In Memory of Christian…Five Years Later

Today is a much different day for me than it was five years ago. The sun is shining, my grief has healed and I am frequently smiling. This wasn’t the case five years ago, almost to the minute, when I watched Christian pass right before my eyes. Back then, the weather was literally dark. It was as though, even the heavens knew what a sad day this would be for those who knew and loved Christian. The following days, months and years would be dark, as well. This would take a lot to heal; his presence would be greatly missed. But today, as I think about Christian in this way, I am so grateful for his presence in my life, the time I had him, and for all he taught me. He taught me so much. For never have I met a more developed soul than his. I feel so blessed for him having been in my life. I am also grateful for those Earthly souls who reached out to me, tried to buoy me up when I was experiencing the darkest moments of my life. I thank you for being a light in the darkness. I call you my Earth Angels. Namaste. xo


My Heart’s With You

In a recent after-death communication, Lisa S. receives a sign of love from her departed loved one.
Lisa S. writes:
“After my love, Rod, passed on January 11, 2015, I came home from the funeral that following Saturday. I walked in my house feeling completely alone and voiced my heartache to him. Then… I looked over and this is what I found in my wax burner. I took it as a sign that his heart continues to remain with me and he hasn’t left our home. I’ve burned this daily since, and even before, and never has a heart showed up. I miss him more and more with every passing moment. I LOVE YOU BABE, FOR ALWAYS.”

The Heart






“Am I crazy for taking it as a sign?!!”

Commentary- Though this heart had never appeared before, or since her Love’s passing, it did appear at the very time Lisa needed support the most. What are the chances that, of all things, a heart would be perfectly duplicated in the candle wax that Lisa was called to notice? How many times do we NOT notice those things around us that are clear signs from our departed loved ones? Probably quite a bit. 
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Be Happy Again

In this after-death communication, Ardit appears in dreams to encourage Albana to move on and be happy again. His blessing paves the way for a new future.

Of her first dream, Albana writes:
“Ardit visited me one more time on December 28, which was 5 months after his death. We were at the cemetery. He was lying down and we all were crying over his death. Suddenly he woke up, grabbed my hand and said to me, ”Albana you should move on. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you are living – and you shouldn’t feel guilty to be happy without me.” Then I asked him, “Why don’t you come back?” His response was, ”Why should I come back in that world full of evil, intrigues and bad things? I am at peace here.”
Then he kissed me and left.”
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