without you.” I then stopped what I was doing, went over and hugged him and cried. I told him “I miss you so much.” In the dream it felt so real like I was literally hugging him and I remember even thinking that in the dream. Also I remember thinking I hope this doesn’t upset my dad, telling him I miss him, because he is gone. When I woke up it felt very comforting like he made contact., especially since the hug felt so real.

  109. Hi, my mama past on 10-12-15. She was 77. She lived with me, my husband and her 82 yr old sister. I am 53 yrs old. Twice in my life I left for another state for 3 mo. Each time. For the past 30 yrs we lived on the same 3 acres. She fell and broke her hip on my 53rd birthday sept 29. She didnt get over it. She had dementia which didn’t help. I took care of her. She came home on hospice on friday and passsed on monday at 1:25am. She took her last breath as I held her laying right beside her…she was my first love, my only true friend, my one consistency in life..not a day went by for 53 yrs did I not talk to her or see or the other. I am heart breaks at some point everyday, some days worse than others. Ok…here goes…there is a very distinct smell I smell everyday! Only for a moment. .I know its 14 yr old granddaughter has a heart problem and Christmas morning at 12:30ish am. Was laying in bed and took a selfie . In that picture, no doubt, absolutely, for sure is my mothers face.. I sent the picture to several people who knows my mama. I said look at this pic and tell me what you see…thats all I said..EVERYONE OF THEM SENT ME TEXT OR CALLED ME…OH MY GOSH …ITS MAMA, GRANDMA, YOUR MAMA.. I know it was her way of…photo bombing lol…to let us know she is indeed still life if I wouldn’t go somewhere she wouldn’t were always together. .always..I miss her so much..sometimes its to hard to take..I talk to her all the time. .thank all of you for sharing. God bless and be with you all

    • Cute. Your mom was photo bombing. How delightful. 🙂 I’m glad you know that she is still with you. How could you ever be apart? You can’t. She may not occupy a space in the flesh, but she is will you in spirit. 🙂 So sorry for you loss. Those who have experienced it, knows how painful it can be. Such a part that seems missing from us. But please always remember, that your mom photo bombed you for the sheer purpose of letting you know that SHE IS WITH YOU! Thank you for sharing. Our love is with you. xo

  110. My momma passed away in August of 2014, she was 51. Since she passed I have asked her to contact me, show me a sign, anything and I have gotten no where. I have been on forums and read on a ton of sites on how to connect with my momma. So, I keep a pen and paper next to my bed, I have asked her out loud and in my mind if she will please let me know she is with me, I have written down questions I want to ask her on a piece of papee under my pillow, I ask her every night if she will come to me in my dreams and still…nothing. It is very painful and frustrating for me to not know if she is ok or if she is with me. Do you have any recommendations for me? What can I do to get her to contact me? I have told her that whatever she does will not scare me. I just need to know I am depressed, I am not the same person I was before she passed away. Please help me out.

    • Hi Amanda, so sorry for your loss. I know it’s really painful and frustrating when there is no sign telling you that your momma is okay and still with you. And even though there are many things that can be done and new ways to think and be that will greatly increase the probability of an after-death communication, there is no guarantee that it will happen when you think it should. The communication is not solely dependent upon us. The inability may rest with either party. If it were easy, it would happen all the time. So we know that there are some boundaries between us that, at times, can make it difficult. There is a vibrational difference between our world and theirs, as well, as far as so many things we don’t even know to consider. You know your momma loved you when she was still here? Right? Why would she stop loving you now? I know you won’t like this answer but you may have to trust me and other people who have shared their stories that our loved ones are still with us, long enough to make that determination for yourself with an after-death communication from her, when it finally comes. I believe that she is trying to reach you, knowing your pain. Although she is with you, perhaps when she shows her presence in some form, obvious or subtle, you think it’s just your memory of her from the past and it hurts you. I know this happens a lot. Then they don’t reveal themselves until you can actually experience them and not your painful thoughts about them. Keep being patient. It happens when it happens. We can’t force an after-death communication easily, if at all. I have many teachings on how to increase the possibility and probability of an ADC, but it is very complicated information I am putting together now that I will be teaching in an upcoming class, requested of my readers. So in other words, if I told you every way I could think of, it might be a long as a book. My online class will run several weeks, with detailed theory, description, instruction, practice and home-play in between. You may want to consider it. Hope that helps you in some way. Prayers to you for the after-death communication from your momma that you desire and deserve. Hugs.

  111. I lost my father about a month ago. we were very close and he was the one person that I could trust to give me the best advice even if it was not what I wanted to hear. I have been struggling with a decision about an issue that has happened since his death. Last night before bed I spoke to him and asked for his advice and told him how much i missed him.Then when I went to bed I had a dream and in that dream there was a knock on my door. When I opened it he was standing there smiling at me. He hugged me and we talked and talked for what seemed like hours and at one point I said I cant believe your here what are you doing here?. He looked at me and said ” yes what am I doing here Nicole?” And all I could do was look at him and he repeated it over and over but with a smile on his face the whole time. But then I got this strange feeling and then I woke up. I dont know if he was trying to say that I already know the answer and what I need to do, or if its something else. What are your thoughts?

  112. It is now Thursday, January 14th 2016. This last Tuesday I found out that a very close young friend was found dead in his motel room that morning. That night I barely slept, but the next day, yesterday, it hit me more while I was at work. He was 21 years old and died of a drug overdose. He and my son grew up together and we’re best friends. On my way home from work yesterday, and it’s a 35 minute drive, I noticed that I was driving home right behind a truck with a license plate starting with DJ. Dustin James aka DJ is what we called him. I didn’t think too much of it although I noticed it. But after that truck passed up, and I was listening to a song called “Don’t you forget about me”, I came behind a car with another license plate starting with DJ. I got tired of that song, changed the channel to another one called “I’ll go wherever you will go”. I followed that car all the way home. Is it just a coincidence? Or did he really let me know he was there?

    • Hi Estrella, thanks for writing. 🙂 Yeah, that’s pretty much how they get our attention. 🙂 It sounds like DJ used license plates and songs to do that. I think he’s telling you that he’s alright, so no worries. 🙂

  113. I absolutely believe in signs. The ones that come to me most often are in the form of rainbows. Many years ago I read a sympathy card that had this child’s quote on the front: “When someone we love dies, they build a rainbow from here to heaven.” That quote has stuck with me, and I am more keenly aware of this particular sign when a loved one passes. Here are just two experiences I’ve had in recent years:
    After the funeral for my uncle’s wife, I was driving a long distance back home and was crying because I loved her very much. I passed through a small community where it was raining really hard on one side of the road and there was a big rainbow on the other side of the road. I was passing between the two. That was my sign from Sara letting me know she was okay. I shared this story the next time I saw my Uncle Ted, and he started crying really hard. He said “Did you know that Sara was raised in that town?” I had no idea.
    The other story is about this same uncle (Ted) who just recently passed on Dec 30. That morning, I was scrolling through Facebook and someone had posted a photo of a beautiful double rainbow from their vacation in Hawaii. It was wonderful to see that photo since we were in the midst of a heavy snowstorm. Almost immediately after seeing the photo on Facebook, I got a phone call from my mom saying that Ted had passed unexpectedly in his sleep. That was my sign that Uncle Ted and his wife Sara were together … a double rainbow. No doubt in my mind.

  114. My boyfriends fiance died a little over a year ago and he has been having a very hard time lately. He’s been feeling bad for moving on and he’s scared that she wouldn’t be happy about it. I believe that we can talk to the deceased and I frequently talk to my grandpa and get signs from him so I decided to try with her. Yesterday I was painting at my house and decided to try and talk to her. A few minutes later I saw a shadow like image pass by the door. Today I decided to try again and as I walk into my room my lights started to flicker. They proceeded to keep doing it until I walked out and they all of a sudden stopped. Is it possible she’s trying to communicate with me? She wasn’t a loved one of mine so I’m not sure how that works.

    • Sure, she could be communicating with you. I sounds like she is letting you know that she heard you. People who pass on rarely have issues with us moving on. 🙂 I’m sure she just wants him to be happy. If she truly loved/loves him, that’s all that matters now. 🙂

  115. So november 2013 I lost a loved one. He was my best friend & my ex boyfriend. We had the tightest bond that I have ever had with a man. He was caring, loving, funny, outgoing, but he hung with the wrong crowd. That was a known fact. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to his funeral for my last words to him. He said to me before if I don’t come to his funeral he was going to bother me forever. But than I was sleep one night in my bed with my new significant other. Went to a dream at a baseball park with my friend, Briana. A normal dream at first till I saw this boy walking up to us. Couldn’t quite tell what he looked like. But as he got closer and closer. I realized. Omg its him. It’s kaneil. So he walked up to Briana and i. Gave me the biggest tightest hug anybody has ever gave me. He squeezed my heart out. Lol. We went on to sitting on the bleachers talking about how I have been and who is this new person in my life. Telling me to always stay positive. But that was nothing new to me. We always had these deep conversations. Till he told me he had to go away for a while. That I wouldn’t see him till he came back. I said when will you be back. He told me that I’ll know when he is back. So we hugged again. Kissed each other on the lips. And he walked away. As he walked away he started to quickly vanish. Till he was completely gone! I woke up with pains in my shoulders, my back felt like someone was laying bricks on top of me. And my lips were cold and chapped. I didn’t know what at the time was happening I was just happy that I saw him and everything was OK. So I googled my dream and realized he was with me in my dream. Physically he was there in my bed with me hugging and squeezing me. While in my dream we were doing the same. 2 weeks later my cousin slept over my house. She explained briefly. That everyone was sleeping. She was in the living room! On the couch passed out. Till she felt she had to pee. She said she took a glance down my hallway to look at my room. And she saw a tall black man with long hair standing outside of my door and my sons door. Glanced away quickly and than she looked again and the guy was gone. She woke me up and told me. That time I knew it was kaneil. It just had to be. Making sure my son and I were in bed safe and sound and that I had nothing to worry about cause I knew he will always be my best friend., my protector, just everything. But I haven’t seen him in a while. Since than. And I wonder why ? I play songs that remind me of him. I have pictures of him on my phone screen. He’s all over my social media. But no signs no dreams nothing. Why.?

    • Hi Rachel. Thanks for writing. Sometimes that just happens and we don’t see them for awhile, then a lot again. It’s important to always remember the images of him when he came to see you and when he was protecting you and your son in the hall. That means that he is always doing that. Even if he doesn’t alway show himself. He did those things to reassure you then, but can’t do it all of the time or else he’d be alive in this world. You see? No worries. He is true to your connection, always. 🙂

  116. Hi,

    My mother passed away four months ago. I have a sister. I did a lot of things without her knowledge which would have easily hurt her. But that did not keep away the fact how much I loved her, she was like our first child because we took care of her as one since she was battling through multiple cancers . I live in a different city for my education. In the last week of her life, she was hospitalized, she was half paralysed and couldn’t speak. I had a dream when this happened that she wasn’t well and I rushed back to see her. I couldn’t even speak to her when she died. She was going through a lot of pain, so much pain that it still kills me when I think of her.
    After her death I didn’t dream of her at all. Or in anyway had any experiences of her. Whereas my sister almost dreamt daily of her. Sometimes wonder is it because she hates for what I have done for things that I still do.

    But today I dreamt of her that she started switching off all lights and trying to hide inside the room and was very scared and I tried to console her what happened. She was panic stricken and she was saying ‘she will go, yes she will go’ and I asked her to relax and look at me and then asked her who was it, she was beginning to calm down but didn’t say anything but kept looking scared.
    Sometimes I wonder why went through so much pain for the last year and after her death is she still at peace or no.

    • Dear Usha,
      Sorry for your loss. No, she doesn’t hate you for the things you’ve done or still do. She might have been unhappy about it during her life on Earth, but she has a different perspective now and although she may have concerns of the consequences for you, she knows that the things you choose to do in mortality, are part of your Earthly education. Many times, our disheartening dreams have more to do with projecting our pain onto those who have passed on. I’m sure your mother is pain-free now. 🙂 Although physical pain is part of this life to experience, it is not part of the next life. If she has gone to the light, which most people who cross-over, do, she is definitely at peace.

        • Hi Usha. Thanks for writing. 🙂
          I’m not sure what you are referring to in your first question. Are you referring to a particular post? If so, I haven’t been able to find the reference. Or are your questions personal? Please give me more information so I can give you an answer. Thanks.

  117. The love of my life passed away this new year. He died due to a brain injury he incurred in a fatal accident. It was also his birthday. I love him very much. I miss him to death. But the last time we spoke, I didn’t say I love you instead we fought. He worked late nights and slept during the day, that too hardly. He was the sole bread winner of his family. He worked so hard. He had everything that a girl would want in a man. But I guess I took him for granted. A few hours before his accident he had called me and asked me why I hadn’t called him the whole day. I told him that I thought he was sleeping to which he said something which led to an argument. So I said just because I love you doesn’t mean I have to call you by the minute. I also told him that just cause we are in love doesn’t mean I am your prisoner. He hung up. That was the last conversation. He was in a coma after his accident and on January 1, 2016 he crossed over. I cried for five mins maybe and my entire body started shaking and then the tears just stopped. I still can’t believe it. I don’t know what to feel. There are times when I cry for a bit and then there are times where I stop myself. My sister had told me grief lowers our vibration which hinders the spirit of our loved ones from contacting us. I don’t know what to feel. I haven’t had any experiences. Even if something happens I just stop myself thinking I am delusional. The only experience I had was when the lights turned on the night he crossed over. My parents didn’t switch it on and I didn’t , so it must be him right? I am numb now. He didn’t deserve this. I just want him by my side for the rest of my life. Do you think our loved ones stay by our side all the time? I am waiting for a sign. I had a dream about him twice. In the first one, he was running down a set of stairs and I ran after him and shouted, ” hey aren’t you going to wait for me?” He turned around and extended his hand and we held hands. Then I woke up unable to go back to sleep. In the second dream he was on a bed unconscious with his face fraught with bruises from the accident. Someone said he was awake. I ran up to him and kissed him and when I looked at his face , tears welled up his eyes. Again I woke up unable to go back to sleep. What does this mean? Is he sad? God I love him so much. Will he wait for me until I cross over? I just want him to know that I love him dearly. I write to him everyday. Can he hear me? I don’t even recognize my own feelings and thoughts now so will he?

