Preparing for Death/Life

“Normally we do not like to think about death.
We would rather think about life.
Why reflect on death?
When you start preparing for death you soon realize
that you must look into your life now… and come to face the truth of your self.
Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected.” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche ~

Looking at life through the lens of death is the process and journey of one who is about to look deeply into the core of the soul.

How fearful it first seems to look so completely inward. How fearful it first seems to look into the deep and dark places of the unknown. How fearful it first seems to face the truth before you.
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Dennis Returns to Say “Hi”

In an interesting after-death communication, Dennis returns to say “hi” to Susan.

A few years after her boyfriend, Dennis’ death, Susan’s father was in the hospital preparing to die. Susan, sitting with her father in his last moments before death, asked her father, “When you die, go tell Dennis to come and say hi to me so I know he is still alive… somewhere out there.” Not long after, Susan’s father passed away.

With Susan’s father’s death, there was a funeral to plan and attend, and busy with life, Susan forgot all about the request she made of her father.

About two weeks later, Susan had a dream. In her dream, Susan was driving her car down a familiar road when she saw Dennis, who was the driver in another car passing her in the opposite direction. Excited by seeing him, she said, “That looks just like Dennis!” But after having passed each other so quickly, she looked in her rear view mirror to continue her view. There Dennis was, looking back in his rear view mirror and waving “hi” to Susan as he drove down the road.
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Adversity… Susan’s Growth through Tragedy

At 47, Susan had finally found the love of her life in Dennis, and he with Susan too. Strongly committed to their relationship, they expected to spend the rest of their lives together. But 4 1/2 years into their relationship together, the day came when Dennis and Susan’s world would tragically change.

Dennis was a painter by trade. He owned his own business and just happened to employ Susan’s former husband, Neil. At work, on this one fateful day, Dennis had a small oil-based paint job to finish. Dennis, having some other things to do, asked Neil to finish the job. But Neil, not wanting to use the oil-based paint, declined and went outside to eat his lunch instead. So needing to get the job done, Dennis decided to go ahead with it. After all, someone had to do it.

As Dennis began to spray, and being too close to a furnace, within minutes, an explosion occurred.  Badly burned and injured, but still alive, Dennis was rushed to the hospital in an attempt to save his life.
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