Healing From Death

Albana writes to me of her deceased love, Ardit, when he appears in dreams, in two after-death-communications with Albana’s friends.

Yesterday my friend saw Ardit in her dreams. He was staring at a picture of us on the wall, and started crying, saying to her, “We were so beautiful together. How did I go like that and leave her alone?”

On another occasion, a few months later, Albana writes to me, “A strange thing happened. A friend of mine who knew Ardit, just from photos, saw him in her dream. In the dream, Ardit, me and my friend were in a room, but only my friend could see Ardit; I could not. Ardit told my friend, “Tell Albana that I am here with her all the time, and to not cry or be sad for me.” In the dream, I was wearing a pair of shoes, and when I walked they made a lot of noise. Ardit said to my friend, “Please tell Albana to remove those shoes, the noise is driving me crazy!!!!”

Commentary- It is not uncommon for deceased loved ones who want to get a message to the living, to go through other people; friends, family… and even perfect strangers. Perhaps it is the only way they can reach us at the time.
In the first dream, Ardit sorrowfully expresses his perspective on how fragile our existence in this life can be. He shares his regrets about the loss of “what once was”, and “what might have been.” Ardit’s words also point to the shocking eventuality that, even the “once living and full of life,” can so easily depart so suddenly and unexpectedly. Ardit’s words seem to indicate that, he too, is still adjusting to the newness of his death, and what he left behind.
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