    Thank you for hearing me out

    P.S. Sorry about the length

    • Dear Archana,
      There is so much to respond to, but I will try. First of all, so sorry you have to go through this. I know it doesn’t seem fair or right.
      What happened to you is common. There are many people who are in a fight when their loved one passes. There is so much guilt that goes along with this. The thing is, people have disagreements all the time with others. His passing couldn’t have come at a worse time, I’m sure.
      You must grieve and feel your feelings. The grief process is the natural process to healing. Many people receive after-death communications when they are grieving. You see, they are with us trying to communicate it, but being so raw and sorrowful, we just think the pain we experience when we feel them near is the pain that they are gone, instead of their presence being with us. Please feel all that you are feeling.
      Believe what you receive from him. 🙂 Don’t listen to people who tell you your delusional, including yourself. This is only the brain talking. We are much more than a limited brain and body.
      Yes, the light is a perfect example of an ADC!
      Yes, I think our loved ones are always with us, guiding us from beyond. 🙂
      Your dreams mean that he loves you. He is sorry he went out like he did and you both lost what you lost. It sounds like his consciousness is still adjusting to what happened. He will wait for you. Love is the bound that holds us together.
      Yes, he can perceive your thoughts and feelings. You are intimately connected. 🙂 He understand that you are trying to adjust as well.
      He knows you love him. He loves you too. Always.:)

      • Dear Jade

        Thank you so much for your lovely words. I am touched beyond words. It makes me feel so much better. It’s just that I am so frustrated at my own inability to perceive my own thoughts that I wonder if I will ever be able to recognize the signs he sends me. I just want to know if he’s at peace. I don’t want him to suffer. Is there anything I can do for him now?

        Does ADC occur only for a while after a loved one has crossed over or is it something that can happen for a lifetime?

        I have been reading so many things but I don’t know if I am capable of sending my thoughts across to him. Sometimes negative thoughts keeping seeping in. What do I do to control them? I fear that my negative thoughts will just drive him away when all I want is for him to stay by my side till the dusk of my life.

        I really appreciate you taking your precious time to read the messages Jade. You are a savior. I came across your site at a time when nothing seemed to be working. Reading all the messages posted here and seeing that your replies were not automated , made me write the message . You are a blessing in disguise. Your words render a sense of peace and respite. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you Jade 🙂

        • Dear Archana,
          Thank you and you’re welcome. 🙂 Is there anything you can do now, you ask? Yes, know that he is with you. That’s what love does. Your love and his love. Handle this with grace. This is a sacred time for you. Trust him and trust yourself. Trust in the love you had together that it will come through.
          ADC’s can happen throughout a lifetime. You don’t have to send your thoughts anywhere. You just have to think them. You are intimately connected. There is no effort required.
          As for your negative thoughts. They are fears of yours. Do you honor them or do you honor your love? And the love you have together? Do you have the courage to know that, while it appears to be so, you are not without him? Do not try to control your negative thoughts. Just know that they are your fears only. Let them arise to the light.
          This is a difficult time. There is nothing to fix or change. Death is a natural part of life. Your job is to see it from another perspective; the long view now. We are infinite beings. Love is what holds us together through time, space and beyond. He has not left. He remains with you in your love together. Focus on that now.
          Hugs. You will get through this. I promise.
          If you go to the home page and see “Grief” on the navigation bar, I recommend you read everything there. Also, the after-death communications are great to read. I usually give a commentary on them. Reading these might answer many of your questions and help you to feel confident that you are not alone. 🙂

  118. Thank you Jade. Words, at this point, are ineffable for me to describe the ineffable sense of peace your words render to me. Thank you so much for responding. It means a lot to be able to talk to someone comprehends the depth of grief and its aftermath. I shall most certainly read all that there is to read on this site. This site is my only place of solace. For now, I shall await him in my dreams until we meet again.

  119. Dear Jade
    The feeling is back again- that nagging feeling of being left alone in the world. I want to believe that he is with me and I will do everything that it takes to be able to communicate with him again. What do I do? I sincerely apologize for being so needy but I don’t know where else to turn. My mind is numb and I seem to be unable to function. Reading other’s experiences seem to help for a while but then it all comes flooding back.


    • Hi Archana. Well, this is still such a recent loss. You are bound to feel alone in the world with the huge hole losing your loved one left behind. It takes time to heal. In the meantime, you will have to go through what there is to go through to feel this loss. There is nothing to do to fix the pain we feel when we lose a loved one. We have to go through it. Yes, it hurts like hell. It is painful and uncomfortable AND we don’t like feeling this way. There is no easy way to get through this. There is no way to bypass the pain of going through this. The point is to feel everything. Cultivating trust and grace will go along way in your healing. In other words, trust the love there was between you, and as much as you can, be peaceful in your process. Reading experiences from other people will continue to help you, as it gives you support and lets you know that so many others are going through the same process. 🙂

  120. I lost my boyfriend in an accident a year ago mostly i get dreams lyk we are talking each other,roaming lyk before,shopping,walking,teasing sometimes he cries too ..i really don’t want to live without him but im just alive for my parents..i wanted him to appear in front of me at least once a day..but never..i just get drms of him at least 4 tyms in a week…why im getting lyk this..bcz hez on my mind or is anything else? Plz tell very thankful to u if u explain about my drms..waiting for ur reply….!!

    • Sorry for your loss, lonely. I know it hurts. Hugs.
      It sounds like he is appearing right in front of you, in your dreams. Not too shabby. 🙂 I would consider that these are visits from him if they meet the criteria of lucid dreaming. There are a lot of examples of this in the after-death communication stories that I post. Make sure you read my comments at the end of them. I give a lot of insight into what these ADC’s mean.
      Losing a loved one is never easy, and for sure, you are not alone in your situation. Please know that your boyfriend is always aware of your thoughts and feelings, so you don’t have to feel so alone. When he is on your mind, it is possible that is present at the time, but you might just think it is only your thoughts. Hope that makes sense and helps you.

  121. A very close sister died a few months ago. Before she died I had stopped believing in religion. After she died it made me question very deeply what happens after people die. I had to do this in order to cope with the serious grief I am dealing with. I have come to the belief that the physical body dies, but the spirit, or soul never dies. After she died I sensed her presence with a heavy warmth and calmness engulfing me. Songs from the times that I was closest with her were playing when I walked into stores. I took a long drive for the memorial and was very tired and was afraid of falling asleep. While driving I felt the presence of my sister in the passenger seat and it was like she was there with me. I spoke out loud to my sister and told her she had to keep me safe from wrecking the car. Later while driving late at night I woke up to the sound of rumble strips and the car was headed off the highway. It felt like someone took my hands and turned the wheel because I had fallen asleep driving. Recently after my sister died I had been finding shiny quarters on the ground. I didn’t take that as a sign until I read about it though. The lights in two bedrooms that I use have been flickering and going out. I spoke out loud to my sister and told her if that was a sign to make the light closest to my bed go out. The next day the light closest to my bed went out. I had two items on different sides of my kitchen fall at the same time for no reason. I think a lot of things have fallen, but I wasn’t taking it as a sign. I spoke out loud and told my sister that she is irreplaceable, instantly a bottle of nail polish fell off my dresser! I hope I get more signs from my sister. I would really like a message. I am open to the signs and know it’s her. I can still sense her presence because she had a very bold one in life. My sister and I talked about our beliefs before she died, so I’m sure she knows I believe she is around and alright. That is the only thing that helps me during this grieving process is knowing that life is more than people make it out to be and your body is the only thing that dies. I believe that my sister is in a better place and happier where she is now.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Jane. Hugs.
      I’m glad you have been able to have all these ADC’s. It really goes a long way toward healing. 🙂 Best wishes for many, many more. 🙂

  122. My father died unexpectedly February 21st 2015. The hardest thing that I ever have to deal with was his because he just got sick all of a sudden and passed away. Four months later it was about 4 o’clock in the morning. I was just coming up from sleep but I wasn’t fully awake and I couldn’t move my body but I knew what was going on. And I hear my father’s voice asking me how I was doing and I asked him how he was doing and he said he was fine that he was okay. It was like a normal conversation it only last for a few seconds. I still have my moments but after that conversation I felt better.

    • This is when they seem to visit us so we can remember they were there; right before waking. This type of visitation happens in that magic zone between sleep and waking. Glad that happened so you can know your father is still around you. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  123. Hello, I lost my father on 2-23-14. We were extremely close, I adored him & he died suddenly. It all happened very quickly. It took some time, but I moved forward with the knowledge that I was very lucky & fortunate that I had him for a father. I cannot pinpoint the exact time it happened (maybe for a reason?), but I think sometime after the holidays, maybe the first part of the year (2015/2016), I may have had a ” visitation” dream. I recently moved into a new home & kept finding dimes all over it. Then, I had this extremely vivid dream of my father. He appeared in his mid-30’s (he died at age 68, his heart just stopped), healthy & strong like when I was a little girl. Only I was current age of 44 in the dream. He was crouched down in an inner doorway of a house I lived in my 20’s. He was putting unknown items in a brown paper bag. Several years before his death, his knees & back prevented him from doing anything like this. He was not able to easily breath either & had COPD & asbestosis. In my dream he was young & healthy. I brushed past him as if in a hurry & he looks right at me & says “You know I love you, right ?”. I seemed as if I already knew this & hurried on past him. Is the inner doorway & him packing a bag symbolic? Was it a visitation dream? I really have no religious leanings & neither did my father. Is it possible he came to me or am I willing myself to believe it? Why did I dream this so long after his death? I woke feeling confused about it yet absolutely sure something out of the ordinary had just happened in my sleep. I also don’t feel so sad about his journey being finished anymore. What are your thoughts?

    • Yes, this was a dream visitation. He is younger now, more in his prime, like many spirits seem to be. I think the inner door was symbolic. Could have represented the inner chambers of your heart and and that he is bringing you gifts. Sometimes it takes a very long time to have a visitation and sometimes it is immediate. Glad he visited you. He is just letting you know that he is still around and looking after to you. 🙂

      • Dear Jade, thank you so much for your reply to my questions. It means so much to know that I really did experience his presence in my dream. I agree completely with you. My father was a very vital & youthful man in his prime. Handsome, charming, tall & boyish. Qualities that remained into his last years. I agree that if his soul is out there somewhere it would definitely be in the way that I dreamed him to be. I feel so lucky & blessed that I was able to experience this. I am smiling as I write this. Thank you again for helping me clarify what it was that I experienced. Wow, my father journeyed to me to let me know he loves me still. It is a amazing & almost joyous feeling. I feel extremely loved & so fortunate to have experienced this. I will let you know if he returns again. Thank you, so much for your kind words.

        • You’re welcome, Whitney. 🙂 I’m glad you had this experience and this knowledge now. Love is the bond that keeps us together. 🙂

  124. I think I’ve recorded someone talking behind me. I’m kind of scared. can u somehow have a listen and let me know what it is ? It’s in Urdu thou 🙁

  125. Hi Jade,
    My father in law passed away May 4, 2015. He has visited me two times at twilight and everytime I try to focus on his face there are almost 3 lines down his face the first time it was a Shiney light and the second time it was darker and it was hard to distinguish his facial features but I knew it was him because I could hear his voice. When he spoke it was like he was whispering in my head if that makes any sense. He was asking me how I was doing and then I asked how and where he was this whole time and he asked me if I wanted to see and until this day I don’t know if it the dream but we were floating and almost flying really fast through a vividly colored sky together and things seemed so far away. My father in law and I were very close and I hope this was his way to let me know that he is doing just fine. It seemed very beautiful wherever he was causing mischief. I hope he visits again soon. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.

  126. hello,
    my daughter passed 12 years ago she was 3 months old. But latly strange things have been occurring. on two occasions my two other daughters who are 14 and 11 told me they can smell the smell of a baby and baby oil. which I used on her often. And a few nights ago my family and I were sitting in the lounge room and all of a sudden one of the kids balls came rolling in to were we were all sitting. there were no windows open in the house.
    is this just a co incidence or is this my daughter.

    • Hi Shay. Absolutely, it could be her! 🙂 Sounds like she is trying to tell her family that she is around and is still apart of her family. 🙂 Very awesome! So glad that happened. Thanks for sharing.

  127. Hi there.

    first, my apologies if I come off sounding like a huge skeptic. I’ve always just been extremely curious about this sort of thing, and this is really the first time I’ve found a place to ask such things.

    While I believe after death communication is entirely possible, I don’t understand how the deceased do things like call your phone or cause you to hear/see/smell things. I can sort of understand how telepathy might be doable as we’re talking about mental energy in that case, but knocking things over, creating sounds and smells, etc, I don’t quite get. That seems like it would take a great deal of energy, and I don’t know how spirit energy gets converted to physical energy. If spirits aren’t physical, how do they manipulate the physical world? Are there phones somewhere in the spirit world? I’ve certainly never had this happen that I’m aware of. Is it because they know I would ask a ton of questions? Has anyone actually stopped and asked, “hey, how are you doing that,” and gotten an answer?

    Thanks for any answers that can be provided.

    • Hi Stefen. Thanks for your question. It’s a great one! 🙂 The answer if really simple. Everything is energy! Spiritual and physical. Also, keep in mind that you are trying to understand the spiritual world with a physical brain. The brain knows little of such a thing. As far as the brain is concerned; at least a brain that hasn’t had one of these “other-worldly” experiences, nothing outside of what it can understand, exists. The brain is limited and finite and will die and turn to dust someday. What does the brain know of forever when it’s in the ground? What does it know of all that’s possible? I am an open-minded skeptic, myself. If I had not had a lifetime of profound spiritual experiences, I probably wouldn’t believe it could happen either. The thing is… I know too much now. My brain just accepts that what I have experienced is really cool, without having to understand the miracles behind what happens. Believe me. If you have one of these experiences for yourself, you will be a believer too. I’ve seen this before. You don’t have to be a believer to have a spontaneous experience that completely changes your view. Experiencers just happen to have one of the best views around. 😉
      Just an afterthought. Shared-death experiences are the closet thing to scientific proof right now that these things can happen. You can read about it at-

  128. It is great to hear everyone’s stories here. I had an experience that I cannot explain this week. My estranged father of 3 years was in an accident and was in a coma for 3 days until we had to make the choice to let him go. Those 3 days I chatted with him and tried to mend all of the lost years and apologize to him for the loss time. Both of us were just so stubborn. At the end of his life I felt this peace just before he passed. The room had a glossy look to it and it became silent in the room and outside as well. I felt like the air was so thin, the air hit me and then a tight tingling sensation in form of a hug or embrace. I believe that was my dad. The feeling in the room was beautiful, I felt so much peace. I can say that I felt that I was almost floating or just a wonderful peace for a few seconds. My husband doesn’t believe me, but I know what I felt.

  129. My nan and my aunty passed away not that long after each other and I always wondered if they are both looking down on me and if when I spoke to them that they were there holding my hands or it was somebody else in the spirit world I just want to know that they are ok and aren’t in any pain anymore

    • There’s no pain anymore. That’s a thing of this world, not the next. Thanks for reading and commenting, Beth. 🙂

  130. I don’t know. For years both myself and my daughter really were big believers in the spiritual world. In fact i sell mostly paranormal/new age goods as a Market trader. At least i did. My daughter Natalie was 33 when she was found dead in her home on Dec 21st 2015. Laying there alone for a few days whilst i banged on the door every day and shouted through i eventually got someone to force the door. A nightmare since then. In the morgue for a month while we waited for dna identification. Funeral only 4 weeks ago. I have her ashes in my living room. i talk to her all the time. Tell her where i’m going if i go out. Say goodnight and good morning every day. Chat away as though she’s still there. I carry so much guilt in not being able to help her more and in not having her found sooner. She was such a strong girl and would have come to me if she could. Its been 12 weeks now. I can’t breathe without her. I can’t find any joy anywhere and it should have been me not her. It isn’t right or fair what she went through in the year before and that just when all going well she died. I will never forgive myself and desperately want to know that she still goes on. That she forgives me. That she isn’t frightened and alone somewhere. Not a sign though. Her photograph is one thing but my son says its not her. I have an a4 photo of her on the cabinet above her ashes. I came home last week and it was on the floor behind the cabinet. Couldn’t explain why. Then this morning we were at in the living room. Suddenly the picture seemed to jump and inch and flew behind the cabinet smashing onto the floor behind. I have never seen anything like that before. My son says it was probably a dodgy frame or something but i don’t know. Nothing else though. No smells or even a sense of her here. I don’t even dream about her. I can’t stand being without her. I have to go through an inquest in a few weeks to tell me cause of death though i know what it will say. More of her privacy gone. I wish i still believed but i have lost all hope and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me.

