100% Positively Jan

In this after-death communication, Chip is “freaked out” by a surprise cell phone image visit, from his step-sister, Jan, who passed away many years earlier.

Chip writes:
“I have had a very unusual occurrence in the past couple weeks. My step sister, Jan, passed away from cancer at an early age….maybe 10 years ago or so. Jan had 3 children. Jan’s mother, Mary Anne, and my father, Jack, divorced few years later. My dad passed about 7 years ago. Since that time, I have NEVER received any form of communication from my step-mom, Mary Anne or her other daughter, Jean…..i.e., no letters, no calls, no texts, no emails..they wouldn’t have known how to contact me anyway.”

“My dilemma: a few days ago I was perusing my cell phone and taking some pictures of our dogs, when I saw a picture in my photo gallery of my deceased step-sister Jan, holding one of her girls. I absolutely could not believe my eyes! It was 100% positively Jan!”

“It really freaked me out, to say the least. I asked my sister if she thought it was Jan, and her reply was absolutely 100% sure it was Jan. NOW; I’ve never had any pics of Mary Anne, Jan, or Jean on any of my computers or cell phones. It’s a matter of fact, that I just got this dell laptop spring of 2015, so it is impossible that Jan’s picture on my cell phone was sent to me on my laptop or my new phone. SO, how do we explain how Jan’s picture got into my photo gallery on my phone? Totally impossible.”

“Was this some sort of visitation from her to me? How could anyone explain how God OR Jan, would have been able to get through all the internet/electronic world we live in and implant Jan’s picture into my cell phone? This gives me the willies..makes my skin crawl..much less the mental aspect of trying to understand this phenomenon which I am totally not qualified to explain. This really has me disturbed me, to say the least. I pray that you can help me understand and comprehend this issue. I pray that you will respond to me and help me figure this out before I lose my mind. God bless you, and I anxiously await your kind response. God Bless.”

Commentary- All too often, people can’t understand, let alone, comprehend, as Chip has said, how some of these after-death communications manifest. In other words, it is beyond how we think, but they happen… and sometimes it can be very shocking, especially when it comes out of the blue like in Chip’s case.

As we know, everything is made of energy. So it’s not so far fetched to see that energy is the medium that runs through these after-death communications. It is not too easy for our loved ones to get us a message, or it would happen all of the time. But when it does happen, it makes all reason fly out the window of our minds, as we try to grasp the ramifications of such magic, wonder and strangeness. And it’s totally possible, Chip!

I asked Chip if Jan might be trying to tell him something? Also, if Jan’s daughter was okay? But, of course he did not know as there was no contact between them. 

My hunch, as to why this manifestation occurred to the step-brother, who has not seen his deceased step-sister in many years, is one of two main possibilities or even both. First, she was trying to send a message through Chip, (perhaps that is who she could reach at the time) to say that she is still with her daughter, as the picture demonstrated, even in death. Perhaps her daughter was having a difficult time in her life and could have benefited from knowing this happened. Another message she could be sending, is that she does not want to be forgotten, and that she wants to be remembered in the many roles she played while in this Earthly realm; a mother, a daughter, a sister, someone who lived, someone who still lives on.

I made the suggestion that this after-death communication might be about Jan trying to make a connection with her daughter, via Chip, to tell her what had happened. Hopefully, this would let her know that her mom was still alive in the world beyond, and reaching out in the way that she could. Perhaps she has tried reaching out to her mother or daughter, but her attempts were not recognized.

When it comes to relaying messages, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do in the event that one receives a message in an after-death communication for another, and in telling them, what exactly their reaction might be. For instance: Some who receive the news might be thankful and appreciative. Some might be relieved and comforted. Some might find help and healing. Some might experience renewed hope and faith in the after-death message.

But… on the other hand, some might re-experience pain, having to re-live drudged up thoughts of the past. Some might think it should have through them, instead of coming through another. This could cause its own pain. And then, there are those who might not believe it ever happened in the first place! You never know what will be received on the other end of the seemingly “good deed” of telling them, so it’s a tough call sometimes on how to proceed. 

As it turns out, Chip did end up delivering the communication to his former step-mother, Mary Anne, through an email, but she never responded to him regarding the subject. His thinking is that, maybe it was too much for her to handle? But he really wasn’t sure. It’s quite possible that she never got the message. Old email? Doesn’t check her email? An email lost in the spam filter? Who knows?

But just a thought… Sometimes, it’s not the after-death communications that are the most difficult forms of communication to receive. Sometimes it’s the communications we have between each other, right here in this realm, that are even harder. 

So for now, whether Mary Anne and Jan’s daughter know of this very interesting visit by Jan, or not, Chip knows. Although it’s still quite a mystery to him, as to how she was able to appear in his photo gallery as 100% positively Jan, the question still remains… why? 

And sometimes, without any further information provided to us, we have to be okay with not knowing.


5 thoughts on “100% Positively Jan

  1. That’s interesting. Who knows how these things happen.
    I’m curious, was the picture from a time and place that you can identify having been?

    • That’s the thing about communication that I’m talking about. Chip did not get a response from the one he sent the After-death communication to. When I got to the ADC that Chip had submitted months ago, I asked Chip in an email for more details surrounding the image and whether I could post the image, but got no response about those question. So it’s anyone’s guess at this point. I suspect it was an old picture that had been taken with Jan and her daughter, years ago, but had just happened to magically appear on Chip’s phone. I will let you know if I hear anything back from Chip. Thank you for your comment and question. 🙂

  2. Interesting the various ways that those have passed continue to touch the lives of their friends and family. Thanks for sharing and for the comments 🙂

  3. Cool story, I could defiantly see that being shocking, seeing a picture in your personal gallery that you have no idea of the origin.

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