Never Far From Home

In what seemed to be a very strange dream, I was standing on the top of a very tall building, on the top of a very tall mountain, and looking down… I saw a mighty fall below me.

There were two of me there. There was the one who was just about to dive off the edge into the dark abyss, and… there was the other – very concerned me, warning me, if I took the plunge, it would be suicide, and I would surely die. And… to that, a smiling me shouted out, “Oh, no I won’t, ’cause I can fly!” just before diving off the edge into the deep night!

I watched her in wonder as she fell through space, so graceful; head first with arms extended. Then, just as she’d said she could, right before hitting the ground, this Superwoman did indeed take flight in the direction of her choosing, and I became her!



Who knows all the places I flew that night, but… I do remember one place in particular. I found myself hovering before a large beautifully framed window. “How curious,” I thought, as I looked at its surface. It reminded me of the window at Wendy Darling’s old London home, where Peter Pan periodically returned, fresh from an adventure in Neverland, to look in on those he loved.

When my focus shifted from the outer window pane,  my awareness was now being drawn deeply through the glass. In contrast to the darkness all around me, the room inside was brightly illuminated. As I scanned the elegant room filled with, what seemed to be a modest gathering of beings, I saw Christian sitting there. I noticed how happy he was, as he turned to look up at the person standing to his right; and as usual, his smiling face was equally as bright as any light could ever be!
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Still Rambling On…

In this after-death communication, we see how the decisions and choices of even the most stubbornly made-up minds, can be changed with the influence of a departed loved one, still existing in the realm beyond.

It was approximately two years before his death, that Lola’s husband, David, became preoccupied with the idea of getting a bigger and nicer, but more practical home for his family. To him, this meant purchasing a Rambler-style home, that eliminated the extra stairs of their tri-level home, with a big finished basement where his sons could spread out. But Lola, happy with the size of her current home, and the cost of the mortgage, didn’t see the need for anything more. In fact, if anything, she wanted to buy a smaller home with less of a mortgage payment.

From the time Lola met David, and all throughout the years of their marriage, she knew him as a quiet, but strong, in charge, no nonsense, macho-type man, who was insistent on getting his way. To illustrate this point, Lola shared an example. While watching television together, David had the habit of changing the channel many times, and sometimes, even within the same five minutes! Lola, having accepted the fact that rehabilitation was out of the question for her serial channel changer, learned to watch with patience, every and all the parts of the shows that David chose to watch.
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If you want to know from which lens you see your world, look at your beliefs about it.

If you want to know from which lens you see your family, look at what you already believe about them.

If you want to know from which lens you see your partner, look at what you already believe about him/her.

If you want to know from which lens you see your child, look at what you already believe about him/her.
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Two Monks and a Young Woman

Two monks by artist Paul Davey

One day, two Buddhist monks were walking together back to their monastery. Their journey led them to a raging river. Sitting by the river’s edge was a young woman, alone and weeping, wondering how she would safely make her way to the other side.

Seeing the approaching monks and desperately needing help, she asked them if they would carry her across the river. Knowing it was forbidden for a monk to touch a woman, the younger monk kept on his way, ignoring all her pleas.

Without saying a word, the elder monk picked the woman up and carried her across the river. Leaving her safely on the other side, he and his companion continued on their way.

As the day went on, the elder monk walked in peace, as he enjoyed the beauty of the country side. The younger monk had an experience that was much different. In the silence of his mind, he brooded in disgust and condemned the elder monk for the vow that had been broken with this young woman.
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