Those Yellow Trunks!

The following after-death-communication is from Rebecca, the mother of Kenny, age 23, a brilliant young man who passed in his sleep from an accidental overdose.

“​I was awakened by my younger son and his father, Kevin, at 2:06 am on 7/7/12. Both were telling me that I had to get up and go upstairs.  I refused, I had a strong intuition that something was wrong with one of my children (I have 3).  Reluctantly, I walked upstairs to find 2 people from the Coroner’s office in my living room. I asked what they were doing in my house; I was told that my firstborn child, Kenneth Wayne McCormick III, my son who had graduated USC in 2011 and was living in Los Angeles to pursue his career, was ‘found by his roommates’ at about 7:00 p.m. on 7/6, a Friday evening.  They told me what the scene looked like in his apartment and that’s about all I can recall.  Somehow, later that same evening, I had closed my eyes in exhaustion and suddenly I was walking into my bedroom and there sat Kenny in a chair. I felt myself running to him and with a shriek I cried out, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me Kenny!!” Ken stood up and grabbed me into his arms and said, “Mom, I’m gone now.” The calmness in his voice compared to mine was astonishing.  “What do you mean??”, I screamed to him, “Please, please, Kenny, I can’t do this!! Please will you come back??” He pulled away from me and said, “MOM (his tone was strong, stern) I’ll be back, but not for a long time because SHE said I had a lot of work to do.”

Kenny hugged me, and I felt his head (he had a perfect head), the hug was a “Kenny” hug, a bear-like grasp. He looked right at me and said that he loved me and as I was holding on to him, BAM!!!, I woke up; I was still left with the feeling of his touch. I suddenly heard my daughter say, “Mom what are you doing? You are hugging the chair and nobody is in it.”
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