Never Alone (Revisited)

Right now, I am in the process of making my yearly pilgrimage to Burning Man for the thirteenth year. It’s a place of sheer fun, that’s true. But it is much more. It is a place that teaches me so much… and a place I love because of it.

Lately, I have felt called to pull this 2012 post out of this site’s archives for some reason, to re-post. When I wrote it after Burning Man in 2012, I was still grieving deeply at the time.

So… for whatever reason, I leave this with you. I hope this is meaningful to you in some way, as well.  

With a full heart and exhausted body, I recently returned home from my ten-year anniversary trip to the Black Rock desert, where over 60,000 plus people from all over the world made their pilgrimage this year to be “welcomed home” to Black Rock City. Grateful was I because of the love, beauty and transformation I experienced there. Exhausted, because I didn’t want to close my eyes for one second, for fear I might have missed something completely amazing.
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The Train

This was sent in by Pat, who recently lost her son, Dustin. I think it’s a great perspective. When you are in the deepest pain of your grief, it is hard to see that death is every bit a part of life, as life is. And, they are still living… just beyond our awareness. And one day… we will live with them again. 

The Train

Passenger_TrainAt birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side.
However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone.

As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life.  Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others will go so unnoticed that we don’t realize they vacated their seats.
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My Friend, the Honeyeater

In this after-death communication, Anne comes face to face with a beautiful black bird. But when it looked into her eyes, that’s when she knew it was her recently deceased friend.
Anne writes:
HoneyeaterHi. After reading your after-death experiences, I just had to tell you about my experience only yesterday.”

“My friend died only a few days ago, and yesterday I was sitting, watching TV when a beautiful black bird, which I think is a Black Honeyeater, appeared on the back of my patio chair with a worm in its mouth.”
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“Don’t Worry Mama”

In this before-death and after-death communication, we see that our loved ones can visit us before, AS WELL AS after their passing. 
Valley writes-
Brian“Jade, I’m not sure if my communication is ADC but rather BDC. I lost my 34 year-old son Last November. He died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. We are still reeling with shock. He was your typical young healthy active man in his prime. Two months before he died, I had the most vivid dream. I felt like he was right there talking to me. I can still remember every detail. The colors were the brightest I’d ever seen. All he said was, “Don’t worry mama, everything will be alright.”

“Do you think that was a communication?”
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The Peculiar Butterfly

In this after-death communication, Jim shares his experience with a peculiar butterfly that came as his mother, for a visit first… and then to his wedding.

JimsButterflyJim writes:
“I had said my deceased Mom was coming to visit me and she actually came to our wedding recently. But… she came in the form of a butterfly!”

“First, I saw the same butterfly come around me, and tonight, my Mom (as a butterfly) came and sat with me for an hour. She just laid on my arm as I told her everything that was going on with me and everyone else.
Am I crazy?”
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Best of Buddies

Shortly after Dustin passes on, Guardian of the Galaxy, it is revealed that he and Ashton, Dustin’s faithful dog and best friend, are reunited in the afterlife, as Ashton prepares to run into his master’s arms again.

Pat writes:
“Ashton was Dustin’s dog from the time we picked him up at a shelter many years back. He was a shepherd/husky mix…about 96 lbs. They were best friends. They slept together and Dustin walked him everyday. They were the best of buddies.”

“The past year or so, Ashton had been going down hill. He was 13 years-old and had hip dysplasia. He was on special food and three different types of pain meds. He was losing his muscle tone in his hind legs and having a hard time walking. Still he hung on like a trooper.”

“For the past year, I would meet my neighbor, Lori, outside and over the fence, we would give Ashton his meds hidden in dog food to eat. This was always at 2:30 pm.”
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“Guardian of the Galaxy”

In this after-death communication, Dustin is resourceful in finding a variety of creative ways to let his loved ones know that he is very much alive and still involved in their everyday lives.


In memory of Dustin Koch 1988 – 2015

Pat shares:
“My 26 year-old son Dustin, died in a horrible car accident on June 30, 2015. That same day, my sister who lives 1,000 miles away, said that a very tame bunny showed up outside her patio door watching her inside cats. I did read some memories of Dustin on his face book page after it was posted he had died. One memory from a co-worker was of him chasing a bunny rabbit around a tree, which the workers named Bugs. He was a security officer at Six Flags theme park and known as ”Guardian of Gate 6″. I sent my sister the memory of the rabbit. She did not know of this before. Nor did I. Then, she emailed me to say the bunny has gone from her patio. It took about a week. In it’s place she found a plastic heart. Her son also managed to get two tickets to the Packer Tribute on the 18th. It was sold out and none were available. She wondered if this was Dustin’s doing.”
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“See How You Are?”

Many years ago, my dear friend Kevin used to say to me… in a non-judgmental way, of course, “See how you are?” I think Kevin was trying to point out how I was being at the time, as well as trying to get me to be present long enough to see from a new perspective. Of course, it could have been something he said to everyone. Though it was probably that I was being annoying in some way at the time and he wanted me to notice so I could do something different. But, it did cause me to pause long enough to see how I was being in the moment; thus, creating some new awareness.

Since Kevin’s sudden passing, close to 30 years ago, Kevin’s Journey to the Light, I have always remembered that saying. He was the only person I ever heard say it. I liked it so much I started saying it as well, causing others to pause while looking at themselves too. Of course, it is always possible that they didn’t… but instead… just wondered about me or the question itself. That’s good too, even that may have created a new perspective and more awareness in the world.
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