Heads up! I’m here!

Three years after Jake’s passing, Susan receives a series of after-death communications in one day, letting her know that her husband cares, is still with her and supports her in life’s tough decisions.

Susan writes:
“This morning before walking my dog, I reached for my house key and another of our home keys on a motorcycle keychain fell to the floor. My husband owned, rode and loved his motorcycle.”

“Later in the morning my home phone rang and on my TV, showed my husband’s name and our home phone number. It was just as if it was him calling our phone! I did not pick it up because I was in shock and a little spoofed.”
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Just Passing By…

In this after-death communication, Helena is surprised when her recently deceased daughter-in-law comes for a visit on her television screen.
Helena writes:
“My daughter in law was in the hospital for eleven days before she passed on. I did not get to say goodbye due to former family members being there constantly.”

“About a week ago, Late July, I was watching a movie on TV when her name in blue script floated across the middle of the screen. My husband thought it was some kind of advertising gimmick since my daughter-in-law and I have the same first initial and it was an attempt to target me. However, I pointed out to him that the second initial along with the last name, was not mine. Neither of us knew her middle name since it was Japanese.”
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I’m Closer Than Ever, Mom

In this post, Bridgette writes in to share a few of her after-death communications from her son, Benny Durell, who was murdered in a double homicide. You will see that Durell has neither lost his aliveness nor his ability to communicate in a special way with his mom.

Bridgette writes:
“Hi Jade , my name is Bridgette Booker. I’d like to share my after-death communication . I actually have several and a question about one I believe to be an adc as well, but this is one that I will share now.” Durell's arm in the photo

“My son was killed in a double homicide on Jan 26th, 2015. A couple of weeks after he was buried, I was sitting on my bed taking pictures of my dog. In every picture I took, there was a bright light in it. (I’m still kicking myself because I wasn’t thinking) I would take a picture and there would be a bright light, I would delete it, adjusted the settings, I turned flash on/off, etc. I even adjusted the lamp shade (as you’ll see in this pic). Then, I got up and went to other side of bed, took another picture and the same thing happened! I was aggravated! I threw my phone on bed and went to kitchen to get some iced tea. When I came back, I picked up the phone and took another pic and it was perfect!”
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