A Sign of True Love

In an after-death communication, Albana begs Ardit, her deceased boyfriend, for a sign and in his sign to her, Albana receives a message of love from an unusual source.

Albana writes:
“Something strange happened. You know that I told you that I was begging Ardit to bring me a sign? Three days ago, my best friend, Nancy, had a strange dream. In the dream, one girl came and gave my friend a box. She said to her, “Open this box. Here you’ll find the definition of true love.” My friend opened the box and inside was a heart made of straw. In the heart these words were written, ”For Albana with love. Sent from Ardit who is watching over you.”

“But, my friend forgot to tell me this dream. It was two nights later she had another dream. In this second dream, I came and said to her, “Nancy, you have to tell me something important. Remember.”

Commentary- Receiving messages from deceased loved ones through the means of other people do happen from time to time. If the message was for Albana, why did Ardit come through Nancy? Was this to be clever? Was to serve as, yet, another witness to the reality of the after-death communication phenomenon. As more and more people have these experiences, the more common they become. The more common they become, the more reality they have in the physical world. The more reality they have, the less separation there is between our world and the next – and the less lonely we feel when we are temporarily apart from our loved ones who have passed.

Ardit probably came through Nancy because, for some reason, he could not get the message to Albana at the time. This is what we do in life too. If it were easy to get messages from our deceased loved ones, it would be happening all the time. They would even make it more believable and materialize right before our eyes, and even touch and speak to us. Now, that would turn a non-believer into a believer! And… it has happened before. I’m guessing they are doing their best with what they’ve got to work with, as are we.

What I find interesting is that even though Albana knew nothing about the dream from Ardit to Nancy at the time, nevertheless, she came to Nancy in her dream to remind her of it and to tell her. So, when Ardit sent this “special delivery” gift and sign to Albana via Nancy’s dream, I’m sure he fully expected that Nancy would remember it enough to tell Albana. But when Nancy momentarily forgot about it, her memory had to be jogged with a dream of Albana reminding her. Was this Albana’s intuition that a message had already been sent to Nancy by Ardit? Did Albana already know about it on some higher level? Or did Ardit create the dream of Albana to remind Nancy?

Either way, what we see is that Ardit was not going to easily give up when Nancy simply forgot. It was important enough that his gift and sign to Albana be delivered to her.

True Love

Not quite the heart made of straw, but you get the point. 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful message of love sent from Ardit to Albana 🙂 And so amazing that when Nancy forgot to tell Ada about it she had another dream reminding her!

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