    • Dear Suzanna. I’m so sorry for your loss and that you have to go through all of this. So sorry. I’m sure it is more painful than words can express. I know you feel guilty and that you should have done something different, that’s common to many deaths of our loved ones and something that has to be eventually understood and forgiven. Read the After-death communications here, as well as the commentaries on them. They give hope. 🙂 Don’t give up on your daughter communicating just yet. Sometimes it take a minute. And who knows, they picture might have been her. I think so. How would the picture have just jumped? Unfortunately for everyone who enters this long dark tunnel, it may take some time and travel to get to the light at the end, but it is there when you begin to heal. One day, in this new light, you will see from a much different perspective than you do now. My love goes with you. Hugs to you and yours. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Blessings!
      PS- Yes, she still lives… and forgives. 🙂

  131. My girlfriend and love of my life passed away from a sudden car accident 11 days ago. Ive never thought much about our loved ones trying to contact us. Ive always considered myself a christian and didnt think much about our loved contacting us again. I had a dream just last night where I saw my girlfriend again and had a very special kiss and moment. Ive been asking her to send me a message these last 11 days. Do you think that was just a dream or her sending me a message?

    • Absolutely, Matt! You were with her. 🙂 She heard your request. 🙂 I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs. You will find much peace and comfort on this site. You are not alone, there are many out there who know just how you feel. Again, so sorry. Please know that she is with you always. Thanks for writing. 🙂

    • Of course they do, Matt. Our loved ones are no longer trapped in the physical body OR the physical moods and attitudes they once had. They have now gone to the light, where they can see things much better; given their perspective is much greater. Looking back, they know that in order to learn and grow, we have to make mistakes. It’s part of being human. Humans are imperfect.

      If guilt is felt, one must make ernest amends to the living or the dead, then one has to move on from the guilt, as it has served its purpose to alert us that something is amiss in us. And hopefully enough is learned by the mistakes made, to not make that same mistakes again.

      It is important that we recognize ourselves as imperfect beings, trying to do our best. But many times, to be our best, we have to learn from our mistakes. It’s kind of a catch 22. Many people feel guilt for some reason or another after a loved one has passed on. Hope this helps. 🙂

  132. My mom passed away this past August, she was 60. We had a rocky relationship while I was growing up. My mom had been sick for a long while being diagnosed with cancer back in the late 80’s and went into remission a couple years after but the radiation and chemo cause dementia which is what we think caused her death. In the last months of her life I could not bring myself to go see in the hospice home she was in. Needless to say that I felt guilty whine she passed and still do. I just want to know that she’s ok. I’ve dreamnt of her and in a dr’s office but she does not talk to me she just sits there, my sister dreamnt of her shortly after her death and she doesn’t speak and my brother last night and again she does not speak. Why is she not speaking to us? Also, in recent days it’s weird my heart has been heavy with thoughts of my mom, my sister as well and my brother had his first dream of her last night. Is it a coincidence that all 3 of us are experiencing these things?

    • Hi Sally. I’m sorry for your loss. No. This is not a coincidence that you, your sister and brother have all had these same dreams. I don’t think she is mad at anyone. I think that she may not realize that she has passed. Having dementia in this life often becomes part of our consciousness. It could be that when she passed, she might not have realized it and is possibly in the same state of mind. Your dreams signifies that she is waiting for something. Some people hang out for quite awhile before they realize that there is a light to go to. Either way, she is fine; just not as happy and or aware as she could ever be. When she has made it to the light, your dreams will reflect it.
      No need to feel guilty. You did the best that you could. Death and sickness are hard things to deal with. You are normal. I’m sure your mother knew that you loved her. When she goes to the light, you will see that she knew for sure, and that she loves you, as well. You might go to my post, Higher Self Communication, to try to reach her. This is very effective. Just search it in the “search” area of this site or you can find it under, “Tools” on the navigation bar. Let me know how it goes. 🙂 Hugs.

  133. Hello,
    I lost my husband, and love of my life some years ago, and I have felt him around me. He’s also come to me in dreams, and saved my life in what would have been a fatal car accident (instead I just broke my back).

    But that’s not really my question. Right after his death, (less than 2 weeks) I was admitted to the hospital for a surgery, that had been needed for sometime. I had a bad reaction to Demerol; and in the midst of this reaction, I saw my husband with black eyes. It did NOT feel like him, and terrified me. I always wrote it off to the bad drug reaction, but I have since heard and read no less than 5 other people who had the same experience.

    Does anyone know about this, or have heard about this? Everytime I hear of a new case, my stomach flutters, and I finally decided to look this up.

    I appreciate your time.

  134. Hi, my mom passed away 3 days ago, and on the first night when she was dead I heard an Italian song on and on in my head that I never heard before, and then I memorized the song’s words and I did found the song’s name was ” il mondo” and the words of this song are heart breaking….was that my mom she send me this song as a message?

    • Hi Maria, So sorry for the loss of your mom. Hugs.
      It could be. I looked up a translation of it and it could be something that someone might say or at least a state of mind she could have been in. I don’t know what words you heard exactly, but if they hurt you instead of help you, disregard it. I saw two versions when I googled and translated it into English. One of them was not so warm and fuzzy. The other one made sense, telling you, her love, that she is not beside you anymore, but the world will continue to go on.

    • Hi Maria, So sorry for the loss of your mom. Hugs.
      It could be. I looked up a translation of it and it could be something that someone might say or at least a state of mind one could have been in. I don’t know what words you heard exactly, but if they hurt you instead of help you, disregard it. I’m sure your mom would never want to hurt you. It could be something deep in your subconscious. I saw two versions when I googled and translated it into English. One of them was not so warm and fuzzy. The other one made sense, telling you, her love, that she is not beside you anymore, but the world will continue to go on. Hope this helps.

  135. Hi, my ex partner committed suicide December 2012, we had separated in the October but remained living together with our 2 children. Since his passing I have been riddled with guilt and find it difficult to see myself with anyone else. I’ve had only 2 dreams of him that I can remember. The first one was I was outside a huge building and he walked towards me, I was so happy to see him, we hugged so tight. He stayed with me for hours (in my dream) but no one else could see him. Each time he sat behind me in the car. This dream played on my mind for weeks. Then last night, I felt he was laying behind me in bed, kissing my head. As soon as I tried to hug back I woke up. I can’t seem to settle today and feel very emotional. My daughter also dreamt that she spoke to her dad and Nan on a small phone, this made her quite emotional and also quite scared. The dreams I’ve had he never says anything, but I get Such a loving feeling. Wish I knew what this means. Xx

    • Hi Leeann, thanks for writing. This dream means that he is with you, loving you from beyond. He wants you and his daughter to know that he is alright. He still lives. I guess for him, there is nothing to say, only to demonstrate his ever-present love. No need for any fear. He is trying to comfort you and his daughter, and let you know he doesn’t fault you for anything. And although he took his own life, he never really died in the end. 🙂

  136. My brother just passed away…He was a long haul truck driver. He had a heart attack in his truck.They did not find him for 20 hours. His live in called me screaming and yelling and when I asked what was going on she told me Randy was found dead in his truck. I called her a liar and swore at her and hung up. I knew somewhere in my body it was true but I just seen him and he said he felt really good except for his knee and he looked really good. I ran to my moms where I called the police to make sure. the police came and it took about and hour to find out it was. My brother was in the states so the police had to make many calls. So here is the part I’m so confused about, about two weeks before his death I got a little spot of psoriasis on my left leg wired. I tried to use cream but it did not go away. My brother has psoriasis really bad. then my girl friend and I were talking about him about a trip we all took together which we believe he saved our lives by driving excellent. Doing 70mp came around the corner in Atlanta to a dead stop his quick reaction and driving skills saved us. My brother was not close as he was always on the road but out of eight of us I have went on trips with him and ask him to come every time when something is going on. He helped me with all my electrical in my house. I just talked to him 2 weeks about going to David Spade with my other brother for his birthday and talked about my electric and then 45 about just other things. He was a brother I could always call to make me feel better. And then the kicker is I just went to his house to get some booze he brought me back from the states. So all this interaction with him one month right up to his death. I’m feeling so confused. Now he passes and drama starts with his live in and his daughters. I’m trying to stay out but she is the only one that was with him in the last 2 years. I feel sorry for how the girls are treating her and I do love to talk with her about my brother. Also today I was picking up my son at university and I park in the same spot all the time if it is open. today I’m pulling up and there is a license plate that says Texas..Well did that not put me in a freaked out state. that was my brothers run to Laredo Texas. The guy is in the car and i’m a talkative person so tell him about my brother and he said it could be a sign and he allows me to take a picture of his plate. I feel like my brother is trying to tell me something but I can’t figure it out…Please help me..what does this all mean.

    • I should have mentioned that it is my brother birthday today and also we have not had the funeral yet as we just got him to Canada on Friday.

      • sorry trying to give you as much as I can…The Texas car was parked right next to the spot I always try and get..
        So is my brother trying to tell me something or am I just crazy.

        • Hi Louise. Sorry for your loss. I know it is really shocking when you see them and then, suddenly and unexpectedly, they are gone. The man who parked in the space you usually parked in told you that it was probably a sign. Indeed, it could have been. Not just any person would say that. So consider that it was a sign, since that’s what you were told. 🙂 An after-death communication does not always have to carry a clandestine message. To me, it was that he wanted you to know that he is still alive in another dimension, is with you, and wants you to find comfort in that, in whatever way you can right now. Pay close attention to everything. He might make himself known at his funeral. It may be subtle, like feeling his presence, but that counts too. Staying out of the drama going on will further that end. Thank you for sharing. I wish you peace and comfort.

  137. Hi my name is Trishla,
    My best friend died. 2 days before my best friend called me around 7:01 PM and I was busy doing some work so couldn’t pick his call ! And when I saw his call I decided to call him back in few minutes and it was around 10:30 when I called him and his friend picked up the call . he told me that my friend was in hospital as he had very severe chest pain and doctors said that he was critical .. I didn’t believe him as I thought my friend would be playing a prank on me. Next morning I received a call from another friend who told me that my friend is no more and my whole world world was shattered . I just could not believe it. I called every person I knew to confirm the news and hoped it was all a prank I really wish it was! We were in same school since we were kids and became best friends after 8th grade ! It’s been 5-6 years to our friendship now ! I really want to connect to him and want to know why did he call me that day and what did he want to talk about. I really miss his calls and smile .. Just for once I want to feel his presence in real

    • So sorry that happened, Trishla. I can feel your pain through your words. I hope he visits you soon. Blessings for peace to you.

      • He was only 19! Why did this happen to him? For last 2 nights I have been trying talking to him and not hearing him talking back to me really kills me from inside

        • Give it some time, Trishla. Spirit visitations don’t always happen on our terms and schedule. Him talking to you might come more as thoughts in your head, rather than the actual talking you were used to when he was alive.

  138. My dad past away on the 11 of March. 3 nights after that I wake up and smell the sent of flowers all around me. I make sure I am awake and there was nothing that could smell like that. No one, no perfume or anything. Never in my life I ever believe in something like this. But I experience it!!!!!!!

  139. My first boyfriend billie passed away last summer. And i feel that he’s trying to tell me some thing , but i cant tell what i have weird dreams about buildings tumbling down on me and he leads me out or about him talking and i cant hear what he saying. He passed away in idaho his ashs are with his family, i moved to Arkansas to be with family. I thought my dreams were bacause of grief but im still having them when i feel alone or sad i feel like im being held. I dont know what any of it means.

    • Hi Allison. They symbolism is that, although life can be difficult, even dangerous, he’s there to guide you to safety. 🙂 The important part of this is not what he is saying, but what he is doing. He is trying to comfort you by saying he is here for you. 🙂 It could also mean that he is leading you out of grief; that you will make it out. About the holding you.. he’s trying to comfort you and let you know he is loving you from beyond. 🙂

  140. Hello Jade,

    I am so comforted to have found your website. I feel as though what I am going through is “normal”. My boyfriend passed away March 23, 2016 and unfortunately I am the one that found him. Robert and I had a wonderful connection and we enjoyed the refreshing non complicated relationship we were building.

    I have invited Robert to visit me however he chose and I had told him I would not be afraid. I talk to him every day sometimes in my mind and a lot of the time out loud.

    Well last night I had a dream of a man possibly oriental sitting silently starring at me and at times he would say I am sorry for your loss. I kept waking up and then I would fall back to sleep and there was the same man. Robert is of Irish descent so this man in my dream I have no idea who he could be.

    • Hi Patricia. Thanks for reading and writing at my site. 🙂 I’m glad you are comforted by it.
      So sorry for your loss. Robert sounds like a wonderful being. No doubt your relationship continues beyond the grave. Your dream is interesting. Off hand, I don’t know, but it could be an angel, a guide or just some random being showing up to tell you how sorry he is for your loss. Keep me posted on this. There might be some other clues that will come forth. Was this dream really vivid? or was it just a dream?

      • The dream was very vivid. I have had a busy week and I have not had dreams that I can recall. I am interested to find out if you do reading over the phone? I have had some events “bad” not horrible but I am wondering if there is a message trying to come through

        • I offer private sessions on Skype or on the phone. It is not a “reading”, per se, I am a spiritual advisor, so it looks a little different than an experience with a psychic medium. Now, I am psychic at times, I am definitely intuitive and I am a medium too, it’s just in a different way. I guess it’s hard to explain the distinction, but it is a different way to help people than “card readings” and out-right talking to the dead. Having said that, that happens sometimes, too… not the card reading, but dead talking to me part. 🙂 Whatever gifts I have, I have been doing it for over 20 years. I help people deal with difficult issues in their life; it doesn’t matter what it is. Much of the time, the things I say to my clients are channeled; which means that they are messages that are coming through from beyond. What comes happens in a session is what is magically needed at the time. Questions?

