Business As Usual

The following after-death-communication was sent in by a reader named Nancy.



My husband died on November 14, 1999. On January 10, 2000, I received a phone call from my husband in a dream. It was a lucid dream in which I tried desperately to ask my husband what day it was; I wanted to show proof that he had called. I said “Jack, today is January 10; you died on November 14.” I pled with him to tell me where he was – again, my aim being to prove I spoke with him. His only responses were those of normal conversations we had during his life. He would not respond to my questions; just continued to talk about work, daily tasks of the day, etc. I know in my soul that it was Jack – telling me “business as usual.” This is the most profound occurrence in my life. It is true.

Commentary- Lucid dreaming is a powerful way for deceased loved ones to communicate with us. The lucidity makes it easier for us to remember the messages given to us, when we awaken. Sometimes our loved ones come to give messages that are obvious and outright, while other times their messages are cryptic, symbolic, figurative and/or metaphorical, as in Nancy’s dream. Jack’s message was to assure his wife that the “other side” is not so different from this world, implying to her that he is fine and there is nothing for her to worry about. To her, Jack’s visit made all the difference in the world… this world!

“I’m Not So Far Away!”

In an after-death-communication, Justin magically says, “Hello” to his mother from the world beyond.

For fifteen years, of Justin’s almost 22 years of life, Justin enjoyed playing “Magic” card
games with his two brothers, Cameron, Daeton, and his father, Paul. After his death, Justin’s mother, Pam, began driving his car. Over a three-year period, she has cleaned out his car repeatedly. Just when she thought she had cleaned it out completely, a “Magic” card would mysteriously show up. Sometimes they have been found in a place she had just cleaned! One another occasion, a “Magic” card dropped on Pam from someplace above her. Pam can’t imagine there could be another card to find, but a few months go by and one shows up again! Pam is elated each time she finds something which reminds her of Justin. She knows it is his way of saying, “Hello! I’m not so far away.”

The last time she cleaned out the car, she found one of his guitar pics!

Commentary- Many times, tangible objects, having to do with the deceased will show up as a reminder of them. Sometimes it is clear that what is being experienced is an after-death-communication. Sometimes… it’s subtle, and therefore; not so clear… so we chalk it up to our imagination or wishful thinking. We may be afraid to believe, for fear we had just been fooling ourselves with such notions. 

The brain is a physical organ that only knows of a finite existence, ending in the death of the body. Why would a brain believe anything outside of its experience, without having an open mind? It most likely wouldn’t, hence the disbelievers. But for those who have experienced themselves beyond brains and bodies, a continuation of life after death is a “No Brainer!” Pardon the pun!
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“The Mix” by J.V.

It was just another weekend up at the cabin that Pam and Joe planned to entertain their friends. But because of a fluke allergic reaction to an antibiotic, Pam was unable to attend, so Joe went ahead instead. Also… not so coincidentally, Justin, Pam’s son, being blown off by his friends, was left at home as well. Nevertheless, the circumstances of events enabled mother and son to spend one last precious weekend on Earth together.

The date was Saturday, August 28, 2010, when Pam noticed an infected cut from a skateboard injury on Justin’s leg. It was when Pam attempted to doctor her son’s wounds, over Justin’s adamant objections, that the following conversation took place…

Justin, who was just a few weeks from his 22nd birthday, teased his mother, “You don’t think I’m going to get out of here without a few bumps and scrapes, do you?” To that, Pam replied, “Justin! The 30-year-old version of you wants you to take care of yourself!”

“Mom?” Seeming to somehow know he needed to deliver this message, Justin said, “When I die… I want you to donate my organs.” “Well, when I die”, Pam chuckled, “I want you to donate my body to a cadaver lab and save some money!” Pam’s doctoring never happened that day, but an important conversation had.

JustinIt was 4:30 pm the next day, Sunday, August 29, 2010, that Justin handed his mother a Cd he made for her, entitled “The Mix” by J.V., Sweetness for Peace of Mind.” (The songs were a mix of Justin’s favorite tunes; a Cd that would become a most precious gift to a grieving, but grateful mother.)

Shortly after giving his mother this gift, Justin left the house to literally go – head-on into the skateboarding accident that would eventually claim his life.
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