Stairway to Heaven

With her impending near-death experience quickly approaching, Melania, age 78, was rushed to the hospital by her son at the first indication that something was wrong. There, at the hospital, it was determined that Melania was having a heart attack, a heart attack that caused her to flat-line. As the minutes passed, concern grew that if she could not be revived soon, she would suffer brain damage.
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Ho’oponopono… an Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice of mental cleansing that focuses on forgiveness and reconciliation. Also known as the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness, it is believed that when you forgive another, you are actually forgiving yourself. When you forgive, you are set free from the painful emotional states that fuel thoughts and feelings of darkness. But mostly, you are set free from the past. Ho’oponopono means, “to put right.”
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The House by the Side of the Road

This poem represents the human experience, and in it, the varying cast of characters that share the stage of life with us. As fellow travelers crossing over to “stage right” or “stage left”, we assume that our roles have been permanently cast. With our character and lines already set, we have forgotten that we are only actors playing a part.

As actors following yesterday’s scripts, we could allow our negative opinions and left-over prejudices and attitudes to dictate how we will treat another. Or, with the continual conscious choice of love, kindness, tolerance and compassion, we could change the script of this world, thereby, making this stage a better place for life to play out.
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Christian’s Visit

In an auditory after-death communication, Christian shows up for his 2-year anniversary.

It was March 31st all day yesterday. Christian’s death and birthday, 2 years ago. Shortly after 11 am, I looked at the place on the floor where Christian had struggled for his life, exactly 2 years earlier, while he assured a hysterical me, that he would be alright. By noon, he had left this world. The doctor said it was an arterial vascular mass that caused his brain to suddenly hemorrhage.

The day ticked by, and being an important date to those of us left on Earth, I was excited about the possibility that he would make an appearance. Surely, he would know how much that would mean to us, on this bittersweet occasion.
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