          • I am very interested in talking with you. I found this site for a reason. It’s like I am addicted to reading all the stories here. For me it is soothing and a great way for me to learn the graving process. Please send me information on how to set up a time

            • Hi Patricia. Thank you for your interest. 🙂 You can email me at to get in touch with me about a private session. We can discuss it there. 🙂 In the subject box, write, “Inquiring about a session.” Having been a Hypnotherapist, I also offer hypnosis and guided imagery for a large variety of issues.
              Also, shortly, I will be teaching online classes about, “Navigating the Emotional Waters of the Grief Process,” “Being Your Own Medium,” “Finding Your Life’s Purpose in the Ashes,” “Raising Your Vibration”, etc. There will be many forthcoming. I’ve just been putting them together. 🙂 I will announce my online classes soon. So if this interests you, make sure you are subscribed to the site so you don’t miss it. You can subscribe on the homepage on the upper left, where it says, “Subscribe.” Either way, my online classes and private sessions provide much spiritual growth and development, emotional support and even fun, in an “out of the box” sort a way. 😉
              This all happens in a very safe, loving and nurturing environment. There. I guess since I just announced this to you, I might as well announce this to the readers on my site now. 🙂 Thanks for being a catalyst for me to do it a lot sooner. No time like the present, right? Hope to hear from you soon, Patricia. xo

  141. My mom passed away in 2008 one of my family members in boxed me and stated that she had a dream about my mother- that her and my mom were dancing. She said my mom appeared to be at peace and happy while they were dancing. My mom told her that she going to be the welcome and do a prayer for the funeral. What does that mean?

    • Hi Veronica. Nice name. 🙂 I’m not sure what the last part means. There is not enough information there to determine. It could just be something random. I wouldn’t start thinking it was something bad. But it sounds like your mom is happy and at peace. That’s good. 🙂

  142. My husband died a Monday 7AM and at 5:39 I woke up seeing his hospital bed empty, he had risen and a little black box was on the left side of the bed. The right had paralized time before. A few days later I sensed him hugging me and it woke me up, then 2 nights later saw him leaving the bed. More than a month after I heard him crying softly by my side. Whenever he had cried I asked why and he wouldn´t answer, then I would say don´’t cry. But this time I got worried and trying to decipher what it means. Can it be that he only wants me to tell him don´t cry? I would love to know he is happy!

    • So sorry for your loss, Beatriz. I don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding this, but sometimes their passing is an adjustment for them, as well. Perhaps he is sad to have left you. Perhaps he doesn’t want to see you sad. It sounds like he is concerned about you and what it means to him that you are alone now. It’s possible that he has not moved to the light yet, but is still Earthbound. Sending him to the light is probably the best thing you can ask him to do, if he is to gain perspective about what happened and resolve it. He needs to know that you will make it through this. Keep in mind, most men have lived their lives providing and protecting their loved ones and take great pride in that. Can you imagine how hard it would be for those men to leave their loved ones behind? If he was this way in life, he would probably still be this way. Hope this helps.

  143. Hello. My name is Juana. I’ve read n actually have experienced some of what you’ve written. My experiences began of a young age. I’ve smelled musk cologne at age of 12. As I got older, I would know things before they happened. Like the some which has made the news twice within a couple of months apart. Last year I saw a half figured old man smiling at me as I was waking up. I wasn’t scared…in fact I smiled back. The peace in the room was like no other. Now couple days ago…I heard a voice whispered to my ear, “forgive me.” I do not know not understand all of this. Only one person, whome I confined in all of this…he was blown away. I’m afraid to speak to anyone else. Afraid, because they’ll think I’m crazy. I still have smells of wild flowers…even in winter and there’s snow outside. Please help me understand. Thank you. Sincerely, juana

  144. Hi jade. My best friend passed away a few days ago. I really want to talk to him. There’s so any things I wanna say. I wanna know if he’s okayh . But I’m ever really sure of the signs.

    • I’m sorry about your friend. I think I might have just answered you on Grief, Mourning and Beyond on Facebook. 🙂
      You can check out,, for an example of the signs. Also, there are many after-death communications you can read to get an idea. I will be teaching the, Being Your Own Medium, online class soon. If you are interested, check the “Classes” section on the navigation bar. Just getting the last details ready for it. Thanks for writing. 🙂 Blessing of peace and connection with your friend. 🙂

  145. Hello,

    My mum passed away about 10 months ago and I feel like I haven’t really had any signs from her which makes me upset. Her death was very unexpected even though she was ill and in hospital. I sometimes wonder whether she has passed on completely and therefore cannot communicate with me? I don’t really know what to believe, there have been times when I think she had sent me a sign but then I think they were so little they must not have been. There was one time when I was looking up how she passed away on the internet to see whether she would have been in any pain or been aware of it and my TV turned off by itself and the remote wasn’t near me, I felt like maybe she was trying to tell me to stop searching on the internet because it would upset me. There was another time when I smelt three different smells that reminded me of her, one was her perfume she would wear when I was younger, one was the smell of the hospital she passed away in which I smell quite often and one was the smell of the funeral home I went to visit her in when she passed, are they signs from her? sometimes I believe I am making them up in my head.

    • Hi Sam, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Yes, these are all signs. You see when we are a physical being, we get used to experiencing things from this point of view and often ignore the subtleties of the spiritual realm. For example, if we can’t outright see, hear or touch them, we think they are not there. But you did smell her in ways that you can not explain, right? The TV turned off when you were focused on her, right? Subtle that they may be, this is often how they materialize into our world. I would take these as signs from you Mum. Even if she did pass unexpectedly, she has been gone long enough that she has realized what happened. I’m sure your Mum is with you, loving you from beyond. It is common for people to think they are making these things up in their heads. The left brain can be very skeptical. Given your ADC’s experiences with your Mum, that you talk about… do you want to believe that part of yourself? Or the skeptical part? I know these things can be hard to believe, but they happen all of the time and people don’t recognize them as being legitimate. If you start to give your Mum the chance that the signs she is sending are real, you will be able to recognize even more of them. 🙂 Take care, Sam. Hope this helps you.

  146. Question……
    My cousin just passed away from we think suicide … the day of the burial my aunt found a dead hummingbird near his grave site as we were buying him . I know hummingbirds are symbolic … what does it mean to find a dead one under those circumstances ??
    Thank u

    • Hi Heather. I’m sorry for your loss. A dead hummingbird does not necessarily mean something bad. If it is a sign from him, it could be that he is verifying his own death to you. In other words, his passing may not have been an accident and that he was and still is aware. Thanks for your question. Blessings of healing to you and your family.

  147. Jade , my father passed 7 months ago. Days after his passing I dreamed I was cooking in my kitchen. I noticed my infant gaughter and grandson who passed years ago. All at once they start singing the most beautiful religious song I have ever heard, then it seemed like the whole room filled with heavenly angelic
    Voices. There was no actual music , but the music was the voices. I never heard such a beautiful sound or song in my life. It was as if the Heavens opened up a small crack in the floor of heaven for a split second and the Angels were singing. I will never forget it. May I add my father was a minister. I believe it was the Angels literally singing and rejoycing my dads homecoming.

    • That’s awesome, Sherri. Thanks for sharing that. 🙂 It’s beautiful. What a healing experience that must have been. Blessings!

    • Jade, my dog passed away 3 days ago due to cancer. I always felt I had a special bond with him, and I haven’t stopped crying since his passing. I’ve been asking him to send me a sign that he’s “alive and well” and that if it’s at all possible, if he would return to me as a puppy again. I’ve had two incidences since his passing that have caused me to wonder if he’s communicating with me. In one, I sat on a bench near a lake to grieve for a while, and a dragonfly came by and paused on a blade of grass that was a foot away from me. I remained there 15 minutes, during which time the dragonfly remained on the same blade of grass. Second, last night I had a dream. I can’t remember anything except a song a woman was singing. When I awoke, all I remembered from the song was: “here last night through the looking glass.” To me, these are communications from my beloved pet, but I want to be cautious that I’m not looking too much into this. My daughter says these are coincidences, but my heart tells me differently….at the very least, I want to believe it’s him.

      • Hi Elaine. Thanks for writing. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. Hugs. I know this can be very painful.
        If you asked him to send you a sign and that’s what happened, and furthermore, if this is what your heart is telling you, I would believe it. Although dogs are mere animals, they have a consciousness and very high awareness, as do cats and many other animals. If you had an especially close bond with him, especially him being a companion to you, I would think that he would still feel it his duty to comfort you however he could. 🙂 Many coincidences are actually after-death communications that people miss. You should believe your heart. Your heart knows the answers. 🙂

  148. Ive lost my best friend during Jan 2016. One week after the funeral i dreamt i was with her above the clouds. I was asking if she’s ok, is the place okay? She said yes. I asked if she’s with her father (he passed on a few years ago) and she said no it doesn’t work like that? I knew she was devastated with the loss of her father and knowing she’s with him would make me feel better?? Why that answer? We were on top of the clouds and could look down, she also mentioned its difficult to look down, why?
    And last night i dreamed that i just cried, people talking to me, i’m doing my daily tasks but i just cried, i felt this awful sadness and pain in my sleep? What is this? And today im not well….

    • Hi Edwina. Thanks for writing. 🙂 I’m not sure why she would say those things. I’m not sure where she is at, exactly, but perhaps that is a clue from which perspective she experiences. I guess the important thing for you to know is that she is in a good place, wherever it is.
      About your dream last night. Sometimes this happens. Occasionally I would wake up in the middle of the night, extremely depressed, then fell back asleep to wake the next morning feeling fine. It was very strange that I could experience such depression, yet be fine in the morning. There are other times that I have brought a bad dream bad with me too. I think there are many explanations that could be possible for this, but this is probably what happened. I hope things improve for you.

  149. Hi,

    I reviewed few cases and really it is a great miserable moment when loved one passed away. i want to share my story. my boyfriend has passed away before a month. It is a very painful moment in my life and unable to overcome from that. Day by day his thoughts are killing me. He was very affectionate and very caring in all perspective. No one can get a guy like that. many times i was feeling blessed because of him. But i didn’t tell anything to him. he proposed me before 3 years and i dint accept that, but we were speaking like a good friends( me only). although he used to express his love manytimes as he can. From the six months i realized his love and thought to marry him. I told him to speak to my parents. but suddenly he met an accident and he has gone with my whole happiness. My life is full of pain and empty. I want to get some signs from him. I don’t know whether he can do that. Daily i m crying. I can t forget him even for a minute. I didn’t say ‘I love you’ when he was alive. But now daily im telling that, he could not hear that. sometimes i’m thinking like, i want to go with him. im become mad. I m missing to the extreme. Feeling guilty, because many times i had insulted him and didn’t understand him. I want to be with him forever. but he has gone:( at least i want to get few signs to know that he is here to comfort me. No one can replace him.

    Please help me and tell me what i need to do.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I know. It is miserable for sure. It is so common that our loved one passes on and we have not told them the things we wished to say. This is really just human nature. Please know that he can perceive your thoughts and feelings, so your messages to him are being received by him. 🙂 There are a lot of adjustments to make now, for sure, and I understand your regrets. If he loved you in life, he will still love you in death… and there is no death, really. From our perspective, it just seems that way. Be patient, sometimes it take a little bit to get an after-death communication. Just know that he is with you. Would he be any other way? Just breath and trust him. Hope that helps. Hugs.

  150. Hi, I had cousin pass away on March 8,2016 . I still believe its not here with us no more its been really hard . Well I had this dream that whispered in my ear which woke me up . what dose this mean? What was trying say?

    • Hi Evelyn,
      So sorry for your loss.
      Most likely your dream is for you to know that your cousin is still here with you, although it looks otherwise. I would take it as a good thing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Blessing for comfort and peace.

  151. Hello Jade, my husband died on April 10 and I have had several experiences that I believe are signs from him. First, a friend of ours had been to a spiritual event and the woman running asked if she had just lost a friend. She said yes, and the medium said she had a message from her friend to give his wife (me). He said tell her everything will be okay and that I am always with her. Her description of my husband was accurate. I was recently at a grief counselling session, and there was a saying on the wall, “Things that are worth having don’t come easy”. During the session, the word “easy” came loose and hung from one edge…and a few moments later fell off the wall completely. I can’t remember what I was talking about at the time, but I did say to the therapist that I don’t think my husband likes your saying. A few days ago my friend and I were talking and discussing how we can’t believe that my husband is seems surreal. I said “where are you?” and “why haven’t you contacted me??” (which is actually not true because he has) Just then I heard a very high pitched sound similar to a tuning fork. I said “what is that noise” and my friend suggested it’s my husband. I said “do you hear that sound?” and she said she couldn’t but I heard it loud and clear for about 20 seconds. Yesterday, my daughter was here and just after she left I became aware of sounds. When I looked into the living room I saw the TV on which I did not turn on. I texted my daughter and she hadn’t turned it on either. There are several more things that have happened, and I’m convinced it is my husband. Could these things mean he is communicating?

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for sharing! I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs.
      For sure, they are signs from your husband desperately trying to let you know that he is with you. 🙂 I’m glad you are getting them. It sure helps a lot to have such signs. 🙂 Peace and comfort to you, Joanne. Your hubby’s with you still. 🙂

  152. Hi.. I lost my grandmom on 2nd July 2015.. Today (22 June 2016) I was playing with my puppy and suddenly I could smell her fragrance.. I have cold and I can’t smell things clearly.. But this (her fragrance) was very sharp.. I have shifted my room to her room.. Sometimes I feel scared to go the room.. (I don’t know why! ). I was her favorite grandchild! I miss her a lot.. When I am in stress, I remember her and my problems get sorted easily.. So.. Is she trying to tell me anything?? Is she trying to communicate with me? Is she near me?? I don’t understand anything.. Please help me..

    • She just wants to let you know that she is with you, supporting and loving you still from beyond. No need to fear. She is your protector. 🙂

  153. Dont know how to explain. My phone showed a picture of a women it look like my mother who past away 3years ago. I was trying to figure it out where the picture was taken it looks like my mom but it look like she been older and skinnier. Under neath the pic there was something writen like a vers out of the Biblee and a name. The thing is the phone number is a telkom house number and always been on my phone and their where never a pictyre befor so I show my best friend and she ask me why I have the pic of my mom she recognised her eyes then I ask her to read the vers then all dissapeared . Can that have any meaning?

    • Nice! I guess she was just popping in to say Hi! Awesome after-death communication! So glad you had it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  154. My soulmate passed away of a heart attack but weeks and days before he seem to be getting things in order but the day he passed we woke up to go to work and I told him I was gaining weight he rub my stomach and made love to me two minutes later he had the attack The Doctor at the hospital tried Save him but could not ….But I feel like I saw him a figure in a frame, them he called my Nickname so clear…..a dream he was waiting on me I kept telling him he had to go he was dead he just nodded ad rubbed his hand together ,,,,last time I was in bed and I rubbed him and felt the hair on his body I could not have been a dream it was to real…….I always say my love story ended early …..9 years of love///

    • Hi Stephanie. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry about your soulmate. I know it is just heart-breaking. HUGS.
      I’m glad you had after-death experiences from him though. It does help to know that they are still around. I hope he comes for a visit again, very soon. 🙂

  155. Yesterday I was walking home late at night and I felt like something touched me and hugged me very gently it was pretty weird, so when I got home I asked my uncle if my aunty liked hugs and he said “yes she loved giving you hugs when you were a baby and so on why whats going on” so I told him that I felt someone touch me gently and hugged me.. and he replied “I get those too sometimes you know aunty loved you and I miss her so much aswell”! So I did some research and my aunts spirit is around us sometimes and the part of it ive seen her in my dreams her shadow was right by the door and walked right into it.!

