Free from the Past!

With all our personal history behind us, sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are not our past. We feel it so completely; the same old thoughts, the same old emotions, and just like the rigidity of DNA programming, the same old relentless stories from the past dictating who we are or need to be. Now, this is not so much an issue if your past is informing you of how good and powerful you are. BUT, if the messages from the past are negative and destructive to your growth, development and happiness, then it’s time to cut the cords and be set free!
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“I Didn’t See That Coming!”

“I didn’t see that coming” is a common phrase said by someone who has been completely blind-sided by the unexpected, in this case, the unanticipated loss of something cherished. It is the mental, psychological and emotional energy created from this loss that forcefully thrusts us into a tailspin of thoughts and emotions we would rather not think and feel!

As humans, we operate as though life is predicable, never thinking that at any moment there could be a huge interruption in it that informs us otherwise. But, what’s really so is this; life is made up of a series of many random events that we have very little conscious control over. Sometimes we go for long periods of time without one unpleasant experience, then… something happens… and maybe we experience a long string of them.
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