“It’s Okay To Heal”

In this after-death communication dream, Crystal has a visit with her beloved Grandfather – an important male figure in her life, who through his love and dedication, was a stabilizing force and great source of comfort to her in such a turbulent world.

My GrandpaCrystal writes:
“My grandfather died at 92 years old on the morning of October 30, 2014.  The last few years of his life he had experienced a gradual decline.  He had been diagnosed with both prostate and bladder cancer.  He had gone through radiation, but the cancer persisted and spread to his bone.  At the age of 90, his doctors finally convinced him to give up treatment and go on hospice.”

“Several years previous, during open heart surgery, he died on the table.  After the surgery, he described to the family an encounter he had with God. He spoke to God and asked to stay to take care of my grandmother, who is in a wheelchair after an accident several years prior.  After the surgery, he lived with a very strong determination to be around to take care of her.  He also had a personal goal to live to 100 years old. These two things combined kept him going a lot longer than anyone expected.”
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A Sign of True Love

In an after-death communication, Albana begs Ardit, her deceased boyfriend, for a sign and in his sign to her, Albana receives a message of love from an unusual source.

Albana writes:
“Something strange happened. You know that I told you that I was begging Ardit to bring me a sign? Three days ago, my best friend, Nancy, had a strange dream. In the dream, one girl came and gave my friend a box. She said to her, “Open this box. Here you’ll find the definition of true love.” My friend opened the box and inside was a heart made of straw. In the heart these words were written, ”For Albana with love. Sent from Ardit who is watching over you.”

“But, my friend forgot to tell me this dream. It was two nights later she had another dream. In this second dream, I came and said to her, “Nancy, you have to tell me something important. Remember.”
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Ryan’s Scent

In a series a back and forth emails, Melanie writes about some of her most pressing questions and concerns regarding her son’s passing.

Melanie writes:
“My son, Ryan, passed away September 22, 2013. Before his viewing and services, I 
saw his face each day in the clouds. After his services, on October 2, 2013, he was cremated, and I have not seen his face in the clouds since.”

“One night, I was sitting, looking at his picture – just a crying. A scent came on my hands of him… of what he smelled like in the casket. It didn’t last long. About a week later, I was going to bed, and I noticed this odor was on my pillow when I went to lay down. I noticed this odor being much stronger than before. The following night, I got up around midnight to use the bathroom. I didn’t notice any odor then. It wasn’t until I entered my room again that I smelled the odor of many musty roses that filled my room. It lasted longer than any odor that has come. I knew this scent was different, but did not know why. Since that night, no odor has come again. I felt good knowing it was my son, but now I feel like he has gone and never to return to see me. Can this be?”

In an email back to Melanie, I answer:
“Your after-death-communication is beautiful. Your son wants you to know that he is trying to comfort you. Personally, I don’t think our loved ones can ever be gone; they are just without a physical body. I’ve found that they want us to adapt to living our life without them. Because we are in two different dimensions, it just makes it more practical. They want us to focus on our lives and not give up because of our loss and grief. Melanie, I believe that your son will always be with you, even when there is no direct evidence of him. He will guide you through your life. Could love do anything differently? It is our love that connects us together – despite our differing worlds or bodies. I’m sure you have not seen the last of your precious son. Look for him in your dreams!”
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