    I miss you Aunty rip.

  156. Hi and thank you for this web page.
    My dog passed a while back now. It was wonderful afterwards because even though she had left physically, I sensed her often and how happy she is. She visited lots, for ages after. 3 years. Suddenly she stopped visiting. I don’t know why. I miss her so much and can’t feel happy any more without her

    • So sorry for your loss, Julia. Although it may feel differently to you now, I’m sure she is still with you in some way. I hope you experience her soon again. Hugs.

  157. Hi Jade, the love of my life passed away on 6/28/2016. I miss him so much it hurts. We were together for 6 years. We met when I was 14 and he was 16. For me it was love at first sight. Although our lives took different paths we re-connected again 6 years ago. During that 6 years we planned a future of me and him together back home where I grew up. You see I’ve been in Southern California for about 24 years. I have a daughter who is beginning her senior year of high school. We decided to wait until she graduated and then i would make the move home. On Monday the 27th of June we went through our usual day talking and texting (ours was a long distance relationship but we never felt the distance) and every night we were not together we sent goodnight texts as we did that night. Sometime during the night he passed away from heart disease. I believe it was a heart attack in his sleep. I have been waiting for him to come and tell me he’s okay and that he is still in love with me and that he will be waiting for me when its my time. So far nothing. I’ve cried, I’ve been angry, I’ve been sad and I’ve tried to think of happy times. After reading the posts from others I truly believe there are signs. A funny feeling hit me though…when your loved one passes and though they may have had other loves in their past, are you the one they wait for since you were the last before they left or do they go back to their other past loves? I know it sounds weird but I’m not sure where love ends for the deceased. I would like to think I would be that person since he told me numerous times he loved me and was in love with me and wanted to marry me. He was hopeless romantic as I am. I have this over whelming need to hear from him. What are your thoughts?

    • Wow! That’s recent. So sorry that happened. Hugs.
      No worries Michelle. He loves you still and will be by your side until your reunite again.
      As far as x’s, that’s a great question, but would you go be with an ex after you pass? Or would it be him. Trust me, he still loves you, but it’s natural to wonder. Blessing for comfort and reassurance. 🙂

      • Thank you Jade. I found comfort in your reply. I wanted to tell you something that happened to me. A couple of weeks ago i was laying in bed on my left side and had my right arm draped along my thigh. As i was laying watching TV i felt a cold sensation on my right forearm. I looked over as if it was nothing. But when i looked back i saw water coming out of my skin in like a 3 inch area. It was forming on my arm and I saw it. It didnt hurt, there was no rash and it was nothing but water on skin. Hand to god! when it was done it looked like raindrops on water. I stared at it and was in shock but not scared. I felt it and it was wet and real. What do you make of this? This has never happened to me in my life!

        • Wow, that’s different! But it got your attention, right? I guess that’s what matters and that’s what it was supposed to do. I don’t perceive it being at all negative. Very cool.😃

      • Hi Jade,
        So I’ve talked to a couple of people about your website and told them what I learned and how insightful I think you are. They totally called BS on it and it broke my heart. I thought here that Jeff was here and by my side (they said if you can’t see or hear him he is not here) and now it turns out that there really is no after life according to my friends. Why would they tell me this? How can I be sure? I’m sorry. I’m not bashing you at all. I just am confused by this all. Your thoughts?

        • Hi Michelle. Some people just don’t believe. That’s okay. It’s their prerogative. I don’t believe either. I know they (our loved ones) are with us and that there is an afterlife. I would not be spending time on this if this were not true. People who have no direct experience often have no reason to believe. But, believe me, those who do will tell you otherwise. Please do not let your friends dictate what is the truth when you know it deep in your heart and soul. Trust your experience. I advise people only to discuss this stuff with believers. I don’t know why people have to be so hurtful, but I’ve run into a few. They just don’t know any better. Jeff is with you. Could love do anything else? Think about it.😃

          • Thank you Jade. You are absolutely right in my book. I have felt it in my heart and saw the miracle of water appearing on my arm as well as other signs. He is in my heart and soul and is around me. I feel it. It’s still love and always will be and I know he is waiting for me on the other side. Could love do anything else, like you said? Not a chance! Much love! <3

              • Hi Jade! It’s a been a year since I have commented to you. I was just looking at my comments i left to you last year and wow…what a difference a year makes. Yes, I am still heartbroken and yes I still love and miss him like crazy. But I wanted to send you a comment with a question. You see, 3 weeks ago Jeff’s son passed away. He was 29. I don’t understand when someone that young and seemingly in good health passes away. My question is after all this time and no contact is it right or wrong to hang on hoping for a sign or communication? I feel like since his son is now in spirit maybe he doesn’t feel the need to communicate. It’s horrible this feeling of loss. I’m confused. Thanks Jade and I hope you are well.

              • Hi Michelle. 😊 It’s neither right nor wrong. Some adc’s don’t come until much time has passed. I would always continue to put it out there. And sometimes adc’s are very subtle and we miss them completely. I hope he manifests soon for you, Michelle. Thanks for the update. 😊

  158. My mother passed away suddenly 9weeks ago, aged 77years old. She has came to me in a physical way, while I was lying on my bed caring, I felt my hand go all light, then my arm lifted up into the air, then my other arm did the same and wiped my tears away, really slow like motion, I felt it really emotional, I know it was my mother.

  159. Hi I lost my baby girl nearly 26 years ago she was stillborn I can remember being in bed crying with grief and I don’t know whether I was half asleep but I looked up to the ceiling light and saw that it was glistening with different colours to this day I think she was letting me know she was ok or some other celestial being was, I always think back to that day if I feel sad and it makes me feel better

    • Hi Tracy. That’s beautiful! Glistening lights are a form of after-death communication. I’m glad your baby girl let you know she was a celestial being. I’m sure that helps so much. What a thing to have gone through. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  160. My mother passed away June 23, 2016 after a long illness. While she was in the hospice center we had the patio doors open to let fresh air in and a hummingbird flew in and hovered over her for several seconds. We jokingly said it was an angel telling us mom would be okay. We talked about getting matching hummingbird tattoos.

    The week after she passed we went camping up in the forest. A hummingbird flew into the door of our camper – after tiring itself out trying to find it’s way back out it let my husband pick it up and then it jumped on my grand daughter’s finger. She took it outside where it remained on her finger for about 5 minutes before flying off. It was the only hummingbird we’d seen the entire week.

    Yesterday I ordered a hummingbird ash holder for her remains. I’d searched and searched hoping to find one that would feel right and I did. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to get it. Then last night at dinner our waitress turned and I saw a hummingbird tattoo tucked behind her ear. I don’t know if any of these things are really signs from my mom or not, but thinking they are has brought me so much peace. Hummingbirds will forever be a symbol to me now.

    • For sure, Kelly. Hummingbirds DO NOT behave like this. 🙂 This was certainly your mom! A hummingbird is a common after-death communication. It represents a winged one, (Angel), from the heavens above. Your mother wants you to know that she is your angel and watches over you. And… in case you didn’t get it the first time… the hummingbird showed up 2 additional times just to let you know that there is no doubt whatsoever about this. So happy for you, but especially, that you know this is your mother coming to give you this beautiful message of love and comfort. Thanks for sharing.

  161. My husband’s friend died 2 nights ago. Last night while we were sleeping, my husband kept moving his feet like he was running. When I told him about it today he said is was because he was running after Dave trying to stop him because Dave was running away from him chasing a butterfly along the edge of a cliff. I told my husband that Dave had visited him and he should feel very blessed for that visit. However, I would love to know a little bit about what the dream meant and what Dave was trying to tell my husband.

    • This probably just represented his newfound freedom.😃 The cliff represents no need to fear death because one can never really die anyway.

  162. When my cousin passed away last year, he was cremated but his wife kept his ashes in their bedroom. Now she is always saying that she dreams of him holding a box, and he looks happy. What does it mean? Could it be that he needs to be buried? Or what else? Please help. Feeling confused.

    • Interesting. Is it like a gift to her? Does the box contain something for her? A surprise, perhaps? If he is smiling, no worries. No she does not need to bury the Ashes. He is not his ashes. Thanks for posting. Hope this helps.😃

  163. I lost my dad unexpectedly in May. I haven’t felt him around at all, but this weekend I woke to a picture of him, thought of him all day, and just as I was drifting off to sleep that night (with the TV on) a commercial came on the TV that woke me up, as it was playing one of his favorite songs, which was also the song we played at his funeral. That day we were also celebrating my son’s birthday. Could this have been my dad’s way of telling me he was there?

    • Absolutely it was! 🙂 And his way to say, “Happy Birthday” to your son. Of course he is with you, always. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  164. I’m from New Zealand. My mother died in 2007. I have not grieved since then but I was informed by someone who shares my belief in the after-life, my mother is my guardian angel. Some of the family think I am nuts because I speak to my mother and continue to discuss problems with her. I know she can’t answer.
    Now my father is slowly dying as well (he is in a coma). I have not been up to the hospital but now I seem to be talking to both my mum and dad. I had a dream a few nights ago my mother told me she was ready to bring dad home.
    The question is: do you think she is hearing me, and with dad in a coma, is he hearing me even though I have never been to the hospital to see him.
    I’m their youngest child, and no one else in the family is getting these spiritual messages.

  165. Just want to add with my comments. I don’t get on with any of my family apart from my oldest sister Y. While all of them have been successful in life, I have been on an up and down life and now just managing to get back on the right trail. I think this is because my mother has connected to me and become my guardian angel. Another question: will I ever see her in this life?

    • You will see her in many ways. Just continue to be open. Don’t share this stuff with people who will think you are nuts. It just doesn’t work well toward having a peaceful experience because it can create doubt.

  166. Question:
    Good day
    I had a boyfriend that passed away 9 years ago and his mum just passed away. I feel obliged to go to the funeral but I honestly don’t want to. for the past week, I can feel him everywhere I go. I haven’t felt him in years besides the dream I have here and there. It seems like everybody has a status that says ‘don’t care what people think’ and I feel like those messages are meant for me. He was the love of my life and I miss him soooo much. I am getting married soon though and feel like I need to move on even though he will never leave my heart. Should I go to honour him?

    • You can honor him anywhere. He is not at some grave site. He is forever with you. Do what you feel in your heart. That’s what matters most.😃

  167. Hi my name is sadira funny thing happened this evening i went upstairs to go in my bedroom as i open the door the picture above the door with prayers on it just fell and broke on the floor what does that mean?

    • I’m not sure how to interpret that. It could have just fallen like things sometimes do, or there could be a message in that for you. I don’t know the answer to that. What feels right to you?

  168. I lost my dad just over 8 weeks ago. I’m desperate to speak to him, he was poorly with Huntingdons disease but he suddenly died of heart failure. We went through so much with him over the last year, his depression, suicide attempt, surviving a massive operation, and then randomly he just passed, out of the blue. It’s tearing me apart inside and I’m trying to be strong for my little brother (I’m 22, he’s 17, our dad was 51) a couple of weeks after he passed, I could smell a really strong tobacco smell, as he used to be a heavy smoker, but gave up a year ago. I don’t know what to make of it, I really want to talk to him, but I’m worried he won’t want to speak to me.

    • They don’t always connect with us the way we expect, but they do connect with us. That cigarette smoke is one way he is speaking to you. That is a clear after death communication telling you that he is around with a scent that would remind you of him.😃 Sorry for your loss. Hugs. I know it hurts bad.

      • Thank you so much for coming back to me. It gives me comfort knowing he is around. I hope one day, we can communicate so I can speak to him about stuff that I didn’t get a chance to speak to him about. X

  169. I had a waking dream. An old friend who has been gone for 9 years passed me in a door way with a child in tow. I called to her, and turned around and followed her. She was hiding (or so it seemed) just behind the door, like she had been caught, like I wasn’t supposed to have see her. I walked toward her and my feet carried me past her until I was against the wall. I could only turn my head to look at her, with the child on her hip. I must have said her name 20 times as their faces blurred, as I stared at them and they stared back, not moving as if she had been caught, like if she didn’t move, I wouldn’t see her. Another person, a man appeared at her side and I said her name one more time, and I woke up with my heart pounding, and a massive headache…WTH?

    • Inner-dimensional stuff is strange to see. Especially when you know that the person you are seeing has already crossed over. Seems like you might have time traveled some. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  170. Hi Jade,
    It’s me again. I had a quick reading by a psychic on the phone last Friday. She was doing tarot cards and talking to me as she was dealing and turning over the cards. I am wondering if the things she was saying were something she came up with or was my loved one really telling her these things. She told me he was ready to die. I don’t get that. We were just starting our life together. She did say he was around me and loves me very much and that he was proud of me for certain things I have done lately. But I wonder too…she said he told her he was worried about me. I have no idea why. I’m not afraid of anything like death, etc. I’m baffled. She couldn’t see me. Can you help me? (oh i could see her doing the cards because she was live on my FB page and she was doing a radio show on UBN). I hope this makes sense. You are very insightful so i knew i could ask you.

    • p.s. She also said he said I was creative. I have not a creative bone in my body. I still feel something is off though.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Here’s my insight. That’s always the thing, Michelle. When someone else is getting the information for you, how do you even know? This is exactly why I offer my, “Being Your Own Medium” online tele class. I cover all of this! Part of my gift and life’s purpose lies in teaching people to do this for themselves by going directly to the source, rather than going through another person, who you don’t know what to believe. Everyone can learn to do this and it is vital that they do. You really should take my class. 🙂 It’s coming at the beginning of October. 😉

  171. Good day.
    My Mom passed away a year ago , in SA we only put a tombstone on the grave a year after the burial. 2 days before the unveiling of the tombstone I dreamt that my Mother hugs me and kisses me and lays her head on my lap. Is there a meaning to this dream?

    • Yes there is. It means that she is with you. She is trying to comfort you by showing you she is still here loving and watching over you. She is very aware of your thoughts and feelings.

    • Hi Raylene,
      I think your Mom’s spirit is saying thank you for laying her body to rest.
      A tombstone is also called a headstone, so your dream of her head resting on your lap after hugs and kisses is a sure sign !

  172. hi,i waked up very early in the morning and my internet controller light was of wich rarely happens when i start looking around as i waked up my electraltoothbrusher light flickers 3 times and then the internetcontroller light turns on wtf is this?…

    • Hi Joe. Electrical issues sure can be a sign that spirits are around. And yours was more than one at a time. Whatever it was, it was sure trying to get your attention! Does this make any sense to you as to who is visiting and trying to get your attention?

      • i wouldnt minded it but its just strange that it happens when i just woke up and it has been years that i woke up like depressive for a few years now and started watching ouja board sessions on youtube and other creapy ghosts and demons videos for 3 days maybe thats not planning using the ouja board btw cause i heard nothing good will come out of it.

        • i only have a grandpa and uncle who died but that have been like 15 years since and i never had any scary stuff happening besides a handslap when i just turned around in my bed and it was behind me very clearly handslap..probably just a random spirit passing bye idk

        • You definitely can get the wrong attention, as well. I would stay away from outage boards if you get a bad feeling from them. Especially if it is associated with creepy and demonic!

  173. Hi Jade my husband passed away going on two months on the 22nd. It was so sudden and not expected. We have two beautiful children together. The other day I was feeling down and depressed as I been since. But something told me look in your recent pictures on your phone I’m there. So I look through my pictures and find a picture of my daughter posing by herself and what do you know her father is in the picture with her. You can see from head to shoulders. I have dreams of him almost every night and every night I wake up at 3am like if someone woke me up. Since my husband passing my kitchen light always flickers and sometimes it makes an electric noise. And one song Everytime I turn on the radio plays and it’s the same song. I also been seeing alot of men who resemble him. Can this be him? The other night was just falling back sleep when I heard a man scream in my head. he creamed my name so loud and strong as if to grab attention How can I communicate with him?

    • So sorry for your loss, Natty. Hugs.
      That’s an awesome after-death communication you received in the image with your daughter! If you would like to share the image with me at, I will write this up as a story, give a commentary, and use the picture to demonstrate how this sometimes happens. It really does, but not everyone listens to the voice in their head that prompts them to take a look. Good job.
      Yes, flickering lights and other electrical occurrences are common after-death communications of our loved ones trying to let us know they are with us. Same as songs. This is him FOR SURE! He is trying to comfort you in all your pain.
      About your last question. I teach a class on this, so you have come to the right place. Go to homepage. On the navigation bar you will see, “classes.” Click on “Connect with your departed? The being your own Medium Series.” This is an online class that starts in October. There is an early bird special price on it right now. It is a very healing and peaceful class. You get a lot of information, practice and magic happens. 🙂 You can read the testimonials from my pilot class on there too, but this one will be even better! 🙂 Hope you will join us to learn everything you ever wanted to know about communicating with your departed. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  174. Hello,

    My name is Dawn and I lost my son on August 13th 2016. Ever since they day he was killed I believe he has been giving me signs. Something to do with 5 point stars. have you ever heard of the decease giving those type of signs?

    • Hi Dawn. My condolences about your recent loss. So sorry. Hugs.
      I haven’t, but it doesn’t mean the signs you are receiving are not real. Sometimes you just have to keep it in mind until all the puzzle pieces come together and you realize what it is. Another way to go about discerning its meaning, is how does it feel to you? What does it feel like? Many times, going about understanding it from that angle can give you some answers. Hope this helps.

  175. My grandmother passed away last month. This morning a had a dream that a box of her belongings would show up in whatever room I was in. In my dream I remember looking at the box and seeing it may have been stuff packed up from the nursing home she was in. In my dream I remember calling my mom and telling her that this box kept showing up and I knew it was my grandmother doing it. What does this mean? Is she trying to tell me something?

    • Hi Rebecca. I think she is trying to tell you that she is with you wherever you are, her box of stuff (remains) representing that. And, to make sure you never forget about this and about her. Thanks for sharing.

  176. I lost my mom in February of this year. I am taking it very hard. It is very difficult for me to accept she is gone. I am also wondering why I have not had a dream of her. I have no signs of her. I keep talking to her and asking her if she is alright but I get no signs. My sister has had dreams and signs but I haven’t seen anything. What is she trying to tell me? Is she angry with me? It hurts me not to get a sign from her. Any advice?

    • My condolences to you, and blessings for sign to let you know your sweet mom is with you. 🙂 There is really no reason to jump to any conclusions that your mother is mad at you or isn’t alright, yet people always go there. It’s normal. 😉
      I’m sure she has sent you signs but you are not getting them.
      About signs… I get this question a lot. So much that I actually teach an online 4-week class about it over Skype that is very, very helpful. I explain this stuff in detail. You might consider registering for it. Here is the info- The testimonials are also included so you can see what other people like you have said. 🙂
      If this is something that calls to you, then see you in class. 🙂 Take care and always know that love is the bond that binds us together. And your mother loves you! Be sure of that. 🙂

  177. To : jade
    I am reading your replies back to some of those with question and I just wanted to comment and say Thank you i am so greatful for this post that I am crying from relief as I type!! My little cousin was murdered 01/23/2016 , and I am not here to learn how to communicate with him I’m here because he has been in contact with me since the time I learned of his death (when i got the call that he was gunned down he actually held me and comfort me as i sobbed! only i was too distraught and all over the place mentally to notice it was him , i just knew it was some type of peaceful-like presence wrapped around my body when I was trying to collapse to the ground I COULD NOT, when I was trying to be sad,angry ,depressed, hopeless ,helpless I was crying and laughing hysterically !!! I had just found out that my 19 year old cousin was murder I was hurt my heart was broken but I was feeling good and horrible at the same time I was feeling horrible because my baby cousin was murdered 10 minutes ago but I was feeling good because he was right there telling me that he doesn’t even remember the pain (and when they visit u in some cases u just can not deny the peace that comes with them no matter how sad u are /unless you let your feel override the moment) !!!! I didn’t know that was him comforting me on that night he was killed until time passed and more and more visiting from him came !! He has knocked thing over that scared me… He has sung along to song with me (out loud ,his voice) that scared me so bad I panicked) he has warned me a bad relationship before it went bad (I didn’t listen learned the hard way lol) he has told me how i am so much more then I could ever imagine being , he even told me something that sounds so weird but I get it coming from him ! He said to me “You will not know the answer until you know the answers” man with them simple word coming from my cousin in his AFTERLIFE it cured so much pain from bad childhood to abusive relationships to self esteem issue man I swear I just hope everybody here gets what they are asking for because the feeling is beautiful and Godly like ! its no other feeling it’s a whole nother emotion,feeling,mind frame when u see the presence and have a real life full convo with them in your mind but its not your mind ! your actually speaking to your family member or love one it beautiful to realize that flesh isn’t necessary to live ( I wouldn’t have even began to believe this before January 23,2016 but I can not deny what has happened i didn’t read anything to stimulate thoughts for him to comfort me He just came this is no mind thing !!!!!!) so for ppl who hasn’t experienced anything just please take jade’s advice everything she is saying is so true u will reach your goals !! Go to a quiet place u don’t have speak out loud (but u can) but when u speak don’t speak to them as there dead because they are not “dead” as we know it they are alive and know far more then we do they are able being no sickness no pain clear minds !!!! Really speak to them with your heart and mind then just listen and watch how they respond lol they may say a couple words or even start yapping off with conversation but I always remember it is not your mind it is your love one !!!

  178. Another thing I would like to share is that my cousin was 19 and he was considered a statistic of the Los Angeles street life and involved with gangs so a day after he was murdered it was heard of a “retaliation” and my son one from my cousin rival gang was also murdered the very next morning I am ashamed to say I made myself think I was happy and as though that meant justice for my cousin (although I’m not apart of and disagree with gangs) in that very moment I felt happy my cousin came to me and asked me “why would you want someone else’s family to cry like cry” he also told me that the boy who was murdered after him was happy and only ppl left in flesh suffer from his “death” he went on to tell me that he isn’t angry or doesn’t hate them who murdered “his body” or anyone and that he doesn’t even remember what pain or anger feels like !!!! These are would from my cousin not from my conscience I am only human and I would have loved to focus my pain to anger towards the gang that was said to have murder him but my cousin loves and loved me enough to intervene and tell me only hours after his death that my anger would be point because LOVE is the key to it all and he loves who ever it was that killed him as another soul/spirit and not what they did in flesh

    • Nice! 🙂 I’m so glad you had this experience. LOVE: A great lesson for all of us, for sure. 🙂
      It’s unfortunate that this stuff can happen as we dwell in this Earthly realm, but this is the school of how our souls learn by contrast. Especially what we can learn about love.
      And, I’m so sorry you lost your dear cousin, and we also see that we can never really lose anyone! It’s just that we don’t always see the big picture of it all. Forever is a long, long time. Right? 😉 And this life is so short.
      Thank you for sharing this. It’s so inspiring and helpful and such a great testimony of an afterlife and that connecting with our loved ones is possible.

  179. there are a lot of occultists…mystics… para-normal investigators and eastern religious teachers that tell us that what we are actually communicating with is something called the astral shell or ethereal shell… it keeps some of the mundane feelings and emotions of the deceased and stores them and its sort of a dream like shell that can talk to you but really have no intelligence and it is not the real person… the real person has gone to the other side….has anybody else heard of this?.. its a very common believe by those who study this phenomenon….i am hoping that they are wrong…

    • Hi John! Thanks for writing. 🙂 There are a lot of people who believe in a lot of things in attempt to explain spirit communication and such. Some of them are even shades of true. It just depends on perspective. You see a ghost hunter and/or paranormal’s perspective might be different than a Medium’s perspective. An Easterner’s perspective might be different than a Westerner’s perspective. An occultist’s perspective could be different than a spiritualist’s perspective. Each perspective offers a different point of view. As you can imagine, just a particular view of something is not hardly “The Truth”, right? Although this astral shell is not my experience or view, this is actually not too bad of a belief. At least this group believes in an afterlife! 😉
      While there is no way to actually prove anything, even whether we are actually awake or asleep in life and whether life itself is an illusion or not, you are best to believe in your own experiences if you have them and if not, in the experiences of those you trust. I’ve been is this frame of mind before. It’s very unsettling and it’s what a brain does when it is experiencing doubt and insecurity. I only had to remember that I am not my brain, to transcend this kind of thinking. I have had a ton of spiritual experiences that my brain cannot even begin to comprehend, and although there may occur to be an ethereal shell or cellular memory that some people experience, this is not my experience at all. And it is not the experience of those who have actually experienced these after-death communications for themselves and have written about them. For these experiencers, that their loved ones are still there for them, loving and supporting them from heavenly realms, there is no doubt about it.
      In your email to me, you mentioned something very important there, that you didn’t mention here. And that’s that these shells dissipate after some time. There are people who never even have an ADC after their loved one passes, then suddenly 20 or 30 years later have one of them.
      So to answer you question… and by the way, it is a very good question… it just depends on ones perspective. If you are asking my perspective? What I know is that are loved ones are definitely still with us and not just some shell that’s not really them. But that’s just my experience.

  180. thank you very much for your reply…… understanding life after death is very had because its all subjective…. you cant pinpoint any solid evidence because these invisible worlds and this higher consciousness vibrates on a difference frequency and our machines and technology cannot pick them up… like you said you have to look at this with a mystics eye and try to understand it based on experience and exploring consciousness for yourself….only love exists to me and i know that having strong love for another person can make you transcend time and space. and connect to this sub atomic quantum world…. my mom just past she was 89 and im 54 … she was married for over 68 years to the same man ,,, my father died 4 years before her… this is a beautiful and wonderful thing and my parents were great people…. im taking this very hard and one of the symptoms of grief is to start researching about life after death.. trying to communicate with them and to ask questions about our purpose and what life is all about…. i keep an open mind to all things and im starting to walk this path on understanding…. thank you again for your reply and kindness… Giovanni Carlo

    • Sure. I totally understand. I had to walk the same path myself. At some point a person has to be responsible for their own testimony of what is true and real and what is myth, false and illusion. I have done this, committed to it and now have what I call a sure knowledge. In other words… I am at peace. When I was at the worst of my doubts and fears after Christian’s death, despite all my previous spiritual experiences in my life, it caused me to pause and become responsible for what is true for me, given those experiences.
      I’m sorry for the loss of your folks. I know it’s a difficult time when one passes through such devastation. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is that such experience that embodies so much pain can really be transformative in a positive sense. May you reach the end of that tunnel with flying colors!😃 I’m sure you will do it powerfully!

  181. It was really comforting to read about these experiences. My beloved mother died in my arms and I could see how relieved she felt, when she left us. In our religion (Christian Orthodox) it is considered good for the soul of the departed to fast for forty days after and then on the memorial of the 40th day after death to receive the Holy Communion. So I did. 38 days had passed -and on Sunday was the memorial service -since her death and I really felt my mother around. I was on my way out and looking at the bathroom mirror, when I saw her whole body reflection passing in the corridor and entering my grandma’s bedroom. She was younger and she moved really fast, like floating on air. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there she was, in her new spiritual form. Relatives were quite sceptical about my experience, but I believe my eyes and my mind. Two months after that incident, I saw her in my sleep. She was younger, with no wounds (mom died of a an excruciatingly painful cancer) and she was wearing a dress and holding something like a textile in a circular object. I checked her body under the dress; it was healed and glowing. I asked “mom, is that how you look now?”, she replied “yes”. Then, I asked her: “is that because you died?”, she smiled and told me “of course, I know that I died. How wouldn’t I? And that’s how I am now”. Immediately after her reply I asked her: “Mom, are you among the righteous?”, she replied “Yes, I am”. We held each other and she told me she loves me, I told her that I love her too. Everything was glowing and that dream held me strong for months to come. Since then and always I feel a very strong connection to her. Sometimes, it kind of fades away, but she’s near. I have a much younger brother, a teenager, and I am trying to be like a “mother” to him and she even told me once in a dream: “you’re doing a good job”. Another thing worth sharing: I really helped her leave this life; three days before she died, she asked me not be in so much pain, because she couldn’t leave due to my pain. I should let her go, she told me, because “my pain is for both of us; I am your mother”. I got crazy with pain, but I understood that souls needs us to liberate them from earthly pain. Finally, I am more than certain that our loved ones take care of us and that one day we will meet again. Thank you for your beautiful website and for sharing. I wish the best to all of you.

  182. I’ve had very strong thoughts of wanting to contact on old friend. He was a very charismatic, highly intelligent friend who left a big impression, that was 25 years ago. His name was Tim. All through this year I’ve been thinking I have to find out what became of him. Today while grabbing a coffee in a supermarket, I saw his ex-girlfriend and made a bee-line to speak to her. This was the only chance of finding out where he was and what he was doing – after all this time. She told me Tim had died around the year 2001 of a brain haemorrhage and told me a little about him leading up to his death. I stood rooted to the spot. The sad fact and coincidence is, I too had a brain haemorrhage in 2005 weirdly, but I survived. It has left me with many side effects, chronic fatigue being one, but that’s not relevant. I’m feeling very shocked and sad at the thought he has gone. I phoned my daughter soon afterwards to tell her the news. She remembered me talking about Tim a few times earlier, and spontaneously asked if he was dead. Yes he is, and I said I would have quite a lot of crying to do later. Of course I’ve shed a tear or two but my over-riding emotion is I’ll never see him again. He was an exceptional, very special friend in the short time I knew him. Strange that all this year – especially – I’ve thought so strongly and so often about him. Is there a message in that?

    • Sounds like he was trying to let you know what happened to him. Running into this woman was part of that. He wants you to know that he is thinking of you.

  183. Yes, I think so too. Thanks for your reply Jade. I’ve always been highly sensitive to spirit and have experienced spiritual presences a lot. It would make sense for him to communicate thoughts as he was such a great thinker and orator. I’m not making it up. If you were to meet him you’d be darn well impressed with his gifts!

    • I’m sure I would. Sounds like he stii is a great thinker and orator. 😃 I guess he really felt strongly that you should know what happened. Perhaps he perceived your original thoughts about him. Thanks for sharing.

      • I think his legacy will be the following;

        to speak up intelligently, wisely and confidently when a point needs to be made. If you don’t understand the situation ask inquisitive questions, don’t assume anything; have a deeply enquiring mind. Read books!

        This was the measure of the man, and I won’t ever forget his influence.

        Thanks Jade for your replies. All the best x

        • Jill. I just have to say this one last important thing about this. Your friend who crossed over is very blessed to have had you as a friend in his life. For you have been a true friend. 🙂 Thank you for passing on the legacy of who he was in life, and who he still is. Great words to live by.

  184. I was 7 months pregnant and on September 1 I delivered my daughter she was stillborn.. and 3 days before her funeral i was alone in my house sitting in my room on the bed my window was closed and my door was shut all of a sudden i felt wind blow right pass me and smelled something sweet like the stuff they bathed her with after i had her …….and we just barried her September 30 and yesterday I walked out of my room into my living room and heard a females voice whisper amy . I looked around and my kids were playing on the floor minding there own. so I look at my mom and asked if she said something to me me and she said no. a few nights ago my mom said she seen a shadow in my room while she was in the living room and she said it was moving around she got closer but nothing was there but she did say my slippers were by my bed when she just clean my room an hr before she seen the shadow….and last night my mom gave my 3 year old something to drink in a plastic cup and sat it by her my kids slept with my mom last night and my mom said she didn’t sleep at all so when she walked in my room early this morning she said the cup was right next to my bed and she was the only one up. when I was pregnant my baby’s father would drink out this same cup and sit it next to the bed (we split up after her funeral and he moved out)…well today I heard someone yell my name again I thought it was my mom cause she was in my room with the door shut well I ran in my room and asked if she was yelling for me ..well she looked at me like I was crazy and said no…… all these things that happened don’t scare me I just hope it is my daughter letting me no she is here ..?

    • Oh Amy, I’m so sorry for your loss. That is heart-breaking. It does sound like your daughter is letting you know that you have not lost her permanently, instead… that she is around to let you know she is with you, supporting you in this very painful time from beyond. Thanks for sharing. Hugs. May you feel peace and heal well.

  185. my mother died a little over a month ago….. im still living in the house were we lived together for over 5 years… i was her caregiver…. she passed in the house.. she was on hospice…. since he died i have been doing EVP’s with my ” i phone” and im getting very good results…. she has told me she loved me on almost every evp session and when i was my birthday on oct 5th,,, she actually said happy birthday in a singing voice…. now im starting to hear my father who passed away about 6 years ago… i can tell by his lower voice….this is solid proof for me that consciousness exists after the death of the physical body…where we go when we die i have no idea… all i can say is that i hear my parents very clearly when i play back the recorder…. and its not my imagination because i let others hear it and they heard it to….. its usually a robotic like voice but it can also be a very clear whisper and even at times a very loud real voice….. this experience with EVP’s has helped me so much with coping with grief… i have been in hell this past month…. im of italian decent and us italian guys really love our moms… i was very close to her…. and it has been nothing but a nightmare for me…. but these EVP’s have given me hope of an afterlife and that my mom is ok and happy….

  186. It was only last month when my father passed away. It is sudden and we had no chance to talk nor see each other. We saw each other last July 30 however, we didn’t talk much because I was busy with my son’s Christening. We didn’t got the chance to say goodbye.

    I have a lot of regrets and guilt as a daughter. I am not as showy and sweet like the other daughters. I love my father but I don’t say it verbally. I just show it by being a good daughter. I was never a headache to my parents ever since I was a child. I am now 36 and married with two kids. We visit them but not as often as we want. Only during occasions like Christmas, New Year and semestral break and school vacation and also during holidays that we have the chance to visit them. And I gave birth thru Cesarian Delivery last July that I didn’t think of coming home on his birthday.

    And now that he is gone physically, I no longer have the chance to say that I love him, I am proud of him, I am thankful that he is my father and that I am lucky to have him. How can I let him know all of these?

    Every day I still cry and I’m always thinking of the things that I should have done before. Of the words I should have said. My parents are included in my future plans and dreams. And now, thinking that my father is no longer here, makes me cry and remember all my regrets and guilt.

    I am having a hard time forgiving myself. I don’t know how to move on with my life. I am still living in the past, thinking about the past. I know that he is now with our Creator and I’ happy for him.

    Thank you for reading this. And I hope you can advice me.

    • Dear Emerald. Hugs. I’m sorry for you loss.
      What you are explaining is very common to many people. We always think we could have done more than we did when our loved one was still living. We never think that a loved one could pass without a warning. We get wrapped up in our lives and do what we have to do on a daily basis. This is human nature. Please forgive yourself for being human. Your father knows of your love for him. You can even tell him now. He can perceive your thoughts and feelings. There is no separation with that. Tell him everything you want him to know. And he already knows too. But do it for you. 🙂 Regret and guilt are unproductive at this point, but would only serve to torment you further in your grief process. Be kind to yourself. Your father wants that for you. He understands. 🙂 Talk to him in your heart now and often. This will lighten your load greatly. Take care. xo

      • Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

        I admit, I still cry everyday and every night because I missed my father, I am thinking about the things I didn’t do. I don’t know when will I learn to let go of this and forgive myself. It’s just so hard now. But I will always remember what you’ve said. Your words gave me comfort and hope. Yes I will talk to him more often, through my heart and mind. I am glad to know that he can still hear us. I am happy that my father is happy now with the Lord. No sickness, no pain, no sadness, no worries. It is great knowing that he is still guiding us and watching over us from up there. Whether it is true or not real, i still want to believe it. I want to hold on to it.

        I remember, some friends and relatives shared their stories, like those times they have a problem, then they talk to their loved one- in their heart, then suddenly they will receive answer to their problem. I am just glad to hear from other people’s stories that our loved ones who are already gone physically still cares. They continue loving us even when they are no longer living with us.

        • Sure, you are welcome. 🙂
          You will cry and mourn your loss, that’s for sure, but please don’t make it even worse by being unkind to yourself. Believe me, many people do this, but it is so harmful to healing. When you are kind and understanding to yourself, forgiveness comes then. If you want your father to know of your love for him, show that love to yourself, as you are the part of him that remains.
          Our loved ones are still connected to us, this is true and real, but it is common to question. I know I did. But, what I know for myself is that it is absolutely real and true. My countless experiences have given me a sure knowledge of this. I leave my testimony with you if that helps. We are not left alone in a world that can be so dark and frightening at times. Our loved ones who pass on are our biggest fans. They root for our happiness and positive growth. 🙂 Take care of yourself. You are loved. 🙂

          • Thank you Jade. I will remember by heart all the things I’ve learned from you. Today is my father’s 40th day. He is loved and being missed.

            I’m sure, God allowed me to stumble upon your website so It can help me overcome my regrets, guilt and depression. It was (You are) indeed a great help. I can’t promise I will cry no more but I will try to be the best version of myself now, realizing everything you have said especially that I am a part of my father that remains. I should have known that even before but only when you said it that I realized.

            Again, thank you…

  187. Jade, i grew up distant with my Dad. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love him. I do. I care for him as much as I care for my Mom. It’s just that I don’t share much of my stories to him. I send SMS to ask him how is he doing. And I tell him to take care always. I don’t say I love him. I did but not often.

    SInce I am married I barely visit them. I wasn’t able to talk to him before he passed away. It was sudden. I was not ready. I was not able to ask for forgiveness. For the things I did not do and words I did not say. How will I know if he forgave me already or If he was never mad at me at all. I know parents are loving. I am just guilty I guess. That I did not gave them the best of everything.

    Thanks Jade.

    • Hi Emely. Sorry for your loss.
      There is nothing to forgive. You are like every other person on the planet who gets busy with life and thinks that the people in their lives will always be there. We always think there is a tomorrow. But there are no guarantees. To think otherwise would be too painful.
      So here you sit. Feeling guilty and unresolved. Love is the bond that holds us together. Where your Dad has gone, there is only love and understanding. He is not mad at you and never was. There is nothing to forgive. In fact, he loves you more than he ever did. He understands you better than he ever did. There are no worries. You are his precious baby girl, always. Give him the best of everything now, by being the best self you can be. Show your Dad all the wonderful things you’ve learned from him. He lives on with you, around you, and in you. 🙂

      • Thanks Jade. I feel better after reading your message. I hope he can still watch me from up there so he will know he is being loved and missed. I have never said that when he is still alive. Even the words, “I’m proud of you Dad!” were never uttered. I hope he will visit me in my dream and tell me that he is fine and everything will going to be alright. That he loves me and will always be his precious baby (I am their first born). My Dad is a good man, a great father. He raised us well. I remember, I never got scolded by him since I was a child. I am now 36. I am just missing him and yes I will try to be the best of myself and be just like him so his grandchildren will remember him. I just hope that in my dreams he would tell me, everything will be alright.. And I want to tell him also those words I never told him.. Right now, moving on and forgiving myself is the hardest thing to do.. Although, your kind words really helps and gives hope.

        Thank you for being so generous of your time Jade.

        • Yes, he is very aware of you, Emely. He is aware of what you think and feel, so you can say those things now and he will perceive them. He is not gone into some world where the door is closed. Emely. Heaven is very close. He is with you, around you and in you. You wanted to hear him say that you are his precious baby girl. Those words I wrote in my reply to you were his words for me to tell you, not mine. I hope you take this in and heal. Your father loves you and wants you to be peaceful. Hugs.

  188. My name is Sabrina and i just lost the love of my life on Oct. 15 2016 and i just been soul seaching in hopes to out if he is ok. He was murdered in a city that did not want to go to. He died 5 days later and when i talked to him the next day after he arrived i talked to him on the phone crying to him that this trip seem to final like he was not coming back. Well he came back sooner than i expected but he was dead. I did his hair for the funeral and was honored to be with him again. It was like he Granted Me time with him alone before the funeral but oh did i go thru the why me stage and even tried to back out the day of when it was time to do his hair. But as the events played out by the time i calld to say i couldn’t do it. His mom and cousin pulled up and by that time there was no turning back and when i got there i was fine and i did his hair for the funeral without any Tearz. But since then i been a emotional mess and i have a very clear understanding of Death. But i am so heart broken and my spirit is crying out for him can u help me.please

    • Dear Sabrina. My heart aches for you. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you must be feeling so raw and painful right now. This is all normal though. Make sure you take good care of yourself and allow yourself to feel this. I’m so glad you got to go through with your plans of doing his hair. You are right, that is very sacred time you shared with him, one last time in the body. Hugs.
      Fear not, Sabrina. Your beloved is in a safe place now. And although you feel that you are left behind without him, he is always by your side. It is your love that binds you together. Give him some time to show you he is with you. It will come. Please remember this one thing. That although you may feel that you are doing this alone, there are many people just like you who are experiencing the same type of pain and grief. Now, although you don’t know these people, they are just like you. You are not alone. I am one of those people who have gone through this fiery furnace. I know this is very difficult. You must enter the pain and go through it to the end, so you can mend and heal again. At the end of this path there is light again. Just keep going forward, my dear. Always forward. I’m so sorry this happened. Blessings of peace and comfort.

  189. Hi, my mother died two weeks ago, far away from where I am. Last night my shoulder was hurting (have been dealing with pain for a few months ) and I dreamed that I was crying about it because it was so painful, and my mom gave me some medicine for it. And then I woke up and my pain was gone. And my pain has been gone all day. It still hurts if I try to stretch it too much, but other than that is gone.
    I am feeling very at peace about this. Can you please give me your opinion about this experience.

    • Sure Gabriela. This is most likely what happened. Although it might now have been actual medicine like we have in this realm, this is most likely symbolic that your mother did something to heal you on the other side. 🙂 She wouldn’t need any other medicine other than her love for you. She is with you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and sorry for your loss.

  190. Hi Jade!

    Why is it so hard to move on? I’ve been reading over and over again your advice here on the thread. I’ve been following this page. I’ve read a lot about moving on and grief and regrets. But why still I am depressed? Why still, I can’t forgive myself for being an incompetent daughter? I’ve been a good daughter but never a good provider for their needs. I’ve been insensitive and became busy with my own life that i tend to forget to look after my parent’s needs. My father is not employed. He is a self-employed with a low pension. I was focused with my own problems that I wasn’t able to support him. And now he’s gone, no chance for me to do all what I must do as his daughter. To my Mom, I can still catch up. But thinking that I can no longer give my father what he deserves, makes me cry. And that is daily, anytime, anywhere, I cry. I still cry my regrets and shortcomings with my Dad. I can’t control my emotions. I am trying, but in the end, I am still defeated by my regrets. I took him for granted, that’s what I am thinking. And its killing me inside. Everything I see that is related to my past regrets, they made me cry. A birthday cake, a simple birthday gift, a watch, shoes, simple things like those, that I wasn’t able to give him, they make me sad all the time. Yes, they are only material things that never last, and my Dad is not a materialistic person, but thinking that these simple things were never given, really makes me feel regretful. I am married and I am living a frugal life. I have debts to pay. I am not also capable of buying these simple things for myself. But I wished I did everything just to support my father when he was still around. Even if it will mean additional debt. They would not know anyway. Not like this that I feel depressed every time I think about all these things I failed to do. I really don’t know Jade. I don’t know if I can still move on. I think this feeling will linger for a very long time. As long as I can remember. I have a hard time reminiscing memories with him because I will automatically remember my shortcomings as a daughter.

  191. Hi Jade. My spaniel mix, Jilly, passed away last Wednesday November 2. It left me so devastated. I was not ready, even though I know she was not altogether healthy. She was at the groomers, had been suffering from worsening heart failure, but seemed to be fairly stable. She was put in a kennel to rest for a few minutes, went to sleep and didn’t wake up. She was a brave, adorable girl whose tail never stopped wagging. I was so devoted to her, as she was to me. I went out of town on the next day after to visit my daughter, and returned on Saturday. Her brother, Jack, and I went out for a walk that afternoon, and that’s when I started finding feathers. The first one was right in front of the place she would always pause to tinkle, then I kept finding others: small white, then black, white and gray feathers, all along our usual path. I can’t tell you the feeling I had when I found the first one. I have never really been one to look for and believe in signs from beyond, but I believe this was Jilly communicating with me. Yesterday, I had a particularly emotional day, and had a good cry. Not 10 minutes passed that both of the lamps on my desk flickered together, in tandem. This happened twice. Nothing else flickered (computer, phone, etc.) I feel that was her too. It has really helped me cope. What do you think?

    • I think that’s awesome, Kathy! She is reminding you of your bond together. It is love that binds us together. Im so glad she is comforting you. It makes such a difference when we experience loss. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss, Kathy. Hugs.

  192. My sons father passed away last month , since his passing my bedroom light would flicker while being off . I thought i was loosing my head . Then one day as i was arguing on the phone about him dying because he was sick and me being angry that he didnt let me know he wasnt taking care of himself and everyone knew but didnt tell me all my car lights started flickering on and off my radio lights and all …. i wondered if it was him … kinda felt in my heart that it was but again part of me thought i was going crazy . Thank u for this post

  193. Hi Jade. Really loved the article. My first love passed away in 2010. A few weeks before he died I had a dream that I was visited by his parents at an old house I use to live in and he wasn’t mentioned in the dream at all. And his parents were going through photo albums of the past. I knew something was horribly wrong when he wasn’t in my dream. And that same week I had another dream where I found him having dinner with his wife and family. And he agreed to have a final goodbye dance . I went searching for him on Facebook and I found out he committed suicide.The last three nights I have been crying in my sleep about him to the point where I almost can’t breathe. I was wondering if there was anything you know about why have been crying over him in my sleep as I haven’t spoken to him since 2003. And I have been happy with someone else for a long time. Thankyou.

    • Healing can be complex, especially when it comes to suicide. Perhaps there was more old stuff under the surface and it was just rising up. There is nothing to do about it but let it happen. It is your brain’s way to heal the past. This is good. Even though you haven’t spoken to you old first love in a very long time, I’m sure there were some old feelings that needed to be experienced to get this up and out of your subconsciousness.

      I’m so glad you are with someone now and are happy today. These recent experiences should not interfere with your new love and the happiness you feel now. They should pass quickly if you just let them happen naturally. This is just part of the grief process, still lingering in the way it is.

      Even though you might have thought you had gone through it with him in particular, already, another non-specific layer of this is the realization that someone we love could be taken at a moment’s notice. This could be the source of this.

      So what you need to know. Always make sure your loved one’s know you love them. Treat everyday that it could be the last day you see them and they, you. It’s a good lesson for everyone. If we could follow this, we would be present in life and very fulfilled and satisfied.
      That’s my long answer. 🙂 Hope it helps. Thanks for writing. 🙂

  194. Ever since I was little I have had strange occurances (visions/hearing voices). I assure you I am mentally sound. 6 years ago I had a stillborn daughter. I was 30. About a decade prior I told family members that I was going to die when I was 30. The feeling was incredibly strong. After my daughters passing the feeling went away, although I did feel like I died. I had a son a year later. He will have dreams of a little girl who he says is his sister and she looks like me. He says she’s a little girl and she’s happy and he run in fields with flowers with her. He ran into my bedroom to tell me and my husband (he’s an atheist) didn’t even know what to say. He also knew her name. My grandmother was with me when she passed and comforted me. She had the same thing happen and said she felt like she could say goodbye to her own daughter. My grandmother passed on Halloween this year. Last night at 3:35 am I woke up to a very real and intense smell of her perfume. I even woke my husband up. Could that have been her? And is there something wrong with me or my son?

    • Of course it was her! 🙂 Who else would show up with her signature perfume on? Many times they come with their familiar scent so we know it is them.
      No worries about atheism. An atheist is just someone who has not yet had the opportunity to experience an undeniable spiritual experience of their own, that demonstrates the reality of an afterlife. Actually some atheist do believe in an afterlife, just not in a God. Although the belief in atheism, or the non-belief in anything is a viable way for some people to think, I would never make a good atheist. At this point… I’ve experienced way too much. Believe yourself. Believe your son. You’ve had an experience that you can’t deny. No, there is nothing wrong with you. You both are just sensitive to the deeper meaning to life. Just because the human brain does not automatically understand these spiritual experiences, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a deeper experience out there for it to “try” to understand. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  195. I have always been sensitive, and very in touch with vibrations of others. However yesterday I was out for a run (80 degeees outside) with a very close friend of mine and she was talking about her grandfather who just past a few weeks ago, and she told me her grandmother is now in the hospital and she is saying that he is calling her to come home. My friend started to cry and suddenly I felt a cold breeze, I said “wow it’s starting to get chilly” to which she replied “what? It’s hot out” I felt a strange feeling and began to get really cold and began to have goosebumps all over. I was as cold as if I was running in a walk in freezer. I was so freaked out by the whole experience that I now feel I missed a message. The cold lasted for 3/4 of the mile. I felt a sense of privilege. How to I tap into this type of communication? I feel like he is trying to tell her something and I feel bad, because I feel like I was supposed to deliver a message and I failed. Please help!!!!!

    • Hi Jan. Thanks for sharing this experience. It could be that, being sensitive, he was trying to give you a message to relate to her. You getting chills, while he was being talked about by your grieving friend, points to evidence that he was there, listening to his granddaughter’s conversation. This was most likely the message. Your feeling that you were running in a walk in freezer and how unusual this was, was to be a validation to you and her that he was aware, and trying to comfort her. When it comes to communication from the other side, humans usually complicate things when they are really much more simple than we know. The problem is… we always think there is more to something than there is.
      You did a great job sensing him there and his message for her was conveyed. To look any further is to miss the message completely.

      • Thank you so very much for your words. I feel comfortable now to receive these messages. Something happened today and I just validated that II am receiving messages. I was sitting outside today and my light foils in the yard has three lights. One light was flickering on and off in a weird way. My daughter looked at me and said “mom I think someone is trying to tell you something.” An hour later I found out that my friends grandmother had passed away. I am feeling very connected and also honored. Thank you again!!!

  196. hi iam ajay im from india,im sorry im litle dump in english ,,,,my soulmate passed 1 year before i was really deppresed after 3 days of her death she came to my dream with smile and she walked away ,after that she uses to comes to my dream she hugs me she speaks a lot i was little happy for that and i graduly come out from depresion but now she comes to my dream but stands far from me she smiles i try to walk towards her but she moves in my last dream she stands little far from me and she smiles says hi to me i ask her to come to me otherwise i will come to you but she made some signal from her hand with same smile that she will be thier ,and she wants to me stay here but i can’t understand her i just need to hug her i just need to speak to her ,,,,,,but i dont no why??????waiting for your reply

    • Hi Ajay. Although she wants you to know that she loves you, is aware of you, and is still present in your life, it could be at the point where she stands farther away because your focus must be here, on your life and not on the next. In other words, you are healing and she wants to encourage this. Also, she wants you to focus on what you will do, and who you will be with the balance of your life. You see, dealing with death is very difficult for us humans, but sometimes it’s dealing with life, especially after a death that can be even more difficult. The thing is… we get a lot of growth in the most difficult times because we are forced to develop ourselves in ways we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to. No worries though. She will always be your soul mate and you, hers. 🙂 Love is the bond that holds us together.

  197. Hi. I have some questions and need insight. I recently visited the grave of a well known celebrity that passed away. When he was alive he fell out of the limelight and worked regular jobs. I remember seeing him at this one place he worked. He was polite to me. I visited his grave on his death anniversary this past Nov with a friend. We left him a bottle of beer because when he was alive he liked drinking beer. When we got into the car I smelled perfume. A couple days after I smelled perfume again. I’m confuse if I have been getting signs from him. I saw his acting stage name on tv shortly after, I was looking him up online and the same moment his favorite singer came on, I was researching perfume scents and the deceased and I saw a link about it and it had the year he died on the article. Also a song that I hear when I think about him I said to myself that I miss him and turned the radio on and there was the song playing. I’m kinda stunned but can’t believe that he is giving me signs because we did not know each other that well at all. The funny thing is we both had similar lifestyles unfortunately he passed away too young. Please help me clarify if this is coincidence or is it communication. Also before I left his grave I asked him to guide me in acting. I’m confused and need to know.

    • Oh, for sure. Our deceased loved ones are very aware of us. You were focused on him and got his attention, and even though he didn’t know you well in this life, you asked for his guidance and help. He is just confirming in a plethora of ways that he heard you and will help you. You could be kindred souls that started way before this life. 😃 Most likely.

      • Would you be able to give me a more in depth reading on this. I really miss him and think about him all the time. Are you able to communicate with him so I can talk to him? I really need somebody to pass on messages to him for me

        • That’s the thing, Bethany. You did talk to him and he did hear you. 🙂 You can talk to him whenever you want and he will perceive your thoughts.
          I have given readings in the past but my focus has shifted over the years. Rather than be the medium, or “go-between”, through which people connect with their loved ones, it seems that my current calling is now to teach people to do this for themselves, hence my online class, Connect with your departed? “Being Your Own Medium” online tele-class.

          I also offer private online therapeutic sessions for people in pain or want help, and there are many times messages come through me in those session, but I don’t offer just “psychic readings.” I have found that those only come through me when I am not put on the spot specifically to do it. If any of those options appeal to you, check out the information. 🙂

      • Jade. Yesterday I broke down crying for him. I went into my bedroom and I was doing something and I started talking to him. I said if you can hear this and I said his name and was taking to him. I immediately smelled perfume. How do I k ow it’s him and not another spirit. I went into the living room and tv was on and something he liked came on the screen a video game

        • You just got your own answer in the form of something associated with him. This is validation. 😃 Good for you.
          How you tell the difference. Hmmm. I should write a post on this. Short version – they act consistent with who they were in life and their communications reflect this. They come in love, never to torment. At some point, you can just get a feel for who is who and what is what. But you have to trust yourself to know the difference. Really, he is with you always. It’s just that we are not always aware of this.

            • Just because they are aware of us, this doesn’t mean they will or can do everything we want them to, whenever we want them to. There are many factors involved. He will present himself when he does. I cover all this in my class.

  198. Had the same weird things happen to my family. My dad passed way about a month ago, since then I can’t count the number of times a light has burnt out, the number of times we’ve see the number 6666 and the number of times my dad has tried to talk through my daughter either in a dream or in a time when she’s alone and texting. His messages are telling us to stop worrying about him and that he left to make our lives much simpler. He’s told my daughter that he approves of everything we are doing and that he’s proud of us. When I cry out to him, things seem to resolve themselves and I feel that he or something is contributing to us in a positive way. Can’t explain it, but I was not a believer of the afterlife prior to my dad dying, now I’m a 100% believer. No doubt in my mind.

    • I’m sorry for your family’s loss, Sam. Hugs.
      Yeah, people don’t usually believe until they start having the experiences for themselves. It’s comforting, isn’t it? Welcome to the club! I’m glad your dad is reaching out to you all. They usually do because they love us. As a believer now, please know that your dad is never far away. Just a though will make him aware of you. Thanks for sharing. Blessing to you and your family.

  199. My partner died unexpectedly close to 2 weeks ago (11/12/16) . We met early this year and we’ve been together for 10 months before he passed so suddenly. I spoke to him early in the morning on the phone as I normally did , he was fine at work and happy. His daughter spoke to him as well when he finished work and seemed fine and all normal. I normally called him after he finished work later in the day but he did not respond. He would also text me when he was home but never got his text. I was told he came home from work fine, went to the bathroom and collapsed from a massive heart attack. Since his death my life hasnt been the same. I’ve felt all sorts of emotions, mainly deep sadness, pain, lonliness, regret, emptiness, anger (not directed towards my man but towards the doctors and nurses at the hospital for not giving him a chance to recover like they originally said they would and my faith for taking away the person who I loved deeply and was my most happiest with . I havent stopped crying since and it comes and goes many times a day. I had a fairly busy life when he was alive and ever since he is gone everything stopped for me. I just dont have the energy or interest to carry on with my life at the moment. Im trying my hardest to keep his memory alive, like going to places we both liked going every week but still its so hard for me because I miss him so much! Everyday I still feel like he is alive and around, I can still feel him, i see him in my head and can hear him though when reality hits me I just get too upset. Ive had a fair few strange things happen to me since he passed like light flickering in my garage and bathroom, hearing music on the radio symbolic to us. 2 dreams i remember seeing him kissing me and comforting me. Most creepiest though has been though my close high school friend. She has been a huge support to me. He really wanted to meet her but unfortunately never did. We went to a pub near his place twice to have a drink for him and twice she has said random words to me that he would say to me. I never told her the stuff he used to say to me prior to her saying these words. I feel he may be around me – im hoping he is 🙂 im seeing a psychic medium next week so hopefully after seeing her it will provide me some comfort if we are able to contact him. I truly miss him so much and wish he was with me always.

    • So sorry for your loss. Those of us who have been though this, understand every word you wrote here about how you feel.
      Trust that he is always with you. He is. You have had these experiences. Clearly he is reaching out to you to let you know. Take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  200. Hi I left comments here. I did a meditation to connect with somebody that passed. They appeared fairly quickly in the mediation. I asked him “why did you leave?” He said he “didn’t, and that he’s always with me and by my side” Throughout the meditation he followed me around. Even called out my name. He appeared to me wearing all white, and had a kind of glow at times. He looked a little younger than what he is, but looked calm and at ease. He danced with me, and held me tightly. I asked him how do I know he’s around. I asked him twice and he showed me an image of a perfume bottle, those old fashioned ones with the puffy things on the end. Gates opened and I saw family members in the meditation, and he asked me if I want to talk to my family and I said “no”. I saw my dad, and I saw others with him, one was a younger boy. I didn’t know the other people. I told him I just want to talk to him. He danced with me and held me tight, and I told him that I love him, but then he told me not to dwell on him and move on. He said that’s it’s going to put me in depression to dwell on him, but he said he’s gonna help me with something I asked. My question is do you think this is really him I saw or is it my imagination?
    How can I stop dwelling on him. I feel very obsessed now for almost three months. When will it go away? Do they appear wearing white in a meditation? Earlier today somebody sent me a pic wearing something similar so I don’t know if this is in my head, and another thing that crossed my mind is maybe he led me to this meditation so he can talk to me. What do you think?

    • To answer your question… yes, it sounds like you really saw him. 🙂
      To stop dwelling on him you have to focus on something else in your life. When you drift, keep refocusing your attention. Your obsession will go away only when it does.
      It is completely possible that he led you to the meditation so he could talk to you. What is the meditation? Where can I find it. I would love to hear it.

  201. I was on a website earlier and I saw a guy wearing the same exact white outfit that he had when I did the meditation. It has me wondering if he was showing me that because that’s how he would appear to me. This a few hours on the same day before I did the meditation. I am the one that just ended the meditation. He wanted to talk more. I have found myself over the last few days thinking of him less. I still do, but it’s not constant. I found a quarter today that had the year he passed on it. Yesterday I got over 5 signs that I believe was from him. Is that possible to get that many in one day? Anybody reading this the mediation is on You Tube and it’s called Crossing Over. It’s one of the best I’ve ever done, and my target appeared very quickly to me and he didn’t want to leave. I know he has crossed over. I felt so loved when I did this, and I think it helped me get over most of my obsession with him. I don’t know if this is normal but I think he seems to be very attached to me. I don’t mind because he’s a good spirit and not bad. I have a deep sense he cares about me. This meditation is highly recommended and will help you cope your grief. The strange thing is since doing it I feel even more psychic than ever. I am able to detect when somebody is lying. I don’t know but it’s amazing

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